Logan wasted little time carrying what was in his arms into the mansion and up the stairs to his room before setting everything aside just outside of the door and pressed his ear up against the wood to see if he could get a good feel for where his girl was. Misty, it seemed wasn't a terribly noisy person when she wasn't destroying something and so it was fairly easy for him to locate her by the rustle of her clothing over by the farthest wall of his room.

Close to the window but not close enough to try diving through it once he opened the door.

And he would open the door (and possibly scare the daylights out of her) he didn't kid himself about that shit. But at least he'd be able to see her and give her everything that he had bought for her to make her more comfortable. So maybe she wouldn't try to bash his skull in with something or scream so loud that his eardrums ruptured from the sound.

Beast and Storm came up carrying some of the stuff while Nightcrawler suddenly appeared out of nowhere in a poof of smoke and stood next to him.

"Hey elf," He said in greeting as he shifted away from the door slightly and then asked, "Has she been let out? Fed?"

"Nien. Rogue vould not open zee door."

Logan looked at him with an expression of total disbelief. "You mean to tell me that my girl has been locked in here ever since I left?"


"Without food?"


"Has anyone bothered to come by and talk to her? Maybe let her know that she isn't a prisoner?"

Nightcrawler looked down at the floor, suddenly finding it interesting as Storm said, "Kitty was going to try and go in earlier but Rogue stopped her. I think she may be jealous of your new friend."

"I honestly don't care if Rogue is jealous or not- this is unacceptable." Logan said in a growling tone as he lifted his foot and with one solid kick to his bedroom door, sent the wood splintering as Beast sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose and muttered something about needing to go get an new door for Logan's room from the garage as his friend made short work of his bedroom door and stepped through the small opening and looked around in utter disbelief.

Good god, Storm and Beast hadn't been kidding when they had said that the little slip of femininity that he had dragged home the night before, had probably destroyed his room.

The normally neat and tidy living area that he had claimed for himself looked like a tasmanian devil had hit it, followed by several tornado's, followed by a tsunami (which he hoped would explain how his favorite sitting chair had wound up attached to the ceiling fan) the mattress to his large bed had been slashed and ripped to pieces and then overturned, his clothing- or what he assumed the tattered rags strewn about his floor were.

Hell he half expected a ship that had sunk at sea to be resting in the middle of his bedroom, dripping salt water and sharks all over the place now that he'd seen the amount of damage she had inflicted on his personal items.

But that really didn't interest him as much as the woman herself did.

And since he didn't see her anywhere in the open, Logan had to wonder if perhaps the tiny slip of a gal had maybe hurt herself and was sitting somewhere he couldn't see her- in traction. Stepping further into the room, he scanned it for any signs of his future wife and stopped when he got closer to his overturned bed frame and saw Misty's small figure curled up on the floor on the other side of it.

Walking over to where Misty was laying on the floor, Logan knelt down and studied her. His poor little gal, she looked totally exhausted. There were dark circles under her pretty eyes and her skin was so pale that he could see the blue of the veins under her skin. But still... He thought as he looked around the mess that was now his room and inwardly cringed. It was a good thing she had tire herself out breaking his things.

He would have hated to come home and find her just sitting here, quietly waiting to ambush him like he was some- some animal or something. Not that he could totally blame her if she had. It was just, well, as a feral it just wasn't a good idea. Yeah, that was it.

It wouldn't be a good idea for her to pull such a dangerous stunt. But since she was currently sleeping he guessed he wouldn't have to worry about that for now. No. Right now his main concerns were fixing his bedroom, moving Misty to a different room to finish her cat nap- replace his stuff, and then kick everyone out for a couple of hours so that he could feed his girl and get to know her a little better.

Hopefully while giving her the presents and such he had bought for her earlier today.