Anonymous said: Klaroline as phantom of the opera

Klaus watched, unseen, from his reserved box seat as his sweet angel enthralled the masses.

Once upon a time, it would have been the swelling sounds of an orchestra or a beautiful aria meant to move the listener to tears that would fill the air. The music may have changed, but the emotions that Caroline was evoking in her audience were just as real. They should be –he had personally trained her.

When the concert was over, he glided through secret passageways he had designed himself when the opera house was being built, then, with an ease born of long familiarity, he slipped through the opening to Caroline's dressing room, gently swinging the full-length mirror back into place to cover the entrance.

Caroline practically floated through her door, a euphoric grin spread across her face. Though she didn't acknowledge his presence, he knew she was well aware of him. It was there in the hitch in her breath and the slight flush that spread over her face. She had come to him less than a decade ago, confused about who she was and what she wanted. He had shown her new ways to hunt –though he knew it was far too early for her to enjoy the kill—and she, in turn, had shown him how to truly enjoy his life again.

Coming up behind her, he slid one hand around her waist and the other into her hair to pull her head to the side, allowing him better access to her neck.

"You were marvelous tonight, my dear Caroline." He murmured against her neck, smirking slightly at the slight tremor that stole over her.

"You wouldn't accept anything less."

When she had first come to him, those words would have been filled with bitterness. But that was when she was under the impression that he was so demanding because he thought her less than perfect, or that he would abandon her if she failed. Now she understood that he was only trying to bring out her true self and that he would stay by her and never leave.

For the sake of his own pride, he mentally omitted the fact that she had called him a controlling ass who would probably find a way to make the daggers that he constantly used on his siblings do the same to her if he thought she were going to leave and not return. It had been said in an affectionate tone, so she couldn't have been too worried about it.

Releasing her hair, he slowly slid his hand down the back of her neck and over her spine until he reached her zipper.

"Let's get you changed, love, and go out for a bite to eat."

He didn't miss the way her lip curled up in a mischievous smile as she pulled away from him. She might not want to go in for the kill, but his lovely girl was more than ready to toy with her food.

It hadn't started out that way. When they had first moved here, she had stuck to blood bags. After months of dreams –dreams he would never admit to sending her, of course—she had finally given in to the urge to feed. She was his masterpiece in progress; both his finest work and his greatest joy. Most importantly, though, she was completely his.

With a small grin Klaus watched as Caroline slipped behind her changing screen, humming a random tune. He had all eternity to see how dark she would or wouldn't go, and he was confident she would never leave him. Life was perfect.