The song used in this chapter belongs to Richard Rogers

"Like what Sweetie?" Tara said, glancing curiously at her beloved redhead.

"This type of love."

"I've never been in love before, so I don't really have anything to compare it to." Tara said, eliciting a sad, sympathetic look from Willow. "But, what I do know is that it feels wonderful. It's the best feeling in the world." She added, pressing their lips together and kissing Willow softly.

"Have you been in love before?" Tara asked curiously, snuggling into Willow.

"Yeah, once." Willow said, remembering. "When I first started high school, I had a major crush on my best friend Xander, you'll meet him one day, but he never knew, he didn't notice me. I was just his best pal Willow, like I always had been. He had no idea I liked him that way."

"I'm sorry Sweetie." Tara said, slightly regretting bringing the subject up.

"It's ok Baby. It happens. Besides, that was a long time ago, and I've got you now." She smiled, pulling Tara closer so their hips bumped.

"This feels different to the time with Xander though." She said thoughtfully.


"Yeah. Stronger. Like… like… Like we're meant to be. Like we were destined for each other."

"Do you think so?" Tara asked, looking up at the stars.

"Maybe." Willow smiled. "One thing I do know though is, I love you. More than I've ever loved anyone."

"Me too." Tara agreed, kissing Willow again.

"Baby, will you sing for me?" Willow asked a few nights later.

"Sure." Tara said, offering her hand to Willow. "But only if you sing with me."

Willow cocked her head from side to side, thinking. "Ok." She said finally, taking Tara's hand and getting up.

"What song?" Willow asked curiously.

"Just follow me. You'll get it." Tara smiled, much the same smile as the first night they'd met. The memory made Willow smile too.

Perhaps I had a wicked childhood

Perhaps I had a miserable youth

But somewhere in my wicked, miserable past

There must have been a moment of truth

For here you are, standing there, loving me

Willow couldn't help but blush as Tara sang that line, her gaze so enchanting and alluring, so loving. She realised she recognised the song and her smile grew wider. Something Good. The Sound of Music. Tara smiled too as Willow started to join in, making her feel like the happiest woman on the planet.

Whether or not you should

So somewhere in my youth or childhood

I must have done something good

Nothing comes from nothing

Nothing ever could

So somewhere in my youth or childhood

I must have done something good

For here you are, standing there, loving me

Whether or not you should

So somewhere in my youth or childhood

I must have done something good

Willow and Tara looked at each other, their smiles big. Willow couldn't help but think the moon was illuminating Tara's beauty, giving her a glow and amplifying her radiance even more, making it almost unbearable.

Little did she know, beside her, Tara's smile grew wider. Willow was cute when she was shy and nervous and she looked so stunning standing there on their hill, her hair flying behind her in the breeze and the moon making her emerald coloured eyes glimmer.

Nothing comes from nothing

Nothing ever could

So somewhere in my youth

Or childhood

I must have done something…

Something good

"Sweetie, what makes you think you're so bad?" Tara asked curiously, slipping her arm around the redhead as they lay back down on the grass. "You're wonderful."

"Not as wonderful as you." Willow complained, an adorable pout forming on her lips. "No one could ever be as wonderful as you."

"Yes they could." Tara objected.


"You." She said lovingly, kissing Willow's lips affectionately.

"Tara, I think you should do this." Willow said suddenly, breaking the silence after a while.

"What?" Tara asked, "do what?"

"Sing, for a living. You could make people happy. As happy as you make me when I hear you sing." Willow smiled.

"I'd probably have to go on tour a lot." Tara mused. "I don't think I could handle being without you."

"I'd come with you." Willow said simply.


"If you made it, we wouldn't have to worry about me working would we?"

Tara smiled. "I guess not."

"Can I ask you something else Tara?" Willow asked, unwilling to look away from Tara's beautiful sapphire blue eyes.

"Anything Baby." Tara said, pulling her close and kissing her cheek before snuggling into her.

"When I first met you, why did you sing all those sad songs? Why did they get happier?"

"Because you made me a lot happier than I had been." Tara confessed. "When I first met you, I had no friends. It was just my Mum and I. It had been that way for ages. I was starting to get a little sad. I was starting to wonder whether I'd ever have a friend."

Willow squeezed her hand, a sad, sympathetic look in her eyes. "And then I came."

"And then you came." Tara echoed happily.


"Yeah Sweetie." Tara answered, squeezing Willow's hand to reassure her. She got the feeling Willow was a little distressed. "What's wrong?" A small smile crossed Tara's lips as she looked over at Willow. She looked simply adorable with the worried expression on her face.

"Tara, the night we met won't just be a memory, will it?"

Tara laughed as she realised. Willow was talking about the night they'd met, when she'd sung Memory.

"Oh no. Sweetie!" Tara gushed, hugging Willow tight and kissing her, but not letting her go. "Willow, it was just a song Sweetie. It might be a memory, but it will be a memory I treasure, that night and every night since."

"Really?" Willow asked, a small smile returning to her face and her eyes growing hopeful.

"Of course. Aww Sweetie! Look at you, you're so cute when you're nervous." Tara kissed Willow's lips again, causing the redhead to relax at last. "Of course it would be Willow! And do you know why?"


"Because, that night was the night you came into my life. It was the best night of my entire life."


"Because it was the beginning." Tara said simply. "The beginning of you and me."