The Legends of Zelda:
The Little Hero
A/N: Okay, this is my very first FanFiction, and it probably won't be that good, but I tried, and it will get better. Now, you may want to know that I do not own anything in this entire FanFiction unless I say otherwise. That means I don't own Zelda, Kirby, Mario, or any other Nintendo character that may or may no appear in this FanFiction. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Chapter 1:

The Awakening
Narrator: One sunny day in Kokiri Forest, a little kid named Link was sleeping…

Link: I'm not little!!! I'm 10 years old! The Deku Tree says I'm a big boy!!! Waaaa!

(Narrator comes down in the form of Navi the fairy and slaps Link around for an hour.)

Narrator: Now, shut up Link. You're supposed to be asleep. Now, go back to sleep. Now, where was I… Oh yea. One sunny day in Kokiri Forest, a little kid…

Link: *Ahem*

Narrator: This is the last time. One sunny day in Kokiri Forest, a kid named Link was sleeping. He liked his sleep and was very grumpy when awoken. Unluckily for a fairy that day, he was planning on sleeping until 3:00pm. The Great Deku Tree sent a fairy named Navi to wake up the sleepy little…

(Link opens his eyes and glares at the narrator.)

Narrator: The Great Deku Tree sent a fairy named Navi to wake up the sleepy kid. She tried for hours to no avail. Finally, Navi came up with a brilliant plan, aided by me of course.


(Link opens his eyes and stares at the fairy.)


(Navi slaps Link around for an hour.)

Link: Owww, I get the point. Now, let me guess. You're an annoying fairy sent by the Great Deku Tree to guide me as I save Hyrule from Ganondorf in this game only, though I will eventually beat him up many times over.

Navi: Yea. How'd you know?

Link: I'm my own biggest fan. I've played every single one of my games. Well, all except those weird Philips CD-i games.

(Link and Navi both shudder at the thought of the Philips CD-i games.)

Navi: Well we'd better be going. The Deku Tree says you don't got all day, even though time doesn't pass inside the Forest, only in the Field, Gerudo Valley, and a few other locations.

Link: I wonder what that's all about.

(They both leave and climb down the ladder. Saria is down at the bottom waiting.)

Saria: Hello sleepy boy. How ya doin?

Link: I've had a bad day.

Saria: We all do sometimes.

Link: But this one's terrible so far. First the narrator keeps calling me little, and HE gets mad at ME, then I get an annoying fairy who says she is supposed to help me save Hyrule.

Saria: That is bad. My worst day was waking up and noticing my hair had turned green, but I never fought with the narrator.

Link: Well, I gotta go. The Deku Tree wants me.

Saria: OK, see ya. I've got a present for you before you go.

Link: (Whispering) You're not supposed to give me the Fairy Ocarina until I kill the big stupid tree.

Saria: (Also whispering) I know. That's why I brought you this.

(Saria hands Link a box)

Saria: (No longer whispering) It's a Fairy Box. Put it in you're hat. When you're fairy gets too annoying, just stop moving and press the A button to make her go in.

Link: OK. Thanks Saria.

(Link walks away towards the entrance to the Deku Tree)

Mido: You can't pass without a sword and shield.

(Link and Navi whisper a little and Navi goes back into the Fairy Box.)

Link: OK. Can you lend me 100 rupees? The store sells shields for 40, and I know a nice little pawn shop I can buy a sword from.

(Mido sits and thinks for 30 minutes.)

Mido: OK. I've made a decision. Wait here. I'll buy the sword and hide it, then I'll hide the rupees to buy a shield with.

Link: Fair enough, but only if you take Navi off my hands while you do it.

Mido: Fine.

(Mido goes off setting up the scavenger hunt. In his absence, Link sneaks towards the Deku Tree.)

(When almost at the tree, Link falls asleep.)

(Mido returns)

Mido: Should of figures. Happens every time. Only this time, I get stuck with a fairy that says, "Listen. Hey Look! Listen!" every 5 seconds.


Narrator: And so we leave Mido with Navi and Link heading off to the Deku Tree without a fairy, sword, and shield. And the little hero…


(Narrator comes down and slaps Link around for an hour.)

Narrator: And the hero is also sleeping. What shall happen? Tune in next time to The Legends of Zelda: The Sleepy Hero (channel 12 at 8/7c) to see what shall become of them.