Seven hours passed, and Levy waited next to her bed. Her hand was pressing a wet rag against Gajeel's face, calming down his high fever. Her finger stroked his spiky hair, and her nerves tensed up. She started blushing again just from the mere touch of his skin. She gave him a soft smile; even if they only knew each other for two weeks, she felt like she met the one. It sounded so stupid that she just pushed the thought aside; that only happens in books. She could just pick up a random book on her shelf, and that's the ending. Happy ever after. How she wished that was true.

These were the final moments together.

A knock came from the living room, and Levy prepared herself. She sighed and loss all trace of emotion she just displayed; only a lone tear remain. She walked wards the door and opened it; not even asking who's it. She knew. She knew who would be waiting on the other side of the door.

Juvia and Gajeel's underlings were crowded in front of her house. "Where is Gajeel-kun?" the blue-haired women asked before they could even greet each other.

Levy nodded and walked wards the door. Inside was laying Gajeel. His chest raised and lowered uneven; sweat poured off his face. His eyes were closed; he fell asleep hours ago while they were waiting. The underlings gasped, and started asking questions; only Levy could reply with "Please take him to the hospital."

Juvia nodded her head and ordered the others, "Take Gajeel-kun out to the car." She turned and looked at Levy. "Again, Juvia-san must thank Levy-san. Gajeel-kun's life, as well as Juvia-san's, is in your debt."

'It's the opposite way around,' Levy thought, 'He was the one who saved me. I was just returning the favor.' She followed Juvia to the car where Gajeel was. She stood outside of the car door and peeked inside of the car. There was Gajeel, his eyes fully opened. He looked from one side to the other; not understanding what was going on. He was lost. One moment he was sleeping in wonderful scents and a comfy bed, and then it was all striped away and throw in a car.

Levy gently smiled and rested a hand on his. "Goodbye Gajeel-san. Hope you get better."

Gajeel looked at her with a crazed look; then he noticed Juvia and his underlings. A frown creased on his face. He squeezed her hand as she pulled away. "Lev..." he started with his strangled voice.

"Please shut the door," called the driver. Levy obeyed and slowly shut the door. She took a couple steps back; allowing the underlings' cars to drive pass. She could have sworn that Gajeel was looking out the window as they pulled away. It was just her imaginary, she thought over and over.

Inside of her home, she rested on the couch. Everything felt lonely. She tried reading one of her numerous books, but it failed to hold her attention once she reached the end. She laid the book on the table; thinking about the events. Maybe her friend, the blond, was right about her; she was going to be like dump and stay here for the rest of her life.

But even now, her home felt empty.

At least she said goodbye to him; isn't that all that matters? 'If you love a flower, don't pick it up. Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love. So if you love a flower, let it be. Love is not about possession. Love is about appreciation.' She chose to pick up her flower, and it creased into a weathered state. Then she chose to let it be, to let him leave and resume his life in the big city. Even if they don't meet again, she was glad she could share this much time with him. She appreciated it.

"Ah! Levy! You home?" called a male's voice from the door. Levy pushed the book onto the table and walked to the door. She opened it and it was Steven. "You there?" he questioned as he tried to knock again; but instead he ended up touching Levy instead of the door. "So you are there," he chuckled.

"Yeah," she responded with a depressed tone.

"Haven't seen you in ages, you know!" he joked. His laughter stopped once he didn't hear any coming from Levy. He may be blind as a bat, but he wasn't deaf! "What's wrong, little lady?"

She leaned on the doorway. "It's nothing to bother anyone about."

"If it's that boy, tell him to come on out! I will fight him for hurting you! Just let me see him!" He punched the air as if it was the boy.

"He didn't do anything," she remarked. She was the one who made decisions for him.

"Steven!" Bisca panted as she ran up the steps. "Can't you see what happened?!" She turned to Levy and held her head. "My dear, I'm sorry for that."

"What happened?" Steven asked. He felt left out.

She sneered at the old man, "Cars! They came and picked him up!"

"…So I can't see the boy?" he sighed and turned wards Levy. Even in the two weeks, he never gotten the time to come up and see the one his Levy fell heads over heels for. "My little lady, I'm sorry about that." He itched his head.

"It's nothing," she shook her head. "He was sick. There was nothing here to help him anyways." The two elders just stared at her with surprised.


Sweat poured down his face as he fought the underlings. None of them could stand against him; not even when he just gotten out of the hospital. "You morons!" he insulted. He blocked one of their attacks with his arm; shoving the underling backwards into a group of them. They fell to the ground, and Gajeel switched sides. He attacked the few in front of him; punching them in the faces. They had to dodge or be attacked by their leader. Only a few remained standing.

He spitted his gum out, and glared at those remaining. He raced forward; his arms spread out, and knocked them as if they were bowling pins. They fell on top of other knocked down underlings; one groaning in pain. A few regained their stance, and came at Gajeel again. Curses were flung around the room.

One of the underlings swift his leg; trying to knock Gajeel out balance; it failed. He stayed standing; turning to look at the underling who dare tried to knock him over. The underling took a couple steps backwards; bumping into the others. The others moved out of the way; they didn't want to get what was coming for that underling. He gulped, and finally made contact with the wall. Gajeel took giant steps forward, and jabbed the underling's face; one cheek turned purple and the other smacked against the wall.

"Fuckin' weak..." he muttered. He thrust his elbow into the underling's stomach; he rocketed over and coughed. Gajeel bashed his head; and he fell over to his side.

He turned back to the group and they were sweating. He cracked his knuckles and went at the underlings. Blows came from left to right; and bodies fell to the ground. This time they weren't rising up.

After training, Gajeel sat on his seat. Even with the training, nothing felt the same; as if he taken a spiritual journey. He sighed and looked at his right hand. A new scar formed, and marked a certain point in his life; but all he could remember was Levy's face. He made a fist and squeezed it. Ever since that fight in the dump, he felt restrained; like chains attached themselves to him. He grunted and closed his eyes. Juvia walked over when she noticed his expression. "Something wrong, Gajeel-kun?"

"Yes, everything," he answered plainly. After a few moments, he opened his eyes. "What happen to that one girl?"

Juvia looked on the ground. She knew who he was referring to; this wasn't the first time he asked about him. "Juvia-san sent Max-san to Levy-san's; thanking her with offerings. But he returned later with all of the offerings; she wasn't there anymore. The town finally went bankrupted, and no one stayed."

Memories from the fight with the blond flooded his mind. 'This place is gone for! Yet, you want stay here in this dying town! You are no different from this dump!' So, that place was finally done for. Even though he only saw the dump and Levy's house, he felt someway attached to the old dust ball.

Juvia continued, "The only thing left was the dump and crumpled houses, Max-san reported. A dinner is still standing; but not for long. Even the house Levy-san lived in crumpled away within these last eight months."

Eight months it took him to recover. The swelling and red streaks were so bad; they made him stay there longer than expected. It felt as if he was living there; needles in his skin every day. The nurses coming in all hours of the night. His underlings visiting him with retarded stories till he ordered Juvia to kick them out. Course, he was in way better shape now, but his hand reminded him of that accident and Levy. Out of all of his scars, only this one had a decent memory to it.

Now he wouldn't know what happens to her. She could be dead if all he knew.

"Boss!" their youngest member raced up the steps and into the room. She panted and finally lifted her head up, looking him in the eye. "There's a lead in Fiore," she paused as she stared at his face. All of his attention was on the little girl; his heartbeat fastens. After a moment, she continued, "We found an old man...Steven...he's living with a McGarden...?"

The End.

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