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"Weiss!" Yang pointed across the room to the snow themed princess. "Truth or dare?"

Weiss rolled her eyes, but relented to the game. "Truth."

"I thought you would choose as such," Yang grinned, "So what's the ice queen's most embarrassing sexual fantasy? And be descriptive."

Weiss scowled with a blush on her face. "Pass," she growled.

"That fast, huh. Well no matter. There's no safety net for you now," Yang replied.

Weiss through her a glare, but the brawler's grinned wider. She accomplished two goals with her question. She made sure that Weiss would have to face all of her future challenges and she confirmed one suspicion that was nagging her. As she asked her truth, she noticed the heiress' eyes flicker nervously to her own little sister. Alright then. No mercy, Yang thought to herself.

"I think it's your turn now, Weiss," Ruby smiled to her partner.

Weiss scanned the room for a moment, thinking carefully and tactically. "I think I will choose Nora. Nora, truth or dare?"

Nora eagerly bounced into standing and pumped her arm into the air. "Dare! Lay it on me!"

"I dare you to go back to your room and convince Jaune to come join our game."

Weiss got some curious stares, but she knew what she was doing. She realized that Yang was gunning for her and there was no way she could beat the blonde in a game of embarrassment. She also knew that the same blonde wouldn't pass up the opportunity to mess with the awkward duo of team JNPR. Her only choice was to draw Yang's attention from herself. She felt bad for throwing Pyrrha under the bus, but sacrifices must be made to preserve the dignified Schnee name.

"Well that's boring," Nora pouted, but then brightened again, "Can I bring Ren as well?"

Weiss figured that the cunning boy would easily see through her ploy and feared that he would try to interfere. "No, just Jaune. He's going to end up here at some point anyways, might as well hurry the process."

Pyrrha shot her a dirty look, knowing fully well what she was up to. Penny looked pleased at the new development. "Fine." Nora muttered.

The Valkyrie left the room and moved to the opposing door. She knocked and called out her leaders name. The door opened to reveal Jaune with a confused look. "Nora? You know you don't need to knock, right? You live here too."

Nora peeked around the knight and waved quickly to Ren before returning to the conversation. "Well I didn't want to walk in on you while you were in your boxers or anything, unlike some other girls I know," Nora muttered the last part under her breath.

Jaune caught that last part and shivered a little, thinking about his robot like stalker. "S-so what did you want?"

"I need you to come back to the slumber party with me."

"Um… Why?"

"Because we're playing truth or dare and you have been requested, my liege," Nora finished with a dramatic bow.

Jaune paled, remembering the tales that Ruby had told him about how vicious her older sister could be. "I think I'll pass."

"How come?" Nora pressed.

She leaned in closer, trying to pressure her leader. "I, uh, you see…" Jaune stammered, looking for a good excuse, "It would be rude to end the game I've been playing with Ren. We've been having a lot of fun."

"That's alright," Ren interjected with a hint of malice in his voice. "I don't mind. Besides, I can practice while you're gone."

Jaune through his friend a pleading look, but it was only met with a glare that said 'you deserve this'.

The young knight sighed, unable to think of any other reasons why he couldn't go. "Alright."

He started towards team RWBY's room, but was stopped by Nora's forceful hand. "What th-"

"Jaune, this is a slumber party. If you are to enter that room, you will need the proper attire," Nora wagged her finger as to scold him.

"Wait, what?" Jaune dreaded what she was about to say next.

"You need to be wearing PJ's," Nora smirked.

Jaune groaned. He mostly fell asleep in his clothes since arriving at Beacon, but every member of team JNPR knew that his only sleepwear was his blue onesie. He was going to buy a more age appropriate set of pyjamas, but every time he tried, he had a nagging feeling that he was justifying the snickers of the others. Pyrrha always told him there was nothing to be embarrassed about, but he had caught her a few times staring at him with a small smile and thought she was only trying to help his self-confidence. "Everyone else is following the same rules. It's only fair that you do too," Nora giggled.

"She brings up a good point," Ren commented, a ghost of a smile on his face.

Jaune turned to him with a scowl and mouthed 'You're not helping', but sighed and turned back to the hammer wielder. "Fine. Give me a couple minutes."

Nora nodded and skipped back to the other room to inform the rest that she completed her dare. True to his word, Jaune approached the door, praying that nobody would enter the hallway with him the way he was dressed. The door was answered by Blake who looked shocked at Jaune's appearance, but then had trouble suppressing her giggles. She covered her mouth with one hand and opened the door further with the other. The rest of the girls had their own reactions. Weiss arched her eyebrow in amusement, Ruby looked like she was putting some serious effort into not letting her laughter get out, unlike Yang who pointed and laughed without shame. Pyrrha and Velvet both blushed and looked away and Penny, not understanding the source of the other girls mirth, only waved excitedly.

"Yeah, laugh it up. Let's just get this over with," Jaune grumbled as he sat down.

"It's okay Jaune, we had our fun," yang patted the boy on the back, "I think every girl here can agree that you can take that silly thing off."

"Oh thank dust," Jaune sighed in relief and started towards the door, but was pulled back by Yang.

"Hey now, I said you could take it off, not leave the room to change." Yang shot him a suggestive smile.

Jaune's face donned realization and then ripped his hand out of Yang's and scrambled to the other side of the room. His face resembled a tomato, similar to some of the others in the room. "I-I-I think I'm good."

Yang burst into giggles and Weiss, wanting to move onto to another topic, interjected. "Nora, it's your turn. Please hurry up so we don't need to listen to Yang's lewd dribble."

"Okay!" Nora responded cheerily, "Velvet! Truth or dare?"

Velvet jumped in surprise and stammered out her response. "T-truth please."

"What was the first thing that went through your mind when Jaune entered the room?"

Velvet blushed. "I thought he looked nice."

The crystal in the center in the middle of the room flashed red, startling the majority of the players. "What was that?" Jaune pointed to the lie detector.

"It just pointed out that Velvet lied," Blake answered.

"You have to tell us Velvet," Nora's grinned widened.

"I thought… he looked… cuddly," Velvet's answer was barely audible, but the attentive huntresses and hunter managed to hear it.

Jaune his face in his arms, knowing that this night was going to get worse and worse. Velvet nervously played with her ears, but decided to bring the group's focus to something else. "Pyrrha, truth or d-dare?"

Pyrrha was happy to help her nervous friend out. "Dare."

"I dare you to… um… go take a… shower… in the boy's room?"

Yang whistled while Ruby gasped with mortification. The naïve young girl thought that entering the other genders room was the ultimate sin. Pyrrha shrugged despite herself. She didn't like to back down from a challenge, but she was still a little unsure. "Jaune, would you stand guard at the door?"

"Can I…"

"Yes, you can get changed."

Jaune sped out of the room and into his and started to change. Ren, who was indeed practicing the game, gave him an inquisitive look. "I need to help Pyrrha with her shower," Jaune explained quickly before leaving.

The door reopened and the knight poked his head back in. "That's not what it sounded like. I'll explain later," Jaune added to his shocked teammate.

Jaune met Pyrrha outside the showers. After checking for other students, Jaune gave her the ok to go in. Jaune then stood outside the door to make sure no one would walk in on her.

Pyrrha wanted to be done as quickly as she could. After five minutes, she finished, dried herself and got dressed. That was pleasantly uneventful, the young Spartan thought to herself. She left the room and went back to the party with Jaune. The two entered and were about to sit down when Nora cleared her throat. "Aren't you forgetting something Jaune?"

Jaune sighed, but was back in the onesie after a quick trip across the hall.

Pyrrha contemplated what she wanted to do with her turn. Her eyes caught Penny's lingering stare towards her secret crush and a small fire rose up within her. "Penny, truth or dare?"

Penny turned to her with her ever present smile. "I believe truth is the safer route in this game."

Pyrrha hoped she would choose that. "Why are you so interested in Jaune?"

She tried to keep the edge out of her voice, but knew some of the others could detect her jealousy. Jaune only looked curious, missing the hidden meaning of his admirers question. "I don't understand the question." Penny stated, still smiling.

Everyone turned to the crystal, but it remained static. "Why are you in love with Jaune?" Pyrrha tried again.

"Because we're… soul mates?" Penny tried her best to answer.

Again, the crystal didn't react.

"I don't think you're going to get any more out of her," Weiss sighed.

Pyrrha sat back, still unsatisfied. Jaune moaned, his hopes of finding a war to deter Penny dashed.

"It is my turn now, correct?" Penny started. "Jaune. Would you like a truth or a dare?"

Jaune groaned again. "Truth, I guess."

"Who do find to be the most attractive in this room?" Penny leaned in closer, suspicion in her eyes.

Jaune's blush returned. He looked around the room to the eight, now curious girls. He learned that he wouldn't get away with something like 'you're all equally beautiful' while the damn crystal was in the room. "Pyrrha," he said quickly and closed his eyes, waiting for the storm to come.

Ruby and Blake smiled to Pyrrha, who was struggling to contain her uncharacteristic squeal. Yang was happy with her new material to tease the poor boy with. Velvet showed signs of disappointment, but acceptance. Penny's expression didn't change.

Jaune opened his eyes again to find the girls waiting for him. "Uh… Yang. Truth or-"

"Dare! Do your worst vomit boy," Yang exclaimed proudly.

Jaune scowled at the name and thought. When an idea came to him, so did an evil smirk. "Go flirt with professor Port for five minutes. In fact, try to seduce him."

Everyone turned to Yang, who turned green at the thought. "I'll… pass."

Ruby stared at Jaune in awe for giving a dare that not even her sister could complete. "We can pass!?" Jaune's , mood was mixed between hope and anger.

"Yep, but you only get one," Nora explained.

Yang recovered and so did her grin. "That's right. And there's one other person who already used hers."

The fiery blonde turned to Weiss. Weiss stiffened, her plan failed. "Ruby, truth or dare?"

Ruby jumped, her eyes open with fear. "What? Why?"

"Truth or dare?" Her sister asked again.

Ruby quivered and squeaked out a meek "Truth".

"Do you have a crush on Weiss?"

Ruby stared shocked at her sisters cruelty. She couldn't lie and if she passed, it would just confirm that she did. Weiss was also surprised as she blushed, but also wanted to hear her leaders answer.

Ruby, too embarrassed to speak, nodded her head with her eyes closed.

"There you go princess. I asked the question you wanted to," Yang giggled.

Ruby turned to Weiss, who kept a stoic expression, despite the bright blush. "We'll talk later. Just continue the game," Weiss whispered.

Ruby agreed and sought out her target. "Pyrrha!"

Pyrrha smiled lightly. "Dare."

"I dare you to kiss Jaune on the lips. And you can't stop trying until you do, even if he tries to stop you."

Yang chuckled at her little sisters innocence. Pyrrha turned to Jaune, who was looking incredibly nervous. While I do have an excuse…Pyrrha stood up and Jaune slowly crawled back. No matter how good the knight got at combat, he could not out match his teacher. In a flash, Pyrrha had him pinned to the floor, her face positioned above his. "Now I see why he needs to learn grappling," Yang whispered to Blake, who snickered in response.

Jaune looked like he was about to retort, but Pyrrha took his lips with her own. The rest of the girls, save Penny, oohed and giggled.

It was only a few seconds, but Pyrrha savored every part of it. She got up and released Jaune with a small smile. "Sorry Jaune, but it was a dare."

"I know," Jaune replied with a sigh, "I'm getting tired. I think I'll go back now."

No one could miss the sad tone to his words or glaze that overtook his eyes. He left with Pyrrha wondering if she did something wrong. "I'm sorry! I didn't know that would upset him," Ruby frantically apologized.

"It's not your fault, but I'm going to go talk to him," Pyrrha responded.

She chased him into the hall. "Jaune?"

"I'm not mad or anything. It just reminded me about my failed love life. I'll get over. Tell Ruby it's ok," Jaune smiled.

Pyrrha desperately wanted to tell him that she wanted that kiss, but something told her that would somehow make things worse.

She knew Jaune though, and if he said he'd get over it, he'd be back to normal by morning. She nodded and smiled then they parted into the parallel rooms.

Ren was still trying to improve at the 'stupid waste of time' when Jaune entered. "I'm back."

"I can see that," Ren paused his game. "Did you have fun?"

"You can say that. Wanna play another game after I get changed?"

"Sure," Ren smiled.

As he waited, Ren thought about the recent events and how it was affecting his team. While Jaune was out, he had already come to a conclusion. If Pyrrha wouldn't let him, he would find out for himself.

"Hey Jaune. Can I ask you something? About Pyrrha?"

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