The Crimson Serpent

Ch.1 In the Dark of the Night

It was a dark night in the wizarding world. Two people died to ensure a safe world for their son. A lone figure dressed in a long gray robe and a tall gray hat stalked to a house here in the country side. Held close in his long sash was a small infant girl swaddled in a blue blanket. She was asleep with a messy top of stringy bright red hair. The man in gray laid the little one down on the door step of a tall home with a letter. He breathed and said "When you are ready little one when you are ready." with that he vanished.

Shortly there after head lights illuminated the spot where she lay. "Come on Molly dear let us get you and Ronald inside..." a man said. "Arthur what's wrong?" Molly asked. Molly's eyes fell on the little bundle, gasped "Have we been blessed again?" Arthur smiled "Molly, it's a girl hold on there is a ring here and letter." Arthur handed Molly the ring and opened the letter and gasped at the briefness of the letter. "Arthur, what dose the letter say." Molly asked "Molly, we're being asked to raise a child who is not ours as if she were ours." Arthur said finally after reading the letter a few times. Molly asked the most important question a mother would ask "Dose it give a name?" Arthur said "It dose. Her name is Jamie Ellea Tundra"