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Ch. 3 "Meanwhile"

"What do you mean we're going to have a several minuets of nothing?" Dedede asked in fear.

"We miscalculated. We don't even have a commercial to put in." Escargoon said.

"Don't worry! We got it!" Bardock said running through the door.

"What's this?" Dedede asked. He was holding the tape that Bardock handed him.

"It's a video that we've been working on for a while. It's called 'Meanwhile'."


"Now it's time for a fun little short called 'Meanwhile', by our Saiyan friends." Escargoon's voice said form the TV.

Onin was on the couch playing video games and Chloe was reading a book. "Hey Onin, do you think there are parallel universes?"

Onin scoffed. "No."

"MEANWHILE in a parallel universe where cloning is legal."

They were doing the same thing in the other universe, except another Onin walks into the room.

"Wanna do some training?" The clone asked.

"Yep." the original replied.

"MEANWHILE in a parallel universe where people occasionally mistake their hand for a bear."

They were doing the same thing as in the original universe when Chloe looks at her hand and thinks it's a bear.

"Ahh! No! It's a bear! It's a bear!" she screamed falling out of her chair at the table. Onin too engrossed in his game.

"MEANWHILE in a parallel universe where books are hot."

Chloe was reading but she was having a hard time due to the temperature. "Ow. Ow. Ow."

"MEANWHILE in a parallel universe where books are hot."

Chloe was making out with her book.

"MEANWHILE in a parallel universe where Watches don't exist."

"Hey, what's the time?" Chloe asked.

"Time, you got a watch." Onin replied.

"The heck is a watch?"

Onin was freaking out at this point. "I don't know!"

"MEANWHILE in a parallel universe where dinosaurs are still alive, but are also invisible."

They were doing the same thing they were doing in the original universe when Chloe put down her book and asked, "Is there a dinosaur in here?"

Onin stopped playing his game and said, "I don't know, but it is entirely possible..."

"MEANWHILE in a parallel universe where everything is narrated."

They were doing the same thing like the other universes when the narrator said, "Onin was thinking about Chloe's navel." Onin was freaking out realizing that he was busted.

"What?" Chloe asked in confusion.

"No! No I wasn't!" Onin lied, trying to cover up his embarrassing thoughts.

"MEANWHILE in a parallel universe where nobody's called Steve."

"Do you know anybody called Steve?" Chloe asked out of the blue.

"No." Onin replied.

"Me neither."

"That is weird."

"MEANWHILE in a parallel universe where homework is drugs."

"Bardock, I've never done homework in my life, you KNOW this." Onin said while he was on the phone playing his game. However Chloe was doing homework. Smelling it like she was high.

"MEANWHILE in a parallel universe where the letter "M" doesn't exist."

"What are you doing?" Chloe asked.

"Playing video gaes." Onin replied. He then looked at the camera.

"MEANWHILE in a parallel universe where sandwiches make your cloths disappear."

Onin was playing his game, and he had a sandwich on his lap. "Hey Chloe, you want a sandwich?"

"No thanks."

"Darn it!"

"MEANWHILE in a parallel universe where kitchen appliances create wormholes."

"Look I got a new blender." Onin said walking into the room and popping out of their universe.

"MEANWHILE in our universe."

The Onin holding the blender reappeared in our universe. Chloe looked over for a moment unfazed.

"Told you there are parallel universes." She said rather smugly.

"Wanna do some training?" The Onin with the blender asked.

The Onin of our universe paused the game with a smile on his face. "Yeah," he replied as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

In the credits it said, "Original made by Tomska."

Everyone was laughing at the hilarity of the video. "You guys came through. Thanks." Dedede said.

"No problem. We had fun making it." Chloe said

"We put in all of her favorites in that one." Onin said.

"Was it me, or was that a different book in those takes?" Escargoon asked.

"Good eye. I was doing that." Chloe said with a smile.

"I wanted to do the hyper-intelligent horse person." Nappa said put out.

"It's creepy that you wanted to be Mrs. Johnson." she shuddered.

"I'm glad he was denied him that too." Vegeta said holding back his shiver.

"But, I love it." Nappa wined. Causing everyone to shutter.

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