A/N: This is my very first Fast & Furious Fanfic! I hope you enjoy it :)

Ride or Die Remember?

She's standing there, her toes digging into the soft sand. Her dark chestnut hair whipping in the wind. She almost looks ethereal the way her caramel skin glints in the moonlight and how her flowy boho skirt billows in the wind. The ocean waves roll in and out.

"Letty", he calls out to her.

She turns around and smiles at him and he feels his heart constrict. That's the effect she has on him; even the slightest smile, slightest gesture from her was always enough to drive him absolutely crazy.

"What took you so long?" She smirks, "I've been waiting here forever"

She stares into his eyes in the piercing way that she does, reading his every thought, every emotion. Dom was always known for being cool and collected even in the worst situations. He had a natural poker face and used it to his advantage. But somehow that was all lost on Letty. When it came to her, he was putty in her hands. She could read him like a map.

"I hear Rio looks nice this time of year", she continues, tracing a fingertip down his cheek.

But Dom wasn't hearing her. He grabs her hand and pulls her toward him, feeling her petite body resting against his.

"I missed you", he manages to utter as he pushes back a stray strand of hair behind her ear.

"What do you mean?", she stares up at him.

"You've been gone a long time." he replies, "But you're back now where you belong"

"I'm not back Dom", she looks down unable to face him, "In fact, I'm not even here"

She pushed away from him as a tear rolled down her cheek.

"You're only imagining me right now babe. I'm gone now. Why won't you accept it?"

He looked at her with disbelief, "Letty…?"

He grabbed her arm only to find it dissolving in front of him.
"Letty!", Dom cried out.

But soon her entire body was turning to ashes.

"I love you Dom. I love you."


Dominic Toretto woke up with a start, wiping the sweat from his forehead. He glanced at the digital alarm clock on his bedroom stand. It read 3:14 A.M. He sighed as he pushed away the covers and pulled on a white cotton shirt. Another nightmare. He never had a proper night's sleep anymore. Not since the day she died.

Still, it had been getting worse as of late. As though she weren't already on his mind every second of every day, he couldn't even catch a break in peaceful slumber because she was there too in his dreams. He couldn't escape from her, he never would. He looked back at the bed to see Elena Neves, his current girlfriend of three months, still sleeping undisturbed by his abrupt movements. He strode quietly, careful not to wake her, though it was more of a selfish motive on his part. He just didn't want her to wake up and question him. How would he answer her anyway? That he was still thinking about Letty? That he was still in love with her? No, better for her to stay asleep in her blissful ignorance.

He pulled on a jacket and grabbed the keys to his Dodge Charger. He had to get out of here, he almost felt like he could suffocate. The February air hit him full blast when he stepped out the front door, but it didn't bother him one bit. Physicality meant nothing when he had so much on his mind. He hopped into the drivers seat and slid out of the driveway, watching the icy white lights of the city twinkling in the horizon. Nights like these, he found himself driving to nowhere in particular. He just found the adrenaline and the speed a sort of escape from the constant weight of Letty on his mind.

It had been three years since the incident, and he still couldn't come to full terms about it. He hadn't been there, but his mind drew pictures for him anyway. It ran like a cinematic reel. Each shot of her car skidding off the road and flipping two times before coming to it's final resting place. He cringed at the mere imagination of it, even now. He still felt his heart sink when he recalled that phone call three years ago announcing her death.

No one else would know that his heart had felt like it had stopped beating in that moment. Or how every single night after that was a living hell. No one would know, because Dom made sure to keep his cool façade intact. But on the inside, he was a complete and utter mess. There were nights when even he, Dominic Toretto would clutch his face in his hands and just scream. Just to let it all out. Because if he kept it in any longer, he swore to god he would just implode.

At first he was in denial and then for the longest time he was just furious. Furious at the sons of bitches who murdered her, furious at Brian for giving her the task in the first place, furious at the world because it was just so fucking unfair. He might as well have died along with Letty that night because as far as Dom was concerned, he was as good as dead. His heart was hollow now, empty and vacant. He would continue to carry on with his life; races, hijacking, taking care of the family, but love? Love to him was just an empty emotion now. He would love no one else ever again.

So why was he dating Elena? Truth be told he often wondered himself. After months of coaxing from his sister Mia, he finally gave in. He figured it was an ends to a mean. To him, their relationship was almost like a business deal. She could understand his loss, and though she would never come to know him the way Letty did, Elena would at least understand that small piece of him and for Dom, that was enough. He saw himself and Elena as cut from the same cloth. They were both empty people. She with the loss of her husband, he with the loss of Letty. Both of them were simply using each other to mend their broken hearts. Moving on for the sake of moving on.

Dom continued to ponder as he sped off into the night, the city skyline illuminating his path.

"Oh Jack, no don't spit up on there"

Mia Toretto rushed to pick up her toddler son from the ground, taking the picture frame he held in his tiny hands. She set Jack down in his highchair as she quickly took a paper towel to wipe the baby spit on the glass frame.

She sighed as she stopped to look at the picture. It had been taken long ago, before Brian had become a part of the family. There in the picture were three faces frozen in time: Dom, Mia, and Letty.


It had been years since her death but there were still days like today when Mia missed her terribly.

"I miss you girl", she uttered softly as she stared at Letty's smiling face.

Letty had been one of her oldest and closest friends. The two had practically grown up together. They were inseparable;everything they did, they had done together: bruised knees and broken bones and all. When Letty and Dom started dating she thought it was for sure that the three of them would be family forever. But that became only a pipe dream when she had received news of her death. Their worlds had changed from that day and it would never be the same again.

"You okay?"

Mia looked up to find her husband, Brian O'Connor entering the room, still rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"Yeah, yeah just fine", she said as she placed the picture frame back in it's spot, trying hard to fight tears.

"Mia", Brian started hugging from behind, "You thinking about Letty?"

She had to chuckle a bit. Her husband was sharp witted, he was never one to miss a thing, or maybe it was just that he knew her all too well.

"Yeah. I just miss her sometimes", she admitted.

"We all do. Everyday." he said as he kissed the top of her head.

She smiled, "Listen, I'm taking Jack for the day. I know you're busy having to be at the auto-shop"

"Thanks. I love you", he smiled as he tickled Jack, "And you too little guy"

If someone had told her that she would be a housewife someday and totally have given up the fast lifestyle she would've laughed and called that person crazy. But it was funny how life worked out sometimes. She loved the adrenaline rush her old lifestyle gave her but she was happier now being a mother and wife.

"We're going to see your uncle Dom today", she cooed at the blue-eyed little boy as she fasted him into his childseat.

She fastened her own seatbelt and stuck the key into the ignition. She had made it a habit to visit Dom as often as she could. He pretended to be fine and calm about everything as always but she was his sister and she knew better than to fall for that. He might have had everyone else fooled but not her. Deep down she felt that Dom had never fully recovered from Letty's death though he would be embarrassed to ever show it. So she never let on that she knew he was still hurting, and simply made the excuse of having him babysit his nephew to check up on him.

"Oh shoot.", Mia muttered as the traffic light ahead of her turned red.

In the past she would've considered just running it, she knew she'd be able to make it through safely anyway. But now that she had a kid on board, her values had changed, she had changed. This would've been a very insignificant detail in an otherwise insignificant day of Mia's life but this was the small detail that would change everything.

Bored at the stoplight, she drummed her fingers on the steering wheel and hummed as she glanced around. Same old quiet neighborhood. But today was not like all the other days. No today, was a day when her life would change once again. It was when she looked to her left that she almost felt her heart stop.

There in the next lane, sitting in a Mustang was a familiar brunette.

"L-letty?", Mia breathed in shock.

The Brunette took no notice of Mia who was practically gaping in her car. As soon as the light turned green, she sped off like lightning. Mia was at a conflict, should she chase after Letty? Chase after her and confirm that it was really her? Would she be able to catch up with her? Was she just seeing things, was it even really her?


Mia snapped out of her thoughts as she turned back to look at Jack, laughing and cooing from his seat.

Mia bit her lip and knew what her decision had to be. As much as she wanted with her whole heart to go after that girl, she knew she couldn't take the risk anymore of driving as recklessly as she used to. It wasn't just her anymore, she had Jack to protect. She had changed after all.

Dom dragged himself out of bed as he heard impatient ringing from his front door.

"I'm coming!", he growled.

He swung open the door to find Mia, her hair messy and disheveled, her face a pale white and her eyes wide. She looked as though she had just seen a ghost.

"Mia? What is it?", he inquired worriedly.

"Dom…L-letty…", she began, her hands trembling a little, "Letty's alive"