Kim Possible has faced many foes and villains, from mad scientists bent on taking over the world to insidious aliens determined to subjugate our planet. But there is one specific challenge she has never faced: a terror so devious and a force so elemental as to defy all reason, and therefore, any hope of control. Ironically, it is a mischievous six-year-old boy and his stuffed toy tiger. A boy named... Calvin.

As the saying goes, when an irresistable force meets an immovable object, something's got to give. This is their story...

And the standard disclaimers apply: Kim Possible and Calvin and Hobbes are both owned by their respective copyright owners, and I gain nothing from this financially. But I do get quite a kick out of writing stories like this. Especially since I was very much like Calvin as a child. Just ask my parents.

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The father pulled into the driveway after a long day at work. He smiled, patting the exquisitely wrapped anniversary present sitting on the seat beside him. His wife would be wearing that new diamond broach while they enjoyed a quiet, relaxing dinner at the swankiest restaurant in Upperton, Chez Couteaux. He walked up to the front door of his home with a jaunty spring in his step, confident in the belief that his wife had found a babysitter for their son Calvin. His mind was at complete ease on this issue, as he had specifically asked her to take care of that as he rushed out the door to work that morning.

Or so he thought.

Inside, the wife smiled as she saw her husband walking up the path, thankful that he obtained the services of a sitter while they went out for their anniversary dinner that evening. For as he was leaving the house early that morning, she had clearly heard him say that he'd take care of getting one.

Or so she thought.

As he walked through the door, both the husband and wife simultaneously queried the other, "Well, who did you get?"

Their respective eyes widened in fear as he stumbled, "What do you mean who did I get? Who did you get? Didn't you hear me ask you to find a babysitter when I left this morning?"

She growled back, "No, what I heard was that you would get a sitter..."

"No, I asked would you get a sitter! And I distinctly heard you answer, 'Okay dear.' Or was I hearing things?"

"No, I was acknowledging what I thought I heard you say, which was that you would get a sitter..."

Panic immediately began to set in.

He frantically babbled, "Quick, get our master list! I'll take the first page and use my cell phone while you take the second page and use the landline! We haven't a moment to lose!"

A half hour later they were both close to admitting defeat. The wife bemoaned, "No luck at all, honey. I called Rosalyn first of course, but she just laughed and hung up on me."

He lamented, "Well, I guess that's not surprising, since Calvin flushed her biology homework down the toilet the last time she was here."

With an air of trepidation, she asked, "So, how did you do with your calls?"

He groused back, "I didn't even get that far. Most people just hung up on me without saying even a single word, just as soon as I mentioned Calvin's name."

"What are we going to do, then? Chez Cousteaux will permanently blacklist us if we cancel the reservation at this late hour!"

He suggested, "Well, we could take him with us..."

Both of them broke out in hysterical laughter at the thought. Wiping a tear from her eye, she replied, "Okay, seriously..."

Taking off his glasses and massaging the bridge of his nose, he muttered back, "All right, let me check the internet real quick. Maybe there's someone I can find who's never heard of Calvin and doesn't live over fifty miles away."

She sadly shook her head back and forth. "You do believe in miracles, don't you?"

He sat down at the computer and frantically typed a few words into the search engine. 'Babysitter, Tri-City Area.'

"Well, here goes nothing." He closed his eyes as he hit the 'Enter' button.

Fearfully peeking through squinted eyes, he was surprised to see the link to a website appear.

"Kim Possible dot com?" He continued to read the home page description.

'The Girl Who Can Do Anything: World-saving, Cheerleading and Babysitting my specialty!'

"Well, kind of an unusual skill set if I do say so, but beggars can't be choosers..."

Hardly believing his luck, he typed in his name, email address and phone number in the fields provided. Hitting the 'Send' button, he lifted up his eyes and breathed a silent prayer. "Please, please, dear Lord, make this person available, whoever she is..."

Wade was casually slurping a soda when his computer began urgently beeping. Thinking that it might be a law enforcement agency warning Kim of yet another break-in by a mad scientist into a top secret lab, he instantly accessed the message. Relaxing a bit after discovering that it was only a request for a babysitter, he signalled Kim.

Beep Beep BEE Beep...

The redheaded teen immediately answered. "What's the sitch, Wade?"

"A hit on your website, Kim."

"What, another bad guy needing the Team Possible treatment?"

"No, a babysitting job, actually. Maybe not as exciting as capturing another supervillain I'm sure, but they're sure willing to pay well."

"When's the gig?"

"Tonight, and beginning just an hour from now. They must be desperate, Kim. You might even be able to hold out for a little more money if you play your cards right."

She smiled. "Ever the businessman, eh, Wade?"

He shrugged. "Hey, it's what I do."

Kim huffed, "Well, this is 'Ron night,' but I sure could use the money, especially since it's only three weeks until Christmas, and I really would like to get him a nice present. So I'm sure he'll understand. That is to say, I hope he'll understand..."

Kim picked up the phone and dialed the number Wade had given to her. Someone instantly answered even before the first ring had finished.

"Hello, Mr. Watterson? This is Kim Possible. I understand you need a sitter for tonight? Yes, I can do it, and... Mr. Watterson, are you okay? It sounds like you're crying... oh, tears of joy, huh? Uh, that's really great..."

A short time later, and after a rather tense convo with her boyfriend Ron Stoppable, along with a promise to make it up to him the next evening, Kim was driving her SL coupe toward her last-minute gig. But Ron's warning continued to ring in her ears.

"I don't know, KP, but I've got a bad feeling about this. I've heard quite a few rumors about that kid, and none of them good. He seems to be about a hundred miles of wrongsick road, so please be careful..."

Kim gave an off-handed shrug as she turned onto the street where the home was located. "Hey, it's just a six-year-old kid. Just how bad could he possibly be, anyway?"

She quickly spotted the address and pulled into the driveway. When she got out of the car, her mouth immediately dropped open at the frozen tableux that met her astounded eyes.


In the front yard before her stood a half dozen snowmen. But these weren't your usual joyful winter creations, and 'stood' was a term best used very loosely. One snowman was using the next snowman's head like a bowling ball, and another had been apparently cut in half by a speeding sled. Yet another had been built around a tree, giving the impression that the hapless snowman had been impaled by said tree. The next one had three eyes of coal, two carrot noses and a hideous grin on its ghastly face. The last snowman looked like it was trying to climb out of the snow-covered earth as if it were a frozen zombie.

Kim involuntarily shivered, and not just because of the cold. "Wow, this kid obviously has a few issues. Still, I get the strange feeling that Ron would be right at home here..."

But someone else had just noticed her arrival. From behind the curtains in the upstairs window, the eyes of a fearful six-year old peered out.

"Oh, no! A baby-sitter! Red alert, Hobbes!"

"Well, at least it's not Rosalyn," answered his pet tiger. To anyone else, Hobbes appeared as a toy stuffed animal. But Calvin knew better.

The tyke continued, "Yeah, but she looks awfully scary with that fiery red hair of hers. What if she turns out to be even worse than Rosalyn?"

Hobbes shrugged, "Well, let's go and find out."

Calvin continued with a wicked grin. "Yeah, good idea. But a preemptive strike might be just the thing to keep her off balance."

The tiger gave a pleasant growl deep in his throat. "Sounds good to me. The best defense is a good offense, so I've heard..."

Outside, Kim took a deep breath, and walked up to the front door.

"Well, here goes nothing..."