"Um, Stef, you don't have to do it all in one day." This was probably the last hurdle for Stef, as Lena saw it. There was no rule that said you had to like going down on a woman, but god that would make things easier for them in the bedroom.

Stef smirked, for incredibly she was still turned on, which was unbelievable after a full night of sex. "I want to Lena, trust me." She'd read enough this week alone to know that this was probably the one thing she was most intrigued by. It seemed so primal. "I'm just gonna need some guidance… I think," she added shyly.

"You're a natural." A born lesbian, Lena thought. Once more, she hurt at the thought of whatever had kept Stef from owning her truth. They kissed slowly, letting their desire build naturally. It didn't take much for Lena, as she was on the edge before Stef had even suggested oral sex. This particular activity one of Lena's weaknesses and if Stef proved to be as effective at it as she seemed to be other things, Lena was in trouble. She'd be forever at Stef's command.

Stef took her time, not out of fear, but more from a need to enjoy the moment. She had been on this rollercoaster ride with Lena, but since she'd confessed her feelings, it had all been a thrilling downslope. It was all very exciting but also incredibly fast, and neither one of them wanted to put the brakes on. At least for this experience, Stef would do her best to suspend the freefall and float in the moment for a while.

She tried to imagine what this might be like without love. She was so deeply involved with Lena that there was no part of Lena that she didn't automatically love. There had been so many discoveries in the last twenty-four hours. She knew more about Lena's body than anyone in her life, ever. And she'd just gotten started.

In broad daylight, Lena had no problem spreading her legs for Stef. She wasn't normally shy about sex, but something about being with Stef told her that she couldn't show hesitation. Stef had already associated her sexuality with shame. Lena had to be careful and not encourage that.

Stef appreciated the gesture and took it in as a gift. Lena was a gift and she was freely giving herself over to Stef, who knew she didn't deserve it. She'd hesitated and taken Lena for granted. She took Lena in, for the first time examining her carefully, intimately. Seeing her wet curls and folds, Stef could tell Lena was aroused. She smiled thinking, 'I did that.' She had the power to turn this woman on. She remembered Lena's earlier soft touch and wondered if she could be so gentle. She was about to reach in with her fingers, but decided at the last minute to get closer. She could smell Lena's desire now, an intimate scent Stef had never really been privy to before. It was a smell that she would forever associate with Lena. She kissed her thighs, letting her tongue taste the flesh and letting her mind become acquainted with the scents. It was a combination of Lena, her sweat, and her soap. She got closer and buried her nose right on Lena's center. She knew instantly that this might be a fetish for her. The smell of Lena was driving her crazy. She wanted to memorize it, needing to be the only one who ever knew this feeling.

The second her nose touched Lena's soft tight curls, Stef felt Lena's warm wetness on her lips. She was incredibly wet and swollen. Stef wanted, no, needed to taste. She kissed Lena gently, an initial meeting of lips, a unique first kiss. As Stef pulled away from the brief contact, she licked her lips to finally taste Lena. She became aroused thinking this was the taste of Lena's desire. Stef decided she needed more, she took a long lick. She was surprised that for the most part, Lena's wetness didn't have much taste. It was more about the texture. Slick, and slippery, it's unique qualities would ease the friction she'd need to bring Lena to climax. Before Stef got too caught up in the details, she decided to just feel.

Using Lena as her guide, Stef let her tongue communicate her love. She lapped and sucked aimlessly for a while. She was becoming acquainted with Lena and with her desire. She began to find a rhythm and the spots that caused Lena to tense. Stef soon became addicted to Lena's wetness and would dip into Lena for more, coating her, increasing her pleasure.

Lena meantime was lost in the sensation of being at the center of Stef's attention. It was just as she feared, Stef was trouble. Stef was as present as Lena had ever felt her to be. Lena felt adored. Stef was intensely focused on her, and this feeling was intoxicating. Lena was swimming in pleasure and was torn between enjoying herself and letting herself fall into an orgasm. She was still a little mindful that this was Stef's first time, so she began to tense and guide Stef with her moans towards her resolution. It wasn't long before Lena felt her thighs tremble as her pleasure quickly built. Just as she was nearing the edge, Stef slowed down and pulled back. Instead of expressing her frustration, Lena assumed Stef wasn't experienced enough to just help her over the edge. So, when once again, Stef's gentle lapping was driving her to the edge, Lena decided to encourage her. "Just like that," she moaned.

Stef heard Lena's plea, but just like the last time, she wasn't ready to take her mouth off Lena's pussy. She slowed down again and this time a frustrated Lena did open her eyes and look at down at Stef. Seeing Stef between her legs, was almost enough to make her come. Stef placed Lena's clit on the edge of her tongue. It was so hard, she decided to leave it alone for a while and concentrate on Lena's engorged inner lips. Lena was open like a flower facing the sun, and Stef was going to shower her with attention. Lena was smooth, and her entrance continued to gift her with Lena's sweet slick nectar. She wanted to lick and suck Lena all morning long, determined to keep her on the edge for a while.

Eventually, Lena caught on that Stef knew exactly what she was doing. She worried briefly that Stef might be getting tired, but decided to trust Stef. After all, she'd been doing just fine all night.

Each time, the cycle of takin Lena to the edge and bringing her back took less and less time. Currently, Stef watched as Lena's breathing slowed. She was licking her entrance, doing nothing more than enjoying this ultimate intimacy. When she returned to Lena's clit, she was surprised to find Lena at the precipice again. Instead of backing away, Stef decided to slowly, but firmly, lick her directly, and she felt Lena falling into her orgasm. As Lena moaned and began her climax, Stef took Lena's clit in her mouth and sucked it softly and gently, giving Lena the most exquisite tumble into ecstasy. Lena groaned, feeling each wave of pleasure reverberating throughout her body.

Stef was overwhelmed with the experience. She felt powerful and deeply in love. Being there, with Lena's most private place right in her mouth, she understood what intimacy was. This was what it was like to completely belong with someone. She wanted to make Lena happy, and she could tell Lena had enjoyed herself immensely. Stef made a vow in that moment to always do her best to make Lena happy, to be the one to give Lena joy. Nothing had ever felt so fulfilling as making Lena happy, and Stef would be happy to do that for the rest of her life.

Eventually, she felt Lena tugging at her, pulling her up to meet her. Stef reluctantly left her spot with one last taste. She rose up to meet Lena in a kiss. It was warm and sexy, and as unbelievable as it sounded, they both could feel the pull of desire again. Before things got too heated, Lena decided to slow them down.

She pulled away slowly, "I told you, you'd be a natural."

"It's all you, you are delicious, so sensual." Stef continued trying to engage Lena, dying to continue to indulge in this new feeling.

Lena needed reassurance, "It was ok?"

Stef smiled, she knew exactly how this felt. "It was everything because you are everything."

Lena winked, "Now, that you've eaten, I think we need some food."

Stef could feel the flush of embarrassment. "Lena!"

This time, Lena laughed, "Seriously, we need some breakfast. Get out of this bed?"

Stef was about to pout when her stomach growled loudly.

"See, I can already anticipate your needs. Come on, let's have some naked breakfast," Lena teased.

Stef hesitated, horrified at the thought of carrying out such a mundane task in the nude.

Lena slowed, assessing the situation and noticed Stef's discomfort. Her suggestion was meant to be fun and if Stef wasn't going to enjoy it, there was no point. "Ok, how about I get us some robes?"

Stef smiled, pleased that Lena was obviously taking her feelings into consideration. She nodded and decided not to dwell on her lack of courage.

After a quick trip to the bathroom, Lena handed Stef a silky Robe that seemed almost too small for Stef. Lena reassured her it would fit and went downstairs, giving Stef some alone time, to do whatever she needed to do to feel more like herself this morning. Stef took the opportunity to brush her teeth and really look at herself in the mirror. The face that stared back at her was very much the same one as yesterday. Nothing had changed, yet everything had. She finally saw her truth and told the image staring back at her, "Stefanie Marie Foster eats pussy." She'd come so far, she could not have pictured this moment a year ago. Lena had certainly been a shock to her system. She was the catalyst to Stef's inevitable chain reaction. Her sexuality, long dormant had finally awakened. There was no part of last night that she hadn't enjoyed. Sex was a revelation. She finally understood why people were obsessed with it.

Lena was trying not to freak out while she considered her cooking options. She hadn't imagined things would be this right. They'd had moments of hesitation but mostly they were both on the same page, enjoying everything that was happening between them. After last night, Lena was too excited to even cook breakfast. She had actually planned a meal but her energy was keeping her from fulfilling her plans. Lena didn't know what to do with herself. Stef might be it. God, it was too soon, Lena knew it was too soon, but it felt so right. Stef was really gay and Lena could move on with her commitment. It was real. They were real. She was ready to put all her eggs in this one basket and considering what had happened to her in the past, Lena should heed the warning. Still, she couldn't. She knew herself enough to know that she was more than ready to dive in. The time to slow down had come and gone. After the intimacy of last night, there would be no going back for Lena.

Lena looked around her kitchen and all she could picture were places to have sex in. Her thoughts lingered on the events of the previous evening. She became so immersed that she missed Stef come down the stairs. She looked fresh and beautiful. They smiled shyly at each other, knowingly. This was the smile of new lovers who weren't quite used to their intimacy.

"Would you like to go out to breakfast?" Lena beamed, ready to show the world her love, and frankly, she couldn't fathom cooking at this moment.

Stef's face suddenly dropped. She didn't know how to answer. She was feeling exposed and the only person she wanted to share that with was Lena. Facing the world, feeling so naked was overwhelming. "Uh…"

Lena shook her head, disappointed, "Never mind, I just…" The silence hung, both unsure how to proceed.

Stef wanted to suddenly run. She wasn't sure she was ready to admit to every feeling coursing through her, not sure she herself could identify the feelings. "I want to go out, I'm just…"

Lena stopped her, "No, I understand. You're not really out yet."

Stef stepped in and held Lena's hands, finally aware of the flimsy robes that separated them. "No, that's not it. I am not used to this."

Lena nodded, lesbian sex. Stef was finally overwhelmed. She wasn't disappointed in Stef, she was disappointed in herself. Lena had gotten carried away. She should have known better.

Stef dipped down, trying to catch Lena's downturned gaze. When she finally managed eye contact, she wasn't sure they were on the same page. "I feel like everyone will be able to see what's in my soul."

Lena tilted her head confused. The word soul didn't really match what she had been thinking: that Stef was afraid people could see she was having sex with a woman.

Following Lena's puzzlement, Stef continued. "I haven't been in love. I mean, I was married but I didn't love him. No one has seen this Lena." Stef had always been the tough one. In every situation, she was the one that got right back up if injured in basketball. She wasn't the one that complained about the bruises she got in particularly harsh arrest. She was a woman in a man's world. She couldn't afford feelings. And she was a gay woman trying to live in a straight world. She couldn't afford feelings. With Lena, there were times when she felt like nothing but an open wound, bleeding out feelings. She felt raw, exposed. "I have never been happier, and I have never needed, loved or wanted anything as much as you, today. And…"

When tears leaked out, Lena understood a bit of what Stef was talking about. And she felt an overwhelming joy envelop her. Stef felt it too. They were in it together. She took Stef in her arms and shushed her, "My love, shh… don't worry. No one has to see my tough cop this way. Ok?"

Stef smiled and nodded.

"We'll stay here, I'll make you something. I'll figure it out." She took Stef's hand, unwilling to lose contact as she made her way to the fridge.

Stef followed, relieved that the intense emotional moment was gone for now. "How about we make something together? We have done that before."

Lena stopped, faced Stef again. "Yes, we have. I love you."

"I love you too Lena." Stef wanted nothing more than to drown in these feelings that threatened to choke her.

By the time they actually ate, they'd spent the entire morning, cooking and making love in the kitchen.

Stef had been reluctant to look at the clock because she knew what would happen the second she looked at it. She would remember the exact time she had to pick up Brandon. She was a mom first and she could never forget that. Being a woman, that was new. Stef wasn't sure how to be a woman in love, but she thought she did a great job of it today. She had never felt so free, so carefree, so deeply in her heart and in her body.

Still, Stef knew she had to face her life, and so she did, finally looking at the time. As she feared, the time had come. They were nude on the couch, another first for Stef.

Lena was between her legs, caressing her body, lingering on her most private parts, relishing the intimacy. She was memorizing every curve, every scar. She sensed the change in Stef, the worry was coming off her in waves.

Stef spoke softly, "I wish I could stay here all day and night."

"You should," Lena blurted. She wasn't ready to let her girlfriend go. She wasn't ready for this day to end. Surely Sharon could watch Brandon for a while longer.

"I can't." Of this, Stef was certain. She could not start this life by being unreliable to Brandon or Lena. "I told Brandon I'd be home this afternoon and that's what I have to do."

Lena nodded, fully understanding that Stef, the mom, needed to do that. Lena cared for Brandon but had never had children depend on her during her off hours. Her responsibilities at school ended when she got home. It was unrealistic to ask the same of Stef. Being a parent wasn't a job. Still, for Lena, the woman, this type of rejection was new and painful. Stef had other equal or more important priorities. Lena had tried dating a doctor once. She had found the nature of that job to be unbearable. She loved nothing more than this, being in her lover's arms, together, where all their focus was on one another. Feeling Stef begin to pull away was like a huge emotional Band-Aid being slowly and painfully peeled off.

Instead of speaking her frustration, Lena just sighed.

"Baby," Stef pulled Lena up into her arms. "I'll be back. You have me. And we'll have this for the rest our lives." Stef was made a sober proclamation, "I promise." She added, "Brandon's had so many disappointments and changes, it's important that I keep my word."

Lena finally gave in, "I understand, but you can't blame for not wanting the best day of my life to end."

Stef was incredulous, "Best day of your life?"

Lena turned in Stef's arms and kissed her with everything she had. Yes, it had been the best day of her life. Before yesterday, the best day of her life had been when Stef had finally made a commitment to them and fully confessed her feelings. Lena had a feeling that her life with Stef would be filled with increasingly better days. Today, it was true, it had been. "Best ever," she whispered between kisses.