A/N: Hi, I'm back and I'm with something different for a change! I decided to stray from the darkness and write a light fic, I have to tell you it's been hard, but I hope I've done it justice. So without further ado, I give you;

A Different Outcome,

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to J.K

Warning: Language and mentions of previous abuse.

Chapter One;

Harry Potter was a very happy teen. At the end of his 3rd year, he and his best friend, Hermione Granger, had cleared his godfather, Sirius Black, of the crimes he had been wrongly imprisoned for, and Sirius had been granted full custody of him. He had been given permission to leave school early, after exam results, because of the circumstances surrounding the situation and because of everything they had to work through.

It had been rocky at first, Harry wasn't used to being cared for or loved and Sirius wasn't used to much responsibility, add to the fact that they didn't know each other, but they had sat down with Remus Lupin, who had become an honorary uncle and lived with them, and spoke about everything. They had dealt with Harry's self-doubt and confident issues, his feelings of unworthiness and the way he held himself back from his full potential. They has also handled Sirius' time in Azkaban and him blaming himself for the death of Harry's parents, Harry had flat out refused to listen to the man insist he was to blame. Harry had taken it upon himself to stop Remus believing he was a pariah in the world because he was a werewolf.

It had taken the first few weeks, but there was a noticeable change in each person. Harry was much more confident; he spoke his mind and believed in himself knowing he had 2 caring people to support him no matter what his decisions. Sirius was back to his cocky self, but had put the past behind him focusing on the future and his godson instead; he had also taken the responsibility well. Remus was the best in Harry's eyes, the man stopped forcing the wolf back and with it came a more healthy easy going person; even the transformations weren't painful. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at him Harry found his guardians were over protective and Harry had found out just how much when he sat them down and told them of his life pre and post Hogwarts, he knew it would come up, but it wasn't a conversation he was looking forward too.

"Hey pup, me and Moony were thinking." Sirius began, Harry had paused in his movements to face his godfather, "This afternoon, after lunch, we can sit down and talk about your first Hogwarts years." Harry had paled in horror and Sirius was confused.

"What's up?"

"You want to about my Hogwarts years?" Harry repeated hoarsely, he had hoped they would be so busy during the summer that they would forget about it.

"Well yeah, we have to catch up and we agreed; no secrets." Sirius pointed out.

"Um Ok," he dropped the book in his hand and walked blindly out of the room, Sirius was alarmed at his behaviour and went to find Remus.

"What's the matter Padfoot?"

"I just mentioned to Harry about talking over his Hogwarts years and he seemed terrified." Remus' eyebrows shot up.


"Yeah, it was really weird Moony, he went really pale and just walked off." Sirius shook his head.

"We will have to wait and see."

At lunch Harry was completely silent and he only played with his food much to the marauders alarm, he was still and pale and they wondered what in Merlin's name could have caused such a reaction. Harry on the other hand was having an internal battle, he was panicking because now he had a caring family, people who actually wanted him, looking back on his first two years, he realised that they would not react well. He was also experiencing old fears, he thought that maybe when Sirius and Remus heard of how much trouble he got in too they wouldn't want him, Harry brutally shoved that thought out of his head, it wasn't true and he knew it.

"Come on pup, lets go to the sun room." With steely determination, Harry rose and walked confidently to the sun room constantly reminding himself that it wasn't his fault and he was only following instincts at the time. Sirius and Remus sat on the sofa and Harry turned to face them with a determined expression on his pale face.

"You want to know about my first two years in Hogwarts." Harry confirmed and they nodded.

"Cub, you're worrying us now, what could possibly be that bad about Hogwarts?" Remus stated and Harry's dry, humourless laugh was anything but reassuring.

"You think that now," he muttered to himself, they exchanged looks and Harry reeled in all the confidence he had gained and decided to take the Gryffindor approach.

"First year I was supposed to be in Slytherin, I got on to the Quidditch team, me, Ron and Hermione fought a troll, we helped Hagrid smuggle out a dragon and got caught, we had detention in the forbidden forest with Malfoy where I was rescued by a centaur when I saw something drinking unicorn blood. We worked out Dumbledore was keeping the Philosophers stone on the 3rd floor, I was attacked at my Quidditch game and nearly throne of my broom, we discovered someone wanted to steel the stone and one night we discovered that Dumbledore wasn't in the castle and the thief was going to make their move so we went down to save the stone, we lost Ron on a giant chess board and Hermione in the potions room, I went on alone only to discover it was Voldemort who wanted the stone. He attacked, I fought back after managing to get hold of the stone, he nearly killed me and I woke up in the hospital wing 3 days later." Harry told them the condensed version and looked at their stunned expressions, he knew it would take a while so he threw himself down in the chair opposite and asked Milly for some brownies and a drink. Ten minutes of silence and it was finally settling, Remus usual soft brown eyes flashed angry amber and a snarl ripped from his throat, Sirius leapt up and began pacing before spinning to him.

"A troll, a dragon and VOLDEMORT!" He burst out furiously and Harry nodded calmly knowing the anger wasn't directed at him.

"Where was Dumbledore in all of this?" Remus demanded and Harry shrugged.

"I don't know, all I know is he gave me my cloak for Christmas."

"Wait until I get my hands on that fucking old fool." It was a sign of how angry Remus was that he didn't chide Sirius on his language.

"So let me get this straight," Remus took a deep breath, "At 11 years old, after growing up in the muggle world and only participating in the wizarding world and magic itself for less than a year, you face a troll, the forest and Voldemort."

"Yeah," Harry rubbed his head sheepishly, they were taking it worse than he thought Harry mused as they both began pacing and planning the numerous protection spells that would be layering Harry from now on, Harry almost felt for the headmaster as the marauders rage turned on to him. They had been less than pleased when Harry had painfully recounted his years with the Dursleys, he hadn't wanted to at first, he was terrified at bringing up the memories, but after telling them it had felt like a release and he was relieved. Of course he hadn't counted on Sirius and Remus going completely mad, it was then Harry understood why they were formidable on the battlefield, the magic in their anger was thick and it warmed him to know that he had a family that did care for him, it was what made him finally believe. Then he had a hard job in convincing them that murdering the Dursleys was not in their best interest as of yet, Harry had casually added that Dumbledore had been the one to leave him there and he did not feel an ounce of shame when they had exploded over again. Dumbledore had contested the guardianship and Harry was less than pleased with the man, he still had some respect for the headmaster, but it would be at a distance now, the man had received a beautiful howler courtesy of the marauders. As he focussed on them pacing and growling furiously he winced, they were not going to take his second year well at all.

"Ok, well, as much as I want to lock Dumbledore in a room with myself on a full moon, we can't and we are here to listen to Harry's first 2 years." Remus reminded them and sat down releasing a breath.

"Yeah, you're right Moony." Sirius agreed, "It's not like it can get worse for the second year." He laughed lightly but stopped when Harry cringed.

"How could it possibly be worse?" Sirius gasped.

"I was nearly eaten by a heard of hungry acromantula and bitten by an ancient basilisk." Harry blurted out and winced at how callous that came out, all the colour left both their faces and they both went from 0 to catatonic in seconds.

"YOU WHAT!?" Sirius roared. Remus didn't seem to be able to produce words as he registered what was said.

"Well, the chamber of secrets was opened and students began to get petrified. No one knew what was going on and at one point, we brewed polyjuice potion and snuck in to Slytherin common room to interrogate Malfoy." Harry cracked a half smile, but hurried on.

"It was getting worse when I found this book belonging to a T. M. Riddle, one day I spilt ink over everything and the diary just seemed to absorb it. I checked the date of the diary and found it to be around the time the chamber was first opened, I wrote in it and it wrote back-,"

"Wait, what?" Remus finally spoke, he was still pale and his eyes were still glowing amber, but his attention was focussed.

"Yeah, it wrote back and showed me a memory of Tom Marvolo Riddle and how he caught Hagrid for opening the chamber."


"It'll be explained," Harry assured and when they nodded he took a breath and continued.

"Of course I was sceptical to believe him because it's Hagrid, I mean, I know he had a bit of a thing for dangerous creatures, but he would never purposely hurt anyone." Harry shook his head. "We didn't want to asked him, but then Hermione was attacked." Both adults gasped and Harry nodded with a grimace.

"I was pissed, and out of options. We went to see Hagrid and he swore it wasn't him, unfortunately we were interrupted and had to hide under the cloak as the minister, Dumbledore and Malfoy turned up."

"What was he doing there?" Harry didn't need to question who he was talking about.

"He was there with an order of suspension for Dumbledore, the headmaster had to step down and was taken away after leaving a message to us as I have no doubt he knew we were there. Then Fudge took Hagrid and Hagrid said that if we wanted answers all we had to do was to follow the spiders." Remus closed his eyes tiredly and Sirius scowled.

"When we finally found the spiders again, they led us in to the forest and in to an acromantula nest." They both paled again and Remus sucked in a sharp breath.

"We spoke to the leader, well I did because Ron is terrified of spiders and couldn't actually speak, and he told us that he was the beast Hagrid had as a youth and he wasn't from the chamber. He told us that whatever was in the Chamber was the one thing they feared above all and that the last time it was open, someone died in a bathroom." Harry shook his head, "Course then he wasn't too happy about us leaving and set his family on us," Sirius began choking and if Remus grip got any tighter on the arm it would break.

"How did you get out?" He asked in a deceptively calm voice.

"We were saved by Mr Weasley's Ford Anglia."

"Excuse me?"

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Well a crazy house elf came to warn me that danger was happening at Hogwarts and got me locked in my bedroom with bars on my windows, Ron and the twins rescued me in Mr Weasley's enchanted car. Well the same elf blocked the platform entrance so Ron decided to fly us to Hogwarts in the car and we crashed in to the Whomping Willow." They both winced. "Yeah, so after the tree decided to beat us up, the car decided it had had enough and threw us out and went wild in the forest."

"How the hell were you not caught?" Remus asked in disbelief and Harry grimaced.

"We were,"

"McGonagall?" Harry shook his head.

"I wish, it was Snape,"


"Yep and he was just delightfully happy, wanted us expelled didn't he, but Dumbledore gave the final ruling to McGonagall who gave us a detention and a letter home. Ron got a howler from Mrs Weasley the next day, it wasn't pretty."

"So the wild car rescued you?"

"Yeah, it came and pummelled the spiders, we jumped in and it took us to safety."

"What did you even learn?" Sirius demanded angry that Hagrid sending his pup to be feasted upon.

"That Hagrid was innocent and it took me a while, but I wondered if the girl who died in the bathroom never left?" they frowned before Remus blinked.

"Surely you don't mean moaning Myrtle?" He exclaimed in disbelief.

"Oh yes," Harry nodded, "By now we had escorts to lessons and I managed to trick Lockhart-,"

"LOCKHART WAS A TEACHER?" Sirius yelled.

"Yeah and a crap one,"

"Oh Merlin, what was Dumbledore thinking, wait, he clearly wasn't thinking, your first 2 years clearly show that." Sirius shook his head and retook his seat.

"Well we tricked him only to be caught by McGonagall; I convinced her that we wanted to see Hermione which turned out to be a life saver. I spotted a sheet of paper in her hand and managed to get it free, it was a page on basilisks." Harry shuddered and the adults went pale again.

"We got an announcement that we had to go back to the common room and we discovered that Ginny had been taken in to the chamber and another message left. They were going to close the school and Lockhart supposedly was going to save her, we decided to help him only to find him packing. Well we weren't going to allow that, we dragged him to the second floor bathroom where I found the entrance."

"The entrance of the legendary Chamber of Secrets is in a girl's bathroom."

"Yeah, that was Ron's reaction," Harry agreed, "After I asked it to open,"

"What do you mean asked?" Remus asked curiously and Harry shifted, he had yet to tell them he could speak to snakes.

"I uh, well I'm kinda a parcelmouth," he eyed them warily, a few emotions played out on their pale faces, shock and confusion being the most prominent.

"We'll come back to how that's possible later, it doesn't matter anyway." Sirius said and Harry breathed in relief.

"Ok, well we went in and Lockhart, the idiot, made the roof cave in when he tried to obliviate us with Ron's broken wand."


"Yeah, but it separated us so I was left to go on alone." They lost all colour at that thought and Harry swallowed hard, he had to continue.

"When I got in to the main chamber I saw Ginny, she was just lying there still as death, cold as ice and I panicked. I put my want down," Harry didn't think it was possible for anyone to lose more colour until he said that he was then wandless.

"I then came face to face with the 16 year old Tom Riddle, he wasn't a ghost but he wasn't solid either, he said he was memory." They exchanged worried glances and Harry swallowed.

"He explained how he had been possessing Ginny all year and made her open the chamber, he them said his next goal had become me and how I had survived when the 'great Lord Voldemort' had be destroyed."

"Why did that matter to him? Voldemort was after his time." Harry grimaced.

"That's what I said but he just laughed and said Voldemort was his past, present and future." They both looked as confused as he was so he took out his wand and wrote Tom Marvolo Riddle in gold letters in front of him and then made them rearrange like Tom did last year in to I am Lord Voldemort. The reaction was instant, they gasped and leapt up,

"That was Voldemort?"

"Yeah, as a teen,"

"What in Merlin's name?"

"It was weird,"

"But that's…" Sirius trailed off still unhealthily pale.

"Go on Cub,"

"It was then I realised he had my wand," they cringed, "Then he called the basilisk," Sirius actually whimpered.

"I was terrified and I can't remember exactly, but I remember saying Dumbledore was the greatest wizard in the world and Fawkes came to me with the sorting hat." Harry ignored their questioning looks, "The basilisk came and I ran with my eyes closed, I remember it chasing me and then Fawkes blinded it, I could open my eyes, but I almost wish I couldn't up; it was massive." Harry shuddered, "Riddle was screaming at the snake to smell me out and I was praying for anything to help me, the had landed in my lap and I threw it on, literally asking for anything. I somehow managed to call the Gryffindor sword to me and when the basilisk lunged for the kill in stabbed it through the rood of its mouth, unfortunately, one of the massive fangs ended up in my arm." Harry pulled up his sleeve to show the scar, that had been too much for Moony, he went territorial and protective, he was less than pleased at the scar. After 5 minutes of calming the irate werewolf down, which was substantially harder with an equally irate animagus, Harry finished off the story.

"My vision was getting blurry and I new I was dying, Riddle, the sick bastard, was laughing and mocking me as Fawkes cries on the wound." Remus perked up.

"Fawkes is a phoenix," He said slowly before smiling in relief, "Healing powers," Harry nodded.

"Yeah, he healed me, but it was too late when Riddle realised so he resorted to trying to kill me with my own wand." They tensed,

"I don't know what made me, but it seemed like the right thing to do, I grabbed the fang and stabbed the diary, Riddle screamed this terrible, agony filled scream and ink poured from the diary like black blood, I kept stabbing until Riddle was gone and Ginny woke up. Fawkes took us back to safety and it was discovered that Lockhart had wiped his own memories and back in Dumbledore's office, after everything had been sorted, Malfoy turned up with the elf who had been warning. He hinted that it was Malfoy that gave Ginny the diary and I tricked the ponce in to freeing the elf, Madam Pomfrey brewed the mandrakes and everyone woke up and that's the end." By the end, the marauders were silent as they contemplated.

Sirius was torn between rage at Dumbledore and the Dursley's, horror that his pup had been through that already, proud because Harry had survived and pulled of the impossible and a little bit smug because his pup was kick ass. Remus had went completely territorial checking his cub for injuries and swearing revenge on anyone who had wronged Harry in any way, the wolf was less than pleased at the mark left by the basilisk and Harry found himself subject to multiple protection and tracking spells placed on his person. Harry was happy that he had fully told someone what had happened, they had reassured him that he hadn't killed Quirrel and told him how proud they were off him, of course Sirius had expressed that if he did anything like that again then he would be grounded for the rest of his life and for once the animagus was not joking.

After than conversation Harry finally felt secure enough to be himself, his new and improved confident, assured self which everyone was please with. The marauders had had a very large drink when Harry went to bed that night, neither of them could find the words to describe their feelings, but one thing was sure, Albus Dumbledore would be in for some hell when they were finished. The Marauders take care of their own, and Dumbledore was about to experience that at full throttle, may Merlin have mercy on the old fool.

Originally they had been staying at Grimauld Place but Sirius hated the place so they moved them in to noir chateau and Harry had been blown away, he was living in a freakin' castle. It was 4 stories high complete with full size Quidditch pitch, indoor and outdoor pools, greenery, owlery, duelling room, games room, fitness room, sauna, ballroom, library, 4 lounges, dining room and over 33 bedrooms. His summer had been busy. In the castle there were so many wards that magic couldn't be traced so he had been able to practice to his full ability and Harry had to admit even he was surprised at how much he had held back in class. Harry had had a few dreams involving Voldemort and Wormtail and as much as they wanted to believe they were just dreams, they couldn't so Sirius and Remus had been training him in all magics so he was now substantially ahead of all the 5th years let alone his own year, Sirius had also sat him down and told him about all the responsibility and the capabilities he had as the last of the Potter line and as the heir to the Black line. Sirius had thrown a fit when he found out Harry knew nothing of the power and influence he held in the wizarding world and swore that Dumbledore would be hearing more than a few choice words.

The man was already in the Black Lords bad books for Harry's previous treatment and the ancient headmaster had the audacity to try and stop Harry's guardianship going through stating he was safer in the care of the Dursley's. Harry have vetoed that idea straight of and he immediately saw what the headmaster was doing, he was manipulating the adults by playing on their guilt and gratitude towards him to get what he wanted, unfortunately for Dumbledore, Harry was a secret snake and he was in no way shape or form going to allow himself to be sent back to the loving care of his relatives. With that on his mind, Harry devised a plan which he had put in to action in the one place Dumbledore would not be able to worm his way out of; the minister's office. During the custody battle, they had spent a lot of time with the minister and they were often called for meetings with the man, on one particular meeting, Dumbledore had raised the argument of the blood wards keeping Harry safe, but Harry interrupted demanding about his protection in the house, when everyone turned to him he pretended to clam up on himself and push their concern away.

Of course, Sirius demanded to know what he was speaking of and Harry let slip that his bedroom was the cupboard under the stairs for the first 10 years of his life, the reaction was particularly memorable. Sirius had completely flipped and had to be restrained from killing Dumbledore with his bare hands, Remus had almost lost control of his wolf and was already making plans to visit the Dursley's on the next full moon and Fudge had been beside himself that the 'saviour' had been treated so badly, to stay in favour he scrapped Dumbledore's arguments and signed Harry over to Sirius. Dumbledore had not been please, but with a warning from Sirius that they would be speaking again, the headmaster had left and now Sirius had learned Harry had been left ignorant of his inheritance and linage; it wasn't looking good for Dumbledore. Harry had nearly collapsed when everything had been explained and politics and wizarding 'food chain' had been added to Harry's schedule.

They had made a trip to Diagon ally where they went to Gringotts and Harry been officially added to the Black family through blood which had made his features change slightly, he no longer needed glasses, his face was more angular making him look more aristocratic and his hair had tamed. He had been give full access to the Potter family vaults and given the Potter ring, he had swayed on the spot at the contents; he was rich. Sirius had taken him to the Black vault and presented him with the Black heir ring and Harry was shocked to see that Sirius was richer than he was, given that he would inherit that when Sirius finally passed on Harry was sure he would never have to work in his or his children's grandchildren's lives. After learning everything Harry had been through and to make up for the time they had missed, both Remus and Sirius had completely spoiled him rotten. He had been given an entire wing of the castle to himself to do as he wished and a personal house elf; Milly. When they went to the Ally they took pleasure in buying Harry whatever he wanted; literally. He had enough clothes to where a different outfit every day for half the year, but Harry understood why, in the wizarding world appearance what everything.

In his 'food chain' lessons, as Harry had labelled it, he had discovered that there were 3 types of houses recognised in the wizengamot; ancient and noble house, ancient house and the noble house. There were 6 noble and ancient claimed currently; Black, Potter, Malfoy, Longbottom, Bones, and Nott, 14 ancients currently claimed; Chang, Diggory, Zabini, Lovegood, Umbridge, MacMillan, Parkinson, Greengrass, Abbot, Davis, Scrimgeor, Patil, Corner, Crouch and Boot, finally there was a few dozen noble houses such as the Weasley's. Depending on your status was how many votes you could cast in a wizengamot vote, 3 seats for the Noble and Ancient, 2 for the Ancient and 1 for the Noble. There were also a fair few unclaimed seats, families that still have a magical heir out their somewhere and they either don't know about their ancestry, or weren't old enough to be in the wizengamot and didn't have a proxy, magic recognised that the family was still alive so the seat was kept open until claimed. There were also seats that were empty due to imprisonment such as the Lestrange seat, Dolohov, Avery and Rosier, they were kept open until the prisoner died or was released, if they were released they would drop a status level and then be allowed access again. Harry was second on that food chain in wealth in the name of Potter and Sirius believed with his title as the BWL he could be the most influential, it had been a lot to take in but it was what gave him the last boot of confidence he needed.

In their family they had a strict no secrets rule as they all had trust issues, they were always honest with each other even if it was slightly painful, but it worked out as a better system and Harry was thankful for it, he hated being treated like he was too young and fragile to know things, Dumbledore had made a habit of it and for that the man had lost his trust. Harry had to endure etiquette lessons on top of everything else but it was worth it, he had a demanding air around him and held himself with a proud confidence. Some could call it arrogance, but Harry didn't care, in his eyes he deserved to be slightly arrogant, after all how many 13 year olds could say they had slain a 1000 year basilisk and lived, when he had voice that to Sirius the man had beamed at him and patted him on the back. They had many talks about his fame and how Harry had never acted on or used it, so it had been decided that he would make public appearance to get the public to favour him, Sirius had whispered to Harry when Remus was out of the room that they could exploit it as well and Harry had agreed just to see what fun he could have. With the lessons, talks, adapting and being spoiled beyond belief, Harry had become an outgoing, fun person and a true marauder.

With his Slytherin side, Harry was a master prankster and they had descended in to a full blow prank war where it wasn't safe to even open a door but what concluded the war was Harry managing to charm everything the older Marauders touched to change colour and in some cases sing. It was hilarious and Harry was been found on the floor in fits when Sirius had come down with orange robes, green hair, purple skin and singing blue shoes; they had surrendered. When they made their first full public appearance, Sirius couldn't have been prouder of his godson as he saw him stood tall and proud with his scar, two rings and crests on display, they went to Diagon and as soon as people caught on to who was walking down the Ally they were ambushed by fans and photographers, but Harry handled it well. Harry had found that after all his time at Hogwarts he was use to the stares, he had been quite shocked at the reaction of the public as he didn't understand he was so well liked but after a few trips and getting used to the public eye, Harry realised it wasn't that bad as long as he had people around him, Merlin only knew how he would cope alone. The first time had been difficult, but Sirius and Remus stayed with him and even if it made Harry slightly uncomfortable to have that many people staring at him he adjusted. He doubted he would ever like the attention, but he understood why it was being done, they could use it for their benefit if he had public favour and Harry realised it wouldn't be too hard to have the public eating out of his hand.

Sirius, Gryffindor he may be, was a Black and Blacks were born with cunning and they were bred for the politics therefore, however much he hated his family, Sirius' upbringing was almost a life saver for Harry. Learning about the wizengamot and his duties he had been lost, slowly he was getting the hang of understanding the slippery words and the underhand comments and was able to recipitate. Harry also understood the who's who of the wizarding world, who were the people you wanted or needed backing you in the political arena and he was on the near top of the list for influence which is why they were working with the public so much. The minister was a good one to have on their side and after the current summer events they were sure they had gained favour with the man, a few generous words and some nice donations and Fudge was set.

With Harry and Sirius having the top seats in the wizengamot, bias laws were struggling to be put through, especially the ones about werewolves where Harry had ripped it to pieces and listed every single reason why the law was stupid and pointless political suicide to those who had backed it showing the stunned crowd that he shouldn't be underestimated because of his age. Sirius had internally cackled with glee at the thought of his parents reactions of him using their training to go against everything they had wanted him to be, it was a glorious image to the animagus and it was a final screw you to his family. Harry had made him so proud when he showed his ability to the full wizengamot and when Sirius recounted to Remus what had happened the werewolf had been touched than Harry would do that, Harry had called him a prat and told him he would do it again and again if needs must. Luckily, it wasn't all work. The Quidditch world cup was approaching and Sirius had got prime seats in the ministers box from the minister himself, the Weasleys were going too which he was going to surprise Harry with on his birthday, he was also invited Ron and Hermione to stay over on Harry's birthday before they went to the world cup the week after. He and Remus had to be told by the elves to stop buying Harry gifts because they were running out of places to hide them from the ever curious teen, who, when he wasn't learning or pranking, loved to find out all the secrets of the castle.

Remus was so please with Harry's magical ability, the boy absorbed knowledge like a sponge and he far out striped any of the marauders and Lily at this age now he was giving his all, it was truly remarkable what the teen had accomplished in his time at the manor. Unfortunately for Harry and his utter embarrassment, with gaining guardians that actually cared about you came the norms of family life meaning he, Sirius and Remus had sat down and had The Talk. It had been highly embarrassing for Harry, but Sirius had waved off his awkwardness, he had stated that all pureblood heirs had to have lessons on the expectations of them and they're future wives. Harry had stared at him for several seconds before mouthing wordlessly much to Remus' amusement, Sirius had added an extra section to his etiquette lessons so he now had to learn how to formally court and the correct way to conduct his behaviour around girls; there was a surprising amount to learn, but Sirius had assured him that unless he had chosen a wife or was in public he didn't have to stick to it too much. That had been a whole new experience to Harry, he learned the correct way to ask a girl on a date and what was expected of him, he was to present her with a gift and be the perfect gentlemen, Harry had never been so thankful to have those lessons in his life because without them he knew he would have been a mess. It also helped with his social confidence too, being able to be cool and collected no matter the situation was a help and Harry was eternally grateful.

Harry was surprised when Siri called a family meeting in the last week of July, he had explained he had a cousin, who had just qualified to become an auror with flying colours, but she couldn't stay with her parents any longer and if anyone would mind if she came and lived with them. When Tonks came she was nothing like Harry expected, but she was brilliant and he found himself an older sister, they often teamed up to prank the 'adults' and she even taught him some auror stuff which enhanced his abilities even more. Tonks or Nym as Harry had taken to calling her found his parseltongue ability fascinating saying it could be an upper hand if anything did come to a fight seeing as there were only 2 known parselmouths left, she helped him practice so now he didn't have to have a snake to speak it and he could tell the difference between it and English. When his birthday came Harry was ecstatic to find his best friends and the rest of the Weasleys sat at breakfast and he blinked at the mountain of presents waiting for him, he had a great day having his first mini party. He showed the Weasleys around the castle, played Quidditch, ate a lot and opened his presents. His favourite by far were the tickets to the world cup, some pictures of him, Remus, Nym and Siri and a silver locket which had a lily and a stag surrounded by emeralds with had a photo of his parents inside, when the Weasleys left Harry showed his friends to their rooms; they were shocked by to say the least.

"I hope you like them because these are your permanent rooms, the door to the left is your bathroom, the door to the right is the wardrobe I uh may have filled the wardrobes so you didn't need to bring clothes when you come over. They have robes, muggle clothes and dress robes/ball gowns. I think you'll like everything, but if you don't just call for Milly and she'll pop in and sort everything. Um if you're ever hungry call for Milly who'll get you a snack and my room is next to Ron's." Harry explained to his speechless friends when they didn't reply Harry got nervous.

"Um if you don't like it I could change it, Sirius gave me the entire east wing so I-," He was cut off when Hermione launched herself at him.

"It's perfect Harry, but how did you know my sizes and style." Harry blushed a little.

"I do pay attention and the rest was helped by Milly; she's great." They explored the rooms and each of them loved everything much to Harry's relief, Ron was a bit subdued as they went to the library where they lost Hermione, but Harry told her to call for an elf who would take her to wherever they were and told her she could use magic to her hearts content. He and Ron flew around for a bit before dinner then they chilled out playing exploding snap before going to bed as they were exhausted. Ron was still quiet in the morning so Harry sat the red head down determined to get to the bottom of whatever it was.

"Ok what's up?"

"Nothing," He mumbled in reply, Harry didn't buy it for a second.

"Come on Ron you can tell I won't mind." Ron sighed and looked over to his best friend who he had never seen look happier or healthier for that matter, he screwed up his Gryffindor courage and began.

"I - it's nothing really I mean I dunno." The red head sighed again. "I guess I'm just a little jealous, I mean you seemed to have everything you're Harry Potter, you're rich, famous and I'm just another Weasley." Ron wouldn't look at him after and Harry blinked, he didn't realise his friend felt that way, he considered his answer before speaking.

"You're right, now I do have everything anyone could want and I get perks because of my fame, but you're forgetting one key thing." Harry said Ron looked confused. "You're my best mate and if there is anything I get so do you, you know I would share anything and everything with you and if you ever want anything all you have to do is ask and if I can I will do it. I owe you and your family everything, you gave me something I had never experienced before and I will never forget that. To me you will never be just another Weasley, you're Ronald Billius Weasley my brother and best friend, I will always be honest with you and I'll always be here for anything; remember that." Ron went the famous Weasley red at Harry's words, he smiled and for the first time in his life he felt special and wanted.

"Thanks Harry, I really needed that." Harry grinned at his friend.

"Right as that was decidedly mushy for us guys wanna go get some free stuff."

"What do you mean?" Harry's grin stretched.

"I'm Harry Potter and you are Harry Potter's best friend, we get free stuff."

"Seriously, that's awesome."

"Yeah, it's really weird too, I think I was still in denial about being famous because when we were spotted in the Ally it was mad, the notion actually sank it." Harry shook his head with a small frown, "Unfortunately, I have to build up a good public reputation so I have to be seen outside regularly now."

"Well we'll be with you now mate," Ron reassured and Harry grinned.

"I know, get Hermione I'll get Nym and we can go exploit Diagon ally." Ron's eyes lit up and he bolted to the library, Harry floo'd to the main room where Tonks, Siri and Remy were sat.

"Nym can you take me Ron and 'Mione to Diagon?" Harry asked giving his puppy dog eyes which he had come to realise got him his way on everyone bar Remus.

"Sure Har let me get my cloak." Harry beamed at her.

"Why do you want to go to Diagon pup?"

"Just want to go shopping." Harry said with a shrug Siri threw him the Black Gringotts card.

"Be careful, stay close-ish to Tonks, don't say too much to the press and run wild." Harry grinned and floo'd to his room to change, he put on a deep green robes and styled his hair so his scar was on show; he didn't feel the need to hide it anymore. He walked in to Ron's room to see if he was ready and had to hold back a laugh as the red head was stood by the wardrobe in shock.

"Um you ok there mate?" Ron made a strangled sound in the back of his throat, Harry chuckled and walked over pulling out a dark blue robe.

"Put these on and I'll go check on 'Mione." Harry pushed him towards the bathroom and left shaking his head, he knocked on Hermione's door and walked in to find her in the same state as Ron.

"Come on Hermione we're leaving soon." Harry said.

"There's just some much, when you said you had filled our wardrobes I didn't think you meant actually filled."

"Well of course I did, I figured you would be staying here a lot now because we always seemed to stay at the Weasley's so I figured this would be easier." Harry told her with a shrug.

"But Harry this must have cost a fortune there are some of the finest materials in here." Hermione said in awe, Harry shifted sheepishly.

"Actually it's all made out the finest material, mostly acromantula silk." Hermione turned to him gaping.

"It doesn't matter to me it was the least I could do now put on the purple robe in the front and meet us in the travel room, Cork will show you the way." A little elf with big blue eyes popped in wearing its uniform of black trousers, black shoes and a white shirt with the Black crest on the pocket. Harry left and met Tonks in the travel room to wait for his friends.

"What's taking so long?"

"They had your reaction to the wardrobe." Harry said with a grin as she blushed making her hair go red, Harry snickered.

"I was surprised ok."

"Yeah yeah," Tonks' hair went back to vivid purple as she had it today falling half way down her back. 5 minutes later, Ron and Hermione came in with Cork, Harry smiled at the pair who was looking particularly good in their new robes. They floo'd to the leaky cauldron and headed out Tonks told them to meet back at the pub in two hours and let them go, Harry grinned and dragged his friends off.

"So where do you want to go first?" Harry asked.

"Well I need to get a new quill and my parents gave me some extra money for my birthday." Mione said Harry nodded. They walked in to the stationary store and looked around, Harry saw some nice ones but he knew Sirius would buy them when they came to get there school supplies. Harry heard Hermione let out a small squeal of delight and went to find her; she was stood looking at a beautiful golden eagle quill. It was a deep brown with rings of gold going through it, it included everlasting ink, ever sharp tip and a non-smudge ink.

"I'm guessing you found the quill then Mione?"

"Isn't it gorgeous?" She took it up to the counter to ask the price.

"That's 17 galleons, it's a rare one." Hermione's face fell and Harry frowned.

"I'm sure you could cut her a deal." Harry said the shop keeper looked up and his eyes widened as he spotted the elusive scar.

"Bless my soul its Harry Potter in my shop." He exclaimed Harry gave him a small smile.

"Yes I shop here all the time with my best friends." He motioned between Hermione and Ron who had just appeared.

"You do, that's wonderful. I tell you what, you can take the quill free of charge and next time you come here you can guarantee discount." The man told them brightly, he wrapped up the quill and handed it over throwing in so free blue ink with it.

"Thank you so much, I'll be sure to mention where I buy my quills and inks." Harry said with a smile, the man looks positively ecstatic as they left the store. When they were out of earshot Hermione turned to Harry.

"What just happened?"

"You just got a free quill and discount next time you go in." Harry replied evenly walking off leaving Hermione spluttering, Ron laughed and caught up.

"Quidditch shop next?"

"Like you need to ask," Both boys ran to Quidditch quality supplies where they spent a good hour looking at everything, Harry managed to get some Chudley Cannons memorabilia for Ron and some Falcons stuff for himself for free. The went in to Flourish and Blotts per Hermione's request then Harry spotted a cloak he wanted which he also got for free and finally they finished with an ice-cream at fortiscue's where Harry never had to pay anyway. They met back with Tonks at the Leaky Caldron and floo'd how with all their bags; turns out Harry was really good at getting free stuff. They went in to the main lounge where Sirius was sat watching TV, the man had discovered the wonders of muggle technology and charmed the thing to work surrounded by magic.

"Hey pup, have fun?"

"Yeah it was brilliant."

"How much to you spend then." Sirius asked eyeing the multiple bags carried by each teen, Harry grinned.

"I didn't." Sirius blinked.


"I didn't spend anything at all, neither did these two."

"You're getting good at that pup."

"I know I don't know what it is but people seem to really like me, I mean had my card out to pay and they refused. Who refuses money?" Harry shook his head, "and before you ask no, I didn't speak to the press, actually I didn't even see them today."

"Good, I just don't want them to twist your words around."

"I know, can we use the pool after lunch?"

"Yeah, lunch is ready now so put your bags down and the elves will put it away." Harry shrugged and put his stuff down on the table, the last time he had tried to put his own things away the elves had reacted very badly and it took his 20 minutes to assure his distraught elf that he did in fact trust her and he did still want her as an elf, since then he had been too scared to put things away because Milly always seemed to be there when he did. Harry shook his head and went to the dining room where there was a massive spread of food.

"Sometimes I think the elves are trying to make us fat." Harry laughed as they sat down for lunch, lunch was filled with talks of the upcoming world cup where Sirius and Ron got in to a heated debate on which had the better team.

"No way, the Irish chasers are just too good." Sirius exclaimed.

"Yeah they are but Bulgaria have Krum who is the world's best seeker." Ron countered.

"But if the Irish are too much in the lead then it won't matter if Krum gets the snitch."

"Ok that is the truth but if Krum gets the snitch on even footing then the Irish will be flattened." It continued like that until Remus silenced the pair of them saying that we will see in a couple of days. After lunch Harry took them to the pool where they spent a good hour splashing around like kids, soon it was time for Ron and Hermione to leave so Harry saw them through the floo. He didn't mind though he was seeing them again in a week for the world cup which he was ridiculously excited about, for the rest of the day he chilled with Sirius in front of the TV while Moony buried himself in a book and Tonks was at work. Harry still couldn't believe the man had charmed muggle objects to work, but then he wasn't complaining.

"Did you enjoy your birthday pup?" Sirius asked throwing a careless arm around Harry's shoulders, Harry leaned in to the half hug.

"It was the best birthday ever,"

And it was.

So here it is, the first chapter and I hope I've done it justice! I didn't want to fill a few chapters of Harry 'getting to know' Sirius and Remus and learning everything because A) they've been done before many times and B) I don't think I would have been able to actually write it very well, so think of this chapter as a prologue and first chapter rolled in to one. Let me know what you think, but please be gentle; I don't usually write anything light so I tried my best!