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Quickly scanning up and down the street, Ron noticed that all was quiet, and neither Calvin nor Kim's car were to be seen.

He wagged his head. "I warned her that he was gonna be a handful, and not to underestimate that little terror. Oh well..."

He jumped on his scooter and turned the key. "I just hope I'm not too late. Now where exactly was Drakken's last lair? Oh yeah, that's right..."

Revving up the moped, he took off down the street in his pursuit of Kim and her secret stowaway.

Twenty minutes later in the foothills just outside of town, a lone light from a rather forbidding looking building's skylight softly illuminated the countryside. From within, a blue-skinned villain was using equally blue language as his screwdriver slipped, gouging his hand.

"Ow!" He grabbed his throbbing finger and let out another curse.

Shego chuckled back, "Take your time, Dr. D. Possible's on a babysitting job at the moment, so we've got plenty of time."

Drakken frowned back, "True. And by tapping into her phone line instead of breaking directly into her computer, she's none the wiser. But that doesn't mean we should simply take our time in getting this device operational."

He gave the time machine a gentle pat, then made a few final connections. "There! Now the entire state's power grid is connected to my newest acquisition. And before the night is over, Kim Possible will be no more!"

Shego's mind reeled with about a half dozen snarky comebacks, but ended by simply asking, "And just how do you plan on doing that?"

"Well, we merely prevent Kimberly Ann's parents from meeting in the first place." He gave her a sheepish look. "Ironically, their fateful first date occurred the same night that my original Bebebots failed to make the grade as dates for my colleagues James Possible, Robert Chen and that Ramesh fellow."

Shego's eyes nearly bugged out of her head. "You mean James and Anne Possible ended up hooking up because of you?"

He began to wilt beneath her withering stare. "Uh, yes, so it would seem."

A strange look then came over his face. "But if we got him a different date, things would undoubtedly turn out quite differently..."

He gave Shego a hopeful look, to which her jaw dropped open as soon as she caught on to his implication.

"Whoa! Are you saying that you want me to go back in time, and date Possible's dad?! No way, Dr. D!"

He stammered back, "Only briefly of course, Shego. Nothing serious, mind you. Just long enough to keep James and Anne from meeting. And you can then savor the fact that you were personally responsible in preventing Kim Possible from even being born!"

Shego scratched her chin, a smile slowly spreading across her face. "Yeah, that would be pretty ironic all right. Well... okay, but just as long as it's only temporary, clear?"

Drakken rubbed his hands together and handed her a medium sized box. "Absolutely crystal clear, my dear. Now, why don't you try on this emerald-colored cocktail dress? I think you'll find it fits you to a tee."

Shego raised a suspicious eyebrow at the thought of how Drakken knew her exact dress size, but merely gave a small shrug as she went to change.

Meanwhile, a six-year old boy and his stuffed tiger quietly snickered between themselves as they hid inside the trunk of Kim's car as she raced toward Drakken's lair. "Good plan, Hobbes! As soon as Kim used her electronic key to unlock the car door, I climbed in and popped the trunk open while she was talking with her fiancé."

Hobbes paused. "Uh, I don't think that's her fiancé. Not yet at least."

Calvin gave him a disgruntled look. "What, are you a psychic now? Or..."

He noticed Hobbes sentimental sigh and the far off look in his glassy eyes. "Oh man, don't tell me you have a crush on her too, now?"

"Well, she does have red hair and green eyes, although I wish she had stripes and whiskers too."

Calvin frowned, "You're crazy, Hobbes. You know that?"

Hobbes gave Calvin a sidelong glance. "Well, not as crazy as you are about Susie Derkins."

He hissed back, "Hey, you leave her out of this, you lunkhead! I do not have a crush on her!"

"Do too!"

"Do not!"

"Do too!"

"Do not!"

Hobbes shushed, "Hey, keep your voice down, or else Kim will hear."

"Oh yeah. Stupendous Man needs to activate his super stealth mode anyway in preparation for meeting the evil Dr. Drakken face to face. Boy, Kim will be so surprised when the Defender of Freedom and Fighter for Liberty saves the day!"

"Really? What about Captain Napalm, Defender of the American Way?"

"Nah, this is really a job for Stupendous Man. Captain Napalm just likes to blow things up."

"Oh, as opposed to just knocking buildings down?"

"Yeah, you sissy..."

A few minutes later, the car slowed, the stopped. Kim quietly exited her vehicle and stealthily approached Dr. Drakken's forbidding lair.

"Well, I guess I'll take the usual way in. First to the roof, then down through the air vents."

She pulled out her ubiquitous grappling hook cleverly disguised as a hair dryer, and fired. The hook caught on the roof's edge, the retracting mechanism swiftly whisking her to the top of the roof. Next, she used her laser lipstick case to slice off the attachment bolts to the air conditioning duct. Silently she crawled in and began to make her way to the lair's central hall, where she expected to surprise Drakken in her usual manner. He would no doubt sputter out "Kim Possible?!" in astonishment, just as always, to which she would reply with a clever rejoinder.

"Hmm, I seem to be fresh out of new Drakken insults. What glib comment haven't I used lately? Maybe I'll just catch them both off guard and cut right to, 'Shego! Attack!' just to shake them both up."

Now at her destination, she carefully unscrewed the HVAC grill and dropped catlike behind the two apparently unsuspecting villains. But no sooner had she landed on the floor than Shego and Drakken both turned to face her. Drakken flashed a wicked grin as he cackled, "Welcome, Kimberly Ann. I've been expecting you."

Shego likewise smiled back, her plasma already active and aimed at a small child who was tied up and hanging from a support pillar by his tiny red cape and cowl.

Kim gasped in horror. "Calvin?"

Drakken cackled, "Shame on you, Kimberly Ann. Bringing an innocent child along on your doomed mission to defeat me. Tsk-tsk. If I weren't already a wanted villain, I would report you to Middleton's Child Services. Still, the little tyke simply walked right in through the front door, so I suppose I can't place all the blame on you."

Kim gritted her teeth, narrowing her eyes at the despicable pair. "Well, this is a new low, even for you, Drakken. And it means that when I finally apprehend you two, you'll be taking up permanent residence in Cell Block D."

Drakken shot her a smug look. "I think not, Kimberly Ann. No matter how fast you move, Shego can shoot even faster."

"Oh, I see. One false move and the kid gets it, right?"

With another sarcastic tsk he easily replied, "Even worse than that. You will surrender immediately, or else the child gets to experience one of Shego's plasma bolts, up close and personal."

Kim was now deeply concerned, but tried to put on her game face. "Yeah, but if you do that, then there's nothing left to keep me from using all sixteen styles of my Kung Fu on both of your sorry butts." She added with a smirk, "And it will be no holds barred: cross my heart and hope you die."

Calvin yelled out, "Let me down from here, ya big blue freak! Stupendous Man will not rest until you evildoers are brought to justice! And then Hobbes here will be really happy to enjoy you both as a little snack!"

As Drakken and Shego continued to stare down Kim, she carefully continued, "So what we have here is a classic standoff. You lay a single tendril of plasma on that child, and it's all over for both of you. But all I have to do is wait for Ron to arrive."

Shego snorted back, "Who, the buffoon? Hah! Dream on, Cupcake. He's about as effective as a peashooter is against a tank."

Kim returned her insult with an all-knowing smile. "You should know better than to underestimate that goofy exterior, Shego. You know as well as I do that he's done some pretty amazing things, and usually when you least expect it."

Shego simply glared back at her, knowing full well what Ron was capable of even if totally by accident.

"And don't forget that Wade probably has a squad of Global Justice agents on the way here, just as a little backup." She continued with a snicker. "Or mop-up, as is usually the case."

Kim gave them both an even stare, hoping they would fall for her bluff, knowing full well that she had no idea where Ron was at the moment. And Wade had already warned her that the nearest GJ agents were at least an hour away because of another mission.

Kim's hopes sank as Drakken proudly huffed back, "Well, today they'll be too late. Because in just a little more than a minute from now, Shego and I are going on a little trip."

He flipped a switch, and a deep hum began.

"A trip into the past to be exact, to prevent you from even being born, Kimberly Ann. I've tapped into every electrical reserve in the entire state, just the kind of power I need to activate this time travel device. And there's nothing you can do to stop me now, so..."

Shego's sudden gasp caused him to glance over at her. They both immediately noticed the empty red cape and cowl where Calvin had been just been hanging only moments before.

"Hey! Where did that kid go?"

On the floor directly below the cape was Calvin's shirt, pants, and...

"Underwear?" Shego gaped. "How in the world could he possibly have gotten loose and then undressed so quickly?"

Drakken growled, "He's disappeared into thin air!"

Kim stifled a giggle. "Not quite..."

A naked child's behind suddenly disappeared behind some equipment.

Kim burst into laughter, relieved that the shoe was most definitely on the other foot now, and that the two villains were about to experience the same terrifying mischief that the tiny terror had been dishing out all evening. Knowing how quickly he could turn his own home into a disaster area without even trying, she shuddered to think of the absolute mayhem Calvin could create if he really put his mind to it.

She gave them an off-handed warning. "Just a word to the wise? Surrender while you still have a chance. You're totally outmatched this time, take my word for it."

Calvin whispered to Hobbes, "Hah! Now that Stupendous Man is totally invisible, now's the time to spring our clever plan on these two evildoers! First I'll use my frap ray on this equipment!"

Pulling out his reserve squirt gun, he began firing at the closest control panel. And since water and electricity are not the best of friends, the panel quickly erupted into a shower of sparks.

"No!" Drakken yelled. "Shego, attack!"

As the bare-bottomed Calvin raced through the lair, Shego tried to take a few potshots at the tyke to try and slow him down. But with years of experience evading his ever-pursuing mom, he easily dodged every shot, and all Shego managed to hit was critical electronic equipment which naturally went up in sheets of flame.

Drakken warned, "Shego! Watch where you're shooting! There's so much power surging through this equipment, you could end up incinerating us all!"

Shego responded with a dirty look, which gave Kim just the opening she'd been looking for. Without a word, the redheaded heroine launched herself at the dark-haired villainess, forcing Shego back on the defensive. While they engaged in hand-to-hand combat, Drakken was forced to go after Calvin himself.

"Come back here, you little rascal! No, don't go behind there!"

As the frustrated Drakken pursued Calvin, the wily child was managing to knock over nearly every piece of equipment that wasn't tied down, and amazingly, even a few that were. By now several fires had broken out, pyrotechnics brightly lighting up the entire lair.

"Stop that right now, you little troublemaker! You'll ruin everything!"

But Calvin was too quick for Drakken, and continued to wreak havoc as he had never wreaked before. Meanwhile, the digital readout continued with its inexorable countdown.

"Shego! We only have twenty seconds left to make it through the portal!"

Shego backed up toward the now wavering portal, firing shot after shot at Kim, who deftly avoided each plasma bolt while steadily closing in on her enemy. But would she still be able to prevent the two villains from escaping into the past to carry out their threat to prevent her from even being born?

Drakken ceased his pursuit of the irascible child and instead made a beeline for the portal, while Calvin looked down at his faithful friend.

"So! Stupendous Man's stupendous invisibility has prevented him from being captured, but time has almost run out! Will he be able to help Kim prevent the mad scientist and his fiendish sidekick from carrying out their dastardly plot, or is it all over for our heroes?"

Hobbes evenly replied, "Well, if you'd stop talking about yourself in the third person, we might just find out."

Thinking quickly, Calvin growled, "I have a plan. But it's dangerous, Hobbes. You could get hurt."

He quickly whispered in his pet tiger's ear. His friend grinned back with an off-handed shrug.

"Hey, that's what I do every day anyway as soon as you come home from school, so no problem. But I could use a little boost to get just the right angle and momentum, so I'm ready when you are."

Calvin picked up Hobbes, and with one mighty heave, flung Hobbes toward the master control panel. Hobbes smashed into it full force in just the same way he would pounce on Calvin the moment the child opened his front door upon returning from school. Calvin gave a wild whoop as the panel obligingly exploded into a spectacular multicolored electrical display. And just in time, for as soon as Shego and Drakken reached the portal, it immediately collapsed, the two villains ignominiously hitting the wall directly behind it and nearly knocking themselves senseless.

The excited child jumped up and exclaimed, "Direct hit! Stupendous Man and his faithful sidekick save the day!"

An ominous computer voice now began to intone, "Warning. Systems Overload. Self destruct sequence activated. Twenty... nineteen... eighteen..."

Drakken yelled out, "No! This can't be happening!"

With a disgruntled look, Shego snapped back, "Well Doc, it looks like you're on your own. I'm outta here."

Shego made a beeline for the exit, nearly bowling over Ron, who had finally just arrived. "Hey, KP! You okay? I think Calvin stowed away in your..."

But one look at the total disaster surrounding him made any warning completely unnecessary.

"Uh, but you probably already knew that by now..."

Kim hastily cut him off. "I know! Quick, grab Calvin and get him out of here right now, while I get his clothes! This place is about to blow!"

But as Ron scooped him up, the squirming child yelled out, "Hobbes! I've got to save Hobbes!"

Kim grabbed both the stuffed tiger and Calvin's clothing and yelled back, "I've got him, Ron! Now let's get out of here!"

The amazed child looked up at Ron in surprise. "Wow! You must have Gamma Ray Vision in order to see me while I'm invisible, One Who Is Called Ron."

The teen whispered back in a conspiratorial tone, "Actually, it's my Mystical Monkey Power. I'm a superhero just like you."

Calvin's eyes lit up. "Whoa! That's so cool! What other powers do you have?"

"Well, the power of imagination is pretty high on the list. And I sorta get the feeling that your bon-diggity imagination is pretty wild-a-roney too."

As soon as they all got outside, the lair made its obligatory explosion, collapsing into a heap of smoking rubble. Now reunited with both his clothes and his best friend, Calvin exclaimed, "Hobbes! You made it!"

The tiger smirked, "Of course! Because Kim loves tigers, and I love babes who love tigers, you know."

Calvin quickly put his clothes back on, claiming to be merely resuming his secret identity.

Kim winked at the kid. "Good job, Stupendous Man. And don't worry, your secret's safe with us."

The child looked back up at Kim with a wide grin. "Likewise. And thanks for rescuing Hobbes. He's a real hero for nearly sacrificing his life for us."

Kim smiled back at him. "Yup, he sure is. He did get a little scorched though. Look."

A few stray sparks had singed his fur coat. Calvin immediately looked deeply concerned. "You okay, Hobbes?"

The tiger assured his friend, "Sure, it's just a flesh wound. Easily repaired... er, healed, that is."

At that moment, Rufus awoke from his evening nap and popped out of Ron's pocket. Staring curiously at the stuffed tiger, he cautiously sniffed at its tail, which gave a rather large twitch in response. This was enough to send the now panicked naked mole rat scurrying up Ron's arm, fearfully chattering away.

Concerned over what might be the matter, Ron queried, "What is it, Rufus?"

The tiny mole rat wildly gesticulated at Hobbes, pantomiming that the stuffed toy was actually alive.

Ron merely waved a dismissive hand in response. "Oh, Rufus. That's just Calvin's toy tiger, Hobbes. He's not alive, he's just a stuffed animal, so you can amp down."

Rufus took another look at Hobbes, whose fangs looked even larger as the tiger seemed now to be smiling back at him. With one last squeak of terror, he quickly dashed back into the safety of Ron's pocket.

Kim breathed a small sigh. "Well, I guess that's enough excitement for one evening."

Ron chimed in, "Uh, that's probably enough excitement to last us the entire month, KP."

"I totally agree. And Calvin? Not a word of this to anybody, or else we're all in big trouble."

"Aw, nobody?" whined Calvin.

She thought carefully for a moment. "Well, you've got Hobbes, haven't you?"

Calvin brightened up. "Sure do!"

Relieved, Kim nodded back, "Good. Now let's get you home before your parents wonder what's happened to us..."


Returning home, Calvin's parents walked in the front door, pleased to have gotten at least a few hours of peace and quiet away from their hyperactive son as they enjoyed their anniversary dinner together. The woman suddenly stopped and whispered to her husband, "Dear, it's real quiet."

He anxiously replied, "Yeah, too quiet."

Kim appeared at the door of the kitchen and cheerfully said, "Hi! So how was your dinner?"

He cautiously answered, "It was fine. Thanks for asking." He fearfully queried, "So, how was Calvin?"

She confidently replied, "Oh, just the usual, I guess."

She recalled the many super villains she had battled in the past and giggled, "No trouble at all really, especially with what I'm used to."

The mother furtively whispered to her husband, "Oh my gosh, do you think she's killed him?"

She quickly ran upstairs to check on her son. Flipping on the light in his room, she was relieved to see Calvin sit up in bed and rub his sleepy eyes, his stuffed tiger snuggled right next to him. "Oh, hi Mom. What's up?"

"Are... are you okay, Calvin?"

"Oh just great, Mom! Kim was really cool and took me on a real awesome mission with her, and..."

Hobbes instantly hissed in his ear, "Shhh! You promised Kim you wouldn't tell..."

He gave his pet tiger a conspiratorial grin and whispered back, "Oh, yeah! Thanks, Hobbes..."

Out loud he continued, "That is, what I meant to say was, uh, Kim told me an awesome bedtime story about one of her missions. Can you hire her again some time?"

She nodded back weakly and answered, "Of course, dear, certainly... Goodnight, Calvin."

"G'night Mom."

Turning out the light, she unsteadily walked back down the stairs. Feeling a bit faint, she sat down on the couch and mumbled, "He's perfectly fine, dear. And... and he seems to have actually enjoyed having Kim as his babysitter..."

Turning back to Kim, he smiled and opened his wallet, paying her the agreed upon fee which she happily accepted.

Then, as an afterthought, he reached in and pulled out another $20. "I don't know how you did it, but here's a little extra just to show our appreciation."

Kim's eyes widened in surprise. "Gee, thanks so much!"

He nodded back, then bent down and whispered in her ear, "I know Calvin can be a handful at times. But if you'd ever like to share with me how you survived... I mean, uh, managed the evening so well, I'd be forever in your debt."

She smiled back and simply stated, "Well, it's really a matter of attitude I guess. And like I've always said, nothing's impossible for a Possible."

As she walked to her car, she glanced up at Calvin's bedroom window. She could have sworn that she saw the glowing green eyes of a tiger blinking back at her in pleasant approval.

Wade beeped in. "Good job, Kim. The authorities have just taken Drakken and Shego away, and that's one more lair we can chalk up as destroyed."

From the passenger seat, Ron whined, "Yeah, but when Calvin blabs about what really happened, Kim may be blacklisted from any more babysitting jobs for the rest of her life!"

Kim chuckled back, "So not the sitch, Ron. I never thought that it was even possible that I'd ever meet someone with a wilder imagination than you, but Calvin definitely takes the cake. And if his parents are at all aware of his frequent flights of fancy, and I'm ferociously sure that they are, then even if Calvin does tell them literally everything that happened tonight, they'd never believe him."

"So we're totally safe then, KP?"

"We're golden, Ron."

"Well, that's a bon-diggity relief." He continued with a smirk, "So, ya think you might do another job for them sometime?"

Kim tapped her chin while she considered that possibility. "I'd have to think pretty carefully about that. Tonight's mission was a little too close for comfort as far as I'm concerned. But if I could somehow get the night off from our typical villain du jour, that would be a distinct possibility."

Kim flashed him the wad of cash she'd just received as payment.

Ron's eyes shot wide open at the amount. "Wow, KP! I think we're about due for some snackage at Bueno Nacho's new midnight drive-through!" He smacked his lips. "Your treat, of course?"

Kim giggled back, "Yes, my treat, Ron."

As Kim drove away, a little boy slept soundly, dreaming happily of tigers and super villains. And of a particular teen heroine whom he now was convinced really could do anything, at least with a little help from Stupendous Man.

The End

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