Hello. It's been a while since I've something, so this may be a little rough. I decided to try something for my current favourite couple of RWBY. To be honest, I don't know when I'll update, but if this gets good feedback, I may put more effort into this. I plan for this to be humor, but this is mostly an opening to the events to come. I may throw in some white rose and maybe bumblebee (don't count on it though). Anyways, if it's good and you want more, let me know. If it's bad... well, still let me know so I can improve. Reviews or PM's, I'm fine with anything. Annnnnd I do not own RWBY.

Pyrrha sighed. Jaune was once again flirting with some other girl while she sat with her team as well as team RWBY in the cafeteria. She barely picked at her lunch as she casted quick side longed glances over to her blonde haired leader. Of course it would go as it always does. Jaune sees a girl. Jaune attempts to impress girl with his smooth talk. Girl laughs at Jaune and walks away. Because they can't see how wonderful he Is,' Pyrrha thought to herself. Jaune slumps back to his team. It wasn't too bad at first, but after the incident in the Forever Falls, his confidence skyrocketed (which Pyrrha was more than happy about) and he decided that he was going accomplish all the goals he set for himself. And that included getting a girlfriend. The part of this that was bothering Pyrrha was that other than the first encounter, he had not made a single move on her.

As a celebrity, Pyrrha has had her fair share of guys flirting with her and numerous date proposals, however, none of them ever caught her attention like Jaune. Unlike her regular arrogant, self loving suitors, Pyrrha could tell right from the beginning that Jaune was scared, insecure and thought he wasn't worth anyone's attention. Despite that, however, he forced himself to be confident and act like the hero he wanted to be. Pyrrha could see the strength in that. She saw him help Ruby after her first encounter with Weiss, saw that he was unsure about what he was doing. She would even admit she was a little jealous. Their first night, she knew he was embarrassed about his choice of sleep ware after seeing everyone else, but he strode out their, ignoring the snickers. She found it to be adorable. When he learned who she was, he was timid, but he tried to treat her like a regular person. She respected him for that. And because of all that, she grew an undeniable crush on the goofy boy.

She sighed again, wondering why he didn't return her feelings. Everyone at the table picked up on this, but Yang was the only one brazen enough to point it out in front of the others. "Hey Pumpkin cereal, is something bugging ya?" She asked with a mouth full of mashed potato.

"Huh? Oh, it's nothing really. Just a little tired," Pyrrha replied with a forced smile.

Blake, knowing that Yang was already going to blow all subtlety out of the red haired girls issues, decided to just go along with her partner. "It's Jaune isn't it?"

At this point, Ruby was noticing the blush forming on Pyrrha's cheeks and decided to intervene. "I think this is girl talk. Ren, do you mind?" Ruby asked with an apologetic smile.

Ren rolled his eyes, but picked up his tray. "You know, being the only other male in the group, it would be easiest for me to approach him about thi-"

"SHOO!" Ruby interrupted with more edge in her voice.

"I'll come with you!" Nora added eagerly.

Ren rolled his eyes once more as the duo left.

"So what's the latest on our resident ladies man?" Yang waggled her eyebrows.

Pyrrha remained stoic, knowing that she was about to receive a fierce teasing at the hands of one fiery haired brawler. "He is doing well. The extra training we have been doing is really helping."

"That's good. About that training, though, I do have a question." Yang was unable to contain her grin.

"What is it?" Pyrrha asked.

"I've seen you do a lot of hand to hand grappling. I don't think he's about to tackle and pin and a Nevermore anytime soon, so what's it for?"

"Well, I believe that even though it may not-"

"It's totally so you can grope him without him knowing, isn't it?" Yang began to snicker.

"What!" Pyrrha's face went bright red.

Milk squirted out of Ruby's nose, Blake attempted to hide her smile behind her hand while Weiss closed her eyes and rubbed her temples. "It is nothing like that!" Pyrrha whispered.

"Ohh, ok," Yang giggled, "It's so you can get him to grope you."

Ruby and Blake began to laugh as Yang began to make suggestive moans. "Oh Jaune, your hand needs to be lower for this hold."

"Yang, please," Weiss glared at her vulgar teammate, " Some of us are trying to eat."

"Thank you," Pyrrha sighed in relief.

The table fell silent. Yang looked a little miffed as the other two members of RWBY tried to avoid eye contact with the volatile heiress. "Besides," Weiss continued, "I think you interrupted Pyrrha's train of thought. So what position will you teach him next? Reverse cowgirl maybe?"

Weiss smirked as the rest of her team lost themselves in their laughter.

Pyrrha's eye twitched. "Well, it was a pleasure, but I think I must get going."

She picked up her tray and headed for the exit. "Wait!" Ruby yelled after her. "We were just joking. Come back. I promise we'll behave."

The Spartan-themed warrior sighed before turning around. "Very well."

"On a more serious note, why don't you just tell him?" Blake tried to give a reassuring smile.

"It's fine. If he was interested, he would've let me know," Pyrrha smiled back.

"Are you sure you're happy in the best friend zone?" Yang pressed.

"No, but I'll get passed it."

"You know, not every girl is going to reject him. You'll have to act soon," Ruby interjected.

"Yeah. Ruby even had a crush on him for a little while," Yang smirked at her sister.

"What! That's not true! Shut up!" Ruby blushed and shrank in her seat.

Pyrrha could've swore she saw a frown a Weiss' face before the ice queen turned directly to her. "Listen, You are Pyrrha Nikos. You are one of Beacon's top huntresses in training. Start acting like it."

"What do mean?" Pyrrha quirked her head.

Weiss sighed. "It's simple. You are a huntress. You want Jaune. Therefore, he is your prey. Start hunting him."

"I do not think that-"

"Stop thinking. You have done everything in your power to help him improve in both skill and self confidence. You owe it to yourself to reap the seeds of your effort."

Pyrrha thought for a moment. Of course Jaune appreciated everything she did and he promised to do his best from then on, but was she really satisfied with that? She had hoped that Jaune would succeed as a leader, but why couldn't she be with him as she did. She would make a good girlfriend for him. Weiss was right. She did owe it to herself to at least try. Jaune will be hers.

"Hey guys, it didn't work out too well," Jaune returned to the table and slumped in his seat.

Pyrrha smiled to herself. "That's too bad Jaune. I'm sure it'll work for you eventually."

So that's it. I'll try to include the other characters later. If there are any ideas or criticism for this story, I'd be happy to hear it. So long for now.