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A pulse of air brushed across my skin.

Why hadn't he killed me yet?

I had seen the pulsating hunger in his eyes, had felt his breath on my neck, his fingers digging so tightly into my skin that they were sure to leave bruises.

Was he playing a game?

I knew vampires could get seriously sick and twisted sometimes, this mainly due to their view that people were no better than animals, our wild emotions of fear and screams for mercy doing nothing but egging them on. They simply relished in their power and superior strength. God, it was awful.

My heart, which had never stopped its frantic pace, sped up even more. I felt the urge to open my eyes and see what was happening, but fear that he was still directly in front of me, looking down with that disturbing, leering grin that hid sharp, venom coated teeth kept them shut.

I stayed that way for what felt like hours, bent slightly forward over my knees, neck twisted to the side, hands pressing into the cold, unyielding marble, not daring to move in the slightest lest I call attention to myself. I focused on my breathing while I did this, trying to take slow, even breaths while letting the spark of energy I had momentarily felt was over me in waves, not allowing myself to give the vampire satisfaction from my squirming, not matter how afraid I might have been. It was a strange, calming feeling focusing on the waves and being so still, and it wasn't until I realized that I had been sitting there for just a little too long that I began to panic.

Had Edward somehow showed up and saved me?

Had someone else saved me?

My heart once again picked up as it not only had been a strangely long time, but that the world was eerily silent around me, the screams having died out and the only sound being the blood rushing through my own ears.


The voice was soft and elegant and lilting with a light Italian accent that sent shivers down my spine and much, much, much too pretty, betraying it as a vampire's.

I slowly opened my eyes.

A row vampires faced me standing as still as the marble statues guarding the benches along the wall, seven of them in total, three of which I had names for. Marcus, Caius, and Aro. They were beautiful, breathtaking really, in their flowing black cloaks and gold pendants that hung from perfectly sculpted necks leading up to chiseled features and bright red eyes, clouded but nevertheless still quite piercing. I gulped, feeling my heart rate pick up as I met the one who had spoken eyes.


"Why am I not dead?"

He smiled and clasped his hand together, a small laugh that could have been described as more of a giggle escaping his lips.

"My dear, I believe you are much more capable of explaining that than I am," he said. It sounded less like talking and more like music, music and bells and honey. I gulped again.

"Huh?" I blurted out in the most ineloquent way possible. I cringed at the sound of my voice compared to his. Why did vampires have to be so damn perfect?

His smiled widened even more and he laughed again, louder this time, his shoulder moving with the sound. "Ah, the child doesn't even know her strengths! How wonderful!" He turned to his brothers who were a half step behind him and continued to laugh. The one to left, (Caius?), fixed his eyes on me in a glare that was something between hatred and disgust and I quickly averted my gaze, unable to meet his intensity.

Aro turned back around and clapped several times. "Watch, dear girl, and see what you have created!" He took a step forward and I flinched back, sure that he meant to come after me, but he simply reached out with his palm and pressed it against…. air.

I raised my eyebrows and gave him an incredulous look. What kind of game was this supposed to be?

My eyes flickered across the vampires, waiting for the slightest movement, and landed on him. He met my stare and smirked, then suddenly pushed against the air that suddenly wasn't air anymore, but a transparent blue dome that encircled me, pulsating with something that looked like little electric jolts.

"Amazing, is it not? No matter how hard I push, I cannot break it! You, sweet little human, have defeated a vampire's strength, have made yourself… nearly invincible." A strange light glinted in his eyes, something that reminded me of the way a child stares at a coveted toy or a starving man stares at an enticing dinner, yeah that was more accurate. It was something that screamed I want that and I want it now in a quite immature way. Something else told me that what Aro wanted, Aro got.

I gulped again.

"Uh, yeah, so are you going to kill me, because I, uh, well that, wouldn't be…. I know someone who could protect me, well sort of…" I trailed off. Nice job explaining yourself, Bella.

What I had wanted to say was that I knew Carlisle that I was in love with his son that couldn't kill me because the Cullens would be mad, but something held me back. I didn't know much about them, but their names and a few tales of their never ending thirst and immense power that gave them absolute rule. I didn't want Edward, or any of them, to get in some sort of trouble; I knew humans weren't exactly supposed to know about vampires and although I wasn't quite sure about all the details I figured that pissing these guys off wasn't going to end well.

"Protect you?" Aro's glee turned to annoyance and he laughed again, but it was a tight, disturbing sound. He eyes flashed and his demeanor suddenly just, changed, going from casual to exuding power. "Have you any idea what we are, little one?"

"Vampires. Old ones. Powerful ones. The closest thing your kind has to royalty," I said without even thinking and quickly clamped a hand over my mouth. Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit. I wasn't supposed to know that shishitshitshitshitshitshitshitshit. His eyes instantly narrowed.

"And from where did you get that idea?" It was practically a growl, all the friendliness gone.

"Well, uh, because you live in a castle?" I tried, my voice faltering. They were definitely not buying that.

The blonde, Caius, spoke, "She knows something. Someone sent here her here in an attempt to destroy us."

"No," I blurted out, "No, no, he made me promise not to come here! And I, I didn't listen because I didn't know, I just thought he was being stupid, I never made the connection!" I walked towards them, arms out, begging them to understand.

"Connection?" Aro asked.

"Between the Volturi and Volterra. Which is, yeah I know, really stupid, but I really don't spend all my time thinking about vampire politics stuff! Please, there's no plot or anything, I just wasn't thinking."

"That can easily be attested. Lower your shield, child, and give me your hand. We shall see your… plans. Or lack thereof."

I hadn't really noticed the other vampires before, but suddenly realized that they had moved in loose circle around the little dome of safety I had created, red eyes focused on me, waiting for an attack signal. My heart rate sped up for the thousandth time that day.

"Right, of course… How might I lower my, uh, shield?" I asked, wincing.

"Jane?" Aro called out and a small blonde vampire to the right of me, looked to him.

"Yes, master?"

"If you would… distract… our young guest for a moment." He nodded.

"Yes, master," she answered, a rather creepy smile sliding across her face. I shivered. She looked to me and her eyes seemed to glow, "This may hurt a bit."

I braced myself for the pain, closing my eyes shut, waiting.

But once again nothing…I reopened my eyes.

"Jane?" Aro asked. The girl looked absolutely furious and glared even harder, panic in her eyes.

"Master, it's not… it's not working." She looked afraid to meet his eyes.

"What could this mean, what could mean?" Aro asked no one in particular as he began pacing, hand pressed together, a dark look in his eyes. The room stayed silent. "Perhaps…Yes, that might be it." His voice was softer now, a barely audible whisper. "A mental shield as well as a physical one!"

"Dear girl, I need you to focus. Close your eyes, feel the protection you have created, realize it is no longer necessary, you are safe here. There is no threat." His words poured from his lips like honeyed liquid in such a melodic fashion that I could not help, but believe him, nodding my head as I followed his orders.

I could feel it, the shield, feel the energy of it, the flexibility of it. Gently I tugged at it, willing it to come back to be, to reside back in its place just beneath my skin.

"Perfect." I opened my eyes to meet his red ones. Wow, they were gorgeous, flawless rubies that drew me in, I could have stood there all day stared at those eyes and listened to his sliver tongue.

Could have, except for the fact that I suddenly realized how much effort it took to hold that shield up and then I was falling, collapsing to the floor.

Strong, cold arms caught me before my head hit the ground, pulling me into an upright position and holding me secure.

My vision began to darken around the edges with little sparks of stars dancing across that I desperately tried to blink back to no avail. Soft hands brushed against the skin of my cheeks, drawing my half-blind gaze to meet a burning red one.

"Rest, little one. For now you will find no harm here," a voice like honeyed liquor spoke into my ear.

I blinked again, still trying to clear my hazy sight and shook my head, trying to stay awake, but I was suddenly so, so tired.

"Shh," the voice spoke again and I nodded once before entirely collapsing against the cold, strong embrace and falling into oblivion.

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