Clint's P.O.V.

"Get cereal," Tony says.

"Get Healthy cereal," Steve says.

"Pop-Tarts," Thor says.

My question is how the fuck did I get selected for this crap?! I glanced down the isle of cereals trying to decide which one to get. Tony just wants cereal and doesn't really care which one, but of course it has to be healthy freaken cereal. And Thor want's freaken Pop-Tarts, which have just about as many options as cereal. I can't win! I stared at the many boxes lined up in neat rows all down the isle. What the hell should I get; froot-loops, captain crunch, Rice crispy, Trix, Lucky charms, the list is endless. I glanced up and down the isle one last time taking in each color-full design on the boxes.

"Fuck it, this is the one Tasha likes. Moving on," I muttered, grabbing a box off the shelf and putting it in the cart.

Now to get Thor's Pop-Tarts. I turned towards the row of Pop-Tarts and groaned. Why, why me?! I don't even know what type of Pop-Tarts he likes. And I'd rather not come home with the wrong type of Pop-Tarts... Not after what he did to Tony that one time. I shuddered at the thought and quickly shook away the image forming in my mind. Well looks like I'll be getting one of each. I grabbed one of each box of Pop-Tarts and shoved them into the cart. Okay and last but not least on the list, ice-cream, another one with multiple choices. I quickly moved to the frozen section and glanced through the options of ice cream. I groaned again, a scowl making it's way onto my face.

Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate swirl, Chocolate fudge chunks, Ben & Jerry's, Neapolitan. I pulled open the door to the fridge and grabbed the tub of Neapolitan ice cream and shoved it in the cart. I quickly checked out then put all the stuff in my car and drove back to the tower where the team was staying. The second I walked through the door the bag was snatched out of my hand and I could see Tony's retreating figure moving into the kitchen with the bag in hand. I followed him into the kitchen where the rest of the team was sitting around the table, each had a different drink in front of them.

"Really Clint, Raisin bran? Really?" Tony asked, frowning.

"What's wrong with Raisin bran?" Natasha asked, crossing her arms and glaring at Tony.

"Oh ah nothing, nothings wrong with it," Tony exclaimed, smiling. He started pulling out all the boxes of Pop-Tarts out of the bag.

"Geesh why'd you buy so many Pop-Tarts?" Tony asked.

"I wasn't sure which one Thor like so I just bought all the flavors they had... just to be save," I explained.

"Smart," Tony muttered, pulling out the ice cream.

"Eh I would've prefered Chocolate fudge swirl," Tony grumbled. I tossed my hands up in the air and scowled.

"Well then next time why don't you go to the store," I countered, stalking out of the room. I hate shopping, especially for food for this team, Tony is so damn picky when it comes to what he eats.