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Chapter 16

After Lindir left to do what was requested of him, Elrond suggested to his family and friends that they should all go and freshen up, so they can all look their best for when they greet Mithrandir. Everyone agreed with Elrond that it was a good idea, so they all left Elrond's office, and went to their rooms to do so, and, just a minute after leaving his office, Elrond saw Castiel heading in his direction, so when she was in speaking distance, he asked her if she could go and inform Elladan and Elrohir that Mithrandir will be here shortly, and with a smile and a nod of her head, she agreed to do so, then Elrond thanked her, and continued on to his bedroom. Meanwhile, Elladan and Elrohir were finishing up with feeding their babbling baby brother his lunch, whilst trying to keep the anger, hurt and betrayal that they both felt, about what they learnt about their baby brother inside.

As they knew that although Estel might not fully understand it yet. He could still pick up on the intense emotions surrounding them, so for now and for the sake of their baby brother, Elladan and Elrohir put aside their personal feelings for the moment, and silently agreed to not let it show whilst they were with Estel. Elrohir however, could sense that Elladan was having a hard time at trying his hardest to keep his feelings about the situation with the traitor in Rivendell suppressed, and although he felt the same as his twin, Elrohir, being the more rational twin out of the two of them, understood why his Adar did what he did, as he knew that as much as they would both deny it, he and Elladan would go around Rivendell and treat everyone as a suspect without a second thought. In the meantime though, he concentrated on their baby brother.

"Come on Estel, one last little bite and then your all done," Elrohir exclaimed to the babbling nine month old with a smile.

But Estel seemed to have other ideas about his last bit of mashed apple, because as soon as the spoon was in his reach, he grabbed the spoon out of Elrohir's hand and threw it back at Elrohir's face. It only took a moment to get over what just happened before Elladan burst out laughing at the look on Elrohir's face.

"Oh Elrohir you seem to have something on your face," Elladan said to his twin brother, as soon as he got his laughing under control.

"No, really Dan, I haven't noticed," he replied back sarcastically, as he wiped the mashed apple from his face, while he glared half-heartedly at the gurgling baby in front of him.

"Ro don't glare at Estel, you should know by now when he's had enough," the older twin smirked towards him, as he got up from his chair in the dining hall and picked up the babbling nine month old into his arms.

"I wasn't glaring Dan, I was just thinking how quickly our baby brother grabbed the spoon from me, that had his last bit of mashed apple on, and threw it at me before I even had a chance to respond," insisted Elrohir, as he too rose from his seat to take Estel's empty bowl and spoon to the kitchens to be washed.

"I can do that for you my Lord Elrohir," a voice from the dining room doorway addressed Elrohir softly.

"Thank you for offering my Lady, but it is no trouble at all," stated Elrohir as he and Elladan turned towards the elf maid Castiel.

"My Lord Elladan and my Lord Elrohir, please forgive me for being so forward, but the reason I've said I could wash out your little brother's bowl and spoon is because I've been sent here by your Father Lord Elrond to inform you both that Mithrandir is on his way here," she told them both as she stepped into dining room.

"Mithrandir's here?", Questioned Elladan and Elrohir at the same time.

"Yes my Lords, he's coming into our borders as we speak," Castiel confirmed to them both.

"I guess we should go and get cleaned up Dan," Elrohir suggested to his twin brother.

"You more so than me Ro," Elladan quipped as he held the now dozing Estel in his arms more securely.

"Very funny Dan," deadpanned Elrohir, as he and his brothers made their way out of the dining hall, but not before thanking Castiel for taking care of Estel's things as they went to freshen up for Mithrandir's arrival.

Back with Elrond and his family and friends, they had all freshened up and were now waiting patiently in the courtyard for Mithrandir to arrive.

"Elrond, are Elladan and Elrohir going to come out and greet Mithrandir as well?", Glorfindel asked Elrond as he stood next to him.

"I don't know Glorfindel, but I have sent someone to inform them of his arrival," Elrond responded back to his Captain of the guard's question.

"My Lord, have you thought on what you are going to say to Mithrandir concerning the little one?", Erestor questioned quickly to Elrond, as he could still see the inner turmoil in his Lord's eyes about the recent argument with the twins.

"I have Erestor, and I would appreciate it if you would all be there for when I explain my son to him so I...," but before he could finish on what he was about to say, he was interrupted by Elladan words.

"Does that courtesy extend to us Adar?, Or are you going to leave us out of that as well?", The oldest of Elrond's children accused bitterly, as he and Elrohir made their way to join the rest of the elves in the courtyard.

"Elladan!", A few of elves exclaimed in shock at how he spitefully spoke to his Adar.

"Elladan that was cold, even for you!", Elrohir hissed at him, as he made his way to stand beside his Adar with the sleeping Estel in his arms.

"Yes my Son it does extend to you, and to you to Elrohir, as you are after all Estel's big brothers. But for now my Son, I would really appreciate it if we could have this discussion for another time in private," Elrond calmly said to him as picked up Estel from Elrohir's arms and into his own.

"As you wish Adar," conceded Elladan begrudgingly as he stood beside Elrohir.

It was only when he stood beside his twin brother that he started to feel guilty about how he talked to his Adar, it didn't help him much when he caught a glimpse of the inner turmoil in his Adar's eyes. That, and the fact he could feel everybody's eyes upon him made him feel worse, especially when he looked up at his Grandmother and could see the disappointment written all over her face. To Elladan that was worse than her being angry or upset at him, so he promised himself when he had the chance too, he would apologize to his Adar.

The collective group of family and friends didn't have to wait much longer for Mithrandir to arrive, as they could hear him before they even saw him, as he sang a merry tune to signal he was here. In the next moment, they all saw him on his horse drawn cart, still singing his merry tune whilst smoking his pipe, up until he was eventually in the courtyard.

"My, my, my, isn't this a welcome. It's not my birthday by any chance is it?", Mithrandir asked with a twinkle in his eye, as he got down from his horse drawn cart, then thanking a stable hand as his horse and cart were cared for.

"Mithrandir, it is good to see you again my friend," exclaimed Elrond with a smile as he came forward to greet his old friend.

"Lord Elrond, my friend it is good to see you also, but I must ask, who is this little fellow you hold in your arms?", Mithrandir inquired to the Lord of Rivendell, as he ran his finger through the sleeping nine month old's dark wispy hair.

But before Elrond had a chance to answer such a delicate question, especially considering the circumstances as of late, he was saved by his Mother-in-law.

"Mithrandir, would it be alright if we went inside?, For I do not want my grandson to get ill, especially as it could snow any time now," Galadriel pointed out to him.

"Grandson, Lady Galadriel?", Mithrandir asked confused.

"Yes Mithrandir, my grandson," the Lady of Lothlorien replied with a beaming and proud smile towards her baby grandson.

"Well my friend, it would seem that you've been busy since the last time we've met," Mithrandir quipped amusingly towards the Lord of Rivendell.

"Indeed I have Mithrandir, and I'll explain it all to you once we are all inside," said Elrond as he turned to go back inside his home with everybody following on behind him.

"So how have you been Mithrandir?", Celeborn asked Mithrandir as he walked beside him in the hallway leading towards the family living room.

"I have been well Lord Celeborn, I can't complain," he replied back to the Lord of Lothlorien.

"Don't you have any stories to tell us Mithrandir?", Elrohir asked him as he walked beside his twin.

"Plenty young one, but I have a feeling your story with the little fellow in your Adar's arms is more interesting," he implied, as he and the others were being led the way by Elrond to the family living room.

'You have no idea,' everybody thought at the same time.

It wasn't long after they all thought that, that they arrived at the family living room, and true to his word, as soon as everyone was seated comfortably in the family living room. Elrond, passed over Estel to Galadriel's waiting arms to start to explain to Mithrandir, on who the baby in his Mother-in-law's arms was.

"Mithrandir, before I begin, I must ask you to promise me to keep what you are told about the little one to yourself," Elrond asked Mithrandir sternly.

"Lord Elrond, I promise that whatever you tell me today will be kept in these four walls and will go no further," Mithrandir promised to him, as he only had to look at all of the elves present in the room to know how serious the information he was about to be told about the little fellow is.

"Alright then, seven months ago Elladan and Elrohir were on another one of their orc hunts when it started to rain, so they decided to find some form of shelter from the storm and then set of again when it stopped. There was a Dunedain camp not far from where they was so they headed in its direction, but when they got there, the Dunedain warriors were fighting back the orcs, while the women were trying their hardest to defend or calm down the children screaming in terror. The twins started helping out the Dunedain warriors immediately, and it didn't take long before the orcs were receding, amongst the battle they caught a glimpse of Arathorn and...," at that point of explaining Elrond became silent as he looked over at Elladan, and he could see from where he sat, as he looked into his oldest son's eyes, that Elladan still felt distressed from that day.

"It's alright Adar, I'm ok, please continue as Mithrandir needs to know what happened," Elladan said softly as he didn't trust his voice right now.

"Very well, as I said, they had just caught a glimpse of Arathorn as he took down an orc, and when he looked up he saw them too, in the next moment however, Arathorn was shot down by an arrow through his eye. Elladan and Elrohir took down that, and any other orc that got in their way to get to Arathorn, but when they got to him, he told the twins to leave him and go and find his wife Gilraen, before dying right in front of them. As reluctantly as they were to leave Arathorn's body, the twins did as Arathorn requested of them and went to find Gilraen, but unfortunately by the time they found her, she was tiredly defending herself in front of a collapsed tent. Elladan and Elrohir killed the orcs she bravely fought against and went over to her side to help her, but when they got to her they were too late as she fell into Elladan's arms in pain. The twins tried to use all that they knew about healing to save her, but Gilraen said not to waste their time on her and told them to go and bring her baby son to her instead. At first they were shocked...," exclaimed Elrond, but before he could continue, he was interrupted once again by Elladan.

"Adar, our reaction was nothing compared to your reaction, when me and Ro brought home Estel for the first time to see you," Elladan pointed out to him with amusement clearly written all over his face, as well as Elrohir's, Glorfindel's and Erestor's, as they remembered that moment in time, when Estel was brought to Rivendell.

"Yes well, it's not every day that your twin sons bring home a baby to Rivendell is it," Elrond retorted back with a smile of his own.

"My friend, I'd hate to interrupt you and your son's banter, but could you please continue with the story," Mithrandir interjected, but with a look that clearly stated that he would also love to hear all about Elrond's reaction for the first time at meeting the little fellow currently sleeping in Galadriel's arms.

"As I was saying then, the twins were shocked, as they didn't know at the time that Arathorn and Gilraen had a baby. Gilraen told the twins that he was in the collapsed tent that she was tiredly defending against from the orcs, so Elrohir went to go and bring him to her, and when Elrohir found the baby, the little one was miraculously alright and asleep. Alas though, as Gilraen lay dying in Elladan's arms, Gilraen for the last time held Estel in her arms and told the twins his name and how old he was, and she also said how much she loved him before joining her husband Arathorn in death. The battle with the orcs was won by the Dunedain, but it came with such a heavy loss of lives, and what was left of them, told the twins that they would go and find safety somewhere else, but not before they helped Elladan and Elrohir bury Arathorn and Gilraen and the rest of the dead, while also doing a fake little grave for Estel, in case the enemy knew about him," Elrond concluded solemnly to all in the room.

After a few moments of silence went by in the family living room, Mithrandir voiced his thoughts on Elrond's story.

"Well my friend, that is quite a tale," Mithrandir commented to Elrond, while he sat back more comfortably in his chair, as he digested Elrond's story about the little fellow.

"And what Elrond has told you Mithrandir, it's all true, I assure you," Glorfindel informed him as he took a quick glance at his sleeping nephew.

"I don't doubt that Glorfindel, and from what I can gather from what Lord Elrond has told me is that, the little fellow currently being held in Lady Galadriel's arms, he has claimed him as his son and...," but whatever Mithrandir was going to say next was cut off by Elrond quickly interrupting him.

"He is my son Mithrandir, no matter what anybody says!", Elrond told him passionately.

The atmosphere in the family living room was tense and silent after that last sentence from Elrond, it was only broken when there was a quiet whimper coming from Galadriel's arms, from the sleeping Estel. All turned to look at the baby, hoping he wouldn't wake up yet. But he didn't, as he was quickly rocked back to sleep by his Grandmother whispering comforting words to him.

"I'm sorry my friend, I mean no offence to you, but as I was saying, the little fellow is not only your son, but the heir of Isildur and the rightful king of Gondor, am I correct?", Mithrandir questioned Elrond softly so as to not disturb the baby.

"Yes you are correct Mithrandir, and hopefully you can see why it is only us in this room who know the truth about Estel," Elrond replied back just as softly.

"Yes my friend, I can see why it is only us who know about the little fellow, but, I just have one question for you Lord Elrond," Mithrandir informed the Lord of Rivendell.

"And what would that be Mithrandir?", Elrond asked him, as he everyone else tried not to show how nervous they all looked, and Mithrandir could sense it, so he played up to it by prolonging the tension in the room.

"What is the little fellow's true name?", Mithrandir asked as he felt he had teased them long enough.

"His birth name Mithrandir was Aragorn, but now it is Estel, for he is our hope," Erestor answered for them all.

As if he knew they were talking about him, Estel started to stir awake in his Grandmother's arms. Everyone held their breath, as they didn't know if he would start crying or not, but they were all pleasantly surprised when Estel started to babble excitedly, especially when he noticed just who was holding him.

"Well hello my little one, did you enjoy your sleep?", Galadriel cooed to him softly, and as if in responding to his Grandmother's question, Estel started to babble more excitedly towards her and wave his little arms about.

"I'm glad to know you did my little one," she cooed right back to him, while everyone was watching with on with amusement on their faces, as they watched Estel interact with his Grandmother.

"He's certainly grown a bit since the last time we saw him my love," Celeborn wistfully pointed out to Galadriel, as he tenderly ran his hand through the little one's dark wispy hair.

Estel, even at nine months old, had picked up that his Grandfather was sad for some reason, so just as his Grandfather was going to run his hand through his hair again, he reached out with his little hand, and took ahold of Grandfather's finger, while at the same time, he looked into his Grandfather's brown eyes with his own big blue-silver eyes to try to comfort him somehow. To all who were watching, nobody moved or dare say anything, in case they broke the spell on what was happening between Celeborn and Estel, it was truly an awe-inspiring moment to behold to all who witnessed it.

"I can see why you named him Estel my friend, but tell me Lord Elrond, what else are you hiding from me?", Mithrandir questioned Elrond with a knowing look towards him.

"Hiding Mithrandir?", Asked Elrond, as he tried to stall for time, as he had a feeling what it could be about.

"Don't play that one with me Lord Elrond, as I can see where the twins and Arwen get their mischievous side from, no offence of course," Mithrandir said to the twins and Arwen.

"None taken Mithrandir," Arwen replied for herself and twin brothers with amused expressions on their faces.

"I have no idea what you mean Mithrandir," protested Elrond as he tried to get out of answering Mithrandir's question.

"Oh I think you do my friend, so are you going to tell me or not?", Mithrandir asked him with that knowing look still in place.

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