"Bye mom! Bye dad!" Sakura yelled as she ran out the door, slamming it behind her. She's feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness, but overall she's in a great mood. Still running, she hopped onto the bus and swung into her seat. Since it's a school event today, she didn't need to wear her uniform. Everyone in the school is basically gonna be outside all day, so she wore something to fit the hot weather. Of course, everyone is required to wear a certain colored shirt. Boys blue, and oddly.. girls orange. Sakura sighed and sat back against the seat, biting her lip to compress the smile coming to her face.

Upon arriving at the school, Sakura slowly stepped off the bus and tried to see through the crowds of people and chattering. Everyone was heading towards the football fields all at once, making it hard for one to make it through.

"Sakura!" Sakura halted and cringed, recognizing the two voices that called out to her, not one of them the one she was hoping to find. She put on a smile and turned to the two girls walking up to her.

"Karin! Ino! What's up?" She asked, trying to get away as fast as she could. She doesn't like the glim in their eyes, it means trouble.

"My my, are you not with Naruto?" Ino wiggled her brows, Karin having told her some specific details. "I thought I saw him walking towards the locker building with Sauce."

"Sauce?" Sakura snorted. That must be a new name for Sasuke, huh?

"Kiba spilled tomato sauce of Sasuke, so he earned a new nickname." Ino said, casually picking at her nail polish. "Anyhow Sakura, we'll have a girls talk later." With a wink and a swing of her hips, she walked away. Sakura nodded and slowly turned her head to Karin, who was grinning ear to ear. Uh oh.

"C'mon Sakura! Let's go find Naruto." Karin chirped, turning the girl around and pushing her forcibly towards the school buildings.

"Right!" Sakura snapped her fingers and placed them on her chin, "You want me to get you and Sasuke alone for today's Field Day, right?"

"Wh- What are you talking about?!" Karin protested, needlessly adjusted her glasses with her finger. Sakura smugly shrugged, seeing Naruto and Sasuke just right ahead. "Ah-!" Karin yelped when the pinklette spun around and grabbed her arm, "Hey!"

"Sasuke!" The two teen boys looked ahead, giving the girl a look of question. "Catch." Spinning the red head in a circle once, Sakura flung her towards the Uchiha. Karin quickly stumbled, almost tripping if Sasuke didn't jump forward to catch her before she fell.

"Woah.." Sasuke steadied the Uzumaki in his arms until she was standing straight on her two feet, "You alright?" He asked, fixing her glasses for her.

"Yeah.." Karin mumbled, bowing her head. Sasuke chuckled and stepped back, putting some ground distance between them in case she was in that mood. "Uh, Sasuke?" Karin pipped up, ignoring the other two teens inching their way away from them, "Would you like to.. hang out during the event?"

Sasuke shrugged, "Sure."

"Kiss already!" Naruto yelled with his eyes narrowed to a slit at them. Sakura laughed and gestured him away before the new couple started yelling at them. Half way to the fields where the loud music and screams can be heard, Naruto poked her rips, making her squeak and shoot up, "You look good in orange, you know?" A small blush hinted her cheeks and a wide grin danced on her lips as she poked him back, surprising him somewhat.

"You don't look too shabby in blue, you know?" She laughed. Naruto scoffed and laced his hands behind his head as they walked out onto the football fields, dodging multiple people and things being thrown. "What would you like to do first?" Sakura asked, looking around to the different stands holding numerous games. "There's.. bow and arrow target practice.. Water slide." She pointed to the two story high inflatable water slide/ moonwalk in the middle of the field, "I'm okay with whatever you choose." She smiled.

"Whatever I choose?" Naruto grinned, raising a blonde brown. Sakura had turned away and hadn't seen his expression. She nodded as her answer, "Alright! Wait here!" Naruto suddenly yelled, making her nearly jump out of her skin. Sakura turned around, but found that he had already disappeared in the crowds of people.

"Where is he going?" Sakura mumbled to herself. She shrugged, trusting his word on his return and not leaving her hanging and standing awkwardly in the middle of everything. Minutes passed and she found herself staring up to the sky. What could he possibly be doin- "Eeek!" Sakura shrilled, feeling something wet and cold drop down her shirt and roll down her back. She jumped around to face the laughing blonde with a pale expression, "Naruto? Why?"

"You seem a little flushed from the heat. Soo.." From behind his back, he pulled out a water gun and pointed towards her, "I'm gonna help cool you down." Sakura's green hues darted back and forth between his smug expression and the water toy in his hands before she darted away, squealing as she tried to get away from him.

"No!" She yelled, barely grazing people as she refrained from bumping into them. Naruto wasn't fair behind her, much to her distaste. Only place she seemed to be running towards was the giant water slide. If it gets her away from that water gun of his, she won't stop herself. Sakura leaped up onto the latter and started climbing up as fast as she could. "Ahh! Stop!" She yelped, feeling him squirt water at her legs and back. Sakura threw herself into the bounce house, not noticing the sign that read;

'NO FOOD OR DRINK IN BOUNCE HOUSE'. Meaning, especially water guns aren't allowed.

"Got'cha!" Naruto grabbed her ankle as, he too threw himself in. "You're still looking a little flushed, Sakura. Here."

"Narut- ah!" Sakura held her hands out in front of her in effort to block herself from getting wet, but it fell futile. When Naruto finally stopped spraying her, she blew the water off her lips and glared at him, "You done?!"

"It's empty." Naruto shrugged, walking over to the slide opening like nothing happen. "Woah, we're this high up?" He asked, looking how all the people moving about can compare to little ants.

"Not for long on your part." Sakura said, stalking up behind him.

"Huh?" Naruto looked around just as Sakura pushed him. Flinging his arm out, he grabbed ahold of her wrist and pulled her down the slide with him. Of course, this was a water slide. About 40% larger than a simple playground slide. Sakura screamed as she and Naruto slide down the narrow inflated slide, her arms wrapped tightly around his neck, his around her back and waist. And if things could get any better, there was about a five pool set up at the bottom to where they're headed. Just great.

Both of them closed their eyes as they plunged into the cool water, causing a huge splash of it to come up and soak anyone in range. Many people came up to the rim of the pool, seeing whoever came down hasn't come up yet.

"Are they alright?" Many voiced out and asked around. What they didn't know that just below the edge, a certain girl accidentally smashed her lips into a blonde boy's other pair when they came down. Finally realizing what was happening, Sakura flushed and jumped away from him, covering her lips with both her hands.

"Sakura.." Naruto gapped at her.

That was my first k- kiss.. And it was an accident. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean- I mean, well I-" Sakura fumbled with her words as Naruto stood up, head bowed and dripping, wet bangs blocking his face. Sakura tried her best to get a glimpse of his face, trying to see the expression he was wearing. Good? Bad? "Naruto..?" Maybe he didn't want- She let out a gasp, seeing his red tinted cheeks when he looked up to her, giving her a sheepish snicker.

"My bad, Sakura." He grinned, "Sorry 'bout that."

Sakura flushed brighter, "N- No! It was my fault, Naruto!" It wasn't his fault.. Naruto laughed and walked up to her, catching her hand in his before she could back away.

"C'mon, you choose this time." Naruto sighed, "My choice wasn't the best it seems." He chuckled, helping her step out of the pool, "But something good did come out of it, don't you agree?"

Sorry, I have been sick for a while now. But today I stayed back from school to try and write this up. Unfortunately, it took me all day and isn't much. But is bigger than they short chapters I've been giving you guys. Thank you for reading! c: