"Oh Arthur dear, thank you. You really are the most wonderful brother in law, even if you and Allistor don't get along. Alison will be thrilled to hear you can take them, and on such short notice too." With that final sentiment, Melanie hung up.

Arthur groaned.

What the fuck had he gotten himself into?

His niece, a bouncy thirteen year-old named Alison, had called him two days ago, practically sobbing over the line. Arthur hadn't been too alarmed, as this happened whenever a boy asked her out or her friends started fighting, and he was more of mentor for the teen anyway. However, this call had proved to be of greater importance. After a rather cringe-worthy five minutes of incoherent, vaguely animal-like squeals, she settled down enough to explain that she had won VIP tickets to an upcoming concert at Madison Square Garden. After this and a few more strangled sounds, she hung up.

Arthur had thought nothing of the call until Alison's mother, Melanie, began to ring him repeatedly the next day. Honestly, didn't his idiot brother's family have any more modern ways to contact him? Of course he didn't mind calls, but if his phone rang one more time when he was working, he was going to throw it in the bin and call it a day. Finally, on Melanie's fourth attempt, Arthur was available. Though Melanie was usually a levelheaded woman, Alison's excitement was known to be infectious, and Melanie did indeed sound adrenalized as she talked. She explained to Arthur that Alison had entered the 'Prove your Allegiance' contest, and somehow won for the London stop of the tour. Arthur didn't know what the hell the contest was, or what the "prove your allegiance" was supposed to imply, but he felt obliged to be proud of his niece for winning. Unfortunately, this obligation wound up with him agreeing to chaperone Alison and her giggly friends during the concert, which actually wouldn't have been a problem, had it not been that specific concert. Usually, Arthur could hang back and relax, but the concert wasn't just some band, with a comfortable amount of fans. No, Arthur was now required to attend an Alfred Jones concert.

It seemed to Arthur that there was not a 12-18 year-old girl in the world who wasn't enamored with Alfred Jones. He was known to dabble in various genres, mostly pop with occasional hints of country, etc. His voice wasn't bad, nor his face, but his attitude made Arthur want to kick him where it counted. He was most ridiculous, cocky, immature singer in the entire music industry. He was big headed, and in Arthur's opinion, could not seem able to put his one brain cell to work and manage to put a shirt on. Washboard abs or not, it was indecent to always be shirtless.

All right, perhaps it wasn't so much the indecency, but more the fact that he sold music with looks and a rather appealing midsection. Arthur disagreed vehemently with such shallow tactics.

Unfortunately, whether Arthur agreed or not, he was still taking Alison and company to the concert. He checked his watch.

Lovely. Two hours until he was off to suffer.

Twenty minutes before Alison's estimated arrival time, Arthur realized that he had no idea what to wear to a Jones concert. He flipped open his phone and began to text Ali.

Arthur: Hey Alison

Ali: hey :) excited?

Arthur: no. what the hell do I wear to this thing

Ali: good, im glad im not the only one who's nervous

Arthur: what?! im not nervous. i was just wondering what to wear. that's it.

Ali: awwwe! come on Arthur, just look good


Ali: sorry im just a bit excited to breath the SAME AIR as ALFRED JONES

Arthur: just a bit you say

Ali: wear something with swag. you'll be fab

Arthur rolled his eyes. Ever since Ali had figured out Arthur was openly gay (he still didn't see how anyone could have missed it, but he supposed she had grown up with him around), she referred to his style of dress as 'swag'. Perhaps she thought that being gay made him more fashionable? Arthur merely devoted more time in making sure he looked presentable, and he prided himself on doing so. Wearing skinny jeans wasn't a goddamn crime. Straight men would too, if they had the balls. He happened to be great at dressing, and for that matter, undressing too...

Arthur shuddered. He had been a bit…rambunctious in his teenage years, acting like he owned the world. Though he'd since settled down, he was still working on repressing his rather sizable ego.

After pulling on his favorite black skinnies and a white tee shirt, Arthur picked out the emerald green studs Alison had given him for his twenty-first birthday. They made his eyes look, as Ali put it, 'magical green.' He ran his fingers through his tousled white-blonde hair and sighed. Maybe he could fit in a mug of tea before Alison and her friends arrived.

His flat's buzzer began to whirr, announcing his visitors.

Never mind.