"Our time is running out
Our time is running out
You can't push it underground
You can't stop it screaming out"

-"Time is Running Out", Muse

Chapter 5: Fall

Marcus slammed his fists into his control board as Coyote's ship exploded in front of him.

"Dammit! Why now?!" Marcus screamed in vain. He had never lost a teammate, let alone a family member. His comm. line was engulfed in a silence that hadn't been since they began. It seemed as if the battle around them was obsolete. The explosions were muffled and his mind was unusually quiet. He suddenly shook his head and the sound returned to normal.

"Marcus! We still need to get out of here!" Fox yelled back at him. Marcus dodged an incoming beam from a fighter.

"Yeah, let's do that," Marcus said without confidence in their ability to do so. As soon as the transport holding Timothy and Falco blasted for the black, toxic-looking, smoke cover, the remaining team members, along with Dash's flagship, blasted off with it, leaving the destroyed Venom behind. They broke the atmosphere, being forced to break through the blockade outside the planet. They all broke left and blasted into a self-executed hyperjump individually.

Dredd's control room on Katina erupted into cheer from his commanding officers. Dash had fled, which meant the end of Venom. The Katinian Empire was now the most powerful in the system. He raised his hand and ordered silence from his officers, although smiling. When the quieted down, he spoke.

"Venom is ours, so that leaves Corneria. Once they are both under our control, the two Union HQ's will be ours, forcing them to flee. Once they flee, we take every planet in this system, one by one; however, they will not be sacked like the others unfortunately. We need at least some planets for us to build outposts to watch our borders. But, taking Corneria will be no easy feat. They will be expecting us and will be armed with weapons that could jeopardize this invasion. So, we will be using WWDs. For the people who don't know what those are, they are missiles about 15 times more powerful than WMDs. WMDs destroy cities, while WWDs, weapons of world-wide destruction, destroy cities and everything else around them," Dredd explained. His officers knew that this bomb would kill tens of millions of people and were shaken up by the plan. Besides, it's not like they had a choice to join him. General Montana, the white hound, looked shaken. "And anyone who has a problem with it can write their complaints on a piece of paper, crumple it up into a tiny ball, and stick it up their ass." Dredd walked out of the room with a stern look. They all knew that there was no way around it. They were going to have to kill millions of people just for the sake of one person.

"I don't like this," one of the officers spoke up.

"I know, none of us do," Montana replied. The officers nodded in agreement.

Outside, Dredd made his way to the main hangar were his minions were loading the frigates with the WWDs. He walked down a hall from the control room that led to the massive main hangar in the base on Katina. It was filled with rows of the unbeatable frigates that struck fear into the Lylat System. But, none of this could've been achieved without his precious green crystal that enhanced the technological advancements of anything decades ahead of its time.

Dredd spotted the missile, which was larger than an average missile, but he knew that it would be worth it. The power of the WWD would force the Cornerians off of their own planet and they would be helpless against him. He watched as it was loaded onto the ship via a walkway. He couldn't help but smile. He was ready to watch Corneria burn.

The Great Fox IV was filled with the sound of Fox's fist impacting the hard wall next to him. Then came a loud yell in vain for Coyote's killer. Then, a silence filled the ship as the team made their way towards the bridge. Falco held Timothy's limp but living body over his shoulder. He set him down on a table so he could rest. Krystal was silent. She looked as if the world had come to a stop, she didn't cry nor scream. Ashley wept for her dead husband, while Marcus was still taking the world in as it was now. Falco was concerned for Timothy's well-being as he looked over his body. Beyond all the grief and pain, Fox spoke.

"No! We can't let this beat us down!" Fox stood up and yelled. He partly startled everyone. "Dredd won't stop at Venom, before we know it; he'll be on top of Fichina, Macbeth, even Corneria!" Fox paused. "Computer, set a course for Corneria."

Marcus jumped up. "No Dad!"

Fox raised his hand for silence. He then gestured him to sit down. "If we do nothing, they will destroy us."

"If we go, we die!"

"If we don't we're already dead!"

Marcus silenced himself and the ship executed a hyperjump. Fox waited for the ship to come out. When it did, it was not a pretty sight….at all. Corneria had already been absolutely destroyed. Fox pushed the ship past ship parts and beams from frigates and pushed through the atmoshpere. When they broke the cloud cover they witnessed the Capitol City, which had fallen buildings and rubble covering the city ground. Fox then watched as a green missile made its way towards the city. He screamed.

"SHOOT IT DOWN!" On his order, the ship fired at the missile, but a shield enveloped it and rendered the beams useless. Fox closed his eyes in grief as the missile hit the city. The once great city was enveloped in a green sphere. It then came to one central point and exploded with the biggest blast the team had ever seen. Fox blasted the ship off Corneria to avoid the massive blast. Behind them, all infantry soldiers perished from the blast, and took the city, wildlife, everything. The area of the blast was leveled, and no life was left behind.


(Pretty sad huh? Hopefully, I guess. That is the end of this book after a long wait. Starfox The Next Generation: Liberation will take place next, and that is the last official book of the LCEF Saga. From then on, I will write shorts that would connect to the story, but that's all. So, I hope you enjoyed this short story that leads to the Finale!)