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Chapter 05 - Invitations


Abigail initial thoughts was how weird the day has been. First, she has gotten a surprised, unannounced visit from a man with blonde hair and pearly white teeth that seemed to momentarily blinded her. Before that, she was stuck with so many missions available but none of the agents she had was capable of what needed to be done. Of course, Abigail was looking forward for the SHIELD trials that people from all over the world of different agencies would gather. Then again, at the last trials, she only had two agent joined the SWORD division. After all, her division is a very delicate agency and not many people are just cut out to work in it. Of the two people who joined. One of them lost his mind and is currently in a mental institute, sprouting alien nonsense. Not that it was false but who to believe him?

Back to her initial thoughts, that mysterious man told her that he could get her the people she need. Abigail was given three files. She gave it a look. First one was Nico Di Angelo.

"Wait. He's 15!" Abigail was at utter shock. She looked up from the file only to notice that the man was already gone.

Abigail did not think much of it. She have been through a more weirder situations. She went back to the file. Nico had a long shaggy black hair, long enough to cover most of his ears at least. Dark eyes which was endlessly black. She looked through the next one. Thalia Grace. Seventeen. Spiky black hair and a set of strikingly blue eyes that seemed more bright than normal. Lastly, she took a look at the last one. Something was off about the last one. It was just a picture but she gets a bad feeling about him. As if this kid is worse than just a trouble. Percy Jackson. Eighteen, black unruly hair and a pair of see green eyes. In fact, something seems to be off about the three of them. Only way to know is to find out. That was what Abigail thought.

Here she is now, just outside the apartment where the three of them lived. She made it past the doorman who looked at her as if she was not from this world. Somewhat true and who would have not thought about that when you have green hair and wearing a green lipstick. Abigail does. Standing outside, she could hear the television. Abigail had an idea. Sneak in. She did so and saw a girl sitting on the sofa. Abigail crept carefully towards the girl.

"Who are you?" A voice was heard from behind her.

Abigail stood frozen, being caught. "What is it, Nico?" the girl on the sofa stood and turned around.

Abigail observe the girl. Thalia Grace. Like the description in the file, every words were true about her. Her hair, face and styles. Even the eyes. Whoever wrote that file wasn't kidding when they stated that Thalia eyes appeared to have lightning dancing in them. She composed herself and slowly turned around. Nico Di Angelo, stood not far from where she is. As Abigail stared onto the boy dark eyes, Abigail felt a pull to it. The longer she stared, the more she felt like falling deep into a terrifying chasm. Again, Abigail sighed to compose herself.

"I'm here to talk." Abigail said.

"By breaking into people apartment?" Nico replied sarcastically. With that Nico jumped towards Abigail.

Abigail somewhat expect this and quickly grabbed Nico's hand and flipped him towards Thalia who dodged. "Ouch!" Nico muttered.

Thalia moved in trying to punch Abigail. Abigail could easily read her. Thalia looks to be a great combatant but whatever she had, Abigail had more. When Thalia made a mistake, Abigail managed to spun Thalia around. Before Abigail could karate chop Thalia's neck, Abigail felt something dangerous and cold. She let go of Thalia and backed away. Abigail looked to the source of that intimidating waves. It was Percy, who just came out from a room. Thalia and Nico had recovered and went behind Percy.

Abigail stared at Percy. She was confident about her skills and abilities but something about this Percy kid had her thinking twice. How much does she really knows her opponent. Percy had that aura around him that paralyze others. Abigail caught Percy eyes and a bone chilling sensation was felt. She can't risk it.


Percy was sitting at the balcony of his room which overlook the green area of Central Park. He was in deep thoughts about the usual stuff- his nightmares in Tartarus, the Giant's war and Annabeth. Percy started looking out and admire the green lifeforms in Central Park. That moment of peace however was disturbed by a heavy sound heard from the living room and Nico grunting. Percy felt a little pissed since he was at peace and both of his cousin are probably fighting again. He stood up and slowly walked outside.

Percy stopped when she saw a women with green hair spinning Thalia with her hand in motion to chop Thalia. Using this opportunity to use his new trick, Percy concentrated on the moistures around the green-haired women, making it colder and sharper. The green-haired women stopped before she could strike and backed away. As the green-haired women paused for a moment, Nico and Thalia ran behind him. The green-haired women stared at him and Percy brought out his worst stare which Thalia claimed as 'naturally given, perfected by wolves' in which Nico added that it gotten so much deadly after the Giant's war.

"Who are you?" Percy asked in a cold voice.

The green-haired women dusted herself off and stood straight. "Abigail Brand. Commander of SWORD division, sub-division of SHIELD," she introduced herself. "There something I need to talk with the three of you."


"Trials?" Percy asked.

"Yes." Abigail replied for the third time. "SHIELD will be having their bi-annual trial. Many will be sent to a facilities to undergo an intensive training of pretty much everything for three months. Once they pass that, they will be sent to different division based on their performance and the division commander decision. If they have more than a single offer-"

"They can choose." Percy finished.

Abigail nodded at Percy quick response. She did not think that Percy was quick thinking, aside from his instinct in battle. Abigail came to the conclusion that the files given to her was not fully revealed.

"Apparently, you three are too young to even join the trials. Especially you." Abigail looked at Nico.

"Technically, I'm much older than any of you." Nico blurted out before realizing what he has done when Thalia elbowed him.

"Why is that?" Abigail wondered. "Anyway, I was told specifically that you three are special and that you need to prove to me why I should let you in the trials." Abigail leaned back against the couch. "And that three passes will be given to you to join them."

"What makes you think we would even want to go?" Percy casually lean forward, resting his arm on his thighs.

Abigail decided to say out a Haiku which include the word 'awesome'. At which the three of them were surprised as they look at each other and agreeing to something.

"We might be... gifted." Percy said, seemingly choosing his word carefully.

Abigail leaned forward, posture mirrored that of Percy's. She stretch out her hand as a blue-red flames engulfed her palm. "Tell me about." Abigail stated as the three looked even surprised.