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Kagome flung herself on her bed that might, completely exhausted. After her little breakdown on the top step of her family's shrine, she visited her mother for a while and returned home to find Tomoe cooking. He had forced her to sit and eat everything he made and refused to let her move an inch until he was sure she had enough. She was grateful to finally make it to her room where she could go to bed and rest.

Yes, rest.

She didn't even bother trying to fight off sleep. So much had happened that day and she just wanted to rest.


Her eyes popped open and as noticed that she was surrounded by darkness. It was like traveling in the well, where the only thing she could see was herself.

She looked around and hesitantly called out, "Hello?"

"Welcome Kagome, Shikon no Miko to Jikan no Kami."

She looked around again and flinched as a bright violet light lit up the darkness and a woman stepped forth from it. She had long pure white hair that fell like a curtain around her. Actually, she looked like Kaguya with Kanna's coloring.

The woman held a mirror in her hands, like Kanna used to, there was a large jewel around her neck and a mighty sword strapped to her waist. Kagome knew who this was. Only one being would possess the Yata no Kagami(mirror), the Yasakani no Magatama(jewel) or the Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi. Standing before her was Amaterasu-sama.

The Kami nodded with an ethereal smile. "You are correct young one. I am here to lend you some guidance," she said in a powerful tone, making Kagome shudder.

Amaterasu moved one hand away from her mirror and waved it in a circular motion. The darkness disappeared and they were now standing in a room, lavishly decorated in many different shades of purple.

Amaterasu's charcoal eyes pierced her as she offered Kagome a place to sit. The Miko turned Kami complied immediately.

"Now, you have recently come into your godhood and it is my duty to introduce you to your powers. I also wish to speak with you about the matter you seem so worried about."

Amaterasu sat on pillow in front of Kagome, rising herself to her full height when seated. Even sitting, she towered over Kagome.

"Mikage is a lower god, though he does possess immorality. You were an immortal Miko. The strongest Miko to ever exist in fact. As such, when he made you a god, you became even more powerful than before. You are above Mikage's level. In fact, because of what you were before becoming a god, you are now on par with me as far as status goes."

Kagome gaped as the words left the Kami's lips. She was level with Amaterasu-sama? There was just no way.

The Kami nodded. "You are. I must inform you of your duties as a god now. You have a shrine. Not many gods ever get the chance to have one, so their powers aren't strong because they don't have enough prayers to uphold them and the shrine. You actually have two, so even if Mikage Shrine were to fall, Higurashi Shrine would be just fine. As a god who is on my level, we have equal abilities. You have the power to grant prayers with just a snap of your fingers. You can purify any evil, not matter how small or insignificant. You can travel anywhere in the world just by thinking about it. You can see anything you wish with just the desire. You could even have developed strength and speed if you so wished. You cannot die, because you are still an immortal Miko and you cannot contract illnesses," she explained.

Kagome nodded in wonder at all that she could do now. It was a long list.

"As the Jikan no Kami or god of time, you have the power to stop, and reverse time whenever you so choose. You may even go back and change things. This must be done in moderation," Amaterasu warned.

"Your duty is to bless the people accordingly. Take into consideration everything first. You have the ability to view a person's heart, soul and mind whenever you so choose. Make sure that what you grant will not overdo anything. Balance is key and the goddess of justice will gladly act if she feels you are being too lenient. Your godship cannot be removed by anyone. Only if people stop going to your shrines will you lose it. But you are still an immortal Miko, so it wouldn't matter to you either way. Do you understand all I have said?"

Kagome nodded, "It's just hard to believe that I am speaking to you right now. I do get everything you are saying however."

Amaterasu nodded understandingly. "Now, I must know what your fear over having a harem is all about," she said with a straight face.

Kagome could not keep one however and she flushed to the roots of her hair. Not something you just want to talk about with people, that was for sure!

"Uh, it's just that I'm not too comfortable with the idea of sleeping with several different people. I mean, is it even possible to love more than one person, romantically, at the same time? Like, they all see eager over it and I thought they'd be fighting and demanding that I just choose one and let it be, but I don't know. I'm not a whore, I don't want to seem like one," she said, fidgeting with her pajamas.

Amaterasu laughed softly and Kagome felt herself relax.

"You have nothing to worry about, young one. Every god has a harem and there is no shame in it. Eve royalty have harems. The Emperor of Japan has one, even though it is small(A/N: I don't know if that is true, but it's in my story anyway). And you can be in love with more than one person. There is no definition of love, Kagome. No one can ever truly understand it, it just is was it is. If you are so uncomfortable with this, get to know them all first, before you try anything. Be sure of your feelings. As a god you can bear children of several different beings all at once. The gods don't look down on these types of unions and if you mate them all, then they are technically your husbands and no one could condemn you. Besides, it's not as if you are going to tell every mortal and human you come across that you have a harem, are you?" she asked with a quirked brow.

Kagome flushed even more, but nodded.

"So," she started. "I wouldn't go to hell for having a...harem?"

"No. Compared to all the other gods, yours is very miniscule. My own is over one thousand."

Kagome looked away as she tried to control herself. One thousand! Holy shit!

"Now, is there anything else that worries you, Kagome?"

The Miko turned Kami looked around the room for a moment, but the returned her gaze to that of her fellow god and shook her head. "I don't think so. I will think about the harem thing and I'll try to get to know them all better," she vowed.

Amaterasu smiled, "Good! Now that we are finished, I shall send you back to the living world, it is time for you to awaken."

Kagome's vision began to fade and the last thing she heard was, "Good luck."

Kagome shot up in her bed, looking around the room as her breath came in-in harsh gasps. She just spoke with the goddess of the universe! And she was encouraged to take on a harem!

A harem of sexy silvers at that.

Her heart fluttered at the thought and her mind conjured Youko immediately. She flushed and turned to bury her face in a pillow. She was having perverted thoughts about the silvers again! WHY?!

It was all Miroku's fault!

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