This fanfic places characters created with the "Vampire: the Masquerade" rulebook, into the setting of Ranma nibunnoichi. A little bit of "Dark Ages" is also used.

The story isn't placed at a precise moment. The Ranma characters don't seem to age in the anime. I've only seen two OAV's and for some reason the manga was not published entirely here in Mexico. So, I have no choice but to use basic profiles and ages: Ranma, Akane, and all their friends and rivals are 16; Nabiki and Kuno are 17; Kasumi is 19; and there are far too many characters to list.

Ranma nibunnoichi was created by Rumiko Takahashi.

"Vampire: the Masquerade" and all vampire clans are trademark of 'White Wolf' and 'World of darkness' productions. But since these books are meant to teach people how to create their own characters, I guess all new vampires are my own.

A note to "Vampire" followers: I know that according to "Masquerade", there are no cainite in the orient. It's just that the few books I inherited from my cousin (R.I.P.) are old editions. So instead of flames, I'd much rather receive updating.

Final note: In the Mexican version of the anime, Kuno refers to Onna-Ranma as Fire-hair. I'll use that in this fanfic.

Chapter One:

The Nerima Gull (Newspaper), August 18th:

"Third victim discovered" For the third consecutive day, a person was found in critical condition in the district of Nerima. Again, the symptoms are those of advanced anemia. It is still unknown whether these are manmade attacks or a sort of sickness. Authorities recommend caution nonetheless.

The young girl hurried down the dark streets. The sound of cobblestone echoed through the night, the cold wind tossed her blonde hair and sent shivers down her spine. She stopped and looked back. Did she see a shadow or was her mind playing tricks on her? Her breathing became agitated when the wind died down and silence overtook. The started to run, home was near, there she would be safe. When her house came into view, a faint smile of relief was drawn on her lips. But when she saw the imposing figure rise from the shadows and block her path, she gasped in terror. The black hair combed back, that elegant suit with cape and that white skin. The creature opened its mouth and bared its fangs.



Ukyo Kuonji's diary, August 21st:

I often wonder if Ran-chan will ever grow up. One minute he's playing a prank on Akane-chan, the next I'm trying to scrape him off the wall with my spatula. Akane-chan was watching a vampire movie on TV and Ran-chan tough it would be fun to sneak up on her. Oh well, I guess his childlike nature is one of the many things I love about him.

Ran-chan grunted as his bones popped into place, then he and Akane-chan started their usual bickering. And quite frankly, such arguments lessen my hope, for I know what they indicate.

Anyway, I should've started this entry by writing down what I was doing at the Tendo household in the first place. Ran-chan came for a visit this afternoon and told me that Kasumi-san was out with her friends, so I decided to bring some okonomiyaki for dinner, anything for my beloved.

Only the three of us were there and I asked about their parent's absence. I already knew where Happosai was, I had swatted the little nuisance away for 'greeting' me by patting my rear. Did I overreact? After all, he's done far more humiliating stuff.

"Oyaji and Uncle Tendo were abandoned by Happosai at some restaurant," Ran-chan explained, "It seems the old goat had an overdue tab."

"Typical," I replied, "And I suppose Nabiki-chan is still in Italy."

I still can't believe how lucky Nabiki-chan is. She'd bought a raffle ticket about a month ago (rare since she doesn't wager, she merely organizes), and came out a winner, two weeks in Florence. May Ran-chan forgive me, but I find this too funny. He's always hoping for a chance to travel, and when it appears, the desired destination's off by several hundred miles.

Akane-chan said that Nabiki-chan would be back by the end of the week, and that she couldn't wait to see what gifts she would bring.

"Let's just hope they're not brought C.O.D.," Ran-chan joked. Akane-chan slapped him on the shoulder on her sister's behalf.

We finished dinner, watched a little TV and I left after a few minutes.

I felt a bit nervous as I made my way home, throwing spatulas at the ready. Bad things have been happening in Nerima the last few days; people have been found, abandoned and weak. According to Dr Tofu, those people suffered some strange sort of anemia, much too advanced. He added that one of the victims was a patient of his, who was in perfect shape the previous day.

I didn't meet with any trouble though, but all that worrying tired me out. It was hard staying awake long enough to write this entry. So, this is the last sentence.

Akane Tendo's diary, August 21st:

We received another postcard from Nabiki-chan today, it's short like the previous one. She says she met someone, rich, and I'll bet not very smart if he's hanging out with my older sister. I'm not surprised, we Tendo women seem to have a curse all our own, attracting all sorts of nuts. I'm glad it's not me for a change.

Everyone reacted as I expected, Kasumi-chan smiled brightly and felt happy for our sister; Ranma-kun was also glad for Nabiki-chan, but said that he was sorry for the guy. Oh, I gave him a warning glare, although I slightly agreed.

I can't help wondering who this man is. Maybe the owner of some enormous villa looking for a trophy wife, or maybe it's a Mafia don who noticed her moneymaking skills. That last one is a little farfetched, but no weirder than anything else that has happened to us. I just hope Nabiki-chan listens to her common sense instead of to her greed.

I wish she'd tell us more, she's half a world away and we've got no way of contacting her. That's hilarious, the little sister concerned about the older one.

Frankly, I'm exaggerating, I know she's stronger than people believe her to be, but I worry for her.

Aside from the letter, the day went by like any other. Ranma-kun was training in the yard, Kasumi-chan was hanging the laundry out to dry, and Happosai was ironing his hentai collection (I think some of my garments are there). The only thing missing was the clickety-clack of Otousan's and uncle Genma's shogi game. If Happosai visited that restaurant they're working at, they might stay there for a while.

Ranma-kun left for a walk later in the day, and by nightfall, Kasumi-chan went out with friends. I killed some time at the dojo, and then went inside to watch TV. I was in the middle of a horror movie when I heard a hiss behind me. I shrieked and swung the table, it turned out to be Ranma no baka trying to pull a fast one on me. Will he ever learn?

Ukyo had come along with him, and had brought some okonomiyaki. It hit the spot, and I was feeling in the mood for that dish. Still, I felt a little annoyed for losing the chance to cook dinner, I am getting better at cooking. Other than that, it was pleasant. Kasumi-chan got home by the time we were done, and went into the kitchen to make a quick dessert for us.

I turned on the TV again, and we saw another one of those frightful incidents. I wish the police would do something, or that we knew more on the situation. Between Ranma-kun, the rest, and myself we'd crack the case wide open (I can't believe it, I actually want to get into this). Between this and the movie, I'll be too scared to sleep for hours. I don't know why I watch those damn things. Okay, I do, because I like to cuddle my pillow and imagine Ranma-kun's beside me (If you're reading this and are not me, start praying).

The blue-haired girl put her diary away and turned off the light. She'd written down one of her most private desires, and that made her think. It wasn't that late, Ranma would still be awake, and their parents were gone, so there would be no clownish interruptions. Should she go and finally tell him? She turned sideways and decided not to, it wasn't the time yet.

A few miles west from Sendai, Ryoga was setting up camp for the night. Once the fire was made, he sat down, pulled out a scroll and ink, and started writing.

Hibiki's travel log:

If my calculations are correct, I should be near Osaka, if I keep up this pace I should be back in Nerima and with Akane-chan within three days.

I trained plenty on this trip, but unfortunately, learned no new techniques, so I don't think I'll challenge Ranma on this occasion, maybe just a sparring match.

Something interesting happened a few hours ago. This place wasn't my first choice to set up camp, I had originally chosen a spot further east. I was about to get the campfire started when I caught a horrid stench, a dead animal was nearby. No way was I staying at that stinky place, so I put out the embers and moved. The wind must have been shifting, because I stumbled onto the corpse of a large boar.

I was going to leave right away of course, but there was something wrong in the picture, so I took a closer look. It had many claw and bite marks, probably made by a wolf or large dog. The weird part was that not much flesh had been torn. What I mean is, the dead animal was wounded, but not eaten. This made no sense, animals don't kill just for sport. Then I saw another thing out of place, I pulled out my pocketknife and opened up the carcass to confirm. There was hardly any blood in it, nor spilled on the grass for that matter. Mysterious as the situation was, I couldn't do much, so I got up and walked away.

I'd only gone a few steps when I heard a frightening growl, I slowly turned and saw the largest wolf I'd seen in all his travels. It was white I think, or light gray, with a black stripe down its back. I was quite impressed by the sight of it, and I must confess, a bit scared (a side-effect from becoming P-chan I believe).

It growled and I knew there and then the only way out was fighting. Not a problem, I thought, after all, I face wild animals all the time.

The wolf charged at me with its fangs wide open, once it got within reach I punched it squarely in the jaw. My blows can knock out a bear, but this guy was much tougher, because it just shook it off and counterattacked. This time, instead of a direct attack, it made a zigzag maneuver. I was taken by surprise by this, which allowed the wolf to score a hit. I didn't realize it at that moment, but it is strange that a wolf would tackle instead of bite. Actually, it never bit me.

Well, like I said, the wolf rammed and threw me off my feet. I got up as fast as I could and saw it standing there, biding its offense. One thing I did know then, it was definitely a trained animal. To make a long story short, we kept fighting, and it was impossible for me to gain the upper hand, until I decided to stop treating it like an animal, but as a human opponent. It worked! That'll teach me not to be so cocky. I fell on my back as the wolf lunged forward, planted my foot on its stomach and tossed it away. Then I got to my knees and used the Bakusai Tenketsu, showering it with the stones. It yelped in pain, about time I surprised it. I took the opportunity and threw a jump-kick. Direct hit, right on the side. I was sure that would finish off the animal, or at least leave it senseless. But no, it was still able to get back on its feet. The wolf shook off the dirt off its pelt and stared at me. The gleam of those yellow eyes made me nervous. Finally, just like that, it ran off.

Well that was over, I picked up my gear and ended up at this spot. I've had many weird encounters, and this one definitely joins the list. Better not let Ranma-tachi know when I meet them.

…Then again, maybe I should only tell Akane-chan, a story like this will surely impress her.

Xian-Pu's diary, August 21st:

I had a very humiliating experience only a few hours ago. I didn't even want to register this, all I wanted was to forget all about that shameful event. But Great-grandmother convinced me into writing it down, it would help me analyze the situation and discover my mistakes…I might as well.

It started while I was tidying up the 'Neko Hanten', trying to think of a way to get Ranma-airen once and for all, when I heard someone come in, stupid Mu-Su had forgotten to lock. It was a girl about my age, wearing torn jeans and a black tank top. She had red hair held back in a ponytail, so at first I thought it was Ranma-airen in her girl form. Actually, my first reaction was to sprint towards her, luckily I was just as quick to notice my mistake. In fact, she wasn't even oriental, but from the occident.

"I'm sorry, but we're closed," I told her.

"Me Tarzan, you Jane," the girl mocked me, "Just shut up and get me a drink."

"This isn't a bar," I said with a tougher voice, "we do not sell liquor."

 "Well get me something!" she demanded rudely, "Haven't you heard about the customer always being right?" I glared and grabbed her by the arm.

"I've also heard about getting rid of troublemakers," I retorted as I took her outside. The girl grumbled and gave no resistance. She was obnoxious, but smart enough not to stand against an amazon, at least that's what I thought.

We were about to reach the door when she surprised me by striking my belly with her elbow, then my face with her fist. I guess I underestimated my opponent, after all, I always believed that people from the western countries are weak and undisciplined.

Furious, I charged and tackled her outside. Not satisfied with that, I followed, ready to deliver more punishment.

I found her standing in the middle of the street, popping her neck-bones into place.

 "I wasn't planning on a fight, but now that you started one, I'll be glad to oblige." She went into a battle stance.

"Me? You're the one who started giving me trouble!" I growled. I rushed forward, throwing a flurry of punches and kicks, pushing the redhead closer to the wall. For a finishing move, I grabbed her arm and threw her over my shoulder.

I won't detail what happened next, it's bad enough for an amazon to have been treated like that by the likes of her. All I will write down is that she was unusually fast, just like Ranma-airen when he uses the Tenshi Haku Amariguken. I fought back of course, I threw very fierce punches and kicks, strong enough to bring down a normal person.

We fought for several minutes, with neither of us gaining the upper hand, until she got hold of my hands and head butted me, right on the mouth. The feeling of myself bleeding allowed enough distraction for her to tackle me down.

This next part is really disgusting, the redhead girl pinned me down with her body and held my arms. She came close to my face and licked away the blood. That really angered me and I pushed her away… …Now I realize my mistake, anger replaced my concentration, so I was throwing attacks blindly.

About that time, I heard Great-grandmother and Mu-Su calling. She heard them too and escaped, that display of cowardice made me feel even worse.

"Xian-Pu, what's going on? What on Earth happened?" Great-grandmother asked me. As I mentioned above, I didn't want to tell her then. I could see that she was worried about me, but she questioned me no further. Mu-Su was also worried and displayed it with full sentiment, to a fire hydrant.

I hope this girl doesn't leave Nerima any time soon, I have to find her and teach her a lesson, my honor as an amazon is at stake.

At an alley nearby, the redhead was leaning on a wall, cursing her luck. It had been a long night and she hadn't obtained what she needed, and she had been so close too. A wave of pain suddenly struck her, she fell to her knees, pressing her hands against her stomach. A long moan came out of her lips, she couldn't wait much longer.

"Hey Miss!" She looked up and saw a man approaching her. "Are you okay? Do you need any help?" She looked down, hiding a tiny, sinister grin.

"Actually yes, I need you to take something away from me." The man gave her a puzzled look

"What is it? URK!" Suddenly her hand was around his neck, squeezing like a vise.

"My hunger."

The Nerima Gull, August 22nd:

"Wild animal approaches city" Reports from numerous campers indicate that a large wolf is heading towards the city of Tokyo. The descriptions fit those of a European timber wolf; however, no zoo has reported a recent loss. Although the animal has been seen in populated areas, to the day there have been no attacks to people or domesticated animals.

Florence, Italy:

Postcard from Nabiki to her family, August 11th:

Ohayo Minna-san!

I've just arrived and have already done so many things. I nearly forgot to sit down and write this.

You won't believe how great it is here. The weather is wonderful, there are so many things to see, so much to do, dozens of places to go to. It's a pathetic cliché, but I really wish you were here.

I guess I'll start by gift-shopping tomorrow. Hai, Tendo Nabiki is going to spend money on someone else.

Miss you lots, can't wait to see you again.

Ja ne, Nabiki.

Nabiki's voice journal, August 15th:

It's 9 o'clock in the morning, just woke up and I do believe I better record this. I had a very weird dream last night; I was younger, about 13, and living here in Europe during the middle ages. The funny part is, there was a girl I called 'mamma', and she was about my age. That part was curious, but mostly, it felt like a sad dream.

You know? Previously that night, I had a rather queer encounter. I was waiting for a cab to take me back to the hotel, when someone called out the name Catherine. Out of curiosity, I turned to look, expecting to find two people getting together. But before I knew it, someone was embracing me! It was a woman in her thirties, with long indigo hair and dressed in an elegant green dress.

I've picked up a little Italian, but not that much. I could only tell that she thought I was someone she knew and hadn't seen in a long time. With difficulty, I explained to her that I wasn't who she believed I was.

I noticed a peculiar gleam in her eye, and had a strange sensation, as if somehow I were among family. By the way, she introduced herself as Anna, I think.

A minute later I heard a man's voice calling her name. I glimpsed and saw a man standing next to a cab, probably her date. She smiled at me and kissed me good-bye, on the cheek mind you. I know it's Europe, but I wasn't expecting her to do that to a stranger! She was nice, a person worth getting to know.

As my ride left, I looked back to see her date enter the cab. I only saw him, she was nowhere to be seen. I assumed she was already in the vehicle and hidden by the seats. I also saw a little girl standing there, with the same hair color, and I know she wasn't there before. I didn't give it much thought though, and I'm not going to, I've got little more than a week left and I'm making the most out of it. In fact, I've spent enough time here today already (Recorder stops).

It was 3:00 a.m. when Nabiki came into her room the following night, with an exhausted look in her face. She was wearing a sheer, dark-red evening gown. The brown-haired girl went directly into the bathroom and turned on the faucet. As the tub filled up, she went over to the bedroom and returned in her robe, holding a towel and her recorder. Following her habits, she took a quick shower before entering the tub, then she submerged and allowed the warm water to soothe her before turning on the device.

Nabiki's journal, August…uh… Che, I'll find out later:

What a day! And what a night, one of the best I've had in years.

I'll list what I did during the day quickly. Touring, window-shopping, and I bought the gifts for minna-san back home, I wonder if they'll like them. Hey, I know uncle Genma and Ranma-kun will love those cakes. (Chuckle) I can't believe I actually bought lingerie for Happosai; I must've really loved winning this trip.

I came back earlier tonight, about an hour after dusk. I had no plans but to take a bath and go to bed. Side note, I'll bet this tub hasn't had this much use in years.

When I got out of the tub I noticed that I had forgotten my bathrobe and towel. I just shrugged, after all I was alone, so I just rinsed and went into the bedroom. Imagine my surprise when I saw a crystal vase full of roses. It wasn't there when I arrived, maybe the bellboy brought them in, following the orders of some secret admirer. I took a closer look, they were so red and beautiful, but there was no card. It was a very romantic gesture, something you only see in the movies. (Sigh) A mysterious stranger sending gifts to an ignorant young belle, who will be lost to him if he doesn't hurry and appear.

I stood there, nude and (chortle) running a rose over my chest. (Moan) I don't wanna record this, but I can't help myself!

Nabiki dunked her head into the water for a moment.

Okay, here goes! I was standing there next to the flowers, when I heard someone cough. I turned and saw a man sitting on the armchair. He was tall, had jet-black hair combed backwards and was wearing a tux. Naturally, I felt furious at that time. My first thought was to grab the vase and smash the hentai's head in. But I stopped myself, that's Akane's style, not mine. I kept my cool, crossed my arms and adopted a defiant attitude.

"May I help you?" I asked.

"You do not cover yourself?" he taunted, "I would if I were you."

"I think the word you meant to use is: cower," I retorted. I felt extremely embarrassed but was not going to show it; in my line of business any sign of weakness is fatal. "Now answer my question."

"How rude of me, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Guiseppe Fideto. I first saw you a few days ago, Signorina Tendo, and chose tonight to request your company at the opera." Can you imagine!? This is another thing that only happens in movies. His Japanese was pretty good, by the way, except for the accent.

If I had been wearing something I would've felt flattered, but I repeat, I was naked. I narrowed my eyes and noticed the way he was looking at me. I can't put my finger on it yet, but just like that I stopped feeling uncomfortable, my nudity didn't bother me anymore. Well, that was one obstacle out of the way.

"Since you already know my name, it's plain to see you've done a lot of work in very little time," I commented as I leaned on the table seductively. "I must warn you, an evening with me can be damaging to your wallet." I sniffed a plump one. "And you've already gotten farther than most. Do you still want to go through the bothersome intermediary?"

"Signorina, please, my goal is not so mundane," he said. Somehow that didn't convince me. "And I assure you, I was not planning to meet under such circumstances."

"But it's not unpleasant, ne?" I teased. By the kami, I can't believe myself! Ahem, what did I say next? Hai! "I loved the roses, and I do appreciate the look you're giving me." I forgot to mention, I'd noticed by then that there was a gleam in his eye that makes a girl feel pretty. Quite a refreshing sensation when you live with the likes of Happosai. But let's continue.

"I'm much too material to be convinced by gestures. In other words, I require a pretty nice gift."

"Turn towards the bed," he told me. I did and found the dress I wore tonight, and jewelry to go with it. I picked it up in awe, it was similar to one I had seen a few days ago, and the price was outrageous. My gut told me that the one I held was much more expensive.

"Not bad," I said, trying to sound unimpressed, "but I'm not sure yet. The way you got into my room without my perceiving it, when I was most vulnerable. What ensures my safety next to you?"

"The way you maintain dignity despite awkwardness tells me 'vulnerable' is not an adjective to be used on you," Guiseppe said, his voice was so smooth, "But if the answer is no, my only option left will be begging."

"Ie, there's no need to," I replied, "I'll go, it should be the most fun I've had in this country." I crossed my arms over my breasts and turned away. "Now, be a gentleman and leave while I get dressed," I said as I shooed him away. Guiseppe smiled and left, and I started getting ready.

Ara, look at those wrinkles! Better get out of the tub. (Sound of water sloshing. Recording stops.)

(Yawn) Okay, I'll probably fall asleep, but I'll go on as long as possible. I put on the dress, the jewelry, and applied make up. I managed my best appearance, enticing and powerful.

It was a terrific evening. We went to see 'Carmen'; afterwards we went to this luxurious restaurant. I was tempted to order the most expensive foods, but decided to take what I would enjoy. We dined, we chatted over a cup of espresso, the band started playing and we danced until closing time at midnight. We walked back to the hotel. Guiseppe let loose his poetic side, saying how beautiful I was, comparing me to the stars, stuff like that, he was so sweet. So when he asked me out again I said yes. I might as well make the most of these last few days. (Giggle, yawn) Good night.

Nabiki's journal, August 17th:

I haven't left my room, and I'm not going to all day. I must've really worn myself out last night, because when I woke up I felt so weak I couldn't even raise my eyelids. (Yawn) So it's going to be bed and room service all day.

Nabiki's journal, August 18th:

I woke up feeling better, so I decided to call Guiseppe and set time for the date, he gave me his phone number the other night. I guess it was for his office, because a stranger's voice answered. He told me that Guiseppe would be busy all day, but that he would be free by nightfall. I thought about it and told him to please make an appointment for tomorrow night.

If our next date becomes like the previous one, I better get enough sleep so I won't wear out again. Seems I'll be nocturnal for the remainder of my holiday.

I think I'll talk about Guiseppe a little. (Sigh) I found so much about him in just one night, he's attentive, well-mannered, such a romantic, and a much better personality than Kuno-chan… Hey! I actually forgot to mention the fact he's loaded. I mean it, this could be for real. I'll have to leave in a few days, but it should be easy for him to travel to Japan, bring me back here or just keep in touch.

I don't think there will be any difficulties from my family. Kasumi and Otousan won't be trouble at all, in fact, daddy will encourage this relationship, and Akane will say I'm only after the money, so can simply ignore her. Ranma, I'm not sure what he'll say, guess it'll be something supportive, I just hope there's not another silly misunderstanding. Uncle Genma, che, scratch him.

Then there's Kuno-chan. Ah, let's face it, I never said anything, he's too much of a pushover, he'll never get over Akane, and, like I said, has no chance against Guiseppe…(Sigh) and yet… Kuno-chan does have many strong points, he's an excellent fighter, knows what he wants and goes for it, doesn't give up easily, and above all, he's got this je ne se qua. Oh boy, who would've thought I'd get into this sort of dilemma?

(Snap) Matte! What will Guiseppe have to say? He may be just looking for someone to have a good time with and nothing else, after all I'm just a tourist, there may be no relationship at all. Hmm, I should wait and see, and not let my hopes up too high. Or I could take a chance and tell him, but that wouldn't be fair to Kuno-chan.

(Tsk) Chikuso. (Recorder stops)

Postcard from Nabiki to her family, August 19th:

Ohayo minna-san:

Guess what? I met this really hot guy last week. He's good-looking and has a lot of money, so I'll be getting royal treatment for the rest of my holiday. Now, tousan, don't get any ideas. And Akane-chan, don't make that face, I know you.

I'm not quite sure of who he is though, maybe a successful businessman or perhaps a nobleman.

My only complaint is: he likes the nightlife and that really tires me out. Jetlag's going to be murder.

See ya next week.

Nabiki's journal, August 20th:

(Yawn) I just woke up. My date with Guiseppe was a wild one this time. We went-

The shorthaired girl fell asleep before she could say anything else, and wouldn't wake up for the next five hours.

(Aching moan) By the kami, I had to stop the recorder and start over. What time is it anyway?

My date was a wild one this time. Guiseppe brought me clothes again, casual this time, and we went out to tour the nightclubs.

Whew, I danced like there was no tomorrow, and I must've tried every cocktail imaginable. The things I saw and did! Good thing no one knows me here. We were restless until way past midnight.

Hmm, maybe I'm just going through the hangover.

I'm too tired to go on, much too tired. I'm going to talk to Guiseppe about this, 'cause I just can't take it. Our next date will be during the daytime, and end within reasonable hours, or else. As soon as I feel better. (Recorder stops)

Nabiki's journal, August 23rd:

It wasn't the lack of sleep, I really was sick. These last three days I've felt so weak I was hardly able to get around the room. I asked for a doctor, of course, she said I was afflicted by some sort of virus, nothing serious. Still, I'm going to see Dr Tofu as soon as I get home.

I'm feeling much better now, just a little lightheaded. But what good is that? I'm going home tomorrow. Ugh, what a way to end my vacation. At least I had some good times.

I called home yesterday, Kasumi answered. I told her that I would be home the day after tomorrow, but I didn't tell her about my weakness, she would become worried and it's not that big a deal.

Guiseppe came to see me each day after nightfall, it felt so good to see him. I told him that I would leave tomorrow, he simply smiled and said that he would keep in touch, that's something I'm looking forward to. I told him my address, where I usually hang out, a few more details about my family… Hmm, was I too obvious? I didn't tell him about Kuno-chan though. There wasn't exactly a reason not to, I just thought it wouldn't be convenient.

Well I better start getting ready, no sense in waiting for the last minute. I'm telling you, I spent a lot more money than I thought, I'm going to have to go on strike when I get back to school in order to balance the books. Oh, Guiseppe did treat me to a lot of things, but there are no stores open at those hours of course. But hey, he did buy me two fabulous outfits. Very expensive, and they all mine! Ha-ha!

Okay, I better get going. Once I'm done packing I'll go for a walk, I really need some fresh air. And some sunshine too! I'm already as pale as a ghost. (Recorder stops)

By high noon the following day, Nabiki Tendo was at the airport, waiting for the plane that would take her back to Tokyo. The young girl's mind was divided, part of her was eager get back home and see her family, and the other part wanted to stay and see so much more. She was among these musings when she heard someone calling her name.

"Signorina Tendo," it was Guiseppe's majordomo. "Signor Fideto regrets not being able to come here in person," he said as he gave the brown-haired girl a package, "in compensation, he sends this gift."

"Something for the road I see," she said as she sniffed the garlic and spices, "I'm going to be the envy of all the passengers. But I'd still like to know, what keeps him so busy all day and everyday?"

"There has to be an income in order to cover the expenses," the man replied, "And as you have seen, he does not forsake his social life."

"That he doesn't." Nabiki heard that her flight was now being boarded. "I have to go. Please tell Guiseppe-san to expect an e-mail upon my arrival." She bowed and left for the gate.

Once on the plane, Nabiki looked out the window and caught sight of the baggage carts. She found her bag, next to a rather large crate.