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Words in Italics are thoughts


Logan woke up trembling and sweaty.

'Damn nightmares.'

He shook the remains of the torn sheets of his body and decided to go for a walk.

As he wandered trough the woods surrounding the mansion he took the time to think about the nightmares. He wanted them to stop, he was sick and tired of it, literally. He hadn't slept well for weeks now and it was taking its toll. He was getting grouchier every day.

'Why does everything go wrong in this damn life? I can't even sleep for godssake…'

He knew he should talk to Chuck but he just didn't dare to. He knew Charles Xavier could help him, but he also knew that helping him meant he was off-duty for at least two weeks. And above all, the man had helped him so many times, he didn't want to ask more of him, he just wanted to do something in return.

He was shook out of his thoughts by a familiar scent drifting towards him. He soon spotted the source of it; the Cajun sitting on the dock, brooding.

I drowned myself in a wave of lost ambition

I filled your world with my hate and disbelieve

I trapped my soul in an awkward disposition

And deep inside I hope that no one sees me

Can't you feel the pain I hide?

I laugh out loud but cry inside

No one's there to save me from my doubt

' cause I don't dare to speak the words out loud


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