Second installment.



The place was mostly filled with the hum of students typing away on their laptops or reading from obnoxiously thick textbooks and small conversations here and there. The bell signaled Rachel Roth's arrival, and spotting blonde head over at the brown couch in the middle of the shop, she made a beeline for it.

The sudden thump and the deflating of the seat next to him on the couch made him turn to look. "Hello," Garfield Logan greeted, half-curious and half-elated, and Rae lifted a hand to stop him. Her other hand was over her eyes.

"Not a word," she said flatly—Gar somehow managed to get her to agree to go on a Girls Night Out with Kori and the rest since they've been hanging out for months now.

("It's about time you went on one," he had said, trying to convince her at the time. "I mean, get to know them—they're nice enough people. And like, Dick's rich, so he'll probably pay for everything." When she asked why and how Dick would pay for everything even though he wasn't there, he simply replied with a 'Kori' and that was the end of that.)

"We can cancel this study thing, you know." It was a bright and sunny Saturday morning at the Tower, the coffee place they were practically regulars at now. They agreed to meet here this morning since their geometry final would be in two and a half weeks and, well, Gar still sucked with numbers.

Rae shook her head and pressed the hand over her eyes to her mouth. She groaned and Gar gave her a sympathetic look.

"Black coffee?" Rae lifted her eyebrows in an attempt to keep her world from spinning. Gar bolted.

Returning with the steaming cup that was Rachel's order, she gratefully accepted it and took careful sips. "Want food?"

"I'm good." She paused and squeezed her eyes. "Oh, God, no—I'm not good. Not good at all." Gar swiftly plucked the cup from her pale fingers and gathered the books, papers and pencils that were littered along the coffee table with one hand.

"Come on," he coaxed, and Rae only looked at him with grateful eyes. He gave her a charming smile and her heart lurched forward. She ran to the restroom to vomit.


"I'm sorry."

"I don't mind."

"I'm really sorry. Shit, I'm wasting your Saturday morning."

"Rae, I swear, it's fine—"

"I am a horrible fucker of a friend, I'm so—"

"Rae," Gar said severely, giving her a pointed look from his seat on the armchair. She pressed her lips together from her position on his couch. They settled in his living room after they left the coffee shop. "Honestly, it's okay. The final is two weeks away, anyway. No big deal."

"I was supposed to help you study."

"I don't want to study."

"I'm wasting your time."

"Nah, not really."

"You turned into my babysitter."

"Wanna go out with me?"

"I—" Rae shot up from the couch and gave a strangled yelp. "Wha—"

When she rapidly turned green, Gar pointed her to a door under the stairs. "Puke in there." He winced when he heard her retch her guts out after she slammed the door.

Rachel wanted to run herself over. You're in the house of a really cute and sweet guy and you're vomiting in his bathroom. Good job on trying to be attractive.


He suspects she stuck to Jinx last night.

"You stuck to Jinx last night," he voiced through the door. She groaned and he clicked in disapproval. "I told you to not do that."

"I thought you were kidding. I thought the real fun was with Jinx."

"The real fun is with Jinx. You know, if you're Wally or a masochist." He paused. "I just said two of the same thing." His voice was muffled through the door.

"I can't tell when you're being sarcastic, Gar." Shit. She might as well just break the mirror with the way that she looks now. And— "Fuck."

Suddenly, his voice was too close to the door. "What happened?"

"Uh—I'm—Well, I kinda—can I borrow a shirt?"

"Oh—uh. Okay, gimme a sec."

A series of knocks resounded in the bathroom. "Got one. It might be kind of big, though."

"That's fine." The door opened just a crack and Rachel's arm shot out like lightning that it made Garfield jump. He hit the staircase above him and loud bump echoed throughout the house.

"FUCK." Seriously? He just got over the trauma from the last bruise he had when he hit his head during Phys. Ed!

The bathroom door shot open and he saw Rae wearing his—oh, wow, she looks good in that. He should let her keep it; it doesn't fit him anyway.

"Are you okay?" And then she's so close, suddenly, and his vision spins slightly. He's not sure if it's from hitting his head or like, the smell of her hai—

His hand instinctively shot up to cover his nose. He doesn't mean to offend her, but he necessarily enjoy the smell of vomit, even if it came from a pretty girl.

She turned red in the face and started speaking really fast and panicky and before he knew it she bolted out the door with promises of returning the shirt to him tomorrow. Or sometime this week. Or something.

Gar didn't even have the time to blink. "FUCK."


Victor Stone was literally crying from laughing.

"This is—why the fuck are you laughing?" Gar glared at the burly man, who was wiping tears of mirth away from his face. The football star couldn't even form a word. "This is so not something to laugh about."

They were at their usual ice cream diner, sans everyone else. Gar thought that a little man-to-man talk would do him some good.

If, you know, Vic actually talked to him instead of laughed.

"You useless piece of shit," Gar growled under his breath, and pulled out his phone. He dialed for Dick.

After a ring, the phone picked up. "He—" And died. He stared at his phone and it rang. Dick Grayson, it said on the caller ID. "Dick?"

"Yo, B. What's up?"

"Uh, are you free? Like, right now? We're at the diner."

"Oh—huh? Yeah, sure. I'll just drop Kori off and I'll head on over there." A pause. "Is Vic with you? Is he—"

Gar grunted. "Yeah, he's here and he's an asshole. Now can you get yours over here? ASAP?"

"Roger that."

"Wait. Why'd you hang up on me earlier?"

"Oh, that? Bruce told me that I'm under spending on my phone bill. So I just basically call everyone who calls me. Anyway, I'll be there in five. See ya."

Gar just stared at his phone. Under spending?


Victor Stone and Dick Grayson were literally crying from laughing.

Gar groaned.

"We—" Dick hiccupped, pushing his sunglasses up a bit so he could wipe his tears, "We—holy shit, Gar—let's call—fuck, call Wally!"

"NO," Gar said resolutely, face sour.

"Come on—do, dude, do it—come on, use my phone—"

"No. And fuck you, Mr. Under Spender. Seriously—who the fuck under spends on a phone bill?"


Victor Stone, Dick Grayson and Wally West were literally crying from laughing.

Gar glared at his fuckers for friends. When they didn't show any signs of stopping, he grabbed Dick's phone. He dialed.

"Rachel here."

"Hey." A pause.


"No, it's—uh, it's Gar." Something fell in the background, he was sure of it.

"Gar! Oh, h—hey. Hey! What's up?"

"Are you home?"

"Uh—uh, no, I'm—well, just got home now." He heard a door close over the phone and then a muffle of curses. "Son of a bitch—sorry. Yeah—yeah, I'm home."

"Okay, I'm coming over."

"What? Wait—um, okay. But, there's nothing here—"

"I'm bringing food over. See you."

"Oh—uh, sure. See you! Bye. Gar."

With that, he slid the phone back in front of Dick (who was still laughing) and stood up to order two banana splits, to-go.

"Those idiots laughing in the corner are paying," was all he said to the store clerk before grabbing the bag of ice cream and leaving.


He knocked three times on the door of her apartment before she answered.

"Hey." Even though Rachel already brushed her teeth six times and rinsed with mouthwash for the same amount, she still said it softly. Gar grinned at her and she stepped aside to let him in.

"Ice cream?" She nodded and left to get them two bowls and two spoons.

They ate their banana splits in silence on her couch.

Rachel couldn't take it anymore. "Gar, about this morning… I'm really sorry—"

"I like you in my shirt," was all he said. She hadn't changed out of it.

"Oh. Um. Thanks."

"You can have it."

Rae almost choked in embarrassment. "Oh, God—Gar, no! No, I didn't vomit on it, I swear—"

Gar's eyes widened in panic. "No! No no no no no! That's not it, I swear, I just—well, I thought—" Garfield wanted to hit himself. "Can I start over?" he asked sheepishly, turning to her, and Rae gave a small shrug-slash-nod and he took that as a yes.

"Well. Rae. Uh. Rachel Roth. I like you in my shirt. Like, you look really nice in it. Actually, you look really nice in general. And, I like it. I like you. A lot." There was a moment of silence. "And that a lot was actually, uh—a while. I've liked you a lot for a while. Kind of a long while. Kind of a—months. I've liked you for months."

Rae was quiet.

"Yeah." Gar's ears turned red. "And, well, I was asking you out—and I really want to. Go out with you, I mean. That would be beyond cool. And I would really love you—" Shit! He pushed the words from his lungs. "—TO. I MEANT TO. I WOULD REALLY LOVE TO GO OUT WITH YOU."

She was quiet for a bit and Gar could feel the panic rise in his throat. "If you don't want to, it's—"


"I swear, I'm—Excuse me?"

"Yes. Gar. I would love to go out with you." Rae smiled at him and he nearly melted.

"Okay. Okay? Okay. Wow."

"Yeah." She gave a small laugh.

Gar beamed, absolutely ecstatic. "Is tonight good? We can watch a movie—"

"Now. Now's good. Like, right now's absolutely fine."

Gar blinked. "Oh—well, okay, sure—what are we gonna d—"

And her lips were on his, a sweet mix of ice cream and mint and her teeth kind of clashed with his but that was totally okay.


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