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Hello there and thank you for clicking on my story! I have been a Myst fan for a long time and finally decided to upload this fanfiction I wrote. It will follow the story of the games through the eyes of my character Melody. Other than her I do not own anything related to the Myst series. I know I will miss some things and get a few things wrong here and there, but if I do please keep in mind I was trying to simplify a lot of things for the sake of the story. Also timing (years between events and so on) are different. This is on purpose.

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Melody Hunter leaned back and sneezed. A person needed a big game permit to hunt the dust-bunnies that inhabited her great-uncle's attic.

Stanley Hunter had been an avid collector of the rare and weird. Melody had lived in the old house with him since she was a child when her parents had died. She'd never been particularly close to him, but he'd taken care of her and she was grateful for that. What she wasn't grateful for was him leaving everything to his snotty son.

Darwin Hunter had come to the funeral, stayed for the reading of the will and, on hearing that everything was his, ordered Melody to get the house in sellable condition and vacate the premises within ten days.

She'd wanted to throttle him, but he'd offered her money which she desperately needed so she'd gritted her teeth and taken out her frustrations by cleaning. Evidently she hadn't meant that much to Stanley. All he had left her was a book that was even older than he had been.

Deciding she needed a break, Melody sat cross-legged on the floor of the attic and laid the aforementioned book on her lap. She flipped through it absent-mindedly. It was written in an ornate handwriting that she didn't even try to decipher. It was kind of exciting that the book she'd seen in her uncle's study all these years and hadn't been allowed to touch was finally in her hands. That was probably why he had left it to her. She had always been fascinated by it growing up.

Now she was grown up and had no where to go. She would have rather had him leave her the house.

Examining the inside of the back cover, she frowned.

Had those words always been there? Unlike the rest of the book, she could actually read them:

The last step of a journey is the first step to a greater adventure

Curious, she ran her hand over the words.

A sudden rush of wind made her shiver. Looking up, she wondered how the attic window had been left open.

But it was closed.

More than a little spooked, she looked back toward the book and gasped.

The pages were fluttering. The breeze was coming from inside the book.

Melody tossed it away from her in surprise. When the book hit the floor, it fell open to the front page. The only thing on the page was a picture.

A picture that hadn't been there before.

She froze in shock. Was the picture... moving?

Melody scrambled to her feet in a panic only to stumble and fall towards the book. In a reflex, her hand flew out in front of her to catch herself. Her palm came into contact with the page...

She gasped as she fell into open space. She was slowly falling through a shroud of mist. Suddenly the mist cleared and she was flying over a small island. What was this?

Without warning, her speed increased. Looking down, she saw she was barreling towards the ground.

Melody screamed as everything went dark.

The first thing she heard was the sound of waves breaking. Slowly opening her eyes, she realized she was on a dock. To her right was a ship sunk up to the masts. To her left was a steep hill. The only way to go was forward. At the end of the dock were stone steps leading up to a walkway. To the right were more stairs that lead to a platform with a giant gear on it. From the platform she could see the whole island. It was small and had a few small buildings on it.

Where was she? How could a book have brought her here? Was there anyone else on this island? The only way to find out was to explore and see if she could make sense out of this place.

Going back down the stairs, she went forward and up a few more stone steps. She was at the top of the steep hill. Wooden planks formed a walkway that branched left and right. Right took her to a small stone circular building that turned out to be an observatory, the ceiling was covered in stars. By sitting in the chair that looked uncomfortably like it belonged in a dentist's office, she could looked up at the stars. Fiddling with the buttons on the chair caused the ceiling to change. She realized she could set the numbers to a specific date and the stars on the ceiling would be positioned the way they were on that date and at that time. Interesting, but it didn't really help her.

Following the wooden plank path around she came to the largest building on the island, which wasn't very large at all. Before going inside, she decided to look at the rest of the island.

Right in front of the building were a few trees lining a dirt path. A small pool a little larger than a birdbath was in the middle of the path and had a ship model inside that had sunken much like the ship at the dock where she had first arrived.

The path branched off to the right and became a stone walkway that lead over the water to...

Melody blinked.

Was that a... rocket ship...?

Shaking her head, she turned away. She didn't even want to know...

Passing the pool, to the right of the dirt path was a shed. But when she opened it, there was nothing inside but steps leading down. She shut the door quickly. No way was she heading down a dark stairwell on this crazy island. For all she knew there could be an axe-murderer down there.

Across the path from the shed was what looked like a small log cabin. She peeked inside and saw there was only a boiler in the cabin and some kind of safe. Walking around it, she saw a giant tree with a massive trunk. It was obviously special because it had a brick wall around it with steps leading up to the tree.

Going back to where she had just passed the pool, Melody followed the path a few yards to the end of the island. A metal console with two red wheels and a red button stood by the water's edge. Directly across the water from the box, a clock-tower rose out of the water.

Turning, she headed back up toward the large building. Passing by the giant tree, she noticed a stone marker for a grave. It was for someone named T'iana. She wondered who T'iana had been. Had she lived on this island? Obviously there had to have been someone else living with her to bury her when she died.

Movement nearby caught her eye. A piece of paper lay on the ground, the edge fluttering in the very slight breeze. Finally, she thought. Maybe this would clear things up.

Picking it up, she was relieved that she could read the message:


I've left you a message of utmost importance in our fore-chamber beside the dock. Enter the number of marker switches on this island into the imager to retrieve the message.



Catherine? Atrus? Who were these people? Rather than clearing things up, the message had brought more questions. Fore-chamber beside the dock? Maybe if she went and looked at that message maybe it would tell her what was going on here.

Going down to the dock she saw a door leading into the side of the steep hill that she hadn't seen before. Following the tunnel and down a short ladder, she found herself in a circular room with a strange looking circular machine in the middle of it. Inside were a dozen circular knobs that looked like lights. On the wall nearby was a panel with a bunch of numbers and a red button. What had the letter said? The number of marker switches? What were marker switches?

Thankfully a piece of paper on the wall next to the panel described them.

It took her fifteen minutes to search the island for the marker switches. Each one she came to she flipped on just in case they needed to be on for her to work the imager. By the time she circled the island, she had counted eight switches.

Returning to the fore-chamber, she entered 08 into the panel.

Melody gasped as the 3-D image of a man's face appeared above the imager. He looked to be in his late forty's with sandy hair and brown eyes.

"Catherine my love," he said in a low voice, like he was afraid someone would hear him. "I have to leave quickly. Something terrible has happened. It's hard for me to believe, but most of my books have been destroyed. Catherine, it's one of our sons. I suspect Achenar, but I shouldn't leap to conclusions. I'll find him and Sirrus as well. I should have known better than to leave my library unchecked for so long. I have removed the remaining undamaged books and placed them in their protective places. You shouldn't have to use the books until I return, but if you have forgotten the access keys remember the tower rotation." He smiled warmly. "Don't worry Catherine, everything will be fine. I'll see you shortly. Erase this message after you view it, just to be safe."

The imager powered down as the message ended. Melody stared at it for several moments, lost in thought. So far she knew there was a man named Atrus, he had a wife named Catherine and they had two sons named Sirrus and Achenar. Evidently Catherine had never gotten the message as it was still in the imager. How long ago had this message been recorded? Were all of these people still alive? What had happened to Catherine so that she hadn't gotten the message? What had happened to Atrus that he hadn't returned?