Kimimaro didn't know what to do in that moment.

The mere thought of Mashu ever being with him again after he'd destroyed the East Asian Financial District would be enough to fill him with sadness.

Truth be told, he was a loner, with his few social skills leading him to have few actual friends leading into college.

But he'd been completely fine with that.

Being something of an introvert, it was only to be expected that he wasn't much of a social person, and add to the fact that, while he did care for people on a fundamental level, he still didn't care for them that severely, he was someone who just edged gradually into the background of a conversation between people.

In Mashu, though it was both completely forced and unexpected, he'd actually grown gradually attached to her.

It was only until after he'd lost her that he realized how much of a loner he actually was.

After returning home, him having learned the dark truth about the Financial District, and reveling in the strong yet relieving surprise at his apartment complex still being there in one piece, he'd immediately tried to, in his immense exhaustion, go to sleep, him uncaring about the fact that he had to go to class then.

When he woke up hours later, he felt himself immediately reach for his Minos card, trying to seek out Mashu.

When he didn't find the card, he realized what had happened at that moment, the truth of the matter finally setting itself in.

Him missing her already, Kimimaro felt a weighing emptiness fill him, the boy knowing that he'd already missed the red-headed Asset.

And now she was here.

The mere thought had, again, always seemed ridiculous to him, let alone possible.

So he was left without any ability to react, his shock making it harder for him to register anything.

The thing that jarred him back to reality was when she nuzzled her head against his chest, the rubbing making him look down at her.

"Mashu?" He asked, his voice uncertain.

She looked up at him, smile still on her face, "Yeah?"

"How... How did you...?"

Seeing his apparent inability to speak, Mashu spoke without hesitation, "It's because of Misasaki. I woke up in front of this building, and he was there."

She explained what had happened to her.

After waking up, she'd looked around herself, only to jump in surprise when she saw the snow white face of Misasaki looking down at her.

"I'm glad to see you're finally awake." He said down at her.

"Do you really have to smile at me like that?" Mashu said, her glaring up at him.

"What a piercing glare, and after my master ordered me to return you here."

"What?" Mashu said, standing back up from her position on the ground, watching as the man flew around her.

"After the East Asian Financial District was destroyed, my master wanted to award the two who were ever so diligent in protecting the future of their beloved country." He'd flown fully to the other side of her, still in a position that would suggest he were sunbathing, despite it being nighttime then, his right knee propped on top of his left, his calf hanging and stimming by going up and down.

He looked at her again, head upside down, his signature hat never falling off, that devilish smile on his face still, "While Soichiro Mikami was rewarded with his sister gaining a full on recovery, my master decided to reward with Kimimaro Yoga with something else."

It didn't take her a long time to put the pieces together.

And neither did it take Kimimaro.

As he realized what Misakaki had meant, he felt himself smile.

At this sight, Mashu's face lit itself up, though she didn't comment on it.

"I'm happy to have you back Mashu."

"Wow, that's so weird..."

"What?" Kimimaro's smile dropped then, Mashu looking at him.

"... I just now realized that I've literally never seen you smile before... it's pretty nice actually..."

His smile dropped at that, now replaced by a look of disbelief.

"Hey, it IS true." Mashu started to get off of him at that point, peeling herself off of him and sitting with her calves pointing in different directions at a 45° angle.

"I smile sometimes..."

Mashu was about to respond to his words, only to stop at the sound of a man's voice.

"Yoga?! Are you there buddy?!" Kimimaro could hear his new Entre speak as loudly as possible.

Having subconsciously crossed his legs after Mashu had gotten off of him, Kimimaro picked the card up from the ground, looking into the card, finding a version of America that was much more roughed up as compared to before, hair a bit of a mess, as though he had hat hair.

"Oh thank goodness; you're still alright!" He gave a yell of relief.

"Sorry. I didn't mean for that to happen." Kimimaro apologized.

"Oh it's alright Yoga, I just need a second to gather my bearings..."

"Who's that?" Mashu asked, leaning in closely to peer at the Minos card in his possession.

"Oh," Kimimaro looked up at her, turning his card to the side revealing America's face, "This is my new Asset. Right now I'm trying to - !"

He stopped abruptly in his speech, for when Mashu and America met eyes, Mashu's body became covered in blue light, blinding Kimimaro for a split second, causing him to close his eyes.

When he recovered from his surprise, he opened his eyes hesitantly.

Then he jumped in surprise.

A full grown man sat staring at him, wearing a Roman style toga, face and hair the same as America, only his eyes looking tired, and hair somewhat longer than before.

"What the hell...?" Kimimaro stared at him, "Where did Mashu go?" He looked around himelf.

"What the heck just happened?!" Mashu's voice spoke from a very close place.

A VERY close place...

He slowly looked down at his left hand, looking in surprise when he saw that Mashu was inside of his Minos Card, her clothes and appearance replaced by her red leggings and sleeves, the latter of which having thin glove like material.

Her horns, once nonexistent, had returned to the place where they inhabited when she'd first met him, the wavy, revealing cloths she originally had replacing her new clothes.

"Just what the hell..." Kimimaro stared at the card, then the tired face of America, and back at the card again, "... is going on?"