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Chapter 1: Breaking the Habit

Trafalgar Law was content with how his life was going. He didn't lack anything: money, friends, sex, success, he had it all. There was nothing that could make him any happier … okay, there was something. But let's not dwell on that, because Law doesn't do it either.

A famous and highly skilled surgeon, Law had been made head of the surgery department in the hospital he worked at. People were muttering things like 'youngest chief surgeon ever', 'young genius doctor' and stuff like that. He couldn't say he didn't care, but he didn't pride himself on it. Not too much, at least.

He smirked when he discarded his perversely expensive tie and carelessly tossed it over the back of a chair. He smirked because he was happy: tonight was one of those nights. And he loved those nights.

He loved how they started, the slow, intricate ordeal that was their kind of ritual. He loved how they continued, the shift of the mood into something heated and sultry. And he loved how they concluded, the hot, fierce and passionate sex.

Only one thing he didn't love at all: the parting. But as always, he determinedly shoved it off his mind and focused every fibre of his body on what was sure to come. Because it was routine. As if they had practiced it. Law didn't understand what problem most of the people had with routines. He liked them; they made him feel safe and secure, sure of what he was doing. And most of all he liked that it was him he had them with, those little routines. Every time they met, it was a case of 'same-but-different', never really the same, but never wholly different either. Enough similarities to actually be considered routine.

After a quick shower, Law rubbed his hair with a towel, not caring if it was wet. It was short, it wouldn't need long to dry, and besides, he was eager to get out of the door to get to the fun part of the evening. He put on a little bit of perfume, just a little bit. He wasn't a friend of excessive things, in no respect.

Well, not that he had anything against excessive sex …

Smirking again, Law threw some clothes on – which, in Law's case, meant that he would look dressed impeccably afterwards. He always did.

Reaching for the car keys, he switched off the lights in the house and stepped into the mild summer night. It was a short drive, fourteen minutes and fourty-five seconds (yes, he had measured it), until he arrived at his destination. It was a mansion rather than a normal house, grand and imposing just like its owner.

When Law climbed out of the car and up the few steps to the entrance, he knew he didn't have to reach out for the doorbell – but he did, anyway, just for the fun of it. When his fingers were just inches away from the button, the door was opened.

Law smiled. The same as always. "Good evening, Eustass-ya."

"Yo," the rather bulky man greeted him and let his eyes wander over his frame for just a little too long. This, as Law knew, was Eustass-Kid speech for "I missed you". Or "I'm glad you're here". Anyway, it was a good thing, of that he was sure.

As Kid stepped aside, Law entered the house. Not for the first time he thought of just grabbing the man by the neck and kissing the shit out of him … and not for the first time, he fought that urge. It was part of their little game. Who could resist for longer?

To his utter shame, Law had to admit that their score was roughly even.

"What's it today?" he asked as he sniffed the air. "Coq au vin?"

"Right," Kid said from behind him – and the next thing he knew was that two strong arms were wrapping around him from behind, one real and muscular, one made of cold, shiny metal. The one that Kid had made himself.

Law froze in surprise. Now that's a new record … he thought when Kid's head lowered and he could feel his cheek against his own. He turned slightly, and their lips were almost touching when he asked, "Something happened?"

When he didn't receive an answer, he chuckled slightly despite his rapidly beating heart. This was making him kinda nervous. "What, someone died?"

"Yeah," Kid rasped next to his ear, and Law bit his lip in shock.

Shit. What do people do in those kinds of situations? "Who?"

"Someone," Kid answered.

Law frowned. Just someone? "Did you know him well?"


Law's frown deepened, and he turned his head fully towards Kid's face. "Come on, what –"

That was as far as he got before hard and thin lips crashed down upon his, and the rest of his sentence was effectively cut off. He felt his head grabbed firmly, Kid's hands were in his still damp hair, holding him in place as Kid did exactly what Law always pondered about when entering this house: kissing the shit out of him.

Law took a small breath of surprise, and that was enough for Kid's tongue to push its way through the barrier of Law's lips, demanding, claiming.

Law was confused. This was normally reserved for the bedroom part (or kitchen counter, or dining table, or that fluffy rug in the living room). It made him hard as a log, of course, because that was exactly the way Kid chose to enter him in every other way, when he did, but it nevertheless confused him.

Just when he had overcome his surprise and bafflement and had taken up his hands to grab Kid's spiky hair and respond in kind, it was already over as quick as it had started. Kid had let go of his face and was on his way towards the kitchen again, while Law still stood there, gaping, panting slightly, sporting a not unremarkable erection in his trousers.

W-what the …!

This, Law thought, was so wrong on so many levels.

Forcing his mouth shut, he put his legs into motion and went after Kid, determined to confront him. When he reached the kitchen, only separated from the dining room by a long and shiny counter, he stopped short.

Candles?! What the hell?!

"What … what is this?" he asked when he had found his voice again, full of incredulity.

"Candles. Can't you see that?" Kid sneered back at him, stirring the food in the pot and scrutinising the potatoes in another pot in parallel.

Law sighed. "I can very well see that, Eustass-ya," he answered, knowing fully well that this form of address pissed him off like nothing else.

Kid snorted as he switched off the stove. "Don't like it?"

Annnd another of those can't-get-my-mouth-shut moments for Law. Like it? Is … is he doing that … for me?

"Come on, dinner's ready," Kid said nonchalantly, pushing past him with the pot in his hands. "Go and get the scoop, will ya."

Law grabbed the item in question and carried it after Kid, to the table which was already laid. Two sets of shiny dinner plates, perfectly spotless silverware, sparkling crystal wine glasses, a (doubtlessly disgustingly expensive) bottle of red wine – and four dark red candles in silver holders.

He put the scoop on the table and took a hold of Kid's arm, the real, fleshy one. When the man glanced at him enquiringly, with that tiny hint of annoyance that never really left his face, Law looked at him sharply. "What's going on?"

Kid shrugged his hand off, giving him his best sneer. "Nothing."

"Who do you want to fool?" Law followed him, who had turned to go back behind the kitchen counter to get the potatoes. "You're kind of weird today."

"Shut up!" Kid growled. "Just because of some shitty candles you're acting as if I'd just pulled a panda costume out of my ass and tried to wear it!"

Law snorted at the comparison. "Okay, fine. If you're not telling me, I won't bother you with it."

"Damn right."

Law exasperatedly rolled his eyes and went back to the table, sitting down. Kid did the same, after filling both their plates with the aromatically smelling sauce, meat and potatoes.

"Ittadakimasu," Law said, and Kid nodded. They started to eat, and nobody said a word. Not that Law minded – he could bear well enough without any conversation, just having the savoury meal melt in his mouth. He knew that Kid wasn't exactly a master of chatting, either, so he was highly surprised when he suddenly spoke up.

"How's it taste?"

Law took a sip of the red wine Kid had poured him, and let the deep red liquid swirl in the glass as he circled it around. "Exquisite. As usual."

And indeed, Kid had proven to be a skilful cook, knowing exactly what went well with what and how to combine ingredients to make them taste like heaven. At each of their meetings, he had persisted on doing the cooking, which, at the beginning, had surprised Law. But now, he had come to like it. Why go out and spend lots of money on five-star dinners that tasted only passable in comparison to Kid's cooking? His skill in that respect made every restaurant's chef seem incompetent and amateurish.

Kid seemed obviously pleased about his assertion, which showed in a smug grin that almost made Law chuckle. Really, sometimes he was ridiculously easy to influence.

Speaking of easy to influence … He decided, just for the fun of it (and also a little so as to pay him back for his earlier actions), to make a little show out of eating the rest of his dinner. He knew that he could turn the guy on in doing so (why, he didn't know – but it worked. Always). He had used that little trick before. It worked especially well with meals involving sauce, but really anything was fine.

It basically entailed lots of licking and showing teeth, to make him conscious of his mouth, and soon Kid wasn't able to look away anymore. When Law slowly licked up the length of his knife, a thing he would normally not even consider, Kid gave a low growl. Law smirked – he knew the other had now taken over his hard-on problem. Okay, maybe not taken over, since he himself still had it; making Kid hot always stimulated his own imagination – but what did it matter.

However, he was quite astonished when Kid, without saying anything but without taking his red, blazing eyes from him either, shoved his chair back so fiercely that it almost fell over, and started walking round the table to his side. "Pants off. Now," he commanded, his voice sounding constrained.

Law perked his eyebrows up. He'd never have imagined his little show to work that well. "Can't you wait?" he asked, deliberately provocative. "I'm eating here, you know."

Apparently, Kid couldn't wait and didn't give a fuck. He grabbed Law by the chin, bending down, and pressed his lips upon Law's in a kiss that wasn't any less forceful than the one before. One hand, without losing time, reached down and took a firm hold on Law's testicles, squeezing hard. Law groaned, half from pleasure, half from pain. This was the way it mostly was, with Kid. And he loved everything about it.

Expert fingers opened his button and fly, dove down into his jeans and grabbed his throbbing erection. As usual, he didn't wear boxers, since he had learnt from experience that they usually didn't have that long a lifespan when Eustass Kid was around him. Who seemed to like this a lot, in addition.

With Kid's tongue in his mouth and his hand wrapped firmly around his cock, Law couldn't help but give himself to the pleasure of the moment, grabbing Kid's head and burying his hands in the other's red mane.

When Kid gave his cock a rough squeeze, Law gasped, biting him in the lip in return, making him smirk. "As much as I like your struggling," he rasped near Law's ear, sending a violent shiver down his spine, "I'd better concentrate on the part of you that can't fight back."

He went down on one knee, and smirked up to him, licking his lips. Law swallowed hard, panting in pleasant anticipation of what was undoubtedly to come. Then Kid's tongue came out and licked his shaft from botton to tip, while at the same time keeping a grip on his balls. Law groaned deeply in pleasure, reaching out to grab a fistful of that soft red hair. He felt his cock grabbed and Kid's hand stroked down, exposing the glans, and Law let his head fall back, closing his eyes.

Kid's tongue darted out and over the tip, swirling around it before he finally closed his lips around it. Law moaned and grasped Kid's hair more firmly, eliciting a growl that reverberated in his mouth and around Law's cock, sending further pleasure through his whole body. He bucked his hips to shove his shaft fully into that warm mouth, using his hands in Kid's hair to guide his head, and heard him make a surprisingly small noise of surprise.

"Ahh … fuck …" he groaned when his cock hit the back of Kid's throat. He already felt his orgasm building in his balls; at this rate he wouldn't last long. Not that he cared – if his guess was correct, this was only Round One of many, many others.

However and unfortunately for Law, Kid had seemed to decide that this would not end here. As he withdrew his mouth and Law's cock left it with a wet pop, he smirked, which, to Law's eyes, was sexy as hell.

"Not so fast," he drawled, and Law bit his lip hard to prevent his hips from helplessly jerking forward, with his cruelly abandoned member begging for attention. "Patience is a virtue, you know." Then he was being grabbed and, before he knew it, found himself lying on his stomach on the couch.

"Patience my ass, you brute," Law snorted before his face was pressed into the soft cushions with incredible force. Had he not known the man, now this would have been the point where he flailed his arms and tried to get the fuck away before he suffocated. Being kind of familiar with Kid's rough ways, however, he didn't even struggle. This was exactly what he expected from the guy when he took control: dominate him, fully, fiercely, roughly.

So it's him who wants to decide today? Only fair, Law pondered when he felt the large hands leave his neck, and he turned his face to take a deep breath. After all, most of the time it was he himself who took control, and Kid who let him do as he pleased. This being reversed from time to time, however, just turned him on even more.

"Your ass alright," he heard Kid growl into his ear, and a violent shiver ran down his spine, collecting in his balls, which tightened like fists in anticipation and from all that unspent release.

Kid was now jerking down his trousers, no less vigorous than before, and Law could already hear the seams rip in his mind. "Fuck you, I need those to get home, you –"

Before he could finish with his verbal abuse, two of Kid's fingers were pressed into his mouth, effectively cutting him off. Law almost choked on them as Kid didn't waste much thought on being gentle, or not thrusting them to the back of his throat.

"I'd rather fuck you," Kid rasped, grabbing Law's buttock and squeezing down hard, pressing his pelvis into the couch. Law moaned around the fingers in his mouth as his erection was ground against the leather, and his back arched all by itself. He felt Kid straddle him from behind, and the man's free hand grabbed a fistful of his short hair, yanking his head back. The weight on his back shifted, and he shivered when he felt Kid's tongue lick its way from his shoulder up to his ear.

"Oh yes, I'll fuck you," the voice in his ear promised, and he could only make little helpless noises around the fingers that still felt like they were fucking his mouth. "Good and hard. And you'll come again and again. I'll make you beg for it."

Begging? Law smiled inwardly. "Never!" he said around those fingers, which didn't quite sound like what he wanted it to. Kid got the gist of it, however. He roughly shoved his fingers way back into Law's mouth, then drew them back on either side of his tongue. Law knew they had a purpose, and was looking forward to seeing – feeling, rather – it fulfilled.

"We'll see about that," Kid drawled with obvious smugness, bent over and nipped Law in the shoulder.

Law bit his lip, not because it hurt but because it felt so damned good. Having the man's hands and mouth all over him was pure ecstasy. Kid was like an intoxication – you didn't quite know what you were doing, or what he was doing, but it was permeated throughout by a frenzied blur of pleasure.

"I'll have you beg on your knees in front of me, while my dick's in your mouth." Kid completely withdrew his fingers, and Law had to bite his tongue so as not to smirk. He loved how the man was so incredibly easy to manipulate, and he loved that he knew all the right buttons to push. By acting as if he was the stubborn one with a whole lot of pride, he knew it'd bring the other man satisfaction to no extent when he finally did what he wanted. Besides, the thought of being completely subdued by Kid somehow aroused him. Just having the mental image that Kid had just planted in his head already drove him close to coming.

"I'd love to see you try," he said, now that he could speak intelligibly. Indeed, he knew that if he only provoked Kid enough, he'd extensively profit from it. And his pride wouldn't suffer just from saying 'please' to somebody.

He heard a dark chuckle behind him, and then Kid's hands were on his buttocks, sliding lower. Law took a deep breath when one of the slickened fingers probed at his entrance, because he knew what was to come, and he braced himself for it. Without any prior warning, Kid's two fingers were thrust into him, making him gasp with pain. "Damn you … fucking brute … that's no way to make me – aahhh!"

That was when the fingers started moving, and found his prostate right away. Law dug his fingers into the soft leather of the couch, trying to find something, anything, to hold on to as he was roughly being repositioned, his weight resting on his knees and his shoulders being pressed down. Kid reached around him and grabbed his cock, squeezing down hard, and Law cried out from pleasure and pain all at once as those fingers found all the right places to be. He was panting, writhing on the couch, moaning deeply while Kid stroked his cock and fucked him with his fingers. He felt the pressure building up fast, steadily driving him closer to release. With every thrust of Kid's fingers and every pumping motion of his hand, his orgasm came closer and closer, until …

He gasped when Kid withdrew both hands at once, and sagged down onto the cushions without his support. He heard Kid chuckle darkly behind him, and shivered as he straightened himself with no little effort to look at the man, scowling up at him. "Bastard," he growled through gritted teeth. "Why the fuck did you stop?"

Kid just laughed, obviously satisfied by his reaction. "I said it, didn't I? I'll make you beg for it, on your knees before me." He reached out and pulled Law closer to him, claiming his mouth with his own in a fierce and passionate kiss.

"Dream on," Law panted when they parted. "I'll never beg for anything, especially to you."

"We'll see about that." Kid grinned while discarding his shirt, revealing his perfectly chiselled chest, before grabbing Law's, roughly pulling it upwards. When he had completely exposed Law's upper body, he bent down to bite down on one nipple. Law groaned.

"You … fucking brute …"

He earned himself another laugh, then Kid's tongue sneaked out to lick over where he had previously bitten, making Law hiss from the delicious mixture of pain and pleasure. Then he was grabbed by the waist, turned around and once again shoved into the cushions. Behind him he heard the promising jingle of Kid's belt buckle, and licked his lips in anticipation for what was sure to come.

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