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Chapter 2: Disappearing.

At first Lewis was very angry about the fact somebody almost slammed the door in, in the middle of the night but, soon he had opened the door he saw Rikki standing, covered in blood. His anger got replaced by concern, and after asking an explanation he saw she fainted. Quickly he held his arms out, to avoid her from falling onto the kitchen floor.

He took her gently in his arms and carried her to the couch, laying her on it while Cleo came yawning down the stairs. She was just about to ask what was going on, when she saw Rikki laying on the couch. Fast she ran towards her friend and sat down next to her, ordering Lewis to get some blankets. As an arrow shoot from its bow, he ran upstairs to get the spare blankets.

After being stabbed in his upper arm, and his wife had run away, Thomas grabbed a kitchen towel and wrapped it around the wound. She will pay for this! He thought angry, grabbed the car keys and stumbled towards his car. Soon he had drove it from the driveway, he saw his wife standing at the end of the street under a streetlight. When she saw him she started to run off again, dove into the canal.

"I know where you will go to, freaking mermaid" he yelled after her, parked the car next to street curve, stepped out the car and took one of the dingy boats, speeding off towards Mako Island. He knew exactly how to find the moon pool, because Rikki had taken him to the place many times. Soon he reached the spot where the underwater entrance was, he stopped the boat, pulled himself into a divingsoat and jumped in the cold water. Soon after he surfaced the moon pool he noticed it was empty.

"If you are not here. Where will you be then!" he shouted through the cave's, but nobody replied. He felt his upper arm started to sting and blood started to flow out of the wound into the water. Thomas Pulled himself up against the poolside to take a closer look at his wound.

Rikki woke up by the sound of the dishwasher and mumbled voices. At first she didn't knew where she was, but then remembered everything from the night before. Quickly she roze up, looking into Lewis face, who was just about to place a hot cup of tea on to the coffee table.

"Sorry, I didn't want to wake you" Lewis said with a soft voice, noticing Rikki's panicked look. "Here is some tea if you like. Do you like something to eat as well?"

Rikki shook her head softly in reply while trying to sit up straight. She noticed Cleo coming from the kitchen, walking towards the couch opposite of her and sat down, looking worried at Rikki who gently grabbed her tea and blows softly into the cup to cool down the tea.

"Do you want to tell us what happened?" Cleo asked, breaking the silence and scooted to one side so Lewis could sit next to her.

"It's all still a bit blurry" Rikki replied, swifts the cup between her hands.

"Just tell us what you remember" Lewis said, sitting down next to Cleo.

"Thomas came home and I could see he had been using drugs again" Rikki started explaining, still looking down, and avoiding her friend's looks. "Everything went so fast. First he asked me where I have been and I tried to explain I was buying food, but he didn't believe me. He grabbed my arm firmly and after knocking over the dinner table I knew I wasn't save and I tried to run away from him. After tripping over the rug, and seeing him coming at me closer and closer I grabbed a knife and..." Rikki's voice broke and she burst into tears.

Cleo stood up from the couch and walked towards her friend, sitting down next to her. Gently she took the tea out Rikki's hands and placed it back on the coffee table. "I know it's hard, but can you remember where you stabbed him?" Cleo asked, wrapping her arm around Rikki for comfort.

Rikki shook her head in reply and looked up at Cleo. "I started to run, but I remember he came after me in his car before I jumped in to the canal."

"Why didn't you tell us he abused you? Maybe we could help you."

"I wanted to, but then I thought it was all my own fault" Rikki replied, rubbing her hand down her sore cheek.

"This isn't your fault" Lewis said angrily, stood up from the couch and walked towards the kitchen. "I'm calling the police."

"No, please don't do that" Rikki said with a panicked tone in her voice. Quickly she jumped up from the couch and ran towards Lewis, grabbing the phone out of his hands. "One of the policemen is a mate of him. He will cover for Thomas and tell everyone I'm overreacting. Thomas will come after me for sure, and after you as well if he finds out you called the police.

"He's already out there, looking for you" Lewis yelled angry. "Do you have any idea what he can do to you if he finds you? The police has to lock him up."

"Did you even listen to what I just said?" Rikki yelled angry back."

"Please, don't start yelling at each other" Cleo said, standing up from the couch and walked towards them. "You just sit down again." Cleo took gently Rikki's arm and walked back with her towards the couch. "And, Lewis. It might be better if we don't call the police. Maybe we can find another solution."

Thomas woke up, laying in the sand next to the pool. Confused he looked around, thinking about what just had happened. He found it really strange he went to sleep after chasing his wife, but then he looked at his arm and then he knew why. He must have fainted because all the pain and blood loss. Maybe I better go stitch that first before I grab Rikki he thought, crawled back into the pool and swam outside, back to his boat.

Soon he had reached the mainland he stepped back in his car and drove off towards the hospital, while planning what to say if the doctor might ask him what happened.

Also Rikki, Lewis and Cleo where trying to find a solution how to escape from Thomas, and all they could come up with was for Rikki to disappear. Leave the Gold Coast and find another place to start a new life.

"But that would mean I also have to leave you all behind. You and Lewis, Bella and Will, my dad" Rikki said crying.

"If its keeping you save" Cleo said, who started to cry as well. "We will do our best to explain everything to them. They wil understand."

"And we will try to find a way to lock Thomas up" Lewis said, standing up from the couch again. "I will buy a bus ticket for you, so you can leave. But maybe you better take a shower first" Lewis said smiling while grabbing his wallet.

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