Hey ya'll! So far all I have written is Morganville fics and that isn't because I'm only into one fandom, it because I haven't been enamored enough with any other characters besides Amelie and Myrnin to set out on the quest to delve into their characters and make something that is my own out of it….. buuuuuuut, while I was extremely bored a few days ago I revisited the Twilight fandom (I was completely obsessed with these books in sixth grade, but haven't touched them since) and realized that I totally loved the character Aro. So this is me writing about him and the Volturi and stuff… Also, it's been awhile since I read the books so sorry for any inconsistencies…..

Oh and this is set pre New Moon so Bella is aware of vampires and totally in love with Edward, but hasn't ever met Aro. Although she did hear briefly of him when she saw the painting of the Volturi in Carlisle's office… So yep. Enjoy.

Shit. Those were most definitely vampires. And not the vegetarian "Fish are friends, not food" type. More like the, glowing red eyes, bloodthirsty grins, and insatiable thirst kind. And all dressed in black and crimson to top the whole cliché right off. Oh shit, shit, shit.


I stared at my father in shock. "I'm going where?" I repeated, looking utterly confused. I must have misheard him.

"Italy?" he said as if it were a question and scratched his head looking away.

"Why?" I asked, a bit angry now. Going to Italy, for an entire six weeks meant six very long weeks away from Edward, in another country.

" I dunno Bells, you're mother called and said she felt the uh, "pull," as she put it, to go there… something about you two needing to see the greatest pieces of art and Venice before it sinks." He trailed off, not quite sure what to say, "But hey, you should be happy, I've heard it's a pretty great place with all the pasta and sunflowers and you really could use some sun. You've gotten quite pale up here." Charlie half-smiled and reached out to pat my shoulder, "It'll be good for you, Bells."

I just looked down and nodded. The summer that I was supposed to spend entirely with Edward was now going to be dominated by a trip of me getting dragged around to a million museums with my mom constantly asking, "And how does this one make you feel?" Ick. Not exactly what I would call a vacation; I wasn't exactly the stare-at-the-same-piece-of-artwork-for-hours type.

It didn't really matter though how much I didn't want to go, my mom had already sent me the tickets and a very strict packing list along with a little card that said this was my early birthday gift. Congrats to me.

Edward, to my great annoyance, was happy that I was getting a trip away from the dreary town of Forks. It seemed as though him and my father were in the same mindset of it'd be good for me to get out and see the world a bit. And get some sun. Edward liked to tease me that if I spent any more time inside I was going to be as pale as a vampire.

Well, he was happy until he saw where exactly I was going.

"Volterra?" he asked looking at me with an unreadable expression. I shrugged.

"My mom planned the trip, not me." His brow furrowed. "What?" I asked. He had gone from happy to worried in point three seconds.

"It's just, there's nothing to see in Volterra. It's boring and there aren't any art museums there anyways."

I looked at him in confusion, "Like I said my mom planned it so, it's what she wanted. I didn't get a say and wait, have you been there?" He looked away and shook his head, "No, but-"

"But nothing! How can you not like a place you haven't even been to? What do you have against me going there?"

He turned to look at me suddenly, a desperate expression flashing across his eyes before he quickly hid it behind a mask of nonchalant-ness. I frowned. "Bella just promise me one thing."

"What?" I asked, thoroughly confused now.

"Don't go to the castle. No matter what." Edward said this with a sort of finality that gave the impression of grave consequences if I did.

"Edward, what's wrong? Why can't I go to the castle?"


"No! Tell me! What's in the castle?"

"Bella! Just promise me!"

"No, just tell me!" I crossed my arms and looked at him defiantly. He gave me a pained looked.

"I can't tell you," he began, stopping when he saw my expression and subsequent eye roll, "No, really I can't. You just have to trust me, Bella. Please don't go near the castle, please." His voice was a whisper now. I just nodded, determined to bring the subject up later.

I did, three times, but he would say no more, only to keep telling me to listen to him, to trust him, and promise to never go there. I got more and more annoyed each time.

And of course I was never a good listener.


It really kind of surprised me that it never even crossed my mind that when Edward warned me not to go to the castle that it would be a vampire stronghold. Of course the only thing he would really be afraid of was vampires! Duh! I cannot even believe I missed the most obvious statement of all time.

I had wondered if it was some human-trafficking thing for some Italian mobsters, where they sold drugs and weapons and stuff, (which in a weird way it kind of was,) or thought that maybe there was some crazy religious cult that resided there that made human sacrifices, or even a corrupt government organization that would kidnap me and harvest my body for organs to sell on the black market. Lots of sinister things crossed my mind, but never vampires.

I also couldn't believe that I had never connected the Volturi to Volterra.

Major facepalm.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Edward had mentioned them once, explaining how they were the rulers of the vampire world when I had come across the painting of them in Carlisle's study. He also, without great detail and much disgust, mentioned how cruel and sadistic they are. There had been no hiding his dislike. Carlisle had been less extreme, stressing the importance of them keeping the secret and that although he heavily disagreed with their eating habits, they were much more civilized and much less bloodthirsty than some other vampires he had come across.

Right now I was leaning more towards Edward's point of view as I was getting firsthand knowledge of exactly how cruel and terrifying they could be, guessing that their way of luring in innocent tourists to feed on and decimate, fifty at a time, was one of his reason for disgust.

The chaos began to hit full swing around me and my ears were assaulted with the sounds of breaking bones and tearing flesh, the almost invisible blurs of vampires flashing around me, the rusty, salt smell of blood hanging in the air.

Renee was going to some modern art gallery, I swear it was probably the hundredth one since we got here three weeks ago, and I had faked a headache and stomach cramps in order to get out going this time, instead choosing to wander the rather beautiful, and of course sunny, streets of Volterra, sipping an expresso, the promise I had made to Edward floating about in my mind.

In the end I think it was his warning that made me want to go there so badly. If he hadn't mentioned the castle it probably would never have crossed my mind to go there and I would have left for Florence that night, entirely unharmed.

But of course that wasn't going to happen, I was never the complacent type, willing to listen to other's wishes for me. But I trusted Edward and I should have listened, I should have listened.

Edward had referred to me as danger magnet in the past. I was beginning to think that it was less drawn to me and more I to it.

Too late now.

I turned frantically about, visions of James' teeth sinking into my wrist swimming before my eyes, ghost pains flashing across my scar. My breathing became labored and I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, so hard and fast that I felt like it might burst at any second. Black spots joined the vision that clouded my eyesight and panic settled in. I could barely see and I couldn't breathe. This had only happened to me once before, but I remembered the tightness and wild fear of a panic attack acutely. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't breathe. The Cullens weren't going to save me this time.

My thoughts turned to my mother and thank god that I didn't bring her with me. She would be safe, distraught when I never returned, but safe.

I threw my hands over my eyes and my hearing cut out on cue as if my brain knew that hearing the terrified screams only made me feel even more afraid. It was eerily silent now, the only sound was my own hammering heart. Thump, thump, thump. It continued to race on at a mile a minute. The world took on a rather cinematic slow motion view around me. I felt helpless, like in those awful dreams where you're running so hard, trying so hard to move faster and faster, but you just can't, it's impossible, you're legs turn to lead and you fall. I fell to my knees, tears streaming down my face, the salt stinging my skin. I may not have been able to hear, or think really, but I could still feel the screams around me, the vibrations of compressed air crashing against my skin, increasing the temp of my heart.

The once white marble room now looked like a scene straight out of the goriest horror movie ever. Blood and… parts covering the walls. Blood, blood, blood, blood flying through the air, blood, blood, blood, blood everywhere. These images were never leaving my head, I slammed my eyes shut yet still they came, a dozen glorious gods drenched in the blood, flying about, laughing, reveling. God, they were messy.

I was still frozen, curled up in a ball on the floor, my head hunched over my knees. Make it stop, make it stop, make it stop. I started rocking.

My courage was I gone, I had no chance, I was so, so afraid, and there was so much blood. I could feel it on me, soaking into my jeans. I was going to be sick.

Edward, Edward, Edward, EdwardEdwardEdwardEdwardEdward, EDWARD, EDWARD, EDWARDedwardedwardedwardedwardedwardedward….

It ran through my head like a chant, like a prayer.

I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry. Forgive me.

Something that felt like a million spiders crawling up my back got past my self-created sensory deprivation, turning my skin to ice. Someone had finally noticed me. I slowly straightened out of my huddle and spun around, still on my knees and met the red eyes of my soon to be murderer.

I couldn't move, couldn't breathe, couldn't hear, couldn't think, couldn't breathe. I was choking on air.

I blinked and he was in front of me, smiling down at me in the most disturbing fashion, his dark blonde hair falling slightly into his eyes, blood already dripping from his mouth. He wasn't one of the Ancients from the painting, of that I was sure, so he must be one of guard. Not that it really mattered either way.

His gaze slid to my neck and the throbbing vein there, his smiled widening and he breathed in deeply, clearly enjoying this. I shuddered, I could practically feel him locking on the precise spot where my blood would flow the thickest and see his mind debating if he should take his time and enjoy it or drain me quickly and move on to his next victim.

Decision made, he suddenly reached forward, hands reaching to yank my head to the side and I closed my eyes as tight as I possibly could, waiting for the pain and for the following blackness.

Edward, I love you.


In that moment of a fraction of a second before his glittering teeth pierced my neck I felt something inside me snap, like a pulse of energy flowing out from my heart and reaching all the way into my fingertips and toes.

The pain never came.

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