Okay, so if you're like me-and I hope you are since you clicked on this story-you love the mortal instruments. Also, if you're like me, you love Clace. So, I LOVE writing one-shots with them, but I have some trouble coming up with ideas sometimes. So I thought that it would be fun to try this: You leave me a picture in my ask box on tumblr, or a link for it in a review-or however you want to get it to me- and I will write a one-shot about Clace that has to do with the picture.

I hope you guys have some fun with this, as I think I will. So go ahead, and leave a link in the reviews or-preferably since I check my tumblr more often than my fanfiction-leave a picture in my ask box.

To get to my tumblr, just type in writingbetterinblacksince1234tumblrcom/ask with a dot before and after tumblr

So send me those pictures so I can get on to writing you guys some One-shots!