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Chapter 7: Change Is Rather Shitty- Don't You Agree?

My eyes are gold.

This thought awakens me from the shocked slumber, acting as a defibrillator waking a patient suffering from a heart attack. Panting like a dog, I claw at the counter in the bathroom. The marble surface is slick with recent wax, causing my hand to slip off a number of times. Finally gaining a solid grip on the counter, I struggle and hoist myself up. Placing both hands on the counter, I sturdy myself. Was that all a dream? Or an illusion? Scared to look at myself, I stare down at my hands, pasty white and quite normal. I shake my head a few times. This MUST be a trick! How could my eyes suddenly be GOLD?!

Slowly, I start to look at my face. I see my neck, my (trembling) chin, my thin lips coiled in a scared grimace, my upturned and pointed nose, and finally...

My eyes.

There they are

-As plain as day-


I blink a few times and swallow, very confused. A million and more questions soar through my head, such as:





What the fuck is happening?

Why me?

I place my face in my hands and rub my skin thoroughly, frustration pulsing through me. I sigh and groan and yell at myself, now pacing back and forth. It just doesn't make any sense whatsoever! Eyes do not just change colors. Unless they are discolored by colored contact lenses... but I would have felt them being put in, and I most certainly did not put any in myself.

I blink a few times, my eyes feeling... different. Not bad, no, but more normal.

Which is odd, because my eyes have always been a dull brown.

Shit brown.

But now my eyes are this sparkling golden color, quite similar to the voluptuous golden coins my Father has stored in a great vault.

I shiver involuntarily. Is this... magic? If it is, I will be executed for supposed "Conspiracy with witches," even though I would be a victim.

I look at the door nervously. Should I go out...? I do not know what time it is (I stupidly forgot my watch in my room), so I do not know how much time has passed. Then again, I do not think anyone will have noticed my missing presence.

I walk over to the door and turn the knob, swinging the door open. I take a tentative step out of the threshold, look right, then left, and silently creep out into the darkened hall. There, I tip toe back to the direction of the ball.

The hall feels cold and harsh, its chiseled marble walls and silvery ceilings give an air of unmercifulness. If that even is a word. My eyes flick back and forth with nerves as I clunk down the hall in my heavy boots, my suit jacket starting to itch profusely. I gulp and put my hands in my pockets and shake my head, trying to clear my mind. But the questions just rattle around more and more, giving me a headache. I remove my hands from my pockets and rubs my eyes with my lower palms, trying to disperse my nerves and doubts. Little faded neon lights dance in the black. I feel my feet thud on the cold floor, tiny vibrations shuddering through me with each and every step. I clench my bangs in my hands (my eyes still pressed firmly against my palms) and grit my teeth.

I hear the music from the ball growing louder and louder with each step I take. Quickly smoothing out my bangs and opening my eyes, I proceed to walk into the ballroom with a more… regal posture. I am royalty, after all.

The ball looks the same, the females all twirling in their gowns with various princes who are much easier on the eyes than I am. I swallow my nervous state and stride to my not-so royal chair. I sit and start gazing lazily upon the dancing princes and princesses, my eyes flicking from one pair to the next, the bland state of boredom glazing over my mind once more.

Until I spot her again.

A forlorn princess Crona, who slipped from my grasp so easily, with nothing special, with no outstanding beauty, who was just… herself.

She is sitting quite alone in a corner, her hands clasped together in her lap. Her pale white skin is reflected upon the shimmering gold of the room which creates a halo of gold around her profile. Swiftly, I leap off of my chair and start striding towards her, pushing through any crowding figure.

Finally, I reach her and her corner. Her head is bent down, her knuckles seemingly lighter than the rest of her skin. Something is off… but what? Once in front of her, I bend my knees and crouch, trying to get a look at her face through her pink locks.

"Are you alright?" I murmur, offering a hand to her. She doesn't respond. I clear my throat and try again.

"Excuse me, are you alri-!"

All I see is a pair of blank eyes and a blank grin, followed by a giggle.

She isn't remotely pretty at all now.

Her eyes seem dead.




I look down slowly at my chest, where a black spike protrudes.

That's odd.

I do not remember it being there before.

I look up at her again, her unmerciful eyes gazing back down upon me.

Strangely magnified, a dripping sound reaches my ears. So I look down again and see red staining my starched and white buttoned down shirt. Is that blood?


Horrible, unimaginable pain.


I double over, the pain overtaking my now convulsing body. I let out a cough and taste metal throughout my mouth. A metallic tasting liquid coats my teeth.

I shove myself away from the princess with some of my remaining strength and try to crawl along the floor to get to the hallway.

A few inches is all that I can manage. I lay there, huffing with pained and shallow breathes, feeling more and more liquid seeping out of the wound. My vision blurs, my breathing becoming less and less.

I hear her laugh.

She kicks my numb body somewhere and starts walking away.

I struggle to keep my eyes open.

But they close.

And I am reduced to nothing.

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