The cafeteria was abuzz with chatter that usually accompanied the lunch hour, with students gathered around tables. The pink-haired Linda Park was no different.

"New Girl seems cool," she commented, flicking a bit of yogurt on her boyfriend's face as she pointed the spoon in a certain direction. Wally West hastily wiped the pink stuff off of his face with a scowl.

"Jinx, babe. Kinda gross." Linda, or Jinx, shrugged and shoveled more yogurt into her mouth.

Kori Anders twirled a lock of her long red hair with her fingers. Attached firmly to her hip via his arm was her boyfriend, Dick Grayson. With his slick dark hair and shades that seemed to be permanently attached to his face, Dick looked exactly the way his name suggested.

To be fair to him, he totally wasn't. He was actually a pretty cool guy, it just so happened that he could afford your entire house. With your family in it. It wasn't his fault he was adopted by the biggest bajillionaire in the world.

"Cool? You mean desirable to eat lunch with, yes?" Oh, yeah—Kori's a foreign exchange student, which made Dick want her all the more. He had exotic tastes, and she had a great butt—you could already tell that they were perfect for each other.

"If she wants to, she can," he interjected, and a large man to the right of him shrugged.

"If she seems cool, why not?" Victor Stone was the school's top athlete, so hanging out with people wasn't really a problem since eighty percent of his time was dedicated to training with the other twenty was allocated for the rest of his life.

Garfield Logan followed stared in the former direction of Jinx's spoon, studying a girl with short black hair, pale skin and pretty eyes.

"B, stop staring," Vic commented, chuckling. "Didn't you just break up with Terra?"

"Four months ago," he barked, turning to glare at Vic. God, he wished Vic would stop bringing that up. The relationship didn't even last a year.

Wally perked up. "Shit, dude—that means you can totally, like, bone New Girl now."


"Yeah," agreed Jinx, "The three-month rule is so totally over."

Gar groaned. "What the fuck are you guys even saying—"

Vic gave a low whistle. "Yeah, man—Terra was bad for you. Maybe New Girl can help?"

"Okay, I'm pretty sure she has a name," Garfield snapped, and the rest of the table cackled (except Kori, who looked adorably clueless, as usual). The bell rang and almost immediately all heads from their table turned to look at New Girl, who also happened to turn her head and see all of them staring at her. After an awkward beat, she shuffled out of the cafeteria.

"She probably does," Vic said, grinning at Gar. "You should find it out."


"New Girl's cute," Wally commented in geometry, and Gar's eye twitched. This was getting old fast.

"Back off, West," he ground out. For the past three hours, his entire group of friends was hounding him to get with New Girl. Over 350 messages on his phone, 47 calls from various people, notes stuck on his locker and school things. They were coming in in torrents.

Wally chuckled. "Oh, yeah—your girl. Whoops."

A thick book came sailing towards his head once the bell rang. Garfield grinned down at the suffering Wally and turned in the direction of New Girl.

She left.

Gar's fingers twitched with the urge to beat up his track star friend, but he had a meet on Saturday. Also, like, he was actually more afraid of Jinx than of Wally.


They had gym together. And none of his friends were in sight (except Victor who was a ways away with his teammates—far from the classes).

Gar sighed. Thank God. He was starting to think his friends were really assholes.

"They're probably not." Gar, in his shock, hit his head to the wall behind him with a force that made him see stars. "Holy shit, are you okay?"

"Yeah, just—" He looked at his companion, and he recognized the pretty eyes from lunch earlier. Wow, that's a really nice shade of purple. Are those real? "Wow."

The brow furrowed. "Excuse me?"

"I think I have a concussion," he stated plainly, before fainting—probably sixty percent from the hit, and forty percent from, you know, embarrassment.


He awoke later in the school's infirmary with a headache and with the nurse doting on him.

Apparently, Rachel (New Girl's actual name) brought him to the clinic after that nasty hit—which bruised and is still tender, but thankfully no concussions—and left for class again, after staying for about half an hour.

And she lifted him all the way to the infirmary.

Well. Shit.


"HOLY SHIT, YOU'RE A PUSSY," Victor practically howled, disturbing the whole ice cream diner from their position at a booth in one end. Garfield could feel his head throb. He thanked every deity out there for Kori, who smacked about half of the living daylights out of Vic for laughing at the situation.

(Kori, also, is a really good fighter with, like, a bajillion black belts. Dick, obviously, started drooling the minute he heard of it because he's a fighter, too. They spar together and they swear it doesn't lead to sex, but five out of seven say they totally do.)

"Thank you," Gar muttered, and Kori looked at him with a sad smile.

"It is okay, friend Garfield. I am sure she does not doubt your masculinity."

Gar groaned and sank into his seat and Victor let out another howl of laughter. A smack came right after.


Wally was missing from geometry that day and Gar wanted to cry from joy.

New Girl—whoops, Rachel—was here today, so he scooted over a few seats to the front to kick out the person who sat in the desk chair next to her when she wasn't looking.

"Hey, Will, you—" she turned to him and her eyebrows shot up. "You're not Will."

Gar cleared his throat. "Yeah. I didn't wanna strain myself from looking at the board from too far back because of the… you know…" He gestured to his head and Rachel blinked in realization.

"Oh, yeah—you're the guy that hit his head on the wall during Phys. Ed.," she said, and Gar shrank in embarrassment. "Hey, you okay?" He looked at her, and her eyes were full of concern. "The nurse said you didn't have to push yourself too hard."

"Nah," he said, then swallowed, "Nah, I'm good. I can handle it."



She gave him a small smile and reached out her hand. "Rachel."

He smiled and took it in his, shaking it firmly. "Garfield. Thanks for lifting me to the infirmary the other day, by the way," he said sheepishly.

She gave him a look of confusion. "Lift? Oh, I didn't lift you. This guy named Victor Stone did." Gar's jaw dropped and his eyes bugged, and he snapped to face the front of the room, face contorted as if he was ready to glare holes into the blackboard.

"That bitch is going to fucking get it from me, let me tell you."


"Fuck—I don't know what I'm doing."

"Yeah, you don't." Gar groaned and Rae shrugged. "You'll get it eventually, Gar."

Three days since Wally's absence in geometry and the two of them ended up as partners for their next requirement. Their partner assignment for geometry (he paired up with Rachel since he didn't want shit to do with Wally at the moment—apparently he skipped class to make out with Jinx behind the bleachers) was due in two days but they wanted to finish up early. Rachel, probably because she wanted to leave the library, and Garfield—well, probably so he could ask her out on a date.

"Stop being nice, Rae," he said, tone sour, "I'm an idiot with numbers."

"You are," she replied plainly, "But you'll get over it. We'll manage. Now, let's start again."

"Allah, kill me," he groaned. Rachel snorted.

"That's definitely easier to grant than asking for a brain," she retorted casually, and he looked up to glare at her. She shrugged, "You said stop being nice." With that, she promptly buried herself in her notes.


"Raven?" Garfield questioned over a burger and a tray full of fries. "Why Raven?" Their geometry homework was half-done (the only half left was Gar's, but he didn't understand squat so that'll take another two hours... or so).

The girl shrugged. "Black hair, dark eyes. I don't know—I don't come up with these things." The fast food joint was filled with the steady mumble of its patrons, and the two of them sat in a booth far from the entrance. Gar chewed on a fry thoughtfully and swallowed.

"But Rae's safe right?" She nodded.

"Currently the safest." After a pause, she said: "So… why Beast Boy?"

He laughed before taking a sip of his soda. They were probably gonna be here a while.


Not done. Give me time.

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