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A/N Hello everybody. This story will not be a romance. It isn't about that. Not a pairing. No imprinting or vampire mating. Different kind of story, probably not for everybody. It popped in my head so I am following it because it won't go away. It is rated M for a reason. Not to say it will be lemon filled. There may not be any lemons at all. That said I think it will be interesting. More dark and angsty than humorous or adventurous. Fair warning, not one character is perfect. Most have major, major flaws. Guess I will see where it goes. Not my usual style but I like to try new things. The premise starts with the Cullens never returning and the Pack fighting Victoria's army and winning. I doubt the Cullens will be in this story.


I hesitated before entering the building. I don't know why I came here. I could have called her. I was under no obligation to do this. I'm not even sure if Charlie would have wanted this. But he wasn't in a position to let me know one way or another. Plus the mayor of Forks was convinced she would be the best for the job. I wasn't convinced she would open the door for me.

My thoughts went back sixteen years. A different time filled with horror and magic and mythological creatures.

The Redhead leech formed her army. She attacked Forks with abandon in her mission to take out one Bella Swan. Only the Pack stood in her way, the Cullen's leaving Bella in the woods and never looking back.

The fight was even. At least until Bella Swan drove her ancient truck into the clearing, jumped out, stood on the hood and sliced her arm. The distraction was all we needed.

Jacob bit Victoria's head off only a few feet away from Bella. Seeing their leader fall the others scrammed.

The party on First Beach that night was legendary. Everyone celebrated. Elders, Pack, Bella…

Bella had quite a bit to drink. We all had. We all assumed at some point she stumbled to Jacob's house to sleep it off.

Instead she disappeared for all intents and purposes. Charlie found a note when he returned home the next afternoon. Bella had left. Left without a goodbye to any of us. She refused to tell Charlie where she went. I bugged Charlie. I hounded him. We were all concerned and the same thought was in all our minds. The Cullens had returned for her. She had ran off with them.

Instead I found that she had moved back to Florida. Charlie told me Renee had confirmed this. Renee would say nothing else. Only that Bella was safe and it would be a cold day in hell before she ever returned to Washington. Charlie begged to talk to her. Bella refused according to Renee. Over the years Bella called Charlie occasionally. She never spoke of what drove her away from Forks though. Charlie, overjoyed that she was even speaking to him, did not push.

Years went by and we had no real information. What she was doing, where she was living. Nothing. Not until the Parkens case. Ed Parkens was a successful investment banker in New York City. His wife had been murdered in what appeared to be a home invasion. A New York City homicide detective named Bella Dwyer investigated and found that his alibi was crap. The hooker he had supposedly been with was paid to lie. Bella convinced the girl to tell the truth.

When Detective Dwyer attempted to arrest Parkens he pulled a weapon and opened fire. She took one in the vest and returned fire, hitting him three times in the chest and once in the head. The case was very high profile and made Isabella Dwyer a rising star in the New York City Police Department. Since then I kept up with her career. She was good at what she did. The media and higher ups loved her. The hero female police detective. The pride of NYPD.

She refused media interviews. She refused attention. Personal information on her was difficult to find. I didn't look hard. By that point we had all stopped phasing. No vampires had come near La Push in years. There was no point. It was best that everyone moved on.

Three days ago Charlie was shot in the head at his home. No one was sure how to get a hold of Bella. Renee had divorced from her second husband years ago and lived in New York as well. No one knew how to get a hold of her either.

Charlie was in a coma, the bullet careening off the inside of his skull, skirting the temporal lobe of his brain and causing massive swelling. The reason for his shooting unknown. The perpetrator unknown.

Forks had two police officers, both close to retirement. Neither wanted the responsibility of investigating a possible murder for the first time in their banal careers. The Mayor asked me to find Bella. To ask her to come to Forks and look into her father's shooting. She would be named Chief of police immediately if she would agree to come as soon as possible. The township was afraid.

I hired several private detectives in the New York area on Fork's dime, finally receiving a cell phone number and an address.

I thought of calling. The Mayor felt based on my prior personal friendship with Bella that a personal appeal would be better. He paid for a plane ticket and a hotel room and begged me to go. So I left my life, my job, my children and my wife and flew to New York City to see a ghost from my past.

"Buddy you want me to wait for you or what?" The cab driver asked, bringing me out of my thoughts.

"No. Hopefully this will take a while." I handed him three twenties and stepped onto the sidewalk.

Walking up I had to admit to being a bit intimidated. According to the detective Bella lived in a high rise apartment building at 210 Central Park South in a two bedroom, two and a half bath apartment overlooking Central Park. The rent on this place was a little over $10,000 a month. Bella made $56,000 a year as a New York City police detective. One private investigator had spoken to an internal affairs cop who said no one knew where her money came from but she had been investigated for corruption twice with no results.

My mind immediately went to the Cullens. Had they paid her off for her silence? Who would have believed her anyway? Bella did not seem the type to take any money from them but years can change a person. Why would the Cullens pay her though? Why not change her? She had never gotten married. The detective couldn't even find a dating relationship she may have had. Was she still hung up on Edward Cullen?

I focused on the doorman at the front. I was sure I couldn't just walk inside a place like this.

The answer to my problem presented itself in the form of a voice from 16 years ago. A voice I wondered if I would ever hear again for most of those 16 years.

"What the fuck are you doing here?"

I turned and saw her. She was still beautiful. At 34 she could pass for her mid twenties. She was in phenomenal shape. No extra fat on her but she looked dangerous, despite her small size. She had on blue jeans, black combat boots, a black tee shirt and a black leather jacket. A badge hung on her belt. Her hair was thinner than when I last saw her. Shorter to. Her lips were a bit fuller and her cheekbones more defined. But those eyes. Those eyes would never change. Pure Bella. The same determination I saw when she drove into the middle of a wolf leech battle, stood on her truck and screamed while cutting her arm with a carving knife she had taken from Jake's room.

"Bella…it's good…"

"What are you doing here Sam?" It was obvious she was not happy to see me. I expected surprise. But hostility? What had I ever done to her besides save her life a couple times?

"Bella we need to talk." I told her calmly.

"Why?" I swear it appeared she was brushing back her jacket, trying to be casual. There was a holster under her jacket.

"Charlie. He has been shot…he's in a coma. They don't know if he will make it."

That statement at least stopped her from moving towards her weapon.

"Who shot him?"

"I don't know. Can we go upstairs and talk? Please?"

She stared at me and then checked her watch. Finally her shoulders dropped.

"Yeah. Follow me."

I followed her past the doorman into the cavernous elevator. The man inside greeted her by name. Ms. Dwyer.

I followed her inside and was immediately impressed. The apartment, the view, everything. It was amazing.

"Have a seat." I was told. Bella walked straight to the bar and poured herself a glass of straight Vodka.

"Can I offer you a drink?" she asked without looking up.

"Sure. Whatever you have."

"You look older. I thought you weren't supposed to age. Taha Aki slipping on you guys or what?" she asked as she handed me the same amount of Vodka she was sporting in her glass.

"We stopped phasing. Two years after you left. No more vampires came around. Seemed pointless."

"All of you?" Bella asked, suddenly very interested.

"Yes. All of us. Why?"

"Just surprised is all. So Charlie huh? I haven't spoken to him since last Christmas. Neither of us are much for correspondence I suppose. Was he on duty?"

"No. He was shot at home. It was planned. Someone set out to kill him."

"Really?" she said quietly and then had a seat, seemingly deep in thought. I was a bit shocked. I expected more concern.

"Bella can you come to Forks? He needs family there. He has us but if you…Bella the Mayor asked me to come. He wants to know if you would consider looking into his shooting."

Bella actually laughed.

"Are you serious? I'm never stepping foot in Washington again."

I had to know.

"Why Bella? Were you traumatized from the battle? Did it hit you later and you ran? What happened? Please…"

"You don't know? I thought you could all read each other's mind Sam? You would know more than I would I bet. You would know why. Or was it you?" The look on her face was frightening. She looked homicidal.

"Was what? What are you talking about Bella?"

"Show him Bella. Show him your back. Show him what his pack of animals did."

I turned at the new voice that walked in. Renee. I knew she lived in New York. I didn't realize she lived with Bella. Sometimes I really missed having heightened senses.

"Ms. Dwyer?" I half asked and half greeted.

"Sam Uley right? Bella has shown me pictures of all of you. The Spirit Warriors." She spit the last part out.

"You told her?!" I practically yelled at Bella.

"I had too! In the three days it took my truck to get me to Florida my wounds had become infected. She wanted to take me to the hospital, but I couldn't allow that. I couldn't let your Pack DNA be found on my body. At the time I was still trying to protect you. I was confused and in pain and sick and broken. I had to tell her everything. To her credit she didn't call an ambulance or the police at my request. Instead she reached out to a friend of hers who was a nurse. I got better. "

"What wounds?" I asked, trying to figure this out. When had Bella been injured?

She stood up and removed her jacket. Taking her holster she handed it to Renee who walked over quickly to take it. Renee kept her hand on the weapon and glared at me. Next, to my surprise, Bella took her shirt off, revealing a simple black sports bra underneath. She turned around and my heart stopped.

"Recognize these Sam? Seen similar ones on your wife's face?"

Bella had scars similar to Emily's. These ran from her neck down the middle of her back to her butt. They were claw marks. Deep. The scar tissue was thick.

"Who…who did this?" I managed to get out.

"That's the question, isn't it?" Bella asked rhetorically.

"What happened?"

"Tell him Bella. Tell him what they did to you." Renee said.

"Ma'am I didn't…"

"We share a room. We share a room because she still has nightmares you asshole. She goes to work every day and deals with the worst murdering scum this city has to offer and she has nightmares about you and your friends! Tell him Bella."


Bella sat back down, after putting her shirt and shoulder holster on.

"The night at the beach. We were celebrating. I was drunk. We all were. I stumbled off into the forest to pee. Before I had a chance to I heard it. One of you. A wolf. I thought someone was playing a joke on me, so I ignored it. I walked a few more feet until I was hit from behind. The snarls…a large paw was on my back pressing my face into the ground. Then the paw scraped down my back. I didn't scream. I was too shocked. I suppose too drunk to feel the pain, or too in shock. My pants were ripped off by the claws. The scars go past my ass Sam, if you were wondering. My clothes were scraped off of me. Then I felt a human body on top of me. I tried to raise my head and a fist struck the back of my skull. I stayed face down in the dirt while he raped me. He never said a word. He did laugh in my ear. Then he was gone. I stayed there for a few moments before I stood up. I ran as fast as I could to my truck and drove home. The alcohol wore off and the shock and the pain hit me. I tried to shower but the pain…I threw bandages on the best I could, and took all the cash I had on me and that I could find in the house. The bleeding clotted for the most part. Only oozing. I drove to Florida sleeping in parks at night on my way down. When I arrived at Mom's she…she saved me. I told her everything. She believed me."

Holy shit.

"Bella I swear if a wolf ever thought of this I would have killed him. You know this. Why didn't you tell me?"

"Sam…I just wanted to get away. Plus it got more complicated. It became important for me to just stay away."

"What happened? What could have made it more complicated?"

"It doesn't matter. You need to leave. I am sorry about Charlie. I have nothing against him. I really don't…"

"I do…" Renee put in.

"Mom! Anyway, I can't go back to Washington. I won't. Not even for Charlie. I worked hard to build myself back up. Mom helped me. I became a cop because I wanted to fight back. I've become damn good at it. My life is here…oh shit."

I didn't need heightened senses to hear the door open.

A teenage girl walked in. She had the same physical features as Bella. Looking at her was like looking at Bella 16 years ago. Only she had bronze skin and darker hair, nearly black. She was beautiful. Breathtakingly beautiful.

"Well, well. A man in the house? This is a first. Would you happen to be the one night stand my Mom had all those years ago? If you are I have to say it's nice to meet you Dad. Mom has been incredibly faithful."

"I…I am Sam Uley…" I stuttered. The girl walked up and stuck out her hand.

"Danielle Dwyer. Call me Dani…"

"Don't touch him!" Bella practically screamed at her daughter.

Dani paid no heed and took my hand.

"Ignore her. She has an unnatural fear of men. It's why she loves her job so much. She gets to shoot them often."

"What are you doing home so early?" Bella asked very angry.

"I ditched. You never ditched Mom? Give me a break, I had a long day." She smirked.

"Don't talk to your mother like that Dani." Renee scolded lightly.

"Mean no harm. I'm heading to my room. I was just shocked to see a man here in the land of the Amazons. Nice to meet you Sam."

Dani walked down the hall to what I assumed was her room. I looked at Bella who was looking at the floor.

"You had a child…"

"Not a word Sam. She thinks I had a one night stand in Florida at a bar. She does not need to know what happened. No one does. Especially your friends back home. If you have any honor…"

"Bella I won't…I won't say a word but I will find out who did this to you."

And I would kill the bastard slowly. Painfully.

"No you won't! It was done to me! I will find out!"

"How do you plan to do that in New York?" I asked, a bit confused.

"Don't you worry Sam. I will find out one day and when I do find her son of a bitch father I will kill him slowly. I'm assuming since you all quit and began aging the healing thing is gone as well?"

"Yeah…" I answered hesitantly.

"Good information to have. You need to leave now."

"Bella you are going to let your Dad lay in a coma without even seeing him?"

"How long Sam? How long before I am back that whoever raped me figures out that he impregnated me? It took you ten seconds after seeing her. I don't want her to find out that she was…no. I would rather her think her mother was a bar whore than that."



"Can you come alone? At least long enough to visit him and maybe look into his shooting? So you don't take over Forks PD but the mayor will give you whatever you want. Free reign."

"Who is this mayor that is giving me unprecedented access to his police department?"

"Uh…Mike Newton." I admitted.

I expected a reaction from Bella. Instead she turned up her drink, drained it and stood to pour herself another one.

"I promise you not one Pack member will say anything to Dani about…I won't even tell them what happened. If the person who did this…"

"I have that handled Sam. I promise I will take care of the bastard who did this."

I looked at Renee who also seemed confused but hid it well when she saw me looking her way.

"Bella he could die." I tried one more time. Unfortunately Dani picked that time to walk back in.

"Who could die?" she asked.

No one said anything.

"Who could die? Stop keeping shit from me Mom!"

"Language Dani!" Bella snapped.

"Says the queen of up against the fucking wall." Dani retorted. "Who is dying?"

"Your grandfather. Possibly." Bella said quietly.


"Phil is not your grandfather Dani." Renee said coldly.

"He is the only man that has been there in my life. Forgive me for claiming him even though things didn't work out for you, Grandmother."

"It's not Phil, baby. It's my father. Charlie." Bella admitted.

"The one I've never met in Forks? The one who doesn't know about me?"

"Charlie doesn't know?" I asked, shocked.

"Who are you Sam Uley?" Dani asked.

"He is leaving. That's all you need to know." Bella told her firmly.

"No I'm afraid I am going to need to know a bit more."

"Well as I was told once by an old boyfriend, get used to disappointment." Bella replied sharply.

"I want to see my grandfather. If he is dying I would like to see him once. You've kept me isolated from every family member outside of Grandmother my whole life. I don't even know my father and now I have a grandfather who is going to die and I can't even see him? Are you for real?"

Dani turned to me.

"Are you my father? I really want to know." She seemed…desperate?

"No…no I'm not."

I stood up and prepared to leave.

"Bella I am going to leave my number with you. If you change your mind…I can get you a ticket, you can stay at Charlie's or I'm sure the city would pay for a hotel or apartment…"

"We are in the middle of a school year. I can't just take Dani out of school and bring her to the other side of the country. I…I may leave her with Renee and see if I can take…"

"The hell you will! You will not go there without me! I am…no. Not going to happen baby." Renee shouted.

Emotions were very high. Particularly mine.

"Just please give me a call. I fly back tomorrow. It was…good, despite everything, to see you Bella. We all…I mean. Emily wanted to come but I didn't want you to be overwhelmed…"

Bella stood up and walked me to her door. At the elevator I handed her a card with my number.

"Just please consider it. I don't know how long he has."

"No chance of recovery?" she asked quietly.

"There is a chance. They don't know how he will be if he does wake up. He could have serious problems…goodbye Bella. I hope to hear from you. I am sorry. If I had known…you don't know how badly I wish I had known. But…" I decided against telling her this would not be over in my mind until I figured out who did this to her.

"Goodbye Sam."

Bella POV

I watched my past get into an elevator and didn't turn away until the door closed. Once it had I stayed in the hallway for a minute until my breathing calmed down. I couldn't let Dani see me hyperventilating. The door opened and I prayed it wasn't her. Instead I felt Mom's small hand touch my shoulder and pull me into her.

"You are not going back there. We have a good life here Bella. The three of us. We don't need anything else and we sure as hell don't owe anyone anything."

"Dani will hate me. She already hates me most of the time." I whispered.

I had always been close to my daughter. She was my every thing. But as she got older, she seemed to be angry with me more often. I knew she loved me but I wasn't sure she liked me very much. I realize I worked a lot. I probably drank too much when I was home. Maybe subconsciously I pulled myself away emotionally, knowing I would have to leave her one day. Leave her safe, secure, set for life. But leave her none the less.

I pulled away from Mom and walked back into the apartment. I heard music blaring from Dani's room. I knew right now she would have her window open, smoking a cigarette we both pretended I couldn't smell on her. I should say something but honestly compared to what kids are into at her fancy private school, a cigarette every now and then isn't bad.

So instead of being a good mother I poured myself another drink and went to my room. I opened my window looking out over the park and lit my own cigarette. Part of me considered jumping. But I wouldn't. I gave my word long ago. I wouldn't let down the one man who had always been there for me. Always been honest. Offered me purpose in life. Gave my daughter the life I couldn't on my own. Gave me a family outside of Renee and Dani. People who I could count on. Who helped me take care of Renee and Dani. People who would help me get my revenge. Who had been there in the background always and the forefront when I was low. Brothers and sisters I never had. Friends.

As if he was reading my mind from far away, my cell phone buzzed.

How does he always seem to know? I answered the phone, relieved already to hear his voice.

"Master Aro?"