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Bound Too You

Chapter 1:


Darkness...That's all Legolas saw and felt.

What had happened?

He moved his hand across his face to be sure his eyes were even open.

He groaned as he sat himself up. His head was pounding, and his hands were shaking.

He was lying on a hard, damp floor. It wasn't until he turned over on his hand and knees, was he sure that it was stone.

Legolas used his strength to push himself up. His body felt so week.

Soon his ears were picking up the sound of a faint 'drip drip drip' coming from somewhere around him. It echoed off the walls, telling him how big the room was.

Legolas took careful steps forward. His deep blue orbs searching in the dark, his ears alert.

He had his hands reached out, and felt more like a toddler beginning to walk then the Elf warrior that he was.

Soon his fingertips rubbed against something hard and smooth. He kept moving forward until his hand overlapped a steel bar, his other doing the same.

'I am in a cell.' He thought to himself. Legolas closed his eyes and tried to remember what had happened earlier that day.

He and his friend Lostwathion were on a hunt. It was Lothwathion's idea to split up, and Legolas hadn't detected anything until he was bashed over the head by something.

Legolas cursed himself silently for being so careless. He prayed to the valar his friend was well.

Legolas was jerked from his thoughts when his keen Elven hearing began to pick up a soft sound.

Legolas opened his eyes and looked in the direction from whence it came. He rolled his eyes when he realized he could be better off with his eyes closed. The thought of still not seeing, no matter how wide he opened his eyes made the feel of panic grip him. So he closed his eyes again, and listened.

He heard it again. It was faint, but it was there. A soft crying, as from a female.

She was not far.

Legolas began to walk in the direction blindly.

He walked until his fingers touched yet another set of bars. The sound was right on the other side of them.

'She must be in a cell as well.'

Legolas leaned up against the cell and began to speak to her softly.

"Vedui', Arwen en amin..." (Greetings, my lady)

Instantly the crying stopped and all was silent.

Legolas could now hear her breathing. She was frightened, he could tell.

"Do not fear me my lady, I shall not hurt you." He spoke soothingly. He heard nothing. Then he heard her sigh.

"Who are you?" She asked softly. Her voice was fair and it brought a smile upon Legolas' lips, despite himself.

"I am prince Legolas Greenleaf, son of Thranduil, King of the woodland realm of Mirkwood."

Legolas heard her gasp, and then a noise as if she were crawling nearer to him.

"Are you truly the prince himself?"

"Aye, and tell me, who might you be?" Legolas jumped when he felt her cold fingers overlap his.

"My name is Moreliniel." She whispered inches from his face.

"Moreliniel? Your name is enchanting. Do you carry out it's meaning?"

"Aye, long ago. For as you can see, what here could bring joyous laughter from my lips?"

Legolas was silent.

"I wish I could see you." She said after a moment.

"Where are we?"

"I am not certain. Nor am I certain of the reason they hold me captive, I cannot think they have a reason for holding YOU here."

Legolas nodded in the dark.

"I do not know this either. How long have you been here?"

"A day? Two maybe. I am not certain. It is night now, for light does shine through during the day. I cannot see where though."

Legolas heard her let out a sigh.

"I wish so much to gaze upon the stars. They bring comfort to me."

This comment answered one of the many questions that flew through Legolas' head.

She was an Elven Maiden.

"Aye...I know of what you speak. I can imagine my father having the entire realm of Mirkwood in search for me. It has been many ages since darkness fell when the ring of power was destroyed. And my good friend Gimli rests peacefully now."

Moreliniel heard the sadness in his voice, and felt sorry for him.

"At least you have the comforting thought of someone looking for you."

"You have no one?"

"Nay...my parents have long passed. I have been alone for over two hundred years."

"I am sorry of this." Moreliniel heard the compassion in his voice and smiled for the first time in a long time.

"Thank you."

Their faces were nearly touching and they could feel each other's breath sweeping over the other.

Then without warning, a door, on the far end of the dungeons, swung open, letting a pool of bright light shine in.

Legolas covered his face, as did Moreliniel.

They heard light feet walking, and the rattle of a key being shoved into a lock.

Then the footsteps got closer. Legolas lifted his head, but still kept his eyes closed, when he heard the keys rattle in the cell next to his.

"There now my lady. Do not be frightened...your nightmare will end quickly enough." It said in a musical tone...almost mocking.

Legolas heard Moreliniel struggle.

"No! Please tell me what you mean to do with me!" But no one answered her.

Legolas could tell they were pulling her from her cell.

"What are you going to do to her?" He asked as he heard them close her cell door. He heard soft whimpers come from her, and the feeling to protect her came upon him.

"It is not I that wishes to do anything to her." Was the reply he received.

"Who then?" Legolas stood, though the light was still bright and his eyes remained closed, his voice was full of strength and defiance.

He heard him halt in his steps.

"Perhaps you should ask yourself that question."

Legolas was taken aback.

"I would never harm her!" He declared.

And all that he received back was a mocking laugh.

"Here, Carfacion ...you get the blonde one." He heard him say. Then the sound of keys being tossed and caught was heard.

"Tis just like you Airehirion, to leave the hardest for me." Was the reply.

Legolas heard another pair of feet approach and the clang of his cell being unlocked.

Legolas squinted his eyes open in time to see a tall blonde Elf, pulling a slightly more slender Elf, with long, silky brown hair, out the door.

Then a pair of hands surrounded his arm, making him jump in surprise.

"Come on your highness, your master awaits you." Said an Elf with black hair that held onto his arm.

"My master? I have no master!" Legolas declared as he let the Elf lead him out of his cell.

"We shall see young prince...we shall see."

Legolas didn't quite know how to take this last remark, and prayed to the Valar that all would go well for him, and for Moreliniel.


Legolas was led out the same door that he saw Moreliniel being pulled out of.

The one named Carfacion pulled him down a torch lit hall, until at last he was led into a wide spaced room.

Legolas sniffed, and wrinkled his nose. The room was musty and smelt old. He noticed a huge curtain that hung from the ceiling.

He was led to a chair, where he was roughly pushed into.

Legolas glared at Carfacion, who snickered and walked away.

Legolas thought he was alone, until he heard a voice speak from behind him.

"Welcome, fair prince."

Legolas spun around in his chair. His eyes widened in shock when he saw the being that was standing in the doorway.

"Lostwathion! What in all Valinor are you doing here?" Legolas stood to his feet, not sure if he should be happy to see his friend or not.

Lostwathion smiled.

"Tis my castle. I found it the day you plaid that awful trick on me...do you remember that day Legolas?"

Lostwathion began to walk towards his friend.

"You told me there was a beautiful Elf Maiden across the raging brook that wanted to bind herself to me...I almost drowned that day..."

Legolas lowered his head. He did indeed remember that day. He had meant it as a harmless prank, and it had ended up in disaster when Lostwathion had jumped upon a slippery rock and fell in.

"...The waters carried me and I passed out, the next thing I knew, I was at the bank right below this abandoned castle. I claimed it as mine...and found a few trusty Elves to be my guards."

Legolas looked at him.

"Why have you brought me here Lostwathion? And where is Moreliniel?"

"The maiden? Oh she is quite well..."

"Where is she?" Legolas crossed his arms.

Lostwathion laughed in almost mockery.

"You will be quick to remember young prince, that this is not your father's palace halls...but mine. You shall learn this, or suffer dearly."

"Where is Moreliniel?" Legolas asked again in a powering voice.

Lostwathion sighed and crossed his arms. He walked over to the wall that was next to the big curtain. It had many golden ropes hanging down. He reached out and pulled one. A loud bell rang out.

Soon Airehirion and Carfacion walked into the room.

Lostwathion nodded at them and they walked up and stood on either side of Legolas.

Lostwathion smiled then pulled another rope. The curtain was pulled open, and Legolas beheld a bed.

Twas a nice bed, twisted and molded in gold designs.

The blankets were a deep maroon color, but it was not the bed that made Legolas gasp in surprise...but the fair maiden that lay upon it in her naked form.

Her hands were tied to the headboard above her head, and tears ran down her pale face.

Legolas could not help but let his eyes wander her.

She had long dark, silky hair. And her eyes were such a piercing green that Legolas was struck in awe at them even from where he stood. Legolas' eyes scanned her luscious curves and ventured until they lay to rest on her nicely sized breasts.

Legolas looked into her eyes and at once was broken from his trance when he saw the pain and fear that dwelt in her beautiful green orbs.

"Moreliniel." He whispered.

"Aye Legolas, tis your maiden." Lostwathion sneered.

He walked up to Legolas, who still beheld the beauty, and began his evil plan...

"Take her Legolas...she is a virgin...she wants to be bound to you."

Legolas' head snapped in the direction of the other Elf.

His eyes held naught but shock. To take a virgin maiden was to bind yourself to her for eternity. Legolas himself was a virgin, for this reason itself.

"No Lostwathion! I will not touch her!"

Lostwathion saw the defiance in the princes blue orbs and felt his anger rise.

"You will take her now!" He yelled.

"You cannot force me to do this!" Legolas shouted back.

Lostwathion let out a heated sigh and crossed his arms.

"If you do not take her Legolas Greenleaf...I will."

Legolas felt fear begin to creep in.

"And if I take her...let her screams haunt you for the rest of your days! I give you the choice now...either take her and lessen her pain...or I shall ravage her myself with no mercy!"

"You are an animal!" Legolas felt the anger burst in him. He leaped forwards towards Lostwathion, but was grabbed from both sides by Airehirion and Carfacion. He began to fight them, but ceased immediately when he felt the cool steal of a dagger caress his neck. Legolas recognized his dagger immediately. Despair began to seep in. He looked up at Moreliniel.

"You will kill me with my own dagger?" Lostwathion only sneered.

"Then go ahead, for I would rather die then harm her."

This took Lostwathion by surprise.

"Perhaps you underestimate me Legolas...If you do not do as I say, I will take her myself...then she shall be slain by your own dagger!"

Legolas' eyes widened in shock as the color drained from his face. He was speechless.

"She is a virgin Legolas...same as you. You will suffer for your stupidity! Now...bind yourself to her!"

Moreliniel looked as if she were going to faint.

Legolas knew he could not let her be ravaged and die because of his stupidity...he knew he must do all he could to help lessen the pain that was to come upon her.

But could he really bind himself to her?

Legolas let out a sigh and nodded his head as he stood to his feet.

He squared his shoulders back and glared at Lostwathion.

"Aye...I shall take her, as you wish."

Lostwathion sneered.

"Very well...let the fun begin!"

"But I shall have her unbound!"

Lostwathion sighed.

"As you wish." And with a wave of his hand Airehirion and Carfacion walked over to the bed, and freed Moreliniel's hands.

As soon as they had, she buried herself under the covers in her shame.

Legolas sighed.

"Do it now Legolas...I grow impatient."

Legolas threw a hateful glare in Lostwathion's direction before he approached the bed.

"Moreliniel?" He asked softly as he climbed upon the bed.

He hadn't touched her yet, and already he could feel her shaking.

"Moreliniel...I wish not to harm you."

Moreliniel rolled over to face him with a glare.

"I do not even know you...really. And I am to be bound to you against my will!"

"Yes my lady, but is it not better to be bound to me then...him?" Legolas gestured at Lostwathion.

"It would be better to not be bound to either of you." Moreliniel stated quietly as she fingered the fine lines of the comforter.

"Aye, I know...but unfortunately, neither of us has this choice."

Moreliniel looked up at him, and Legolas could see the fear in her eyes.

He sighed as he reached out and took her hand.

"I promise you Moreliniel, I will be as soft and careful as I can be."

Moreliniel couldn't help but let the hot tears roll down her cheeks. What had she done to deserve this? All her life she had dreamed to be bound to the Elf she loved, but now she was to be bound to an Elf she hardly knew. This was a nightmare that she wished she would awake from soon.

When Legolas saw the tears begin to fall, he felt his heart rip in two. How could he hurt her? She was so helpless and fragile. She was something he was made to protect, not harm.

'But I am protecting her!' He reasoned in his mind.

He reached out and caressed her face.

She looked at him through her tears and swallowed hard. She knew what was to happen next.

But Legolas did not move towards her. He was waiting for her consent.

She realized this, and felt somewhat comforted. Knowing that the Elf she was being forced to bind herself to, cared enough for her feelings as to give her time in the process.

She let out a sigh, and nodded her head.

Legolas scooted farther onto the bed until he was inches from her face.

She then raised her hand to touch his cheek.

Legolas placed his hand upon hers and leaned in.

His lips brushed upon hers lightly, and she let out a shaky breath.

She reached down and pulled his tunic up and over his head.

Legolas helped her untie the shirt he wore under his tunic and then let her pulled it off of him. Revealing pale, silver skin.

Morelineiel kissed his lips again as she let her hands run down his toned chest to his green leggings.

She began to untie them and couldn't help but smile when she felt the nice sized bulge under his leggings.

She pulled them down, and Legolas helped her take them off.

Morelineiel let her eyes wander to his erection, then her gaze traveled up his body to his eyes.

She sighed as she laid back unto the bed. Legolas moved until he laid upon her.

He saw the fear in her eyes and she saw the compassion in his.

She managed a soft smile and nodded her head.

Legolas let out a shaky breath as he entered her slowly.

Moreliniel let out a gasp of pain, and Legolas stopped.

He was scared to go on. Scared her would hurt her to much.

But she looked up into his eyes, and he saw something new there...desire.

She nodded again, and so Legolas continued slowly.

Tears began to fall from her eyes from the pain, but she would not let him stop.

He moved in and out of her slowly, watching her every expression, ready that if any sign of unbearable pain passed her face, he would stop immediately.

Soon her whimpers changed into small moans as he moved in and out of her.

It was then that Legolas felt it himself. Some hidden desire in him, something he didn't even know existed.

He moaned softly when she did.

Her breath began to come in pants when Legolas dared to go a little faster.

He looked into her eyes and she gazed back into his, as the height of their pleasure took over them together.

Morelineiel cried out, then all was quiet.

All that could be heard was the rugged breathing coming from the two beings that laid upon the bed.

Legolas berried his face in her hair, and held her tightly.

He began to slowly pull himself out of her and whispered soft words of comfort as he felt her body tense in pain.

Legolas relaxed onto of her, and she wrapped her arms around his body and began to sob into his chest.

Legolas let her cry as he held onto her.

She was his now...and he was hers.

They were bound together for all eternity...and Legolas vowed to never let anyone ever harm her again.

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