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Pyrrha, Ren, Nora and team RWBY walked to the cafeteria to get some breakfast before classes started. Pyrrha had a bit of a spring on her step, excited, for today was the day that Jaune was to be discharged from the infirmary. She planned to go visit him during the lunch break to see when he would be able to leave. "Someone looks happy today," Yang sauntered next Pyrrha with her usual 'I'm about to embarass you' smirk.

"Of course I'm happy. Jaune will be able to join us again now that he has fully recovered. Aren't you excited to see him again?"

"You act like we haven't seen him," Weiss scoffed. "We've visited him every day and spent a few good hours each time. Why would we be excited?"

"Because now that his bones are healed, she now gets to play with him," Blake comented with her own smirk.

Pyrrha blushed, but didn't take her friends teasing to hard. Nothing could ruin her mood today. ''Well be careful. He just got out of the Infirmary,'' Yang giggled to herself, ''so don't send him back with a broken pelvis.''

Pyrrha looked back at the blonde brawler and winked. ''No promises.''

Yang gawked for a moment, but her smile returned bigger than ever. ''You are in a good mood today.''

"So are you guys going to go on a real date to celebrate?" Ruby asked.

"A real date?" Pyrrha gave the younger girl a questioning look.

"Well, it's hard because of the visiting hours to get a romantic evening, so will you do anything?"

Pyrrha thought it over for a moment. "Probably, but we have nothing planned right now."

The group arrived at the cafeteria, where they met up with Velvet and had breakfast at their usual table. Conversation continued as usual until some of the other students started murmering excitedly. "I wonder what everyone is so worked up about," Pyrrha commented.

"Probably him," Velvet responded with smile while pointing behind the Spartan.

The rest of the group turned their heads to see a familiar figure approaching. "Hey guys," Jaune waved.

The blonde boy walked with a bit of a limp, but otherwise looked perfectly fine.

His friends leapt from their seats and quickly closed the distance. Nora was about to tackle her leader out of joy, but was thankfully pulled back by Ren. Pyrrha embraced her new boyfriend. "I didn't know you would get out this early."

"Well they said I could leave at any time I thought I was ready and I already missed enough classes, so..." Jaune looked away with a smug grin.

Pyrrha narrowed her eyes and pouted. "And I really wanted to see you," Jaune quickly added after seeing his girlfriends dangerous look.

The knight cringed when he heard some of the other girls "Aw", but smiled despite his embarrassment.

After a few more exchanges with his friends, Jaune began to walk towards the table, his hand in Pyrrha's. "You've become quiete the celebrity after taking down two powerful Grimms," Ren commented as they walked.

"Yeah, Pyrrha's going to have to watch out now that you have groupies," Yang giggled while jerking her thumb at some girls who were waving andwinking at Jaune.

"I'm sure Jaune will be loyal," Pyrrha responded without any indication of jealousy in her voice.

"I don't know," Jaune smirked as he looked over at his admireres, "I've never been the stud on campus before. I'm not sure what will happen if they approach me."

Pyrrha stopped and Jaune turned to see her wearing a devious grin. "Then I guess I'll just have to show them that you're mine," the Spartan giggled.

"And how do you plan to do-" Jaune started, but was cut off when Pyrrha pulled him close.

The rend-head pulled the knight into a deep kiss and even went as far as dipping him. Jaune's face lit up when he felt a hand start to grope his rear end. Yang and Nora laughed while some of the other students whistled and cheered. After about a minute, Pyrrha finally let go a let Jaune stand back up. Jaune starred at his feet, his face still red. "Still thinking about seeing other girls?" Pyrrha asked.

"N-no," Jaune stuttered.

"Go easy on him Pyrrha. He just got out of the infirmary," Ren snickered.

"I would, but someone still has to pay for running me through a loop all that time," Pyrrha's sadistically sweet tone returned.

Jaune laughed nervously. "I thought you were kidding about that."

The rest laughed at the poor boy's discomfort and returned to their morning meal. Soon, classes started and the day continued a little differently than usual. Many of the students that Jaune encountered that normally payed him no attention were waving and greeting and he even got a couple invites to various activities for after classes and although Jaune turned each one down, he would admit that he was enjoying his new status as a hero. Another noticable difference was the interactions between Jaune and his Spartan themed teammate. It was clear to anyone that watched the two for even a minute that they were a couple now. Jaune still got a little embarrassed when it came to Pyrrha's affectionate displays and even though he knew that she was mostly doing it to unnerve him, he put up with it and responded the best he could.

After class, the students retired to their dorms. While team JNPR was working on their homework, Pyrrha turned to face Jaune. "Hey Jaune."

"Yeah?" Jaune smiled warmly at her.

"I was thinking. Since you still need some time to recover, I thought we should skip tonights training session and go into town to have some fun."

Jaune nodded. "That sounds great. Hey Ren, Nora, Pyrrha said that we sh-"

The blonde boy schocked when Pyrrha grabbed him by his collar and yanked. When the knight gave her a questioning look, Pyrrha shook her head and sighed. "I meant just the two of us," the huntress explained.

"Oh... right, of course," Jaune laughed sheepishly.

The two eplained to the rest of their team that they were going out and changed into their casual wear. As they headed into the hall and towards the shuttle pick up, team RWBY's door creaked open and Yang's head poked out. "Hey! Jaune!" She whisper-yelled.

"Hm? What's up?" Jaune turned as he asked, leaving Pyrrha to continue walking.

Yang's arm struck out and shoved a small object into Jaune's pocket. "What did you..." Jaune trailed off as he examined the object.

"Just thought that you should be 'protected' in case anything happens," Yang giggled as she winked at the other blonde.

Jaune's face went red and he ran to catch up with Pyrrha without saying any goodbye.

The trip into Vale felt short as the couple talked. Jaune didn't even notice his usual air sickness when Pyrrha was telling him about her home. When the air shuttle docked, they departed and decided to go to a the same diner as the night they went on a double date with Ruby and Weiss. After they got a booth and the waitress took their orders, the two continued to talk until a familier and disturbing presence approached.

"Good evening Jaune. You are looking spectacular today."

"GAH! Penny... hi..." Jaune jumped out of his seat and backed away from the robotic girl.

"It has been a while since I've been updated on your current relationship status. Are you still... I belive it was called two-timing with the other woman?"

"I, uh, well, I mean," Jaune started to get nervous under Penny's neverblinking stare.

"Yes, we are still together. Better than ever actually," Pyrrha answered in his place, her voice with a slight edge in it.

"Exellent! I am happy for you," Penny's smile grew bigger.

"You... are?" Pyrrha asked.

"Of course. Jaune is the love of my life and I wish for his happiness. I alos have no issues in regard to you, and I like to consider of friends, so I would like to see you smiling as well," Penny replied.

"Oh, well... thank you," Pyrrha gave an awkward smile back to the other girl.

""Your welcome. I'll leave you then to enjoy your meal. Have a good evening," Penny waved as she left.

"Y-you too," Jaune waved back, perplexed by the recent events.

"She is very odd," Pyrrha commented as she watched Penny's retreating figure.

"Yeah, but at least she's nice," Jaune offered.

The two laughed and continued their date. After they finshed at the diner, the duo wandered around town and got ice cream as they headed to a nearby park. They held hands as they walked down a small dirt path and eventually came across a small bench. "Let's sit for a while," Pyrrha pulled the knight towards the bench and sat down.

Sitting beside her, Jaune looked up to the moon and chuckled lightly. "What?" Pyrrha cocked her eyebrow.

"Just thinking about how much of an idiot I've been," Jaune turned to face her.

"I won't argue that."

"Anyways," Jaune continued with a small pout, "I'm really glad things worked out."

"Me too," Pyrrha smiled, leaning closer.

Jaune, actually catching onto the signal, did the same. The knight and the Spartan kissed, happy with their new found relationship and ready to face whatever lies ahead.


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