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Something quick

"We should just tell him."

At the rather casual tone, Steve Rogers almost choked on his hot coffee and just barely managed to swallow it without sputtering like an idiot, "Pardon me?" He asked in a weak tone, quickly turning to his small female companion.

Kagome looked at him with those large blue eyes that he unconditionally loved, "I know you don't want to tell him, but it's getting harder to hide this from him."

The solider hesitated and finally let out a sigh, "Is it really?" He asked in a murmur, tightening his grip around the mug hard enough that a crack appeared before he relented his hold.

"I can't even take my cell phone with me anymore because I don't know if he's somehow spying on me," Kagome said, "He's suspicious and he knows that I have a boyfriend that I'm not telling him about." She shrugged.

"I'll tell him," Steve said grimly, not looking forward to the future confrontation that was sure to happen, "I was the one who instigated this whole thing, after all."

"I don't think that's the best idea," Kagome said dryly, "I'll tell him. It won't be as bad if I do it because I know how to soften him up first," She grimaced at the thought of his probable reaction, "But maybe you should be prepared for a fight..."

Steve smiled as Kagome leaned against his side and he wrapped his arm around her shoulders to pull her closer, "I will be." He reassured her, knowing what to expect since he was dating his teammate's daughter.

Who knew Tony Stark would end up as an over-protective father?