Author's Note: Any G!P story I write will be in the same kind of universe. 50% of people are born with vaginas, and 50% born with penises. Gender doesn't matter. I do this because I hate explaining why Quinn has a dick and then writing a reaction to it. It's just accepted in the world, yada yada yada. Enjoy.

"Girls want sex just as much as guys do!"

That sentence spoken so proudly a few hours ago is why Quinn Fabray was standing on Rachel Berry's doorstep now. She had actually been standing there for a good ten minutes attempting to talk herself out of what she was about to do. The blonde shut her eyes and clenched her fist as she reached up to knock on the door in front of her. The ten seconds she waited had seemed like an eternity, constantly looking to the left to make sure that Rachel's car really was in the driveway. Once the door opened and she saw the look on Rachel's face, she wasn't sure if that brunette was more surprised or worried that she was the one there.

"Quinn... What are you doing here?" Saying Rachel was shocked would be an understatement. She couldn't help but lean forward to look around to see if there were other Cheerios standing in her yard waiting for Quinn to lead her outside so she could get attacked with slushies or anything else they had prepared.

"Did you mean what you said?" Quinn avoided eye contact and instead chose to focus her eyes on the plant to her right.

"Which thing are you referring to? I say lots of things all the time, most leading to people like yourself telling me to shut up." Rachel crossed her arms and waited. She wasn't sure where this onset of confidence came from but she thought it might have to do with the location being Berry territory.

Quinn sighed. She didn't want to repeat it and sound like an idiot, but Rachel was right. The girl did talk nonstop most days. "That girls want sex just as much as guys do..." She bounced on her toes to try to relax herself.

Rachel leaned against the door frame. "I think it is a widely known fact that people in their teenage years have out of control hormones, no matter what gender they are. It's merely society standards that guys can talk about it all they want while girls have to pretend to be innocent."

"So does that mean that you want sex?" If anyone found out she asked Rachel Berry that question, it would probably the death of her rule over the school. At least in her head that's what would happen.

Rachel instantly rolled her eyes. "I'm not answering any more of your questions, especially ones that will lead to the new taunts tomorrow about how I'm either a sex crazed freak or a total prude. Goodbye Quinn." She turned to enter her house again before she felt a hand on her forearm.

"That's not- That's not why I asked." She steadily brought her eyes up to meet Rachel's. "Can I come in and then maybe we could talk?"

Rachel was definitely caught off guard. Quinn Fabray wanted to go inside her house? "Fine. But if for one second I feel like you're doing this just to tell your friends and talk about me later, I will ask you to leave. Understand?"

Quinn nodded in reply and followed her into the house and up to her room.

Seven minutes. That's how long Quinn sat on the edge of Rachel's bed, swinging her legs and avoiding eye contact while Rachel simply stared at her.

"You know, I was under the impression that you wanted to talk to me, not sit on my bed and pretend I don't even exist."

Quinn sighed and cleared her throat. "Sorry, I was just thinking." She turned to face the girl. "About the thing you were worried about me doing outside... In my contract for President of Celibacy Club, it states that if a member speaks to me in privacy, I can't share it with anyone else. I take that seriously. I need to know that the same goes for you right now."

Rachel nodded. "Well I appreciate you being honest with me like that. I can guarantee that nothing you tell me will leave this room either, unless I find out you betrayed my trust first."

"Okay.. So you will answer my question?"

"The question being?" Rachel knew the question, but she kind of liked the way it sounded when Quinn asked her.

"Is sex something that you want?" Quinn shifted in her seat, slightly uncomfortable. She was raised not to talk about such topics. She was raised to act like a lady.

Rachel chewed on her lip for a moment. "I wouldn't necessarily say that I'm ready for sex, but sometimes I do crave things."

"Things? What kind of things?" Maybe they were the same things that Quinn craved.

"Well, sometimes I'd like to not feel so empty down there." That was a way to say it without it sounding so crude.

Quinn's eyebrow arched up as she took a deep breath. "Y-you have a vagina?"

Rachel laughed. "You seem surprised."

"Well no, I just, I didn't know." It wasn't really something that people talked about until they were intimate with someone. Quinn certainly hadn't shared with anyone that she had a penis. It wasn't their business.

"Well why would you know? This is the first civil, although somewhat inappropriate, conversation we've ever had. Plus, it's not like anyone at school has a desire to be with me in that way." Rachel's expression turned sad. "Which is something I don't quite understand. I mean I take care of my body, I get straight A's, and I've never been anything but polite when first meeting someone."

"You're right. I'm sorry. Maybe this could be a new thing for us? We could start having conversations." She shook her head. "For the record, I think everything you just named are characteristics that you have the right to be proud about. I'm sure there's people out there that want you but maybe are just too scared to pursue you. You're vocabulary can be quite intimidating sometimes." Quinn smiled at her, slightly blushing.

"You want to start having conversations with me? But what would your precious Cheerios think of you talking to loser-extraordinaire, Rachel Berry?" She rolled her eyes at Quinn's comment and nudged her playfully. "There is nothing wrong with being educated, Quinn."

Something about this felt like they had been close for years.

Quinn shook her head. "I don't care what they have to say. I used to but, ever since everything happened with my dad over the summer, I've been reevaluating some things with my life." She leaned back on Rachel's bed with one arm under her head and the other on her stomach.

Rachel followed suite and lowered herself on to her side with her head propped up by leaning on her elbow. This side of Quinn made her feel so comfortable. "What happened with your dad? I mean I hear rumors but... I'd rather just go straight to the source."

She scoffed and laughed. "Well everything you heard is probably true. Let's see, it was brought to our attention that he was a: liar, alcoholic, cheater, and just in general a bad person. He constantly preached about how important it was to be extremely religious and live up to the Fabray name but he didn't act that way himself. His views were just too old fashioned. To him, my mom just belonged in the kitchen or as a medallion on his arm when we were out. Not to mention the hard time he gave me for the way I am."

Rachel felt awful for Quinn. She had two loving fathers that would do anything for her. "Quinn I'm so sorry that he was like that to you guys. It's a good thing that your mother got rid of him." She bit her lip for a moment. "What did he give you a hard time about? You seemed like the picture perfect daughter to me. I mean hello, you're the President of Celibacy Club."

Quinn waved it off. "It's ok. Yeah I'm glad too." If Rachel could share her status of having a vagina then Quinn could surely share hers with the girl. "First off, I signed those papers for that stupid club before my mom kicked him out. I have no interest in any involvement with it whatsoever actually. Second off, like I said, he had old time views. He was stuck a few centuries back when men were the only ones that had penises." She let it hang in the air hoping that Rachel understood what she was saying.

Rachel listened and nodded along before her eyes opened wider. "You have a penis?"

"You seem surprised," she teased.

Rachel rolled her eyes. "I had just assumed you weren't." She blushed. It was probably because some nights she had wanted it to be Quinn inside of her instead of her toy but lead herself to believe it wouldn't happen. "I'm sorry if he tried to make you feel uncomfortable about your own body."

Quinn didn't miss the red tint to Rachel's cheeks. "It's ok. I'm getting over it."

The laid in a comfortable silence for a few moments.

"Is sex something you want?"

Quinn's pulse quickened. "I um.." Spit it out Quinn. "I want sex eventually but just like you said, I'd settle for the other things."

"Hm, well what do you crave?" She arched an eyebrow playfully.

"Steal my words much, Berry? I guess that I'd like to kind of feel wrapped up in wet, warmth on the entire thing. The only thing I've ever had has just been my hand." Why did talking to Rachel Berry about masturbation feel so casual right now?

Images of herself wrapping around Quinn quickly flooded her head as she began to feel over heated. "Just your hand? That doesn't seem very fair. At least I have a toy to help me."

Her eyes snapped up to Rachel's. "You have a toy?"

Rachel smiled innocently and nodded her head. "Yeah. It really comes in handy sometimes.."

Quinn gulped. "And just how often does it come in handy?"

Were they really going to go there? Take this conversation to that level.

Rachel glanced at her drawer before returning her eyes back to the blonde in front of her. "Often."

Quinn couldn't prevent herself from the visions of Rachel laying on this very bed, shoving it inside herself over and over again. Oh the faces and the noises she would make. Quinn felt the familiar twitch below before turning on her stomach to hide it.

"Could I- Could I see it?"

That caught Rachel off guard. Quinn wanted to see her sex toy. "I suppose that would be fine. No judging though." She added with a smile before getting up and walking over to the drawer. She took it out of the sock she typically had it hidden in. Rachel kept it close to her body as she walked over and sat back down on the bed. She took a deep breath before holding it in front of Quinn.

God, Rachel looked adorable the way she went about doing this. Almost as if she was excited to show Quinn. The blonde eyed it up. All this was doing was helping with her visual. "I should have guess it would be something girly like pink." She wished she could pull it closer. Taste it. Sniff it. Find any trace of Rachel on it.

The brunette rolled her eyes. "Do you have a problem with my vibrator? I will admit that although it was intimidating when I first purchased it, it doesn't exactly reach everywhere I need it to someti-"

"I'm bigger." Quinn quickly blurted it out and surprised herself, and Rachel, that she felt the need to say it. "I mean, I'm not sure why I said that." Quinn shook her head as she blushed.

Rachel was pretty sure that she knew why Quinn said it. She leaned down next to Quinn again, closer this time. Her fingers brushed against Quinn's. "At least an inch bigger?"

Shivers erupted over Quinn's body when Rachel made contact with her fingers. "More.."

Rachel licked her quickly drying lips. She knew Quinn had to feel all the sexual tension too. She moved her hand more on top of Quinn's, her fingertips going back and forth from wrist to knuckles. "At least two inches bigger?"

Out of all the kissing Quinn had done in the past with boys, none of that compared to how turned on she was in this moment. She watched Rachel's hand and wished it was rubbing a different part of her body. "More.."

A whimper escaped her mouth as she slid even closer to the blonde's body. "At least three inches bigger?"

Quinn turned her body to the side to face Rachel. "That sounds more like it.. We could see if you think that's accurate...?" She took Rachel's hand and began guiding it downwards.

Rachel bit her lip before watching her hand go towards Quinn's, "oh my god.." Quinn's tent sticking out of her dress. "Quinn.."

"Yes, Rachel?" Her tone was dripping with sex and it did nothing but make Rachel wetter.

She was sure her brown eyes were black by this point. "Do you want me to touch you there?"

Yes. She wanted Rachel touching her there for years. "I want you to do whatever you want right now." She released the hold on Rachel's hand, letting it do as she pleased, before pulling her dress up so Rachel had a better view of her tight boxers.

Whatever she wanted. Rachel sure wanted. Her free hand moved down and rested on top of Quinn's length.

Quinn flinched slightly and then a cocky smile appeared on her face. "You could look if you wanted. See how different I am from your precious toy."

Rachel was getting more turned on by Quinn's confidence. "And what if I'm not impressed?" She grabbed the top of her boxers and slowly started pulling them down.

"I'm not worried about that." This was the first time she actually felt comfortable with her body. With sharing how it looked with someone.

Quinn was right. As soon as she saw the seven and a half inch cock spring up, she nearly gasped. "Y-you're thicker too.." She looked into Quinn's eyes, rolling hers at the smug look on the blonde's face.

"I am. It's just a shame that the only thing available for you to use is that pathetic thing." She nodded towards the pink tool laying on the covers.

Rachel ran her finger up the warm skin. "And it's a shame you only have your hand... Do you wish there was something else around that you could use? Maybe someone else's hand?"

Quinn bucked her hips forward as soon as there was contact to her dick. "Yes. I want someone else's hand."

Rachel laughed huskily before moving her mouth by Quinn's ear. "And who's hand do you wish was on you?"

Quinn moaned and gripped Rachel's hip. "Yours. I want yours on me."

"Now that wasn't so hard to admit, was it?" She brought her hand up to Quinn's mouth. "I've done my research. Spit in it. If you're lucky, next time I'll use mine."

Quinn shook her head, but in reality, it was quite hard to admit that... Next time... She looked at the hand skeptically before nodding and giving Rachel the lube she needed to jerk her cock.

"Now I can get to work." She gave Quinn a quick kiss by her ear before lowering her hand and closing it around her dick. She took her time to spread the spit over it, moving her hand back and forth slowly.

"Rachel..." She squeezed that hip tighter as the girl pumped her. "It feels so different from how I do it. A good different." A good different because it was Rachel Berry giving her a hand job.

"I know I said I researched but I've never practiced this. Am I doing everything you need?" That's the last thing she needed, not to be able to get Quinn off and have the girl go back to hating her.

"No it's good just- you can go faster." Faster would make her cum. Cum, oh god. Where was she suppose to do that? Just let it go in Rachel's hand or offer to get up and do it herself in the bathroom?

Rachel nodded and picked her pace up. She wished she would have looked at it more before she touched it. She wanted to memorize Quinn.

The blonde's hips started moving against her new favorite hand. "Give your wrist a little twist too. That'll- That'll make me cum."

Rachel moaned at the thought of being the reason for her orgasm. "Okay." She added the new move before putting her face closer to Quinn's. "I'll do whatever you need because I really really want to make you cum, Quinn." Maybe dirty talk would help guarantee it. "I want you to get it all over my hand and arm. Then you know what? I'm going to taste what I made you do."

Quinn was a whimpering mess. She didn't want this moment to end but she had to cum. "You do?" Her hips moved faster a few more times before she pushed her cheek against Rachel's and began to moan as she came. "Oh Rachel..."

The brunette felt the need to moan along with Quinn. It sounded beautiful and sexy together. "That's it Quinn. Get all it out for me. Show me how good I did for you."

Quinn pushed once more. Her body slackened as she looked down between the two of them, noticing the mess on Rachel's skin. "That was so amazing... I'm sorry I got it all over you."

Rachel smiled proudly. "Are you sure? I was worried I wouldn't be able to make you cum." She shook her head. "Don't be. I meant what I said." She kept eye contact with Quinn as she brought her hand up to her mouth and licked the back. "Mmm.."

Quinn laughed. "Don't you ever worry about that again. It was perfect." She watched in awe. "That was so hot. Are you trying to get me hard again?"

Rachel blushed. "Well, part of me wants to say 'yes' but we both decided we're not ready for sex. And trust me, if you got hard again, that's what would happen."

That's how it all started...