Jacob stood in the trees just beyond the streetlamps reach. He watched children in raincoat-covered costumes run door to door, swinging their candy baskets carelessly, as their drenched parents looked on.

The parents needn't worry. Tonight he was the wolf, the hunter; patience was his and there was always one group, too young to know when to give it up.

They came swaggering, giggling; dressed up like monsters the wolf knew too well. The tallest had pin-up curls and a crimson corset that could barely contain her chest. The smallest had her hair tucked into a bonnet, gliding through the rain in a tattered Victorian gown. The third, let her hair flow freely, pulled over her face for effect, wearing a purple dress with a black cape that fluttered like wings.

Each of the three had splattered their faces with fake blood.

He watched the three go bouncing up the stairs. Now was not the time, there were too many people. He followed them, observing the things that would help him find them later; the way they moved and the way they smelled…

Crimson Corset left first and he followed. They were in sight of her house when he coughed; she dropped her pail of sweets and spun to meet him.

"What's your name?"

"Jess… Gotta kid at my house?" She glance toward her front porch and knelt to pick up her candy.

"Jess… Are you a Trick? Or a Treat?"

She looked at him, he noted condescendingly, slack jawed with that stupid look women get when they are offended and don't know how to handle it.

She palmed a Hershey bar and chucked it hard at his head.


She turned away from him; he moved so fast she wouldn't have seen it coming.

He went to where he last saw her companions; followed their scent to a house where their paths finally split. Purple Dress had gone in the house; Tattered Gown had kept on walking. He sniffed the air, listened, and knew Purple Dress was alone. He knocked.

"Trick or Treat?"

"Aren't you a little old?"

"What's your name, Trick or Treat?"

"It's Bella, and I'm not buying the seasonal pick-up lines so get-"

She was too busy yapping to see his body tense and lunge; she was unconscious when he pulled the heart from her chest.

Tattered Gown wasn't alone in her house but it wasn't a problem. He'd lure her out easily.

He picked up an acorn and lobbed it at the girl's window; the pane slid open.

"Who are you?"

He held out a fistful of Bella's candy.

"Trick or Treat."


"You dropped this on your way home."

"I'll come down, hold on."

He approached the door; it opened softly, but the girl was not alone. A man with a white collar and a revolver stood in front of her.

"Beast!" The man yelled over the crack of a silver bullet leaving the chamber.

"Trick," said Angela; the werewolf hit the ground.

This oneshot/drabble, was an entry in Free Writers and Readers Drabble Challenge, where the entries had to be 500 words and under. Drabbles had to contain Jacob Black as a main character. My entry was 500 words exactly.

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