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Reggie laid face down on the floor in a puddle of blood. A wound from his back was bleeding profusely. I wanted to scream, but nothing came out. "Paul…" I could hear footsteps in the distance and I turned around. There he stood, with a knife in his hand, smelling of beer and other alcoholic beverages. He smiled manically and took a step forward. "Dad." I stated, and tried to take a step back, but there were glass shards all around me. "Paul…" I could someone calling my name in the distance. He took another step forward. The scenery changes, and a bloodbath played out in front of me. There were dead bodies all around, but only one of them caught my attention. Sprawled out on the ground laid Ash, with his dead eyes wide open. Well… This was something new. I shuddered, and the image of Ash burned on the inside of my eyelids. Suddenly the scene in front of me changed again, and I found myself standing in the middle of falling freely. I could see the ground getting closer and closer and I woke up.

Ash stood over me, looking concerned. "Paul… Are ya okay?" He asked. Damn it, another nightmare. I managed to collect myself the best I could, and nodded. He looked sceptical. "You sure? It felt like you had one hell of a nightmare." He said. "Ash, I'm fine." I snarled at him and exited the van. The image of the dead Ash flashed before me, and I almost lost my balance. "Paul, you're really pale, and you look like you just saw a monster. What happened?" I turned around and saw Ash looking worried at me. " Ash, I said I'm fine." He looked at me, and then slumped his shoulders. "If you say so…" I turned around again.

Pallet town was actually quite pretty. A small town filled with flowers, small huts and happy villagers. On a small hill by woods someone had build a big house with a windmill, and just below there was a huge field with all different kinds of Pokémon. They probably belonged to some trainer, because many of them definitely didn't belong in Kanto. Some of them were only to be found in Sinnoh. "Pretty, isn't it?" Ash had sneaked up behind me, and stood now side by side with me. He pointed at a small yellow house by the edge of the town. "There." He said. I looked at him. "I live there." He added. The he poked at the big house on the hill. "There's the lab. Gary lives there with his gramps." We stood in silence for a couple of seconds then woody just had to break the silence. " Yo, Ash! Come over here!" Woody stood by the van, leaning against the front door. Ash looked apologetic at me, and then ran over to him leaving me with the silence and the disturbing images from the nightmare. Looking at the blue sky wondering if this really was such a bad idea after all. A soft hand on my shoulder made me tense up, and the images from the dream flashed in front of me again. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you." A woman, probably around 40 years old with brown eyes and chestnut brown hair smiled at me. "My name is Delia, Ash's mom." I guess you could see her in Ash. They had the same eyes, and a similar looking mouth. She reached out her hand. "Paul." I said shortly, shaking her hand. "Hi mom!" Ash shouted on his way back from the van. "Ash!" She exclaimed happily, pulling him in a tight embrace. "Aurgh, Mom! Stop it!" He blushed, trying his best to wiggle away from his moms hug. Wonder what would've happened if my mom still lived. Maybe she would've hugged me like that, and maybe I would react the same way Ash did, trying to wiggle out of her hug, not knowing how lucky I was. I wonder how I would've turned out. Ash had somehow managed to get away from the tight embrace, only to get tackled by a happy Pikachu. "Come on Paul! I'm gonna show you where you'll be sleeping during your stay." He ran towards the small yellow house, and so I followed.

The house wasn't as small as I thought it would be. The house contained two floors. The lower part of the house contained the kitchen and the living room. Between the rooms there was an open area, where the dining table had been placed. To the right of the table there was a staircase leading up the upper floor. Upstairs you could find two bedrooms and a bathroom. One of these led to Ash's room, the other to somewhere I probably shouldn't be in. This one was a 50-50. Delia had informed me that I would share a room with Ash, since they didn't have a guestroom. My hand rested on the door handle to the room closest to the stairs. I took a deep breath and opened the door. Destiny must've been really kind to me today, because unless Delia had an unhealthy obsession with Pokémon I had entered the right room. Everything in the room had something to do with Pokémon. I barely noticed Ash lying on the bed. "Paul! You´re going to sleep on the floor, If that's okay with you." He turned his head towards me, poking at a mattress on the floor I wouldn't even have noticed if he didn't point it out. I slumped my shoulders and threw my bag on the floor next to the bed. Ash shifted over to his stomach and then stared at me as if I was something really interesting. " Ash. Stop staring" I snapped after a while of uncomfortable staring. "Ah, sorry! Didn't mean it." He said, his cheeks shifting to a weak shade of red, and I got the feeling it was definitely not an accident.

The rest of the night went by quite quickly. I barely got the time to fix my bed before it was dinner. Ash was the first to sit down, followed by me. Delia had refused any help, and ordered me to sit down. " I thought that maybe tomorrow we would visit professor Oak, and help him with his research." Ash said. " Then maybe go down to the lake. It's quiet and very peaceful." I slumped my shoulders. "Only if you want." He added quickly. "I'm fine with everything." I answered. When he stayed quiet I looked back at him. "Why do you not have any opinions? I don't want to decide everything." He said, puffing up his cheeks again. " I was taught not to say anything. It would just make my situation worse if I said something wrong, so it was better not to say anything at all." I answered again, turning away from him. "Oh." He said. Right after that Delia turned around with a bowl filled with mashed potatoes, and that became the end of that conversation. We ate in silence. Ash threw some glances at me, but otherwise we didn't look at each other before Delia felt the need to say something. "So boys, what are you going to do tomorrow?" She happily asked. "Well, I thought it would be nice to visit Oak, then head down to the river." He said, and I nodded in agreement. She looked pleased with the answer, and didn't say anything else during the rest of the dinner.

Standing in the bathroom I looked at the scars I had done to myself. My purple hoodie was laying on the toilet seat together with my T-shirt. No new scars, the newest had been done three days ago. Nothing new. The same ugly body with the same ugly face and the same ugly personality. No, nothing new here. Sigh. A loud slam made me twitch and I turned around. The door had ben slammed open, and in the doorway stood a pale Ash. He was staring at my arms and my scars. In less than a quarter of a second I had shoved him out of the bathroom and locked the door. He saw me. He saw my scars and my disgusting body. He saw it all. Fucking hell.

When I entered Ash's room he laid on his bed staring at the door. I stood in the doorway for a couple of seconds, but when he didn't try to say anything I started walking toward my "bed". The tension was laying like a thick cover over the room, and I knew there's only seconds until he'll say something. " Do you think I'm stupid for not expecting that?" He asks after awhile. " A little bit, maybe" I answer coldly. He turns and looks me straight into the eyes. "But why?" he asks quietly. I stare at the floor, not really knowing what to say. " It helps me to make it through the day, I guess." I state. It's true. If I didn't, I don't know what I would've done to myself. "Why?" He asks again. " The pain takes my mind of everything else. I-" My voice broke. "It saves me from myself." I continue after a breathe in and a breathe out. Before I know it I'm pulled into a warm embrace. I tense up and tries to wiggle out, like Ash did earlier, but he is stronger than I expected. " Ash, What are you doing?" he lets me go and slumps his shoulders. "I thought you might need one." He says, then stand up and exit the room. I stare at the pint where he was laying before he left, then laid down on my back. I stare up at the ceiling until he comes back. He turn off the lights, and lays himself down. I shift around until I end up on my stomach. Why does he care about I. Ugly, disguisting, evil I. I bury my face in the pillow and does something I haven't done in nine years. I cried and wished for it all to be over.

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