Was it real? She questioned it from the beginning, wondering if that spark she felt for him was real or not. During her time dating him, her attention was never on him like it should have been. It was on him. His best friend caught her interest years ago when he entered their Elementary school. The way his blonde hair spiked up, the way his blue eyes shimmered even in the lack of light, and the way the whisker marks on his cheeks traces his jaw figure.

But like a fool, she ignored the interest she had and went for the wrong feeling. Sasuke Uchiha, the boy she started dating when they entered their Junior years. Many of the other girls wished to be in her place. They never kissed or did anything together. Most they've done was hold hands and talk. For some reason, it never bugged her like it should.

Now, she's in High school and never had her first kiss. Only one person knows of this; her best friend Ino. She broke up with Sasuke a week before and didn't feel the pain she was told about. There was no heart break nor was a single tear shed. She felt relieved; like a weight was lifted off herself. For the first time in years, she feels free. She can walk alone know without so many things clouding her mind.

Except one thing. Him.

Naruto Uzumaki was his name she remembers. He moved away before they entered the sixth grade and before she started dating Sasuke at the time. They weren't really friends, but they were in the same class in the fifth grade. He was the class clown; never failed to make her laugh or bring a smile to her face. He was quite popular, but not Uchiha popular. He was always smiling and laughing, no matter what.

And she feels that he doesn't even know that he changed her. She remembers it all clearly, every detail. The bullies had just finished verbally abusing her and left her to cry and suffer alone in insecurity. Yes, she has a large forehead and she had always hated it. But, he came up to her and did something she had only dreamed about.

"Sakura, was it? Why are you crying?" He asked, using both his hands to move her hair from her face.

"N- No reason." She hiccupped and sniffled, using her small palm to wipe away her tears, "Do you think.. my forehead is too big?" She asked, a little fear twined in her trembling voice.

"No!" He smiled, catching her off-guard, "Large foreheads are big for a reason, you know. They make people want to kiss it. That's what they're for!"

She smiled at the memory as she watched as her High school came into view from the bus window. It was rather cheesy for a kid, but it was sweet. Every day from that day, she forced herself to accept her forehead until she learned to like it. And she did. She just wishes she could have thanked him before he left, fore he moved away that same day she found out.

It has been nearly five years since he moved away and she has seen him. She doesn't know exactly where he went, all she heard was that his parents moved a few cities over to be closer to relatives. It was a crush she has held in her heart and has tried to forget over the course of time, but time to time it would surface and surprise her. Now that she doesn't have a relationship to worry about, she welcomes it freely with an open mind and heart.

"You seem perky today, Sakura." Ino said as Sakura stepped off the bus, "What happen?" She asked as they both began walking towards the school courtyard.

Sakura shrugged, the big goofy smile still on her face, "I just have a good feeling about today." The feeling that something is to happen has been making her smile all morning since she woke up. She got the feeling a few days before when the weekend was starting and it seems that feeling just, exploded today. "How about you? Anything happen with you and Shikamaru since you guys got together?"

"I got him to smile!" Ino said, smiling like a love struck girl seeing her favorite celebrity, but Ino wasn't one of his fan girls. "It was beautiful.."

Sakura blinked, "Impressive. I've only seen him smile on rare occasions.. " She said.

Ino smiled proudly and flipped her bangs that covered one side of her face, "I guess I'm just awesome like that." Konoha Junior High and High School isn't packed as it was the previous years, but there are still enough other students for the two girls to have to squeeze their way just to get to the pod doors. "Excuse me.." Ino said, trying to walk through a group of boy's. They're the group people call 'stoners' or something along the lines. Not getting so much as a glance, she clutched her fist and shoved them aside, making a few of them stumble to the floor, "I'll kill you." She hissed.

Sakura stepped around the boys, giving a sweet smile and wave as she followed Ino towards the lockers before they were to head to their first period. It is the first day of the second quarter and everyone was trying hard to get a good grade on their semester grade.

"Gosh, I hate those types of boys." Ino grumbled, "I hate boys!"

"How troublesome.." Both girls snapped their heads to the teen yawning and scratching the back on his head, "Up too early for school and my girlfriend hates boys.."

"Shikamaru!" Ino beamed as she ran up to him and hugged him, nearly making him loose balance, "I don't hate you." Shikamaru just rolled his eyes and patted her back. It's still early; give him some time, he'll warm up. Sakura shrugged as they walked away as she grabbed her History book and slammed her locker shut.

[Bell rings]~

Sakura hooped into her History class as the hallways became crowded with the people coming in from outside. She walked over and took a seat next to a red head; a girl named Karin. They've become good friends since Sakura cut it off with Sasuke. She even found out Karin has strong feelings for the Uchiha and was happy she shared it with her. Sakura promised to help in any way she can to get Karin closer to Sasuke.

"Hello, Sakura." Karin grinned as the pinklet took a seat next to her. She paused to take a good look at her, she's almost.. glowing.. "Are you pregnant or something?" Karin questioned, red eyes widening. Sakura's eye twitched in question and disgust.

"Are you saying I've gained weight?" Sakura scowled, "No. I'm not." Proudly a virgin.

Karin sighed in relief and smiled, "Then why are you so glowy and happy looking?" She asked.

Sakura sighed and shrugged, smile quickly returning to her features, "I don't know! I have a special feeling about today." Both girls turned their attention to the front as their teacher, Mr. Kakashi, walked in after the late bell rang, holding a manila folder in his hands.

"Interesting.." He mumbled, slapping the folder shut and turning his attention to the class, "We have a new student. He should be here shortly." He turned around and picked up an Expo marker and began writing some numbers on the white board. "I want everyone to read textbook pages 357- 370. Then we'll go over it together if there is still some time. You may partner-"

"Is this Mr. Kakashi's classroom?" A tall blonde haired boy said, poking the top half of his body through the door, catching the attention of everyone in the room.

"Uh, yes. You must be the new fellow, am I right?" Mr. Kakashi asked.

"Yes, sir." He nodded and walked all the way in, closing the door behind him.

"Alright, you may have that free desk right there in front of Sakura." Kakashi said, gesturing to the girl with the pink hair who wasn't paying attention.

"Thank you.." He made his way to the desk and took a seat. Sakura, having been pulled out of her reading when the seat in front of her became occupied. All she saw was a back and a mop of blonde spiky hair.

"The new guy." Karin said, seeing how she looked a little confused. Sakura nodded and watched as Kakashi came up to the guy with a few papers. They went over the papers for a minutes before they both walked over to the teacher's desk so Kakashi could put some information into the computer and school system. Only then did she see his face.

Handsome, was the only word that formed in her mind at the sight of him. He looked muscular and well built. His blue eyes and whisker marks is what caught her undivided attention. Could he be..?

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