A/N: Hello to all my faithful readers! I want to apologize to you for not being diligent in my updating! I know two of my stories have been terribly neglected, And I ask for your forgiveness. I have been working on the sequel to Fantasy World, plus a new Orli fic that I had started.

This A/N is to let you know that I do still plan to continue these stories!(Bound To You, and Midsummer's Eve) As of right now, I am editing both stories from chapter 1-the last I left off! As soon as I am done editing them, I will start to post anew! I promise you on this! Though updating will not be so frequent since this is the end of the school year and I'm working like an orc in Mordor to get done so I can have a summer vaca! Thank you so much for your patience! And your loyalty to my stories! I appreciate you all SO MUCH! Thanks again! Ciao!

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