Title: The Godfaether

Category: Lost Girl, Lauren/Bo

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Spoilers: None for the actual show, though as mentioned, dialogue from the show it used in different contexts.

Rating: M for Mature

Story Summary: AU. Lauren and Bo were raised in the McCorrigan crime family. Bo stayed with the family and is pitted to be don one day, but Lauren left with no intention of ever returning. When events happen that bring Lauren home, she is given an offer she just can't seem to refuse.

Author's Note: This story is an exploration of these characters in an entirely new environment. It's those crazy dreams of mine; they come up with the craziest scenarios. When writing this, I had to ask myself a lot of questions about how these characters would honestly react given their personalities and these different situations. I already feel like Trick and the entirety of the fae in the show have this seedy crime underbelly, so I wanted to pull in my love for classic mafia films. I couldn't resist putting quotes from films as a start to each new chapter, carefully chosen to relay the theme or overall feeling of that chapter. Originally, I had planned on adding the fae elements in there, but honestly, I wound up removing them because the humanity (and lack thereof) of this world was badass enough. Just for clarity, nobody has fae powers and everyone is human.

I do need to warn you that this may seem like it starts out slow because a lot needs to happen before the girls get together. This story was challenging to write because I wanted to stay true to the characters and realistic to the emotional responses given the events surrounding them. Just remember that this is alternate POV, so there is quite a bit going on around these two that you don't see.

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Without further ado, I welcome you to "The Godfaether."

Chapter One: An Offer She Can't Refuse

"I don't like violence, Tom. I'm a businessman. Blood is a big expense."

-Solozzo from The Godfather

Lauren shouldn't have been surprised to get the phone call. Not that she was ever close to her father, especially the past seven years; at least not since Nadia was killed. For years, she was convinced the only reason he even attended her girlfriend's funeral was because Trick was there, and wherever Trick went, her father went. Even knowing what her father did for a living, even though he provided everything she could ever want, and even though he made sure she was always protected, Lauren hadn't really felt safe since she witnessed the business firsthand. It wasn't a hard decision to never look back after the funeral, even if she knew the family was somehow lurking in the shadows and she was never truly away from them. Still, it was nice to make believe sometimes; it made it easier to go about her daily life. It made it easier to ignore her father.

Sure, he was a lawyer, but he was a private lawyer for the McCorrigan family, and Lauren found out the hard way just how much influence and power bred just as powerful and influential enemies. She didn't know she was living in a bad, real life mafia movie. Even when she found out, it wasn't like she had any say in the matter.

Unfortunately, Nadia was the one who paid the ultimate price because of the family. Lauren wasn't even part of it; not really. Nadia definitely wasn't part of the family, and Lauren never felt comfortable committing fully because of the lies she always had to tell. They were talking about marriage and kids and the long term, and Lauren was thinking about revealing the family business and secrets to her so they could finally be together completely. Something always kept her from saying anything, though. Then, it was too late. Lauren still didn't know if she ever would have opened up completely.

She never liked lying to her friends and lovers; it's why Bo was so easy to be with when they were younger, despite how shitty the other girl treated her when they were in public. So, when Lauren found Nadia, when she was in the process of falling in love with her, she was ready to run away. They made these grand plans, and she promised Nadia even grander adventures. Lauren had just finished med school, after all, and she made arrangements to do research overseas, whisking Nadia as far away as possible from the craziness that was the McCorrigan crime syndicate.

Oh, the beauty and overly romantic ideals of young love.

However, being caught in the crossfire during a child's birthday party was what made the entire thing so much worse. The party was supposed to represent innocence and represented the naivete that came with childhood. Lauren couldn't remember whose birthday it even was, but she remembered how she felt being there, which was better than constantly replaying the image of Nadia being shot while she walked across the lawn to refill their punch. It was the one and only time Lauren failed as a doctor, and it was the one and only time when it counted the most.

That was seven years ago, and the only reason she really thought about it now was because it was the first time she'd really been back in this place since it happened. Since then, she had served two tours in Afghanistan, which forced her to learn how to fight for herself and how to fight to save others. Since her last tour, she had spent all of her time in the Congo doing medical research, hoping that by moving so much from village to village that nobody would be able to find her. For all intents and purposes, Lauren Lewis wanted to disappear completely. She wanted to be a ghost to these people, but she knew that pipedream would be over sooner rather than later.

The family always found you.

She just didn't expect it would be because her father's last heart attack actually would kill him. When she talked to him on the phone last month, he promised he was doing better and was taking his medicines. If her mother was still alive, she would have never let this happen to him. Now, a bit of Lauren's lost humanity was showing as she felt guilty for the short, final, and extremely clinical conversation with her father. She could have at least told him that her research was going well, but she didn't want him to find her. It's why she always called from a strange phone the night before she moved to a new village. She could've asked about her sister and brother. She could've asked about her niece and nephew. She could've even asked how his favorite hockey team was doing this season. Instead, she just called to let him know she was alive and to let her know the same about him.

She really shouldn't have been surprised that the McCorrigan family knew exactly how to contact her when it happened. Honestly, she felt guilty for being more angry that they called her at all than sad that it was because her father died.

When she stepped into her father's house, she realized she had never even been there. The place was cold and distant, just like they were. There was nothing warm or inviting about it. It was smaller than she would have expected, since her dad used to love lavish things. Then again, the place was still exaggerated and way too big for one man. He never remarried after Lauren's mother died because he was already married to his work and to his other family. It's exactly where Lauren learned two of her most apparent traits: being work-consumed and being loyal. Lauren couldn't say the same about her love life since Nadia died; she took a handful of lovers over the years in her moments of weakness. They were few and far between, but she did have them. Most of the time, she was so obsessed with her work and finding answers and cures to things that didn't have answers or cures. She wanted to make the world a better place because, in her mind, she needed to give something back to save the world her family spent centuries corrupting.

At least Trick was an honest and just don, and he was always a pleasant man as long as you did what he said. Her father served as his consigliere ever since Trick took over for his father. They had grown up together; they were best friends throughout school because Lauren's grandfather was one of Trick's father's most trusted capos. "Keep it in the family" was what her father used to say whenever they recalled the story to new members of the regime. It was what he used to tell Lauren before tucking her in at night.

The only time he ever broke from that was when he caught her and Bo making out in Trick's office when they were teenagers. Nobody was supposed to know about them; those were Bo's rules, and she didn't mind keeping to them because she didn't want people to know that the same girl who terrorized her at school was the girl she was making out with behind closed doors at family events. When her father caught them, that was the only time he didn't say "keep it in the family" because apparently, it was okay to keep it in the family as long as it wasn't with the don's granddaughter, who would probably be don herself one day. They didn't sneak around anymore after that, though there was an incident at their high school graduation party. Lauren moved away the next week to get a jump start on college and internships, and she really hadn't thought that much about Bo since then. At least, she tried not to think about Bo.

She would definitely be hard to avoid now, though. The last time Lauren saw her was at Nadia's funeral; she wasn't really paying attention to her then other than acknowledging her presence. The only reason Lauren remembered it now was because she realized she couldn't avoid anything anymore. She knew it was a given that she would run into Bo again, especially now that she was stuck here for however long it took to get her father's estate settled. She didn't look forward to the reunion, but she knew it was inevitable. At least she didn't see her at the funeral this time; then again, Lauren was a little preoccupied with trying to keep her composure, so it was one moment she could honestly say she wasn't thinking about Bo.

She also really didn't look forward to meeting with Trick again this evening, but he had allowed her time to settle in to her father's house and freshen up before the meeting. At least he had ensured the funeral and everything was settled, since she didn't get in until this morning. Her brother and sister were useless in that regard, too. Lauren found it funny, as she stood there staring at her father, peaceful and cold in his open casket, that she realized she actually did love him. He was her father, and he was good to her. Since she was the oldest, she had more time with him; she was really the only one who remembered their mom, too. The other two didn't know how warm and loving their father used to be; he had loved their mother, and when she passed when Lauren was only seven, he buried himself with work and didn't know how to interact with his children anymore.

His legal estate didn't even give them time to grieve long, as they went right from the cemetery to the lawyer's office. She wasn't surprised that the will and inheritance was clearcut without any room for argument, though her brother and sister still tried to argue. Her father was actually a damn fine lawyer. It's why the McCorrigan family business never found itself in any legal trouble. He was hard-working, loyal, and good at his job, and Lauren could definitely respect that.

However, she didn't really want his house or his car; the ones he left to her and not her siblings. She didn't even really want his money, though she could admit it would be helpful for privately funding her research and projects. Split in three parts; that's how he did it. At least his other properties, the ones given to her brother and sister, were far, far away, so she didn't have to worry about them living close to her. However, this house, the one her father actually lived in looked like the opposite of a home. There were blank, white walls and zero decorations. There wasn't even a throw pillow or lamp. Everything in the place was only there for functional purposes. It was the most sterile, white space Lauren had ever been in, and she was a doctor. The only thing decorating the entire house was his organized collection of medicine sitting along the right sink in the ensuite bathroom, which Lauren wasn't surprised to find he was either forgetting or failing to take.

When she made it to the McCorrigan mansion, Lauren actually felt her palms start to sweat. The last time she was here, her life was completely shattered. This place had once promised happy memories when she was a child, but once she turned fifteen, once she found out the truth, all she could think about were the unhappy ones. Nadia died here. Bo broke her heart here. Her father helped run a crime organization here. All of the times she ever smiled in this place were washed over by the bad times. It was like they played on repeat as she walked up the steps and into Trick's study.

He was waiting for her there, and the dark and warm colors and full decorations of this place made her feel like this was an actual home. This place was inviting, despite the blood spilled inside, around, and because of it. Much like her father's hair had grayed around his temples, so had Trick's. He was a short-statured man, but Trick always was the most intimidating person Lauren ever met, including the armies of men she would see in the field during her two tours. He had power for a reason, and Lauren understood why they nicknamed him "the Blood King." She had no doubt he had a lot of blood on his hands, and he ruled because of it. Still, he was a pleasant man, despite all of his family secrets and power. He had been loyal and great with her father, and Lauren could respect that, too. She owed this man more than she would ever be willing to admit, which was why she was more than nervous about meeting with him on her own. He hadn't requested an audience with all of the Lewis children; only her.

"Lauren." Trick stood from his desk and came to embrace her. It was awkward for her, since she had spent so much time avoiding much intimate contact with others. She had managed to keep people at a distance yesterday at the funeral, so she was surprised she allowed it now. When he pulled back from the hug, she was grateful when he motioned for them to sit and get down to business. She never really liked formalities. Again, the familiar guilt surfaced about the last conversation she had with her father. "Despite the circumstances, it is good to see you alive and well. Your father was proud of you. You've turned into an extremely valuable asset to the world."

"I'm glad you think so highly of me." Lauren clenched her jaw, utilizing every lesson she ever learned about keeping her stoicism and hiding her emotions. It was one thing her father taught her well.

"Your father's passing affects us all." Trick cleared his throat with a commanding presence. Lauren never let her eyes wander from his, so she found the gesture unnecessary. He had her undivided attention already, which only meant he was bracing himself for whatever he had to tell her. "I'm sure you're aware how we keep a close eye on you. It's always been your father's wishes that we know you were safe and taken care of. We put you through college and med school and made sure your projects were always funded. I just want you to know that even though your father has passed, you are still an important part of this family. We wouldn't have invested time and resources on you if we didn't think so."

"How? How important?" Lauren arched a questioning eyebrow at him, a practiced gesture to let him know she knew this meeting was about family business and he could get on with it.

"Your father was the best advisor I ever could have asked for, and I'd like to keep it in the family." Trick stood before moving to the tiny bar area he had in his office. He poured two tumblers with what Lauren assumed was scotch. Her throat felt dry, and she knew the alcohol wouldn't help, but her body tingled in anticipation because she knew it would be the good stuff. It had been a long time since she'd had the good stuff. "I know you are in the medical field, but a consigliere's duties aren't solely for legal purposes. The consigliere is the person I trust the most and who I know will be a trustworthy and honest advisor. I trusted your father, and he trusted you. Therefore, I would like to request you as his replacement."

"Do I have a say in the matter?" Lauren tried her best not to sound annoyed, but she could hear the hint escaping in her tone. Trick noticed it as he moved to hand her the second tumbler. She sipped slowly and precisely, like her father taught her, to calm herself again. She was glad to find it was more than the top shelf good stuff she and Bo used to sneak; this was better. "My apologies, sir."

"You've had a long, hard couple of days, especially today. I would be more worried if you didn't show some emotion." Trick came to sit back down beside her again. "Lauren, I know this is a big decision for you. It's a major life change and a lot of responsibility. I'm aware of your misgivings about the family business, but that's also what makes you right for the job. You'll keep me honest and let me know when things aren't. I can hire a team of lawyers just as good, if not better, than your father, but the one thing that can't be replaced is that loyalty and trust. The reason we have survived this long is because he kept me honest, especially when it would have been so easy not to be. I'm not forcing you; you do have a say in the matter, and you should know this will not affect your research or work negatively should you decide not to do this. You're still family, and family sticks together."

"Can I have the night to sleep on it?" Lauren had a feeling she wouldn't accept it, but she did owe Trick a lot, and he deserved for her to at least think about the offer. "I won't make you wait long, but you're right. This is a major decision, and I'm flattered you would offer this to me. It's an honor, Don."

"Sleep on it. Get back to me when you can." Trick took the tumbler from Lauren when she offered it back to him. She only took the one sip, wanting to keep her composure since it was close to breaking and remembering the last time she was drunk in this office when she was seventeen. It was a shame she couldn't enjoy the scotch properly. "Go home and get some rest. If you need anything, there's a detail patrolling your house every hour. We can talk more tomorrow."

"Thank you, sir." Lauren stood at attention, posture not unlike her years in the field. In college, she rebelled from authority figures and protested big corporations. After Nadia, Lauren wasn't surprised to find how easy it was to take orders and lose her Self completely again. She had spent so much time these past few years in the Congo, running from who she was. Now that she was faced with exactly who she was again, Lauren didn't know how to reconcile her past and present with her future. No matter what she decided, she knew that her life would never be the same.

Bo was glad to finally sleep in and get some rest. She hadn't been able to really sleep properly the past week because she had to fight with Bryce about going over to Trick's. It was getting harder to hide the business from him the more involved she became in the actual business. He was such a curious guy, and he was always asking her questions about what it was she actually did for Trick. It was like he never believed her when she would explain to him that she only did PR work for the winery, though she had gradually been taking over most aspects of the winery. When she moved back from college, she didn't expect Trick would even let her work, but she convinced him to give her an actual job as a soldier. It was the perfect lifestyle for her. She didn't want to sit around and do nothing in an office all day; she wanted to party all night. She actually loved asserting her dominance and kicking ass. Her string of lovers over the years frustrated him enough that when Bryce came into the picture, Trick finally let her put her education to use to encourage her to settle down.

Bryce was harder to deal with this week because Mr. Lewis had died, and she wasn't ready to explain everything to him yet. Every time Bo saw Mr. Lewis at the compound, she would immediately remember Lauren and how much regret she had about the entire situation. Seeing him was a constant reminder of what she lost and could've had if she hadn't been so self-absorbed. If she was just able to admit to Trick and the world that she was madly in love with Lauren Lewis and didn't care what others thought. Not that she would've been able to appreciate it back then, though.

Bo knew she was a mean girl in school, and she knew she made it harder on Lauren because of her feelings she tried so hard to deny. Honestly, she never really cared until about five years ago about how shitty she was. Not until she started working at the vineyard and would see Mr. Lewis all of the time. Not until Bryce. Once he was born, Bo found herself looking back on her life and reflecting on every little detail. Mr. Lewis had served as a tangible reminder of how horrible she really was because nobody had heard from or seen Lauren since her girlfriend was shot all those years ago. Bo so desperately wanted to care back then, at the girl's funeral, but she had been so busy being angry at the world and being scared of herself. She was mad Lauren could move on from her and fall in love with somebody who wasn't her, even if they hadn't seen each other in years, so Bo had made it a point that Lauren noticed her at the funeral. It was like she wanted to rub it in that she was still alive and her girlfriend wasn't.

That's why she fought with Bryce this week. He was only four, and she didn't want to explain death to him yet. It was hard being surrounded by so much of it her entire life. It's why she did her best to not kill whenever she had to fight someone. Not that she didn't, but she never particularly liked being the one giving the final blow. It was funny how she was the person who decided who got to live and die, but she most often chose life herself, even if she gave the orders to the other soldiers in her capo regime to finish somebody. She wanted to shield her son from it just a little longer.

He didn't seem to understand why he couldn't go to Papa Trick's this week, especially today because Sundays were his day with his great grandfather. Bo wanted to be proper, though, so she had Bryce's nanny stay with him while she went to pay her respects to Mr. Lewis. She would have skipped just out of fear of seeing Lauren again and wanting to actually be respectful at the funeral this time, but Trick would never let her get away with it. Not when it was the consigliere's funeral. Plus, she always liked Mr. Lewis, and he never told Trick about her and Lauren, so Bo was always grateful and careful around him. Even knowing what he did about them, Mr. Lewis never treated Bo horribly or held the knowledge as blackmail. It was easy to see how Lauren got her caring and compassionate sides, even if none of the Lewis family ever shared or showed too much emotion; at least not since Mrs. Lewis died. That was part of the challenge and why Bo fell in love with Lauren the second she actually did show those things to her. How could she not?

Trick was already in process of teaching her the family business so she could take over for him, and she didn't think skipping the consigliere's funeral just because you were afraid of seeing a secret ex again would be a good excuse to miss. If she was going to be don, if she was going to lead the family one day, she had to show that she could despite personal drama.

That didn't mean she had to see Lauren, though. Well, she didn't have to let Lauren see her. It was kind of hard not to notice Lauren since it was her father's funeral and she was front and center. She looked different, and Bo felt guilty for realizing how age and life had somehow made Lauren even more attractive. Her father's funeral was not the time to be thinking about how beautiful Lauren had become. Bo had learned her lesson from last time. This wasn't about her and those dormant emotions and vivid memories. It was about letting somebody grieve without the stress of an unhinged ex adding stalking to the event. At least Bo had long ago accepted her feelings and learned to not be selfish. So, she stayed back and waited to send her condolences when Lauren had ducked away for a moment. After that, Bo found Trick to let him know she was there and left to go take Bryce for ice cream.

Unfortunately, he was taking a nap when she got home, so they had to postpone the ice cream run. Honestly, it was more for her than it was for him, but he didn't need to know that. She was allowed to be a little selfish now and then. Having a kid definitely changed everything about her. She was no longer partying at all hours. No, now she was home by 9:00 and in bed by 10:00 because she knew Bryce would be up at the backass of dawn. Kenzi helped when she could, particularly whenever Bo had a date, but even dating and casual sex no longer had the appeal it once did. Bo actually felt like she was a former sex monster who lost her claws and bite. Not that she didn't get the urge, but she was too exhausted most of the time to even bother with dates or sex. Until she saw Lauren earlier, Bo didn't even realize it had been seven months since she'd gotten laid. It had been four months since she'd been on a date. Perhaps that was why Lauren was extra attractive today. Maybe Bo just needed to release some tension and the memories of her and Lauren together came flooding in at her without warning. They were pretty epic memories.

Bryce came trudging into the living room, gripping that damned blanket she had been trying for months to get him to forget. His dark, curly locks were disheveled and his face still held pillow creases. He came and crawled onto the couch and snuggled up to her, and she immediately wrapped him into her embrace. He was once an overly affectionate kid, but lately, he had been trying to break free from her more and more. She missed these moments, and she relished them when they came because she knew one day he would try to ignore her affections completely. It made her want more kids.

"Mary said you were good today." Bo ran her fingers through his baby soft curls, knowing she needed to get him a haircut because it was easier to fix his hair when it was in a fade. She loved her son's hair, but it always took longer to fix when she let it grow out like this. His father wanted to let it grow out even more so he could have pictures of his son's first afro, but his father didn't have to fix his hair every morning, so she won that one. "I was thinking about ordering a pizza and watching a movie tonight. How does that sound?"

"Only if I can pick the movie and you don't get green peppers." He had obviously been hanging around Kenzi too long because he used to love green peppers. In fact, he used to grab the pepper slices from the vegetable tray first, though Bo learned immediately to give him his own plate of dip because he really didn't eat the veggies until he had used the same pepper to dip in the ranch dressing until it was gone. He had obviously seen Kenzi do that, too.

"Okay, but I'm putting my foot down on the mushrooms. Also, no more Avengers or Cars. How about a new movie tonight? Something we haven't seen yet?"

"But you told Aunt Kenzi this morning that it would be good to see old films." He must have heard their conversation in the kitchen after breakfast when Bo was talking to Kenzi about seeing Lauren again.

"I was talking about old 'flames,' baby, not 'films.' Besides, Avengers and Cars are not old films."

"They are to me. I'm only four, mom."

"Touché." Bo chuckled when she noticed her son's signature "you're not fooling anybody" look. Of course Kenzi would point out that he does this, and of course his mother would be the one person he used it on the most. "I had to see an old friend today that I haven't seen in a long time."

"She made you sad?" Bryce narrowed his eyes. He definitely had her eyes and expressions, and he was so handsome. Between her genes and his father's genes, Bryce would have no trouble picking up anybody he wanted because of his natural charm and good looks.

"No, baby. She didn't make me sad. Today was just a sad day. Remember I told you we wouldn't be seeing Mr. Lewis anymore? I had to go and say goodbye to him and see my old friend, his daughter." Bo let out a deep breath and pulled her son closer to her. She couldn't imagine what it would feel like to lose a parent. Seeing Lauren today also reminded Bo that Lauren had now lost both of her parents to diseases and lost a lover because of the family business. Bo knew her father was from the rival family, and her mother was currently off running around Europe with husband number five. Really, Trick was the closest family she had, and he had left her with Mary Dennis when she was younger. She had actually changed her name to Dennis when she was a soldier because she didn't want others to know who she was because of her last name. She trusted Mary because she was a lovely woman and taught her a lot growing up, which was why she didn't mind hiring her to watch Bryce, though she didn't know how much longer it would last because Mary was getting older and Bryce was getting more demanding of attention and time. Plus, he started school next year, so she wouldn't need her as much. "I love you, sweetie. Always remember that, okay?"

"Geez, mom." Bryce rolled his eyes at her, but he didn't move from his spot snuggled into her. "Okay, a new movie, and you can get green peppers as long as there are mushrooms, too."

"Deal." Bo kissed the top of his head before he extracted himself again and ran into his room, still clinging tightly to that blanket. He was a good kid, and she wanted to teach him how to respect and love others. She didn't want him to be the mean kid like she was in high school. She wanted him to know it was okay to love anybody he wanted.

She heard him playing and singing in his room, as she made her way to her own bedroom to change out of her funeral dress and heels. She pulled on a pair of sweats and a tanktop and transformed into Mom Bo again. After she ordered the pizza, Bo moved to browse the films on the Netflix app to see what was new. She looked in her queue and saw a film she'd forgotten was even on there. She hadn't seen it since it came out in theatres when she was in high school, and she must've been in one of her retrospective moods when she put it on there. It made her think about Lauren again, since they were supposed to go see this film together, before they were caught and Bo ended things before the actual public date. She kept absent-mindedly browsing through the new releases, realizing that some old films were worth another watch.