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Ash: 16

Paul: 15

Reggie: 19


When I was younger I thought I could run away from my problems. I thought that maybe I could get away and forget everything. Run away from my dead mothers ghost, my abusive father and my brother who thought that if we waited long enough maybe everything will be better. Well, I wasn't any better than Reggie. Quite the opposite, actually. I was a pathetic wimp, thinking that everything would get better if I ran away. Only a coward would run away… But of course, I am a coward. Running from everything like an idiot. Well… What's done is done, and that's what I hate about life. It doesn't stop. Not for anyone. Not for me. I guess you don't understand anything about what I'm talking about, right? So I'll take it all from the beginning.

My family was a loving and caring family. My father, my mother, Reggie and I. If life weren't such a sadistic bitch, maybe it could've stayed like that, but no. I think the car crash is my earliest memory. We were going to my grandma in Jhoto. It was too expensive to take the train so we took the car. If only my dad were a bit less greedy, maybe this wouldn't have happened. O well. I don't know what happed next, but Reggie told me that this drunk driver somehow had ended up on the wrong side and were now driving towards the flow of cars. He drove into the side of our car, making our car drive into the woods and crashing with a tree. Next thing I remember is waking up at the hospital about three days later. The only one there were Reggie. He told me what happened, mom being dead and all. He also told me that dad had disappeared. A few days later he came stumbling in so drunk he couldn't tell the difference between a cow and a sandwich. That's when my life turned into a living hell.

When he was sober he was okay. He cried, saying that he would never drink again. Once he even threw away his bottles, but when every time life took another turn he started drinking. That's when he became the devil himself. Everyday when you opened the front door there were a chance that he would drag you in and hit you. Once he chased after me with a knife. I spend that night at veilstones pokécentre and promised myself that I would never trust anyone again.

Guess the first 2 years of the living hell was… bearable. I had Reggie, who protected me from his worst days. Then Reggie became ten, and you all know what happens when you're ten. He left home to become a Pokémon trainer. I wanted to be happy for him but found myself unable to. The only person I trusted went away. And with that I lost my trust in him too. The two following years changed me the most. I bought my purple hoodie that later would become my best friend, I stopped talking, I stopped eating, started cutting myself, Became lost in the darkness, etc. A few years later Reggie came back to veilstone and, judging by the look on his face, his heart broke. He hugged me and told me that he would never leave me again. I didn't want his pity. I had lived with this hell half my nine-year-old life. I had gotten used to it. He took me with him on his journey, and it was when he battled that guy with the flying pyramid that I decided that I wanted to become a Pokémon trainer too. So, well… I trained hard to reach my goals. And then I met Ash. First impression of him was that he was a pathetic, annoying wimp who whined about everything. I mean, get used to it. Life is a bitch, I think I would know. The part of him that annoyed me the most was that he thought that life was a dance on roses. Hah. Grow up…


"Paul, do you think you can come to Veilstone this weekend?" Reggie asked with a smile. His smiling face covering the entire screen on the videophone we were having a conversation on.

I crossed my arms and stared at him coldly. I just know he's up to something.

"Why?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Because I… need some help?" He smiled nervously, as if he was hiding something.

"Reggie, don't lie to me. If you don't tell me I'm going to turn of the video call." I reached for the off-button on the videophone.

"Uhm… Ash called." He said quickly.

"What? Why would HE call YOU? Where did he even get your number?"

"He told me that you freaked out a couple of days ago and asked me why."

Oh that's right… I got mad at him, yes.



I turned around only to find the pathetic wimp, aka Ash Ketchum, looking at me with his big, brown eyes. Why the hell is he here? Last time I saw him was at the sinnoh Pokémon competition a couple of years ago. He looks just the same as I remembered him to be. A blue jacket, dark blue jeans, a pair of sneakers, a cap with some kind of logo on it, same haircut, same brown eyes. The only difference it that he has gotten a few of inches longer.

"Hgn," I turned around and started walking.

"Wait, Paul!"

The naïve idiot ran towards me and stopped maybe a meter behind

"What is it?"

"Paul! I challenge you to a battle!"

The obnoxious idiot grinned. He hadn't changed at all. Why can't he just go away?

"No," I said and turned around. "Why would I? Both of us know who would win, and if you need a hint, it wouldn't be you."

His smile faded away and he blew his cheek up like little kids do when they get angry.

"Jerk, he said after a while."

"You're pathetic."

And so it began. My brother thinks that if we, or at least I, tried we could become really good friends. Here is proof to why it would not work.

"I'm not pathetic! YOU are pathetic!" He said

"Only a child would start a fight over this. Oh, wait. You ARE a child. How stupid of me."

When he didn't say anything I turned around and continued walking.

"I wonder where your parents were when you grew up!" He screamed after me.

Ouch. Even if I didn't show it, it hit me hard. If he only knew…

"Where are you going Paul! Home to your mommy?" He shouted after me.

"Shut up Ketchum. You don't know anything." I mumbled. If he heard me he decided to ignore it.

"Paul! Are you a coward? Do you run away because you don't think you can defeat me?"

That's it. He had crossed my line.

"Shut up Ketchum! You have NO IDEA what you're messing with. I SWEAR you wouldn't be able to live A DAY with the memories I have. So SHUT UP and run home to your mom who is, compared to mine, STILL ALIVE!" I yelled at him.

We looked at each other for a couple of seconds before I turned around and continued walking.

- End of flashback-

"Did you tell him anything? I swear by arceus I will kill you if you did..."

"Don't worry. I didn't. But I think you should tell him. Maybe you'll become friends if you would..."

A couple of seconds went by.

"No." I answerd coldly, giving him a look that would make anyone else afraid for their life.

"Awww, come on. I really think you could become closer if you did."

"We're not close. We're not even friends, so why would I tell him?"

"Pleeeeeeeaaaase? For meeee? He whined."


"Pleeeeeeeeaaaase Paulie? Pleeeeease."

"No. And don't call me that."

"Come on Paulie, for meeee… Pleeeeease?"

I thought for a few seconds. Why should I? He doesn't mean anything to me… right?

"Whatever." Like, what could go wrong… Now that you mentioned it, everything.

Reggie grinned. And before I could say anything…

"Then I'll see you in Veilstone next weekend! Bye Paulie!"

I tried to protest, say that I changed my mind, but he already hung up. So now I have to get to Veilstone. Great. Really fucking great. Well. I've already lost everything else, so why not my dignity too? Well... to Veilstone, I guess?


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