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Chapter 24


"Thank you for coming Edward. I truly feared we would have to bring you back in pieces. I am glad you decided to cooperate."

"Of course Aro. I am prepared to accept my punishment for violating the la…"Alec just walked in with Dion on his arm. This appeared to shut Edward up. I was also pleased to see Carlisle and Esme seemed surprised as well.

"Welcome Alec, Dion."

"Forgive our tardiness Master Aro."

"Oh don't be silly. I would say you were right on time. Our dear Isabella is about to enlighten the Cullen's on what their fate shall be. What were you saying Edward?"

Apparently the little shit had nothing left to say.

Isabella stepped forward.

"Esme. You followed your Mate and coven leader. He saved your life and you owed him your loyalty. I do not believe any punishment is warranted in your case."

"Thank y…"

"However there is a problem. Since Carlisle and Edward will be punished, there may be things required of them that they would rather die than comply with. Do you understand?"


"Good. I'm glad you understand. I have no desire to kill Edward or Carlisle. The reason is, I do not believe what they did is deserving of death. Not quite. They were simply recklessly stupid. However if either shall fail to comply with their punishments, you will be dismembered and burned in front of them. Nothing personal."

"You can't…" Carlisle began until a glare from my two daughters quieted him.

"Relax Carlisle. I believe you may find a degree of satisfaction in your punishment. Perhaps you as well young Edward. Follow me to the dungeon. Do not worry. You will return. Neither of you nor Esme will be allowed to leave this palace for the next five years, not even to feed. You will feed with us or not feed at all. You will have your own quarters at the far end of the castle in the guest wing where you will stay when not taking care of your duties or feeding. For now I will show you the object of your punishment."

I moved quickly downstairs. I didn't like the idea of the Cullens staying in our castle but perhaps if they did stay where they belonged it would not be so bad. We could minimize contact at least with Edward.

I opened the door to the dungeon followed by Carlisle, Esme, Edward and my Guard. I imagine Caius was somewhere back there. He did find the smell offensive but the show was too good to miss.

Carlisle gasped when he saw Billy Black chained in very thick metal to a rack inside a large cage. The cage had an electrified floor. We found shocking him caused him to phase which we needed so he could not die easily. Next to him, Felix stood watch with a sinister smile over Paul LaHote who was bound in the exact same type of cage Black was.

"What have you done?" Carlisle whispered.

"Not nearly enough." Isabella answered. "This is your punishment. It is two fold. You are too keep him alive for at least five years. If he dies, Esme dies. To be fair I will coordinate my tortures with you. Do not attempt to talk me into giving him mercy. There is no mercy in this world. Especially for that fucker. I simply want your honest opinion on whether he will survive what I put him through on a daily basis."

"I see…what did he…he rap…"

"Carlisle you are on a need to know basis. I would not ask Isabella or anyone else her reasons. They are her own." I told him in a tone that dared him to disagree.

"Of course Aro. I was just caught off guard. What…what is the second part?"

"When Isabella is not torturing him you are to study him. Study his DNA. I want to know everything there is to know about the shifters. I want to know if there is a cure. Five young boys are relying on your answers Carlisle. It is apparently caused by a bloodline so Caius believes it must be somewhat physical in nature. One child has been cured already. We want them all cured so no one has to live with this curse. Neither us nor them."

"Of course…" I recognized the sparkle in Carlisle's eyes. He may find torture distasteful but he loves a good project.

"And I will have to feed from humans? Esme and Edward as well? Can we discuss this?"

"Look at it this way Carlisle. They are dead anyway once they walk into our castle. You can do it humanely. You will do this for Esme. Correct?" Isabella asked him.

"Yes." I glanced at Esme and was unsurprised to see her relieved. She did not want to die.

"And my punishment Bella?"

Isabella walked up to Edward, inches from his face. The smile on her face was one I recognized but I doubt he had ever seen.

"Are you aware of Heidi's gift Edward?"

"Yes. She can draw people in. It is how you feed." He told her with a look of disgust.

"Heidi can do more than that. With a simple touch to the cheek she can make any man, human or vampire, sexually excited. Even you Edward. Your punishment will be simple. Only an hour of your time. Once a week you will enter into this dungeon. Heidi will be waiting if she is needed. Billy Black will be appropriately strapped down. You will fuck him."

"Excuse me!?"

"Relax Edward. You may find some things out about yourself. You will do this for Esme. Understand? Her life depends on your dick, ironically."

"I see…anything else?" he asked sarcastically.

"Yes." I answered. "You will not gag him. We all love the sound of his screams in the castle. We are looking forward to hearing what sounds he makes when he is raped."

"Aro may I ask where his…penis is?"

"La Push, where it belongs. It can be part of your studies. See how long it takes to regenerate. I won't cut it off again until it is fully grown back." Isabella told him.

"I understand finally. I will begin work immediately. He will need surgery so his bladder does not burst and kill him."

"Edward you can take a day to come to terms with what you will be doing. Tomorrow you begin." I told him.

I walked out and the guard followed. A crack and a howl told me Isabella broke something on Black as she followed us out.

I have to say I believe this arrangement will work out splendidly.

4 years later.

Isabella's POV

"No Master. We have found the bodies of four women. Four hybrids made, but we have not located Joham. He is slippery. Demetri can track him but he is moving quickly. He knows these lands. Have faith though. We will have him in the next day or so. I am anxious to get back to my Pet. How is he?"

"Carlisle believes he may last another year. We are unable to cause him to phase and he has quite lost his mind as you know but he functions. Paul LaHote however does not look well. I am afraid his last session with Felix may have done him in. We have decided not to hold this against Carlisle. He has performed admirably." Master Caius informed me. "I have no doubt we will see you soon Daughter. Hurry back. Also have you forgotten what day it is?"

"No Master. I will take care of it as soon as I end our call."

"Excellent. I miss you daughter. Jane misses you as well. Hurry back."

The call ended and I looked towards Demetri and Felix. Felix would not be happy.

"I heard. I suppose the kidney removal without anesthesia was a bit much. Oh well. Let's find this fucker. Demetri has a lead. This time we are going to flank him from both sides in a wide circle while Demetri chases him through the middle of this fucking jungle."

I made to run when Felix's hand landed on my shoulder.

"You know what day it is."

I sighed inwardly. These calls were difficult to make.

I took my phone and dialed.

"Hey Mom."

"Happy birthday baby."

"Thanks. How are you?"

I laughed. Our conversations started the same as always.

"Undead. How are you?"

"Still alive and kicking. Do you want to talk to Grandpa this time?"

"No. Dani it's best…"

"I know. He knows. I think it bothers him a bit but he understands. He misses you. I miss you."

"Dani don't. Live life. Have you taken any classes?"

"I took a few. College…it's…I'm just not motivated. I would rather fish with Grandpa. We boiled lobster last night together. We made a mess but it was pretty good."

I smiled at the thought. I knew Dani had changed so much since she had been with Charlie. Connor still watched her often, unbeknownst to her. I knew why. He couldn't stay away. He told me she no longer drinks and Charlie bugged her into quitting smoking. No drug use either. She was happy. They were happy. Charlie seemed to have fully recovered. They fished and traveled. They went to France last summer together and England the year before that. They hung out together. They were inseparable. I had hoped maybe she could find a normal romantic relationship.

Being in Billy's head screwed her up. She had tried to date and it never went past the first outing. It wasn't only Billy though. Even as a human I knew she felt it. Master Marcus confirmed it when we returned to Italy. Connor to his credit asked me if I wanted it broken. I told him that was his decision and one day if Dani suffered any problems she could decide as well. Perhaps it was better to have broken it but time will tell. I knew one thing. Connor loved my daughter. Although he had watched her he had not spoken to her since we left her in South Carolina.

"So thanks for the gift. A Corvette? Really?"

"I thought you might need a bit of excitement in your life."

"Charlie certainly enjoys the boat you sent him on his birthday. I think…"

"I know. He would have appreciated a call more. Dani, it's…"

"I know Mom. I just wonder."

"Wonder what?"

"How long until you no longer call me?"

I hesitated.

"Yeah…it's okay. I love you. I will always love you."

"I will always love you. And I will continue to call. I have to go. Happy birthday baby. Don't break the speed limit."

"I won't Mom. Goodbye."

The call ended. Those were difficult. I loved to hear her voice and it hurt at the same time. It hurt more than I wanted to admit.

"Are you ready sister?"

"Yes Demetri. Let's catch this fucker. We will find the half breeds later. I want to say goodbye to LaHote before he burns in Hell."

Dani POV

"Was it her?" Grandpa asked.

"Yeah. She sends her love."

He nodded, mist filling his eyes.

"Dani, I want to thank you. You have made me the happiest I have ever been in my life."

I walked over and hugged the only man I truly ever loved. Okay, that wasn't true but it was a different kind of love.

Even though I had not spoken to Connor since they all left me here I felt his presence at times. I knew he still watched. I knew I still loved him. My 16 year old crush had not gone away. I left him letters at times in my room. One day he forgot to refold it.

"Hey kid, it's your birthday. Want to go fishing?"

"Yeah Grandpa. That would be great. Same bet as always?"

"Twenty bucks for the biggest bass kid."

We sat on our chairs on the pier rather than taking the boat out. It was peaceful. We didn't catch much. It was okay. He told me stories about my great grandmother and father. He never seemed to run out. He told me stories about Mom growing up. He never talked about her time in Forks. He never talked about Billy Black. It was in the past where it belonged.

"Hey kid, I got a headache. You think you could run inside and get me some Tylenol?"

I glanced at him and noticed he was pale.

"Okay. I'm calling Dr. King."

"It's a headache Dani. Relax. It's just a sharp pain. It will probably go away pretty quick. Just grab me some Tylenol."

I began walking to the house when he stopped me.


"Yes Grandpa?"

"I love you."

"I love you too."

Something was wrong. I ran to the house and called Dr. King. He told me he would be right over. Grabbing the Tylenol I walked to the shore relieved to see Grandpa still sitting in his chair.

When I tried to hand him the Tylenol I knew he was dead. His eyes were closed and he had a smile on his face.

I kissed his cheek and sat down beside him. Then I cried. I cried for hours. Dr. King came and went. Two men came and took his body. Through it all I cried. When I stopped I looked across the lake and realized for the first time in a long time I was alone and I had no idea what to do.

No. I knew what I had to do. What I wanted to do. It was time.

Isabella POV

I was returning with Jane from the Opera when I saw her standing at the public entrance to the Castle.

"Mom." She greeted me and looked at Jane.


Jane smirked.

"Hello step daughter. I will leave you two alone."

I faced my daughter for the first time in four years. She was…beautiful. Breathtakingly beautiful.

"Dani. What are you doing here?"

"I got no place else to go. Grandpa died."

"I know." I admitted.

"Why didn't you come to his funeral?"

"I didn't deserve to." I admitted.


"Yeah. So…"

"You know why I am here."

"Yes. Did you really try though Dani? Did you ever try to find a career you might be interested in?"

"I'm thinking of following in my family's footsteps and going into law enforcement."

Thank God.

"That's great. Where do you want to work? We can make it happen."

"I'm thinking of the Volturi."

Damn it.

"Do you feel drawn to him? We can make that go away. You can find a human…"

"I want him. I love him. I don't feel drawn to him. I love him."

"Once you become one of us, that will be it. You will be joined to him forever."

"Yep. I figured."

"This is what you want?" I asked to be sure.

"Yes. I want him. I want you. I'll even get along with the step mom. Promise."

That made me laugh.

"Let's go inside. No time like the present I suppose."

"Will Master Aro be surprised?"

"He will be happy. He guessed you would be here today. Master Caius said next week."

"And Master Marcus?"

"Figured you would have been her months ago. If not for Charlie, years ago."

"And you?"

"I'm torn on the issue. But if this is what you truly want I am glad to have you daughter."

She rushed into my arms and I held her tightly. I wanted this more than I cared to admit. I thought I would move on. But I could never leave her behind.

"Once you are turned you can kill Billy if you wish." I told her as we walked inside.

"He is still alive?" she asked surprised.

"Yes not for long though. Perhaps we can kill him together."

"We really haven't had any mother daughter bonding moments in a very long time. Sounds fun."

As we reached the throne room I saw Master Caius pass a hundred dollar bill to Master Aro. Connor was there as well. He smiled at her. She smiled at him.

It was done. I never should have doubted Master Marcus. Perhaps this mating thing can be wonderful.

Master Aro smiled at Dani.

"Welcome child. We have waited for you for a long time."

Dani walked up to the Kings and knelt.

"I pledge my service to the Volturi." She simply said.

"So who will be doing the honors?" Master Caius asked. "Connor or Isabella?"

Dani looked at me. I knew what she wanted.

"I believe Connor deserves that honor Master."

Without a word Connor walked to Dani and kissed her gently. She nodded her head and he bit her gently on the neck. Drawing back he picked her up and walked out with her while she curled in his arms and began to whimper. I needed to follow.

My baby had come home.

The end.


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