Alexis kept her eyes shut. She tried to think. What had happened? She was just walking on the outskirts of Littleroot Town when a panther jumped from the bushes, tackling her right to the ground and everything went black. She never saw anything like that creature. Its body was completely white furred, but its face was black. It had a fearsome horn growing from the side of its head. That was all she could gather.

Now Alexis lay on her side in the dirt. She didn't dare move, lest she be attacked again. She kept her breaths short and shallow, trying to stay unmoving. Her entire right side lay flat on the soil. She could feel the tiny shards of rock digging into her skin. When she breathed, she felt the earth enter her windpipe and scratch her from the inside.

She slit her eyes to take in at least a bit of the environment. She appeared to be in a clearing, where trees were scarce. The woman could see greenery farther off in the distance, in the corner of her eye. What made her gasp was what lay in front of her. She was able to peer straight down a fifty foot cliff. The way down was steep, littered with rocks and led right into a river.

She didn't realize how loud her gasp was. A black and white leather shoe pounded down on her cheek with incredible force. Alexis winced and yelped in pain. She struggled and writhed, but her arms and legs were bound tightly with ropes. Her face tensed up and tears began to stream down onto the ground. The shoe pressed down even harder, moving, digging her face into the soil. She received a blow to the back of the head. It could have knocked her out a second time.

The shoe stayed pressed firmly on her cheek, keeping her pinned to the ground. She looked up, turning her head as far as the shoe would let her. Through the earth and tears in her eyes, she could make out her attacker.

It was a man who had pinned her down. He put his whole weight down on her face. He was a tall man, maybe standing six feet and a little more. He wasn't even looking at her. He stared into the distance, looking at something she couldn't see. The man shook himself out of his trance and fumbled into his black and white buffalo plaid jacket for a lighter and a cigar. He lit it and clenched it between his teeth, before smoothly closing the lighter and putting it back in his pocket. He took a puff and exhaled smoke. He sighed then looked down at Alexis with his blue eyes and a smirk playing across his lips.

"Don't snap your cap, babe, it'll all be over in a sec. Now, let's get somethin' outta the way. I ain't a hit man, dig? I had a gig, then things happen, one thing leads to another, and before I know it, I'm offing a yoot," he explained, putting the cigar back in his mouth.

Alexis' eyes widened and her breathing quickened, "What the fuck are you saying?" she hissed. She looked up at him one more time. If she was to survive this, she wanted to get a good look at him so she could exact her brutal revenge. Big, curved nose, bright blue eyes, curly black hair. And he had that panther with him, the one that attacked her. It was enormous and lithe, its red eyes glowing in the darkness.

"Now, baby," the man chuckled, "I know I'm gorgeous, but you should really stop eyeballin' me like that," he blew smoke from his mouth, "Back to your first question, I'm sayin' you're gonna be noddin' off and not gettin' back up, dig?"

Alexis looked up at him again incredulously, her mouth wide open and her brow heavily furrowed, "What?!" she yelped.

The man raised his foot, and then thrust it into her face again, rubbing her face in the dirt, "You ain't never been to Mauville, eh? Shame ya never will..." he sighed.

He took his foot off her and began nudging her closer and closer to the edge of the cliff. "Sorry you had to get mixed up in this, kid..." the man said as she neared the point of no return.

"No! What the fuck are you doing, you crazy bastard?! Let me go! Let me go!" Alexis squirmed and yelled at the top of her lungs.

"Sleep tight, girlie," the man said, his words not heard under her screams. He gave her one final push and Alexis tumbled over. He looked over the cliff with his Absol, watching the girl tumble on her side down the side of the cliff.

Sharp rocks tore open Alexis' skin and crushed her bones. She kept her eyes shut as tightly as she could, screaming the whole way down. Finally opening her eyes, one final, ear-splitting shriek escaped her lips. She slammed head first into a large boulder.

She rolled lifelessly down the cliff, landing in the river's banks.