Chapter 5

Elliot crept into the bedroom, she was careful to shut the door as quietly as possible which in her current state was more than likely no where as quiet as she'd want. The alcohol had made her brazen, she had wanted to do this for a while but just needed a little boost , the bottle remained on the porch, empty. As soon as the door clicked shut Daryl sat bolt up right in his bed, the sheet falling to his waist giving her a glimpse of what kind of man Daryl Dixon was and Elliot felt her breath catch in her her self of the door she stalked towards to the bed, it was now or never.

"What the hell ya doin?" Daryl's eyes raked up and down Elliot, damn girl was half naked dressed in an old button down shirt with teeny tiny shorts not doing an awful to cover her up.

Her hair was all mussed up as though she'd been grabbing at it in frustration. She looked damn hot but she wasn't meant to be in here all liquored up. Kneeling on the edge of his bed Elliot looked up at him through hooded heavy eyes that said more than she could ever with words.

"how much more ya drank, Princess?" Daryl laughed , girl needed to learn her limits.

"Enough," Elliot leant over him shoving him down on the mattress her hands going to either side of his head her hair falling to one side creating a curtain.

She leant down and grazed her soft lips across his. She pulled back slightly to take in Daryl's reaction, she could feel his hands grip her arms like a vice holding her steady.

"Elliot?," Daryl shifted uncomfortably, not because she was heavy but because he could feel the raging hard on that was coming and didn't want to encourage a drunk senseless Elliot. No, when he got his way with her she'd be stone cold sober so she'd remember every damn detail until her dying day.

"Daryl please," Elliot begged "I need this."

It damn near killed Daryl but shook his head, "Not like this little lady. You've got a bottle full of liquor in ya and I ain't one for taking advantage of girls swimming alcohol," He could not believe he was turning a pretty little thing like Elliot out on her ass because Daryl Dixon had suddenly grown a conscience. End of the world was making people do crazy things.

Elliot felt humiliated, she thought that Daryl has been flirting with her this whole time and that they were both on the same page. She ripped herself from his grip wanting to get out of his room so fast before the hot tears building spilt over.

Swinging her legs over the bed she dragged her breath in. "I've done so much for you Dixon. So much," She pushed her self off the bed, Daryl took her spot on the edge of the bed his head in his hands. " And you can't even do one fucking thing for me? One simple easy fucking thing. Most men would be only too willing to oblige to the ladies wishes." Daryl scoffed at her choice of words, "lady," he wouldn't lie but seeing her get all fired up and pissed at him made her look sexy as hell.

"Come on girly, you know this is the Jack talking. You ain't the wham, bam and thank you man kinda broad," Daryl dragged a hand through his hair, he was tired and knew that Elliot wasn't gonna give up easy, he'd already guessed she was a girl who knew what she wanted and normally got it.

"You have no clue what kinda girl I am Dixon," Forcing her self from the wall she turned to throw one last insult at Daryl, his rejection cut her deep and she felt foolish. "I shoulda gone to Rick's room. Officer Friendly would have me screaming his name by now begging him to fuck me harder!," Daryl launched himself at Elliot forcing her back against the wall, her eyes briefly flashed with panic but the lust had quickly crept back into her blue eyes, his arms were either side of her head both chests were heaving eyes holding each other.

Daryl couldn't believe she had even thought about going to "Officer Friendly's" room, hell Rick may have been their leader but there was no way Daryl was gonna let them do the nasty so long he lived and breathed Elliot wouldn't touch another man, hell when he had his way with her she wouldn't even think of another man. Elliot licked her lips making ignoring them a hell of a lot more difficult but she knew Daryl at least liked what he saw, she feel his appreciation pushing firmly into her thigh, moving forward she captured his lips in a chaste kiss as though she was coaxing him out of his shell. When she freed his lips from her ministrations Daryl dragged his eyes up and down her body his willpower was like steel right now, the old Daryl Dixon would have had Elliot naked and doing the deed the second she shut that damn door.

"Daryl I'm not asking you to do anything you don't want to do," Elliot whispered holding his head so he had to look at her, " I know you want me and I want you too, I'm begging you. I just , I just need this," she bit her lip as she bared herself to him.

There was two ways Daryl knew to play this, the quick and easy way would be to give her what she wanted and if he was being totally honest it was the exact thing he wanted too, but Daryl had a feeling that she may regret the fact Daryl Dixon screwed her brains out after she'd consumed a questionable amount of alcohol. So he would play it cool and give the girl a sneak preview of what was on offer if she behaved.

"Don't you ever shut up Elliot," Daryl's lips found hers with ease and could feel her fully give herself to him instantly. Her hands came to his hair first as if to hold him there in fear he'd pull away, Daryl steadied himself with one hand on the wall and his other went skimming down her side brushing her breast he took it in his hand and brushed his thumb over it feeling it harden in his hand before moving down to her hip pulling her closer to him. Both bodies fought for dominance neither willing to give in and be led . Elliot let her head fall back hitting the wall she didn't care right now, she so close to getting what she so desperately needed from Dixon , the need within her driving her on and quickening her breath. Daryl nipped and soothed at the skin she offered on her neck, he wanted to kiss her this way since on the porch and now he would make sure she felt everything he could give deep in bones so "Officer Friendly's" room fell right off the map.

"Daryl, please?" her hands pulled his face back to look deep into her lust fuelled eyes before she racked her hands over his shoulders and down his back he shuddered as her nails hit the sensitive skin left in the wake of his scars, he was pretty sure she'd drawn blood but he was past caring. Daryl pulled her up by her waist forcing her legs around his waist as he carried her back to the bed throwing her down he let his hand lightly travel up to her thigh laughing deep in his throat as she wreathed under his touch. He watched as her hands flew up to her hair and ran her fingers through to the roots before she let out a breath she hadn't been aware she'd been holding.

Leaning down Daryl captured her lips one last time before his teeth nipped at her ear "I gotta go get something before we carry on, okay, " Elliot nodded, she pulled the shirt Daryl must have unbuttoned without her noticing back up over her shoulder. She watched Daryl move from the room to get the necessary, throwing herself back down on the bed Elliot felt her breath even out after what she hoped was the warm up to what would be the best lay of her life, she was putting a lot of faith in Daryl Dixon.

Elliot's breathing evened out quicker than she'd like, the deep need for sleep overcome her in her drunken state and she felt so content in Daryl's bed what would a few minutes sleep hurt. Daryl used his hunters instincts to creep back into the room, his plan had worked. Whilst he'd been out seeing to his own business in the bathroom Elliot had fallen into a drunken sleep. Kneeling down by the bed he swept the hair out of her face, his thumb lightly rubbing her cheek, Daryl would have sworn she pushed her face gently into his hand her own hand coming to hold it there.

His eyes flickered to her face she was still sleeping with a smirk pulling at her lips. "I'm gonna need you to remember that tonight I wanted to take you right here tonight Elliot, on the dresser, on the bed, the floor hell even against the damn wall. But I gotta be sure you're in the right frame of mind when tha time comes," forcing himself away Daryl grabbed a sweatshirt and threw it over his head, he settled on the floor with a spare blanket and pillow.

He leant back and waited for the same deep sleep to overcome him as Elliot, he settled before he heard it, he couldn't quite believe it. Elliot wreathed into his bed his name fell from her lips in a soft moan. Hell yeah Daryl Dixon had knocked Officer Friendly right outta the park.