1. To inflict punishment in return for (injury or insult).
2. To seek or take vengeance for (oneself or another person); avenge.
1. The act of taking vengeance for injuries or wrongs; retaliation.
2. Something done in vengeance; a retaliatory measure.
3. A desire for revenge; spite or vindictiveness.
4. An opportunity to retaliate, as by a return sports match after a defeat.
[Middle English revengen, from Old French revengier : re-, re- + vengier, to take revenge (from Latin vindicre, to avenge, from vindex, vindic-, avenger; see deik- in Indo-European roots).]

LA Complex: Season 3

Episode #11- The Diary of...Kaldrick King

Soundtrack- The Diary of Jane (Please listen while you read)

Artist- Breaking Benjamin

Production Date-March 1st- March 12th

Premiere Date-March 14, 2014

Studio-Awesome A. Productions

Channel-The FanFiction Network

Guest Starring...

Kalynda Dugan (Kal's mother) I picture being played by Tasha Smith, Yolanda (Kal's girlfriend)~ Antwan "Dolla" Jones (Kal's enemy) I picture being played by Omari Hardwick~ Quincy "QZ" (Music promoter) I picture being played by Hosea Chanchez~Clarence Robinson (Kal's neighbor)~Doug (Kal's uncle)~ Debo (Kal's friend)~Cliff (Kal's friend)~Dedrick (Kal's boyfriend)~Hitman (Kal's producer/lover)~ Daft (thug in Kal's old neighborhood)~Mykel Thompson (Kal's new mgr.) Thomas Yates (Record label exec.)

*All rights go to Martin Gero, BellMedia, Epitome, MuchMusic, The CW and the wonderful cast and crew*

**All guest starring characters are 100% original and I own them**

A/N : Greetings!

This chapter is dedicated to Andra Fuller and Kaldrick King for changing the landscape of television forever and paving the way for similar people both fiction and non fiction to live their best life no matter who they are.

This chapter is also dedicated to all my readers that have sent me late night messages and reviews about Kaldrick's background and his storylines and things you wanted to see written for him or cleared up for his character, I hope this chapter makes you proud :-)

Lastly, a very special shout out to Ray for giving me the idea of who should play Kaldrick's mother...I think Tasha was killed it and her and Andra do have the same bone structure :-)

To all my readers...I present to you a very special episode (and by very special I mean it was hard as hell to write lol) of The LA Complex, I hope you enjoy!

"I won't tell your secrets,

Your secrets are safe with me,

I will keep your secrets,

Just think of me as the pages in your diary"

-Alicia Keys

(The camera shows ten year old Sean Dugan sleeping in his bed as his mother walks in the room which was decorated in Power Ranger memorabilia, mostly, the Red Ranger, as that was Sean's favorite Ranger )

"Wake up, sleepy head, Today's a very important day, it's your birthday!"

Sean started moving but couldn't wake up...

"Wake up Sean, wake up."

Sean rubbed his eyes and when he opened them, his mother was no longer standing in front of him, in her place was nineteen old rapper and little Sean's future enemy, Infinite Jest!

Infinite was dressed as his usual self, very colorful. Dark skinny jeans pulled down so the ankle part was crumpled up, a yellow shirt, with a purple vest and bright yellow eyeglasses.

"Wake up, you played out hack! It's no time for sleeping, you got to see what's right in front of you...WAKE UP!

October 23rd, 2013

Kal opened his eyes.

The camera then shows the present-day, 30 year old Sean now known as Kaldrick King, sitting in the middle of his living room, tied to a chair with his hands tied behind his back with gray duck tape.

Kal did not have a shirt on and was bare chest, he was drenched as Terrell and the two thugs that he had with him had been dousing Kal with water, trying to wake him up!

"Wake yo ass up! Terrell was standing in front of Kal and when he saw Kal's eyes were open, he slapped Kal across the face.

"Look y'all, the Queen of Cali has finally woken up out of her beauty sleep," Terrell and the other men in the room started laughing.

Kal raised his head and gave Terrell a look of death, death that he knew he was going to bring to the impostor, as soon as he got out of this tape!

"Oh, he mad, y'all! Look at him...he want to get to me bad don't you? Don't you!" Terrell took his fist and punch Kal as hard as he could, causing Kal to spit out blood!

"Well, I've been wanting to get to you too and now that I have your punk-ass right where I want you, I'm going to take my time!

One of the thugs handed Terrell a razor blade and a bottle of alcohol.

Kal looked at the razor and started trying to move as he knew he was most likely about to be cut up... badly!

"You and I have some business to discuss, see I'm about to take you on a journey on how we ended up at this moment and then...well you know what happens next! But first...let's have some fun.."

Terrell put the edge of the blade to Kal's chest...

"Don't look so scared it'll only hurt...a lot! You should be used to it, considering you slit your own wrists, so this should be easy."

Terrell yanked the blade down Kal's right pectoral muscle instantly drawing blood.

Kal squirmed in his seat but he did not make a sound as he was determined not to give them the satisfaction.

"Trying not to scream huh! Well, you might after this," said Terrell, as he took the alcohol and poured it over the long cut!

Kal closed his eyes and bawled up his face...but he still do not make a sound.

"Tough." Terrell stood up, "I'll give you that, but don't worry, we have all night!"

Chris' Loft, Downtown, Los Angeles

Chris and J were in his living room talking and joking as they had really gotten closer over the past week and half, since the scene at Kal's.

Chris was thinking about Kal as he knew today was Kal's birthday and he was also starting to doubt what he had walked in on that day at Kal's house because in the past few days, Chris had found a few things out and one of those things were that the silver BMW, that had tried to run him off the road and that was at Kal's house that day, was registered to DollarBill Records!

Chris had started piecing some things together but deciding not to act on it or go to the police or tell Kal...especially, until he was absolutely certain!

"You ok?" asked J. "You seem to be deep in thought?"

Chris nodded his head, "I'm fine. Just a lot-"

J put his finger up to lip, "Shh,"

Chris stopped, "What's wrong?"

"I hear someone at the door!"

J went to couch, where he had been sleeping and pulled his .40 cal Glock from under the cushion.

"Stay here and don't move alright!" J looked at Chris and then turned around and walked out of the loft pointing his gun.

Chris liked that J was professional and took his job of protecting him seriously but he was sure, it was nothing, as he had not heard anything but ever since Chris was fired and it was evident this stalker was sneaky and calculating, Chris figured it was better safe than sorry.

After a few minutes passed, Chris heard someone come through his front door and assumed it was J, so he relaxed and let his guard down and turned his back to pour himself a drink.

"So, did you slay the big bad cat," teased Chris.

"Hello, Christopher. Long time no see!"

Chris dropped his glass, as the voice was not his bodyguard but that didn't mean, he didn't recognize the voice all the same.

Chris spun around and came face to face with Antwan "Dollabill" Jones!

-opening credits-

Sunday, October 23rd, 1983

Oakland, California

The year was 1983...

Ronald Reagan was President, Total Eclipse of the Heart was the #1 song in the county, TV shows such as The Jefferson's, Night Rider, The A-Team, Dynasty, The Facts of Life, Dallas, Happy Days and Family Ties were being watched in every living room, The Washington Redskins were the Superbowl champs...


Walter and Kalynda Dugan gave birth to their one and only child together, Sean Dugan.

The name Sean meant "Gift from God" in Ireland.

Kalynda was very much into culture both foreign and domestic and was putting herself through school to become a teacher. She was also a very gifted writer and poet and would often enter into the talent shows and poetry open mic nights at the Junk Joint.

Walter was a hard crafty, con-artist, looking to get over on whoever or whatever he could and stayed getting in trouble with the police and local hoodlums because of this.

They had met when Kalynda was a waitress at a popular Junk Joint and Soul Food restaurant that Walter and his friends use to frequent to shoot craps and hang out.

Kalynda's mother wanted better for her daughter as she figured Walter would be the death of Kalynda...although Walter caused Kalynda a great deal of abuse, pain and heartache, it would actually be another man that loved Kalynda, which would be the death of her...

Anyone born on this day would be a Scorpio with Libra tendencies, considered in the zodiac as a cusp:

These individuals have a magnetic personal charm and will maneuver situations so that they can control and direct. They are hard workers that will apply themselves to any goal through it's completion. Skilled at dealing with people they can also read them like a book but they are also very impatient and quick tempered, strong will and cautious especially in love...

(The song Diary by Alicia Keys is playing as the old brown dirty buildings and skyline and neighborhoods with people selling crack cocaine on the street corners and graffiti on old abandoned buildings of Oakland is shown passing by on screen)


March, 1988

Oakland, California,


Oakland is one of the most ethnically diverse major cities in the country, a major West Coast port city and the busiest port for San Francisco Bay and all of Northern California. It is the third largest city in the San Francisco Bay Area, the eighth-largest city in the state, and the 47th-largest city in the U.S. with a population of 390,724.[10] Incorporated in 1852, Oakland is the county seat of Alameda County. It serves as a major transportation hub and trade center for the entire region and is also the principal city of the Bay Area Region known as the East Bay. During the first decade of the 21st century Oakland has consistently been listed as one of the most dangerous large cities in the United States.

Oakland was the birthplace or home at one time of several rap acts, including MC Hammer, Digital Underground, Hieroglyphics (including Souls of Mischief and Del tha Funkee Homosapien), The Luniz, Tupac Shakur, Too Short, the Pointer Sisters, En Vogue, Tony! Toni! Tone!, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day and... Kaldrick King.

Four year old Sean Dugan is on his front stoop playing with his Transformer action figures that his mother and grandmother brought him for Christmas.

Walter walks up drunk and angry after losing more money at the track.

"Hi daddy, want to play with me?" asked little Sean with a smile.

"What you playing with?" asked Walter in an aggressive tone.

"My Transformer action figures that Nanna got me,"

"They look like dolls to me...throw them away!"

"Daddy, these are not dolls and I'm not throwing them away," said Sean, as he turned to start back playing with his favorite toys.

"What did you say to me!" Walter backhanded his son's face sending Sean flying back into the door.

Sean held his face and cried.

"You wanna play with dolls, boy, I didn't raise no sissies!" Walter started stomping and breaking all of the action figures he had seen Sean play with a thousand times before but this was the type of man that Kal and his mother would grow accustomed to living with.

"Daddy no, stop, those are mine!" Sean tried to stop his father from destroying his toys and this made matters worse!

Walter dragged his four year old son in the middle of the street in front of all the neighbors and other children that were outside.

"Daddy, no, please, I won't play with them anymore," cried Sean.

"Hey everybody, my son wants to play with dolls! I'm gonna teach you to be a man, BE A MAN! From now on, I want to see you with a football

Walter took off his hard leather belt and proceeded to beat little Sean in front of the entire neighborhood!

(Later that night...)

Sean lay in bed on his side, as his butt was to tender to lay on and he listened as his mother and father have their nightly fight, this time because of what Walter had done this afternoon, the neighbors had told Kalynda as soon as she made it home and she and Walter were still fighting about it.

All of a sudden, Sean heard someone trying to get his attention

"Psst, psst, yo Sean?"

Sean turned to see the little four year old dark-skinned boy with the lazy eye that would become his best friend.

"Who are you and how did you get in my room?" asked Sean.

"My name is Reggie but you can call me Rook, everyone else does and I climbed the tree, you should try it sometime. That was real messed up what yo pops did to you."

Sean turned over in his bed.

"Here, I brought you this,"

Sean turned to look at what Rook had in his hand and it was a Transformer action figure.

"You gon get me in trouble, my dad says boys don't play with dolls!" Sean sat up in bed.

"Man, this ain't no doll and every boy on this street got these for Christmas, here you can have mine."

Sean looked at his door to make sure Walter was not coming in and then he took the red, blue, grey and black toy.

"You wanna be best friends, I'll take care of you, always, " said little Rook.

Sean smiled, "Yeah, we can be best friends!"

October 23rd, 2013

(The present)

"What do you want?" asked Kal as he was bleeding and soaking wet and still tied to the chair.

"Your punk-ass head on a stick, that's what I want. I assume you know that I was behind all the bad shit that has been happening to you and that faggot-ass boyfriend of yours," said Terrell, as he circled Kal.


"Your assumption would be correct! I was behind everything and I took mad pleasure in setting you up but my favorite was breaking you and Chris up and getting you fired from your record label, those was the highlights but the Coup de grĂ¢ce, so to speak, will be you spending the rest of your life in prison for a murder, you never committed and for that, you have no one to thank but your dear best friend...Rook!

Kal stared at his enemy in disbelief, continuing to think back on his life and the events that led him here...

Chris' Loft, Downtown, Los Angeles

"It was you all this time wasn't it? I should have known," said Chris as stared stone faced at the nicely groomed man standing in his living room.

"What gave me away," said Dolla as he stretched out his arms, "Was it the car you found out was registered to my now defunct record label. Was it the video I sent to your firm, showing Kal spending the night with you and then going to confront the very man, who was suing him,"

Chris' eyes filled with hate and he almost charged the man.

"Or..." Dolla continued, "Was it me, coming to you last year asking you to help Infinite... sue Kal!"

-commercial break-

October 23rd, 2013

(The present)

"You really ought to pick your friends better, homie!" Terrell was all up in Kal's face. "None of this would have been possible without that retard, man he slow but his and your downfall, has always been his undying loyal to you because you cannot be loyal to someone like you, you are a walking disaster area! Bad things always tended to happen when Kaldrick King was around."

Terrell pushed Kal's head...hard!

When Kal lowered his head, his mind went back to another memory...


August, 1988

Oakland, California

(The predator part 1)

The Yellow leaves were beginning to fall off most of the trees which was pretty much the extent of what California experienced in the Autumn season.

Little Sean and Rook were playing football on Sean's street in front of his house and Rook made a bad pass and it went into the neighbor's yard and broke his window.

"Rook! My dad is going to kill me!"

"Let's run, nobody has to know it was us, come on!" Rook started tugging at Sean's shirt.

"No, I can't he checks my room everyday to make sure I have that stupid football, I have to go and get it!"

"Man, Mr. Robinson is mean, he gonna call my moms and she going to get that extension cord and whoop my black ass, I'm outta here!" Rook took off running across the street.

Some best friend you are, thought Sean as he slowly and very carefully, walked to the yard of Clarence Robinson, a mean lawyer that thought he was better than most of the people on the street because he was educated. He raised his family that exact same way and everyone hated, his two daughters and his wife.

Sean snuck up and didn't see anyone, so he snatched up the brown football and was about to run off.

"That's not nice!" Mr. Robinson was standing at his front door looking at Sean.

"Mr. Robinson, I am so sorry, I promise to pay for it!" Sean was trembling.

"You certainly will by doing chores all around here." The brown-skinned black man walked up to Sean and knelled down, so he was eye to eye with the frightened little boy.

"Where is your father, I think I should-"

"No, please don't tell my father, I'll do anything, please!"

"Anything, huh." Mr. Robinson was staring at Sean, with a look adult men should never give to a child...a look of lust!

Sean was far to young to understand that look and he was far to young to understand what would happen next.

Mr. Robinson started touching little Sean in places that, Sean's mother had told him never to let strangers touch.

"You know what's going to happen, if you tell anybody right?"

Sean wanted to run but he was deathly afraid of what his father would do to him, so he just slowly nodded his head.

"That's a good boy. So this will be our little secret."

This was the first time Sean Dugan would be molested by a man he trusted but it would not be the last.


November, 1989

Oakland, California

(Like Me)

Little six-year old Mykel Thompson and Sean were in Mykel's room playing their usual session of "house" when Mykel broke the news that his father was moving them to New York.

"You can't leave, who's going to play house with me?" Sean and Mykel was sitting on the floor.

"I don't want to go but my dad said he found a better job, working in New York City," said Mykel.

"New York City, like what we see on TV, that New York City?" asked Sean, as his eyes got bigger.


"But you still cannot go," Sean looked down at the ground, "You're the only person that I know is... like me."

"What do you mean, like you?" asked Mykel.

"You know, when we play house and we do things like our parents do things but we do them to each other, boys are supposed to play house with girls, not other boys, so that's why I know you are like me." Sean looked at his friend.

"You have Rook, maybe, he will play house with you?"

"Rook is not like us and ewww, I wouldn't play house with him anyway, " Sean made a face and both he and Mykel started laughing.

Sean considered Rook to be his brother and did not see him that way.

Little did the two boys know that Rook was standing to Mykel's door listening to every word!

(Later that night...)

As Sean was leaving Mykel house and walking home, little Daft and his crew, which would be a constant thorn in Kal's life, approached him.

"What you doing around here, huh, you want your ass kicked!"

"He was coming out that little sissie's house Mykel" said the tallest boy in Daft's crew.

"Oh, so you an Mykel are booty-partners, huh," mocked Daft, as the other three boys started laughing.

"Yeah and we learned from your daddy," Sean decided to stand up for himself.

"Ooooo" the other three boys were egging it on in the background.

"Let's get him!"

Sean dressed in his black Converses and his striped white and turquoise shirt, took off running, through the neighborhood, with Daft and his crew in hot pursuit!

Sean ran as fast as he could passing Brownstone, after Brownstone, until he finally came up to his door.

"Dad, let me in!" Sean was banging for dear life on the brown door, with the window atop, which saw his dad looking down at him, refusing to open the door.

"Be a man, son!" said Walter, "You've got to learn to stand up for yourself."

Walter didn't seem to care that it was four older and bigger boys against his six-year old son.

"Dad, please!" Sean continued to pound and push the door and when it became obvious that he was on his own, he turned to face the four boys that were pounding their fists, indicating what they were about to do to Kal and then they charged him.

Sean took blow after blow after blow, until he started fighting back, punching and kicking and biting but it was not enough and just when they had Sean defenseless on the ground, someone starting hitting the boys with rocks...lots of rocks!

"Ow!" Daft and his boys turned around to see the seven-year old that would come to be known as Antwan "Dollabill" Jones, with an arm full of rocks.

"This ain't over, let's go!" Daft and his friends took off running, leaving Sean ruffled and battered on the ground.

Little Antwan walked over and helped Sean up, "Man, you got some serious balls, taking on Daft like that, nobody messes with him and his crew!"

"You did," said Sean as he stared at the boy that just helped him.

Antwan shrugged his shoulders, "I guess, I'm just as crazy as you are, my name is Antwan but you can call be Dolla."

"Why?" asked Sean.

"Cause, one day, I'm going to making those dolla, dolla bills y'all," Antwan started laughing.

Sean smiled, "Alright, Dolla, you and me both, you and me both.

Chris' Loft, Downtown, Los Angeles

October 23rd, 2013

(The present)

Dolla started walking closer to Chris.

"You do remember that you took on Infinite's case because I asked you too, once upon a time, you would do anything I asked of you," Dolla gave Chris, the seductive stare, he used to back when they were lovers.

"Once upon a time, I didn't know you were a psychotic ass, I just thought you were a self-hating ass-that was in denial about being gay!"

Dolla's face contorted in rage and he rushed up to Chris and grabbed Chris's face!

"Don't you EVER call me that, I am not THAT!

Chris yanked away from Dolla, "Don't ever touch me again or you'll regret it and what else would you call it, we were sleeping together."

"I was horny, I needed to stick it anywhere, I didn't care, i'm just a freak," Dolla was becoming uncomfortable talking about his hidden sexuality.

"That's exactly why I dumped you...," said Chris.

"...and into the bed of a someone that destroyed your life, good choice Chris, how do you think, Kal would feel, if he knew our past?"

Chris put his hand in his pocket, "Nothing, because you and I were through, long before Kal and I got together and if I would have known you were behind all of this, I would have told Kal so he could have killed your ass!"

"Wow and this coming from the straight lace attorney...oh, I forgot, you won't be a lawyer anymore at least after tomorrow, anyway!" Dolla smiled.

"Why? Why are you doing this?" asked Chris.

"Because your man is an ungrateful little bitch! That's why, I saved Kal's life time and time again and how does he repay me by taking everything from me, including you! See, you are a long line of things that were important to me that Kal stole. My spots on the football team, the only girl I ever loved, even my company went bankrupt because he signed with another company when he swore, he would sign with me and now, I get to take everything from him and I have!"

Chris started looking for an escape route as he knew he had to do something and fast!


March, 1991

Oakland, California

(Football and Scars)

Eight-year Sean ran in the house to tell his parents the good news, he had got the last spot on the Oakland Jr. Raiders youth football team. They had six teams ranging from five year old to fifteen years old and Sean had gotten in. He didn't even want it, both Rook and Antwan had went out for it but he was the one they chose. Maybe now his father would start to treat him differently, maybe now he would be looked at as normal.

Sean went to the door and he could hear his parents arguing...

"You're spending to much time at that goddamn job Kalynda and I don't like it!" said Walter.

"Honey, I work for a lawyer, a very prominent one at that, the hours are demanding," argued Kalynda.

"All this perfume, why you got to wear all this perfume and dress all sexy for him, huh?" shouted Walter.

"You are overreacting. It's a law firm, I want to look nice like the other women."

"I want you to quit now!" Shouted Walter.

"No! I already had to put school on hold to work to support us because you can't keep a job, I've been the bread-winner all this time, stop gambling and conning your money away and maybe I can quit!" Kalynda shouted back at her husband but why did she do that.

Sean heard the sounds of his father attacking and slapping his mother and he had had enough of it.

He burst through the door and saw his mother on the floor and his father standing over her with his fists raised...

"Get off of her, leave her alone! Sean starting trying to push his father but Walter grabbed Sean and pushed him and Sean hit his head against the sharp knob of the dresser (a scar he has to this day).

"Oh my god! Your crazy!" screamed Kalynda, as she got up, grabbed her son and they both ran into Sean's room and locked the door.

"Open this fucking door now woman!" Walter screamed at the top of his lungs, while pounding furiously on the door!

Kalynda and Sean curled up with one another in Sean's bed, praying to God that door did not open.


October 23, 1993

Oakland, California

(The day Kalynda Dugan died)

"Wake up, sleepy head!" Kalynda sat down on her son's bed.

Sean opened his eyes and got up and hugged his mother.

"Morning, mom!"

"I cannot believe my little baby is ten-years old today."

"Aw mom, I'm not a baby, I'm a man!" laughed little Sean.

"Really, a man, okay, then I won't have to give your birthday gift-"

"No, I was just joking! I'm still your baby!" said Sean, as he jumped up and down anticipating his gift.

Kalynda pulled out a shiny black 10-sped bicycle. This would be the reason why Kal's favorite color is black.

"Aw Mom! Thank you!" Sean gave his mother a big hug and then he saw the black eye she was trying to hide.

"He hit you again, mom-"

"Shh," Kalynda interrupted, "We don't want him to hear us but I have a plan. Tonight, when he goes to sleep, we are leaving, you and me. My boss is going to help us but you cannot tell anyone, not even Rook, this is our little secret, okay?"

Sean nodded his head and hugged his mother not knowing that would be the last time, he ever got a chance to do that...

(Later that night...)

Walter, Sean's grandmother and aunt were at the house, they were awaiting Kalynda to come home from work to sing happy birthday to Sean but she was two hours late.

Sean couldn't explain it but he had a horrible feeling in the pit of his stomach, so when the State Troopers knocked on the door, informing everybody that Kalynda died in a horrific car crash, Sean did not shed a tear, at least on the outside, all of his tears were cried on the inside and from that moment on, he would never be the same.

This was the night Sean Dugan died and Kaldrick King was...born!

October 23rd, 2013

(The present)

"Mom," Kal was going in and out of consciousness due to the bleeding wound he had on the back of his head.

"Are you calling for your mommy," laughed Terrell. "No, she's not here, she's still dead."

Kal nearly tipped the seat over he moved so hard to get to the psychotic man standing in front of him.

"You think your bad, jump bad!" Terrell took the razor blade and sliced Kal on the other side of his chest.

This time Kal screamed out in pain. Blood dripped on his black basketball shorts.

"Now, where were we, oh yeah, on that lazy eye muthafucker you call a best friend. See, I have been hanging around you for quite sometime and you being so arrogant or clueless, didn't even recognize me. I been at your house so many times, I've been at the studio, so many times, that's how I got your gate code and your alarm code from seeing Rook put it in right in front of me! Yes, I was the one that busted up your crib and Chris' crib, oh that was fun! Seeing, your face as you walked in here, oh I wish I could rewind time!"

Kal stared at Terrell with a hatred, he has never felt before and he knew, he was going to kill him, as soon as he got the first chance!

"I was also the one that had the DVD sent the Chris house, well, I was one of the ones, you'll find out the other person, soon enough and I promise you, you'll get a kick out of that one, " Laughed Terrell, as he couldn't wait to tell Kal, that Tariq's boyfriend gave him the credit card to have the DVD delivered to Chris. We, thought that was going to seal the deal between you two but we underestimated Chris' love for you, so we had to come up with a new way to break you two up by pretending you and I slept together and by revealing that you stole, infinite's address from his office, how did we find that one out...simple. We've had your house bugged this entire time!" Terrell looked Kal straight in the eyes.

Chris' Loft, Downtown, Los Angeles

"Are you looking for a way to escape," tormented Dolla. "No need. I'm not going to hurt you, at least not physically, anyway. If I wanted to do that, I have had so many opportunities, and besides, I'm not a killer. If I were, you would have never gotten the chance to fall for Kaldrick King."

"If you're not here to kill me, then what do you want?" asked Chris, with a sharp tone.

"We'll get to that in a minute, " Dolla sat down and folded his right leg over his left.

"I know you have questions and I'm here to give you the answers."

-commercial break-

Chris' Loft, Downtown, Los Angeles

"It all started the night that Kal beat up Tariq and tried to kill his self, which by the way, I had nothing to do with."

Dolla held up his hands and continued speaking...

"Kal went to the strip club as he usually did whenever he wanted to pass as normal and he brought home two girls, one of those girls and I go wayyyy back, if you catch my drift and I paid her a nice piece of change to plant a camera in Kal's house, so when Kal was in his bathroom slicing and dicing his wrists, Keisha was planting the little camera I gave her but non of us could have imagined, Kal was so messed up he would try to end it all. So, I waited and waited for something juicy to use to destroy Kal and his career, the way he did mine but at first it was nothing but boring talks with Rook and him bringing his deadbeat ass dad back to live with him! Boy, without Tariq in his life, he had no action at all but then, that all changed, when Rook fell out with Kal over the deadbeat and I learned there was a tape..."

"You have no idea how long and all the ways we tried to set you up, do you?" Terrell was still staring Kal in his eyes.

"Sure, I was the one that tried to run Chris off the road and I left the note on your car at the Police Station and I was there the day your father died at the hospital and I was there when Rook and that lawyer of yours paid Infinite five million dollars and I was the one that followed you to Chris' office that night after Infinite blew up your car and I stayed out there all night until the next morning and it's a good thing I did too because I got the proof that you stole Infinite's address from Chris' office because you hid it in your pants pocket, dumb ass!" Terrell slapped Kal in the face.

"But you already know all those things don't you, so let me tell you something you don't know, that waiter that you met at the restaurant that day you had lunch with Dawna and your father, the one that gave you his number on the matchbook, he worked for us too!


October 31st, 1993

Evergreen Cemetery, Oakland, California

(Kalynda Dugan's Memorial Service)

Sean stood on the green grassy hill of the cemetery where his mother was being layed to rest. To his left standing behind him was the man that molested him when he was six-years old and to his right holding his hand was his father who kept whispering in his ear that he better not see Sean crying, as real men did not cry. Rook and his mother stood a few rows back and Antwan and his mother stood in the far back.

As, he said goodbye to his mother all he could feel is rage, a rage that he would carry with him for a long time...rage that would boil over and come to hurt those he cared most about, including himself.

This Halloween night would also be the first of many nights that Sean would sneak out of the house and smoke his first marijuana joint.


November 19, 1993

Antwan's House, Oakland, California

(The day the dream was born)

Sean, Rook and Antwan were spending the weekend at Antwan's house and they were sneaking awake, so they could watch Yo! MTV Raps.

"I just found we're moving," said Rook as he popped a Taquito and chips in his mouth.

Sean took a Taquito off the plate, "Moving? Where?"

"Crenshaw!" answered Rook.

"Damn, nigga, so you bout be a gansta, cause I heard some bad things about Crensaw," teased Antwan.

"Why ya'll moving there? asked Sean.

"Moms, lost her job, so we have to go somewhere, we can afford, " Rook seemed depressed.

"Don't worry, we'll still be friends, you can stay with us, " comforted Sean.

"Hey, turn it up, it's on!" Antwan took the remote and turned up the volume.

"You boys still awake in there?" screamed Antwan's mother from the outside of the door.

"No!" shouted all three boys.

(The first video was 2Pac's Keep Ya Head Up...)

As the video and song played, it spoke to something within Sean and he became memorized by the Oakland Rapper and his message of hope for the minority men, woman and children living in urban areas.

"You know Pac from around here. That's what I'm going to do, become a famous rapper!" said Antwan, as he bobbed his head to the beat of the song.

Sean still staring at the screen, spoke..."Let's do it! We can do it together!"

"Alright...we gon be famous rappers together, we can form a rap group." said Antwan.

"And I will be ya'll's manager!" Rook chimed in.

All three boys gave each other fist daps and went back to watching the video.


December 3, 1993

(The day the talent was realized)

Walter had Sean cleaning the entire house and he wanted it spotless. When Kal was getting to the upstairs closet, he knocked over a box and as he hurried to pick it up before Walter returned, he noticed it was his mother's handwriting.

Journals with pages and pages of poetry.

Sean took them all to his room and he read them over and over and then he had an idea. He put in the cassette tape of Keep Ya Head Up that he had recorded from the radio and he started reading his mother's words over 2Pac's music and he did this over and over until he stared reciting the words faster and without having to look at the pages and he even added words and analogies that fit better and he noticed that he was actually harmonizing to the beat!

This is when Sean realized that this would be his ticket away from his father and this life!


July 4, 1994

(More football and more scars)

Walter was hosting a cookout at his house to celebrate the holiday and he was in a good mood because one of his latest cons had gotten him a good pay off.

Rook and Sean were trowing around a football as they usually did and Rook threw a bad pass as he always did but this time it hit Walter's car.

Everyone at the party got quiet because they knew what was about to happen.

"You hit my damn car with that ball, do you have any idea how much money it cost to fix a car, huh!"

Walter grabbed Sean's arm and put the spatula that he was just flipping the hot meat on the grill with and burned his son's arm.

After that, the party was over.


October 29, 1995

(Puberty and Prison)

Twelve-year old Sean was running in the house to get his bike to go riding with Rook and Antwan and some friends. Sean's voice was a little deeper and he was getting hair in certain places and since Walter was only concerned with his cons, drugs and women and never talked to him, he had to find out from school and Rook's mother that he was hitting puberty.

Sean opened the door to his room and stood frozen, his bike, the bike given to him by his mother was...gone!

Sean ran down stairs...

"Dad, dad, we've been robbed!"


"Dad, did you hear what I said, my bike is gon-"

"Pipe down boy, we ain't been robbed-d-d," Walter answered in his slurred speech that Sean recognized as the result of being high on crack-cocaine.

"I neede-e-d to p-ay-y some bil-l-ls, so I had to pawn it but I promise to get you another one." answered Walter.

Sean become furious...

"You sold my bike, mom gave me that...-"

"...and I told you we needed to pay some bills, boy! Now don't question me!"

"The only bills yo ass needed to pay was what you snorted, you crack-head!" The words had come out before Sean knew it and the blow from his father sent him to the floor before he knew it!

Sean wiped his mouth but this time unlike all the other times, he did not stay down. He got up and stared his father down!

"Oh, you supposed to be bad!" Walter smacked his son back down again and Sean got back up again, this time with his fists balled up!

When his father saw that he could not intimate his son any longer, he gave up and said...

"Go to your room!"

Sean did not go to his room, he left the house and walked to Rook's place in Crenshaw.

(A few days later...)

"Walter Dugan, you're under arrest!"

Sean was down stairs watching as his father was being arrested for fraud, stealing, embezzlement and illegal gambling!

"Dad, dad, leave my father alone. He's all I got!"

"It's okay, son, I'll call your aunt to come and stay with you, I'll clear this up and I'll be home tonight, I promise."

Walter Dugan would go on to serve more than 15 years in prison!

October 23rd, 2013

(The present)

"Yes, see that waiter that you met, we persuaded him to set you up!" said Terrell. "Not when he left you his number, we're not psychic, we could have not predicted you would eat there, no, rather when we saw you take his number, that's when we put our plan in motion. The address he told you to meet him at that day was a set-up, you were supposed to go there and do your thing with him and then we would video tape it and out you to the world, this was before we knew about the Tariq tape of course... that would come later."

"You sick sonnaofbitch!" uttered Kal.

"Oh you have no idea but that's the ironic part, you made me this way! But we will get to that later too," said Terrell.

"I don't even know you," said Kal.

"Uhhh, actually, you know me better than you think you do but we'll also get to that later" Terrell continued, "Anyway, you are one lucky bastard because you decided to go out with Dawna at the last minute. Stupid, bitch! She ruined a perfectly good plan but that's when the infamous tape fell into our hands and then we came up with a far better plan!"

Chris' Loft, Downtown, Los Angeles

"You sent me the tape!" said Chris.

"Mm, not exactly, that part wasn't my idea. No, I sent it to the media and I let everyone know about the money that Kal paid Infinite to not release the tape, even though I was still going to release the tape. See, I also had Rook's apartment bugged to, which was easy because Rook and I go back since our child days and he trusts me, so that's how I found out, Rook stole this tape from Kal because Rook has a very big mouth and I need a way to get it. I signed Infinite to my label and I hired Rook to manage him but of course I sold it to Rook like he was going to be keeping any eye on Infinite to "protect" Kal, which was a lie, I boosted Infinite's head to make a dis album about Kal that night at Dynasty's studio because I knew that would set Rook off and it did. He and Infinite got into a fight and Infinite took anything he could from Rook's house but I'm the one that told him to take the hard drive." said Dolla with a wicked smile.

"You sonnaofbitch, it was you that caused all of that!" said Chris.

Dolla nodded his head, "Wait, there's more, this is where it gets really good!

-commercial break-


January, 1997

San Diego, California

(Predator part 2)

Thirteen-year old Sean was now living with his aunt and her husband, Doug, who was a police officer. They lived in a huge house in a nice neighborhood. Kal had strict rules and had to be on the straight and narrow. He would do his homework and chores and write his music and record songs with Antwan in his Aunt's garage and he was also being molested by his aunt's husband.

The first night that Sean moved in with Kalynda's sister and her husband, Doug had made it clear that he would only allow Sean to stay there, if Sean paid his dues and those dues were doing sexual things with his aunt's husband at night, when his aunt was at the hospital doing her shift.

Sean hated every minute of it and wanted to tell his aunt or somebody but Doug always manipulated Sean into thinking no one would believe him and that all his friends would think he was gay and treat him badly and that Sean would end up in a foster home which was far worse and since Doug was a cop, he would make sure this happened.

However, one night when the abuse went to far and Doug tried to penetrate Sean, he fought the man off him and ran away from his aunts house and never looked back.

This would be a turning point in Sean's life as he would go to live with Rook and his mother in Crenshaw and a life of crime!


February, 1998

Crenshaw, Los Angeles

(The First)

Fourteen-year old Sean was now staying with Rook and his mother in the urban very violent Crenshaw. Sean and Rook knew to fit in they had to do as the environment did, which was gang-bang, sell drugs, steal cars, run from the police, you name it, they did it!

One day, while standing on the street corner, a boy by the name of Dedrick Jones was walking by. Sean turned the other way.

He turned the other way because Dedrick was openly gay and in this part of the city that was a suicide and Sean knew it!

The entire neighborhood knew it too but they left Dedrick alone...that still did not mean, it was okay to associate with him!

"Don't act like you don't be watching me, I be seeing you," Dedrick said to Sean.

"What? Man, you better gone with all that gay shit!" Sean tried his best to be believable but he did use to stare and watch Dedrick for many different reasons. Dedrick was light-skinned and petite but tone with pink lips and wavy black hair.

"Don't try and hide, I know you trade!" said Dedrick. (trade was a code word form gay men on the DL)

Sean laughed, "Oh you do, huh!"

Dedrick smiled and said "My little sister does not come home for another hour, my building is on the right, first door on the left,"

Dedrick gave Sean a flirtatious look and walked to his apartment and left the door unlocked. Sean made sure that he was not being watched and then he went for what would be his first of many secret encounters with the young boy named Dedrick and men in general.


May 13, 1998

Crenshaw, Los Angeles

(The destruction of Dedrick Jones)

Sean was on his usual corner with a few of the neighborhood guys, including the boy everyone called Debo, named after the character in the Ice Cube Chris Tucker movie, because just like the character in the film, Debo was a violent bully that caused trouble and picked on people smaller and weaker than him.

Today's target was...Dedrick Jones!

"Man, I tell you, I cannot stand faggots! said Debo, trying to instigate a fight.

All the boys looked at Dedrick, who had his school books in his hand and kept walking with his head held high because he was proud of who he was.

Sean tried to motion for him to run in the house, without the guys seeing.

"Man, I feel like, whooping his ass dawg!

"Leave him alone man," said Sean.

"Oh, you defending him?" Debo was getting crunk up.

"No, I ain't defending him aite but he not doing nothing-"

"See, I wasn't going to say nothing but people been talking and they said they be seeing you come out his house, dawg!"

"What!" Sean sucked his teeth, "Whatever!"

"Okay, so this little queer, had to spread it, so let's teach him a lesson, otherwise, I'm going to believe them!"

Sean stood helplessly by as Debo and a few of the other thugs beat Dedrick senseless, so to the fact that Dedrick would be handicap for the rest of his life.

Debo was sentenced to a mere two years in jail.

During the beating Dedrick never once exposed Sean. Sean left that day and vomited all night long and made the pact that no one would ever know his secret! He would protect it to the death!


August, 1999

Crenshaw, Los Angeles

(Introduction into rap and Yolanda)

Fifteen-year old Sean was making a name for himself not just as a pretty-boy ladies man but as a hardcore hustler and a damn good lyricist. This was the year that he and Antwan won their first rap-contest and the prize was $100 and a free studio session with one of the biggest producers in Oakland...DJ "Hitman". He was behind some of the biggest rap acts to come out of Oakland.

Hitman made it clear from the start...Sean would make it and Antwan would not and that if Sean wanted to make it big he would have to dump Antwan and go solo!

Sean refused...

(Later that month...)

Antwan had gotten transferred to the same high school as Sean and Rook...Crenshaw High.

There was a new girl in school named Yolanda Wiggins and she was the daughter of a woman that Walter used to date. She and Sean knew one another growing up but had lost touch.

Antwan wanted Yolanda but Yolanda wanted Sean.

This, along with Sean getting all the attention from their musical group started a rivalry between the two that would lead to the present day showdown!

Chris' Loft, Downtown, Los Angeles

October 23rd, 2013

(The present)

Dolla got up from the couch.

"Infinite stole the hard drive from Rook and of course he wanted to release it right away but I told him not to do that, Kal would try to bargain to get it back. Because if there is one thing I know, it is that Kal would have done anything to hide his sexuality, I grew up with him, I witnessed it first hand," said Dolla.

"So, Infinite knew that Kal was gay and steal blackmailed him?" Chris shook his head in anger.

"Christopher, Christopher, to be so smart, sometimes you are so naive. You being the lawyer you are never stopped to ask yourself, why would Infinite steal a hard drive if he didn't already know, what was on it!"

Chris stared at Dolla as he was hit with the realization that they had been played.

"I must admit, Infinite did a great job acting like the surprised party, when you, Kal and Rook pulled him in that meeting. See, the plan, if you haven't already figured it out, was to take Kal's money and still release the tape...but,"

(The screen jumps to Terrell explaining the same plan to Kal.)

" being the lucky bastard, you ruined that plan as well because you beat us to the punch, you told the world that you were gay! We were so pissed because right when we thought we were going to ruin you, you came out looking like the sympathetic homo, oh, my dad died and I'm a big, messed up punk, that everyone should feel sorry for," Terrell started pacing around Kal.

"I will give Rook credit, that retard actually figured out that Infinite was going to double cross you and release the tape anyway, that's probably why , he murdered him!"

Terrell stopped so he could see Kal's reaction and what a reaction it was...

Kal's eyes got huge and he had a look of horror, disbelief and sadness!

Chris' Loft, Downtown, Los Angeles

"So," Dolla got close to Chris, "Since Kal ruined the plan, we had so creatively put together by posting that letter to his website, we had to come up with yet another, we decided to, frame him for Infinite's murder,"

Chris almost had a heart attack!

-commercial break-


October 5th, 1999

Crenshaw, Los Angeles

(Like a tattoo)

"So are we going?"

Cliff was inviting Sean and Rook to this club, where some east coast rappers were performing and this was during the east coast vs. west coast rap feud that was in full swing due to the shooting deaths of both 2Pac and Notorious B.I.G.

Cliff was someone that Sean, grew to care for as Cliff watched Sean's back on the street and made sure nothing bad happened to him and Cliff would always make sure that Sean knew he believed that Sean would make it as a famous rapper.

"No, I cannot go, Yolanda wants me to come to her house tonight and she'll kill me, if I don't show up, dawg," said Sean.

"You been spending a lot of time with that girl, I hope you don't end up, caught up," said Cliff.

"Caught up?" asked Sean.

"A father at fifteen, nigga! These girls will try to trap you, you know I got three and one on the way," said Cliff.

"It's time for you to slow down, nigga" laughed Rook.

"Ya'll go without me"

Sean hugged his friends goodbye and went to Yolanda's house...

Little did he know, this would be the last time he would see Cliff alive as a bullet would end his young life this night. This would cause Sean to get his 1st of many tattoos, a hooded figure wearing sunglasses with the words "good die young" inked on top of his right shoulder blade.


October 20th, 1999

Crenshaw, Los Angeles

(Sean and Yolanda make love)

"It's okay, Sean!" Yolanda was rubbing Sean on the back because Sean could not gain an erection.

"This is so embarrassing, " said Sean but he knew the real reason why he could not get aroused.

"We don't have too do anything," Yolanda was trying her best to be supportive.

Sean instantly thought of his father standing over him saying "be a man" and then he thought back to the fate that so many gay people suffered in this country, including Dedrick and Sean closed his eyes started kissing Yolanda and with Dedrick on his mind...he made love for the first and last time to not only Yolanda but any female.


May, 2002

Oakland, California

(Trouble with law, rise to rap stardom, Split with Antwan)

Shortly after making love, Sean and Yolanda drifted apart because Sean started getting in trouble with the law, constantly going in and out of Juvenile Hall and committing crimes like breaking and entering, which included the house of...his old neighbor that had molested him...Clarence Robinson. Sean and Rook don ski mask and kicked the living daylights out of the man. He was too scared to press charges but Rook ran his mouth to the wrong people and he and Sean spent serious time in jail.

Upon getting out, DJ Hitman allowed Sean to live with him, under two conditions, Sean graduate High School and they work on Sean's mix-tape that they would sell out of Hitman's trunk.

When Sean turned eighteen, Hitman revealed that his was on the DL and he and Sean started sleeping together. Hitman confessed to Kal that a rapper or anyone in the industry could never come out or fear death. The last lover that tried to out him, Hitman had him killed in a drive by shooting and made it appear as a random gang attack. He told Sean that he would do the same to him, if Sean ever told.

This is when Hitman taught Sean to live by the following rules...

Not in Cali

Never at work

Nothing you can't walk away from

Hitman, also had one last request of Sean...he would have to drop Antwan...

This time Sean reluctantly... agreed.

The mix-tape titled... The King of Kali was a slow build, Sean's first single "Dead Men Talking" about all the friends and homies that Sean had lost to the streets were being played in the clubs and the underground rap stations.

It took two years but The King of Kali became a hit going on to sell over 500,000 copies making it certified gold, which was impressive for a mix-tape being sold out of a trunk.


November, 2003

Nivea Nightclub, Oakland, California

(Kaldrick King "Hip-Hop" Superstar is born)

Twenty-year old Sean was backstage getting ready to make his very first live appearance, since his mix-tape had dropped. Many people doubted that it was really Sean on the tape rhyming that hard and wanted proof. Sean was backstage with Hitman, Rook and Quincy "QZ" Phelps, who was a popular music promoter and had helped set up this concert.

"Yo, you ready, Sean?" asked Rook.

Sean had the microphone in his left hand and a black tank top and a pair of baggy denim Sean John jeans on. "Yeah, I'm ready!

"Sean, I don't want to spook you but there are some talent Scots from the record label URG out in the audience," said Hitman.

"Also, we believe they want to set you up with working for this up and coming Producer named Dynasty, he been cranking out some serious hits for everybody, that would be cool if we can get you with him," said Rook.

"They came to see me?" Sean pointed to himself.

"Who else performing, tonight" QZ chimed in "Now, what should I call you?"

Sean and Rook looked at each other with a confused expression

"He means stage name," Hitman answered.

"Oh, Sean, come up with something cool, like LL, or Jay-Z or Digable Planets or som'um," said Rook.

Sean thought for a long minute and the name came to him out of nowhere

"Kaldrick," Sean decided to use the first part of his mother's name and the last part of Dedrick's name.

"Kaldrick King, the King of Cali!"


December 25, 2008

Ocean-view Estate, Los Angeles


Twenty-five year old Kaldrick King was a bona-fide mega superstar. He had sold millions of albums and made millions of dollars. Toured the world and won countless awards.

He couldn't believe the dream he had had at eleven years old while watching Yo' MTV Raps had finally come true.

But deep down inside he was miserable and alone because with all the fame and money he still could not be the one thing he wanted to be more than anything... himself!

For the next two and half-years Kal would not make music or write any new songs, he would drink an drink and drink some more as he tried to expel the demons of the past and slip further into obscurity.


April 24, 2012

Dynasty Studios

(Tariq Muhammad)

Twenty-eight year old Kaldrick had just been released from jail following his arrest for assault and DUI. He decided to turn his life around before it mirrored his fathers and decided to work on a brand new album and re-sign with his label.

He went to the studio of the producer that had helped him create most of his hit records,

"What's up D!"

Kal and Dynasty hugged.

"Nobody told me you were out," said Dynasty.

"Yea, I got out a few days ago. Listen, I want to get back in the studio and make the bast album I ever dropped on they ass," said Kal.

"That'll work, that'll work! I was wondering was you ever going to get back in the studio, you know people might start asking Kal who?" laughed Dynasty.

Kal laughed and turned his head and almost fell to his knees...

In came walking a handsome, pecan colored young man with stacks of clothing that had just come from the dry cleaners.

Kal was memorized and it was love at first sight!

Kal could not take his eyes off of the young man and finally he asked," Who's that?"

"Oh, that's just my wet behind the ears intern, Tariq Muhammad,"

Kal knew he had to find someway to get next to the young man, so a week later when Dynasty suggested that Kal work with Tariq on the first single, Kal was all game, even though he pretended as if he wasn't impressed. Kal manipulated it, so not only would Tariq come to his huge estate but that they would be alone and he would have Tariq...all to himself.


September 27, 2012

Jackson & Smith Law Firm

(Christopher Taylor)

"Knock, Knock," Kal was standing at the office door of Chris Taylor, Infinite's lawyer that Kal had sex with the same night that they met and Kal had to admit that Chris brought out a fire and a passion in him that he never knew was there. He was drawn to Chris from the start in a primal sort of way and Chris was the first person since his break-up with Tariq that made him feel again.

That still did not mean that the old him didn't emerge from time to time. Kal was carrying a statue of two men in the embrace of passion, a statue that Chris owned and Kal had broken during a heated argument. Kal had to go all over to locate a replica of the statue. Chris' statue was of two white men, Kal had decided to pick a bronze statue with represented two men of color, as he and Chris were.

"Yeah?" Chris answered as Kal walked in carrying the hidden statue.

Chris was still looking down at some paperwork.

"Is now an okay time or should I come back?" asked Kal.

"Yea! It's fine," answered Chris as he put his left hand in the pocket of his grey tailored suit.

Kal sat the statue down on a table which sat by the door and removed the sheet which covered the statue.

"I break things. I'm trying to stop."

Chris was speechless that closeted Kal would purchase such an item, "You seriously went into the store and brought this!" Chris stepped closer to the rapper.

"You asked me to get rid of my baggage and I'm working on that. I wanna do this, you and me, but you got to understand something. I can't go-o from, from zero to sixty. Holding hands in public...-"

"...I'm not asking for that," interrupted Chris.

"My job, the line of work I'm in-"

"I get it, it's a process, "Chris interrupted again.

Kal stared at Chris for a moment and asked, "You sure you want to sign up for that?"

"All I ask is that you be open with me! The rest we can work on," Chris pointed to himself.

"So what happens now?" Kal stretched out his hands.

Chris blushed, "Will you invite me over for dinner?"

Kal walked closer to the handsome light-skinned man, "I would love to but my dad is staying with me and he doesn't...-"

"...Right. My place then?" asked Chris and he and Kal exchanged flirtatious smiles.

Kal kissed Chris and hugged him and as they embraced Kal couldn't help but think to himself that he hoped Chris never found out that he didn't actually, physically go into the boutique and buy the statue, he pulled his Hummer in front of the store and tipped the sales clerk $100 to bring it to his truck with the sheet covering it.

Hey, he thought to himself, he might have come a long way but he was still a work in progress!

October 23rd, 2013

(The present)

"You're lying," said Kal as he worked to loosen the duct tape that bound his hands.

"Oh no, I don't lie and I can assure you that Rook did kill Infinite dead, shot five times down like a dog," said Terrell, as he used to his finger to imitate, shooting Kal the way Rook shot Infinite.

"Think about it. Where is? Have you seen Rook since your father died? He disappeared the same day as Infinite and you know he is not wrapped to tightly, hell you even kicked him out of your life! Poor Rook, his biggest mistake was loving you, shouldn't he have known that everybody that loves you suffers, eventually! Tariq...Chris...your mother!" Terrell was doing his best to get under Kal's skin.

Kal stared coldly at Terrell and said, "I'm going to kill you and I'm going to enjoy it!"

Terrell burst of laughing, "Yeah, yeah, yeah but let me tell you what your going to do before that happens. Your going to sign over everything you have to me!"

Terrell got in Kal's face eye to eye, "Otherwise, Chris and Rook are going to have the worst day of their lives tomorrow!"

Chris' Loft, Downtown, Los Angeles

"You killed Infinite? He was a nineteen year old kid!" shouted Chris.

"I already told you, I'm not a killer. Rook shot Infinite, I just buried his body and framed Kal for it," said Dolla very nonchalantly.

"Your lying!" said Chris as he went to grab the phone to call 911.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, have you asked yourself where is Kal or that bodyguard of yours,"

"What have you done with them?" asked Chris very forcefully.

"Oh they're fine, for now. Now, where were we...oh snap, I was about to show you that Rook killed Infinite." Dolla pulled out his cell phone and pressed play.

"Man, Dolla, I think I killed him!"

Chris recognized Rook's voice on the muffled recording...

"Killed who?" asked Dolla.

"Jest man, Jest! I need your help!" Rook was crying.

"Why would you do that?"

"I couldn't let him do that to Kal, man, this is going to ruin Kal.

"Okay, Rook, stay where you are and I'll come and take care of it."

The recording stopped playing.

Dolla spoke to Chris, "I sent some of my boys to Darius house and they cleaned up and took away Infinite's body and of course we were the ones that made sure it resurfaced on the beach. I took Rook to a secret location, where he has been all this time, totally unaware of what his actions have caused. He does not even know that Kal outed himself, wait until he finds out he killed Infinite for no reason at all. I couldn't tell the poor guy, I do have a heart, you know," smiled Dolla.

"What could you possibly do to make me help you in anyway,' said Chris.

"As, I stated, I have Rook in a safe location, you give me what I want and Rook mysteriously shows up to confess to killing Infinite and Kal is cleared and if he doesn't, then can someone say death row,'

"No one is going to believe Kal killed Infinite, he has an alibi, he was with me, posting that open letter and that can be confirmed!" said Chris.

"Chris," Dolla walked up closer to Chris, "Everyone already believes it! Have you been watching the news lately. Kal had means, motive and opportunity, you're a lawyer, until tomorrow at least, it's conspiracy to commit murder! Rook is Kal's business manager and best friend, any prosecutor with half a brain and at least one year of law school could get a conviction on this evidence.

Chris knew Dolla was right, he had them right where he wanted them and the only hope he or Kal had was to get Rook back.

"So, what's it going to be?' asked Dolla.

The camera shows a split screen of both Terrell and Dolla

"It's the only way to save Kal!" said Dolla.

The camera shows a split screen of both Terrell and Dolla

"It's the only way to save Chris!" said Terrell.

-commercial break-


October 15th, 2013

(Collaboration with Romeo)

Kal and Romeo actually hit it off well. Romeo wanted to use a sample of Alicia Keys Diary and he and Kal recorded their verses. Romeo went first and Kal's verse is 2nd in which they got a standing ovation from the people in the studio. Both men knew they had a major hit on their hands.

Romeo could tell Kal was feeling down so he took Kal bar-hopping and to the strip club.

They were currently in Romeo's Mercedes Benz cruising down I-10

Kal had told Romeo about some of what was going on...

"Man, that's rough but you can't let these punks take away what you worked so hard for, your the King of Cali man, you don come back from a lot worse, fight back, fight for what's yours!" said Romeo.

Kal listened as the song I Got The Hook Up by Master P played on Romeo's car speakers, as he and Kal continued to speed down the highway.


October 19th, 2013

(Infinite's remains are confirmed)

Every media outlet in both California and the country ran the story..

"Remains found on beach are confirmed to be that of nineteen year old missing rapper Infinite Jest. Sources are confirming the death is being ruled a homicide and the prime suspect is Hip Hop Superstar Kaldrick King!

Kal had a media firestorm surrounding him and reporters were everywhere.

Infinite's murder, along with the tape of him beating Tariq had resulted in a PR nightmare.

People were planing to boycott his CD, his guest appearances had been cancelled. People were flooding his social media with hateful messages such as "King of Murder" and the "rapper that beats up his producer" amongst other things.

For the first time since he came out... Kal was forced to go into hiding!


October 20th, 2013

(Warning Tariq)

"Why should I help you? You got Tariq into this mess!" Shouted Abby.

Kal had called Abby over to convince her to warn Tariq to make sure he was safe.

"Abby, you can yell at me another time but right now, I need you to warn Tariq that he may be in danger! Whoever, this is has been stalking me and Chris, they got Chris fired from his job, they even broke into our houses and fucked them up!"

Abby dropped her guard as she was furious with Kal for the tape of Tariq being beaten being released.

"Is that why you wanted me to keep an eye on Chris that day at The Lux?"

"Yes." Kal dropped his hands by his side, "Listen Abby, these people are dangerous, I think they killed someone that I knew and is trying to frame me for it. They released the tape of me and Tariq and that was after they showed Chris the tape. Please, Abby, I need to know Tariq is safe because he's way in Montreal. If I need to send him bodyguards, I will!" said Kal.

"If you are so concerned, why don't you warn him?" asked Abby.

"I tried, I actually flew to Montreal the other day but his boyfriend was Cock Blocking me!"

Abby thought Kal was talking about Nate as she did not yet know what was currently going on with Tariq in Canada.

"Okay, okay, you sound serious, I will let him know!"

Terrell who was at Kal's house to "strategize" on how to handle the media was making sure to stay out of sight.


October 21st, 2013

Universal Record Group, Conference Room, Santa Monica, CA

(Being Released)

Kal was sitting in the huge conference room with Stone, Dolla, Terrell, Thomas Yates, The Label's legal Counsel and two other department heads.

"I'm sorry to have to do this Kal, as you have brought this label much success over the years but we have decided in light of recent events that you are too much of a liability to this company, so we have decided to buy you out of your contract and part ways from here on out. You album Letters to Sean will be placed on hiatus until further notice. Good luck to you! said Mr. Yates.

Kal got up and walked out the large conference room without a word leaving a smiling Dolla and Terrell in his wake!


October 22nd, 2013

Mykel's house, Westwood, Los, Angeles

(Piecing it together)

"Kal, I think you were drugged!" said Mykel.

"What?" Kal had his face buried in Mykel's couch as he could not believe what had taken place in the last few weeks.

"It makes sense, I was looking up your symptoms and it reeks of classic date rape drug," Mykel continued, "Drowsiness, Amnesia, Headache, Slurred speech,"

Kal sucked his teeth, "That's impossible the only one that was there was me and my publicist!"

"The same publicist that Dolla recommended!"

Kal lifted his head off the couch.

"Listen," Mykel continued, " I've been doing a lot of thinking and you always said you did not trust Dolla and that ever since you made it big, he has been out to get you because he blamed you for getting a record deal and he didn't and then he blamed you for not signing with his record label and it going bankrupt. You said before that the common denominator to all this was Rook, your right because who would Rook trust second to you...Dolla!"

Kal started piecing it together...the first note he received was in Atlanta as soon as he saw Dolla, Dolla was now dating Dawna out of nowhere, he had a record label and easily could have signed Jest and hired Rook and found out about the Hard Drive and Terrell, all this bad shit had been happening to him ever since this so called publicist came into his life.

"Stone, I need you to get me everything you can on my new publicist Terrell Martin!" Kal called his lawyer Stone.

Kal turned to Mykel, "We are going to soon find out!"


October 23rd, 2013

Mykel's house, Westwood, Los, Angeles

Kal had spent the night at Mykel's house because he was not going home after what he and Mykel had deduced last night.

Kal's phone started ringing and he saw it was Stone.

"What you got for me, Stone?"


Kal got quiet, as that was not what he was hoping for.

"That's what I got for you Kal...nothing," said Stone.

"Stone, I heard you the fir-"

"No Kal, don't you get it! This Terrell guy has no history, no credit, no previous references, no previous addresses, no nothing," said Stone in his Jersey accent.

Kal boiled on the inside because how could he be so stupid.

"I can tell you Kal, this guy is not a publicist, as a matter of fact he did not exist before a few months ago!"

Kal hung up the phone and dialed his so called publicist...

"Kal, I didn't know if you still wanted me to represent you after what happened at the label," Terrell was still in character.

"I sure do you've been so great. Listen, I want you to meet me at my place, I have something important I want to run by you," Kal was talking in the driest of tones, trying to hide his contempt.

"Sure, I can do that!" said Terrell.

"Okay, just let yourself in and I'll be there. Oh, I almost forgot, I changed my alarm code back to old one so just use that one,' Kal had just layed the trap.

"Okay," and Terrell and just fallen into it.

He was busted!

"You didn't ask me for it," Kal said with the tone that said gotcha.

"Excuse me," said Terrell.

"My code, I never gave you the old one, so how would you know it, unless you were the one that broke into my house!"


Suddenly, Kal heard this evil laughter coming from the other end of the phone.

"When did you figure it out?" asked Terrell.

"I just did," answered Kal, "You, sonnaofabitch, I am gonna KICK YO ASS!" Kal screamed into the phone.

Mykel came running into the living room.

"Okay, so meet me at your crib tonight, I'll be waiting, game on BETCH! Terrell hung up the phone.

Chris' Loft, Downtown, Los Angeles


"You've made the right choice, Chris! I'm not a bad guy, I'm just taking back the life that Kal stole from me!" Dolla tried to kiss Chris but Chris pushed him away.

"You just remember, I give you nothing until I see Rook, you got me and if you double cross me, or if Kal is hurt in anyway, I'll kill you myself!" said Chris.

"Um, there's that spunk, that I find so attractive," Dolla turned to walk to the front door, "It's been fun but I have to go and prepare for tomorrow."

Dolla opened the front door, "Oh, one more thing, tell Kal that he doesn't have to worry about not telling his father he was a little punk because I can assure him...Walter left this earth, knowing who..his son..really was!" Dolla started laughing.

What Dolla was referring to is the night that Walter had his stroke, it was because Dolla and Infinite went to the 19th Street Mission and showed Walter Dugan the tape of Kal kissing and beating Tariq and when Dolla told Walter what his plans were for Kal, Walter tried to stop them and suffered a major stroke, Dolla left him there to die but Infinite had the heart to call 911.

"What is that supposed to mean, what did you do to his father?"

"You'll find out soon enough!" Dolla winked at Chris and closed the door.

Chris knew he had to get to Kal right away!

October 23rd, 2013

(The present)

(Seeing what is right in front of you)

Kal had managed to get most of the tape loose around his hands and he saw that his gun was still on the floor, where he was knocked out.

"So, that's how it is going to go! You sign all your money and cars and assets over to me and not only will you get Rook back but that waiter from the restaurant will testify that he gave you Infinite's address and not Chris. You and he did speak on the phone, so the phone records will confirm this, don't do it and well you know what's going to happen.

"Aright,' said Kal as he looked up at Terrell with the dried blood on his face and chest from where he had been beat and cut by the razor.

Terrell clapped his hands, "Damn, that was easy!"

Terrell walked away so he could go and get the papers for Kal to sign which would give him and Dolla control over everything Kal owns.

Kal had loosened the tape completely, just as Mykel started banging on the front door, "Kal, open up, the police are on the way!"

This took the two thugs off guard and Kal used this to his advantage, he jumped up and used the chair to knock out the thug that was standing to his right and then he instantly turned to the thug on his left and put him in a sleeper choke hold.

He saw Terrell going for the gun on the floor and Kal lowered his head and tackled Terrell on top of one of his sofas, making the gun go off and the bullet went into the wall. Kal punched Terrell twice and put his knee in Terrell chest and snatched the gun away, cocked it and put it to Terrell's head and put his finger on the trigger ready to squeeze.

"I told yo sick ass, I was going to kill you didn't I but before I do, tell me why did you do all of this?" asked Kal as he tried to catch his breath.

Terrell was silent until he saw Kal pressed down on the trigger.

Okay, okay, you don't want to kill me, trust!" Terrell had both his hands up.

"WHY the fuck not! screamed Kal, still in position.

Terrell was breathing hard and bleeding from the mouth...

"Because... my name isn't Terrell's Terrell... Muhammad!

Kal's eyes almost popped out of the sockets.

"I'm Tariq's brother!

-ending credits- (The song Home by Diiv is playing)

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