This is the final chapter of 'Speak The Words Out Loud'. As you can see the chapter is neither from Logan's point of view nor Remy's.


She had been looking out of her window from the moment Remy went outside and walked to the lake. She wasn't surprised when she saw Logan walked towards her brother and sat next to him. They were almost the same; restless, stubborn, and maybe even anti-social. Kindred souls. The same feelings for different reasons.

They sat there on the dock for the whole night. Not saying anything. Just enjoying each other's company. Knowing they weren't alone, that there was somebody else who would be there for them when they wanted to talk.

IF they wanted to talk. And if-not the other would understand. Why? Because the other would know what his friend was going through.

Pride is our strongest thing in common

And time isn't always on our side

But tears are not the only answer

It's time you took this blindfold from me

They watched the dawning of a new day and she knew that one day they would pluck up the courage to talk. To let go of the pride. To open up to the other. They just didn't know when…

Can you feel the pain I hide?

I laugh out loud but cry inside

Will you be there to save me from my doubt,

if I can learn to speak the words out loud?

Out loud


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