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Thankful for Misfortune

Chapter 1

The Purge

'Happy birthday to me...' I thought miserably to myself, listening to the sound of the train as it made its way further to our destination. My chess nut hair fell in front of my green eyes and over my somewhat pale skin, but I didn't bother to move it. I wasn't normally one for falling into depression but the past few days had kind of sucked. Most fourteen year old girls didn't want to celebrate their birthday on the purge train, and if there is anyone that wants to, please slap yourself until you think you have any common sense.

If I had known that saying 'Please let anything stop me from going home' would have resorted to this, I would have worded it differently. Maybe something like 'Please let anything stop me from going home except for being purged, murdered, hospitalized, etc. Or maybe something like 'Please let me go to a wonderful tropical island instead of going back home'. I was just about to start packing my bag from my two week 'vacation' when the whole town of Bodhum was sent to be purged. I never thought that going back home to Palumpolum would be like heaven to me.

I had actually started to miss the place already. The busy streets, constant shipments for online shopping, even the annoying kids from my school didn't seem so bad to me. The only thing I didn't miss where my parents. If it wasn't for the 'birthday gift' to send me to Bodhum to watch some stupid wish granting firework show, I wouldn't be kept with a bunch of emotionally broken sad sacks on a train to who knows were. Ironically enough; however, the fireworks still granted my wish. I wasn't going home. I wanted to jump up and beat the guard with my cuffed fists but the soldiers had guns. If I remember correctly, it hurt to be shot.

I suppressed a sigh as I noticed two people sitting in the row of seats in front of me whispering to each other. I couldn't understand some parts of the conversation but it went more or less like this.

"You serious?" the man asked.

"Be quiet." The woman said. She didn't sound too patient with him.

I heard the man let out a small laugh as he said "Best of luck."

I was about to talk to them when the train started to shake, as if it hit something. Immediately the woman got out of her seat and did a mid-air front flip over the soldier and knocking him down in the process. The soldier dropped the cuff lock and the women stomped her heel on the remote. Immediately the cuffs around my wrists vanished.

"She did it." the man said as everyone started to rise from their seats.

The door opened up and two more soldiers came into the train compartment. "Freeze!" one of them shouted as they opened fire on the woman. She easily avoided the bullets and kicked one soldier in the head, knocking him down and making him go to la la land. She hit the other soldier hard enough to knock him down and she took his gun. He immediately got up but I got up and put my steel toed boot to use and made him join his partner on the floor. Kicking guys in the head calmed my nerves every now and again.

I didn't bother seeing if the other soldier was still out cold as I followed the woman. I was more or less just crossing my fingers and hoping she had a plan, because the only plan I could think of was 'RUN!' I saw her shoot down a soldier that was nearby and stop, most likely observing her surrounding's for a minute. She turned around a pointed the gun at me when she noticed my presence.

"Hold up!" I said putting my hands in front of me. "I don't like being shot!"

She pointed the gun down ward, no longer interested in me since I wasn't a soldier. Now that she wasn't killing anyone I could get a good look at here. She had long light pink hair and was a bit on the tall side, which I hated because I was short. She was wearing a standard guardian corps uniform, which surprised me.

"What's a guardian corps member doing on a Purge train?" I asked her. She ignored me and snapped her fingers as soon as another soldier came into view. She was surrounded in a blue electric field of energy that made her go at the soldier and smash into him with great speed and force. I looked behind me to see another soldier.

'Just how many soldiers are on one train?!' I thought as my combat skills kicked into gear. Being short put me at a disadvantage most times but my military dad changed that as soon as he knew the tallest I might get was 5 feet at best, my current height being a mind blowing 4'10.I learned from him that if you can kick your enemy down to your level then problem solved. I never thought his training would actually come in handy. I tripped the soldier just as he got ready to shoot and drove my elbow into his neck. I heard a rather disturbing cracking sound as I finished him off by slamming the back of his head against the floor.

I thanked my lucky stars, though I wish they were there for me when the town was purged, that I didn't stand up right away because the woman jumped into the middle of the room and shot every soldier around.

The door opened to reveal all the passengers on the train with a black man with an afro leading them.

"So far, so good." The man said who I recognized as the man next to the woman on the train. "They all want to fight."

"Good for them." said the woman.

I looked over at the man and asked "Got a weapon for me?"

He gave me an odd look. "Little kids shouldn't be getting into danger."

I returned his look with a glare and pointed at the soldier I took down. "1. I'm not a little kid, I'm fourteen. 2. I can handle myself."

The man scratched his head and sighed. Looking at the other passengers he asked "Anybody got and extra weapon handy?"

A man from the middle of the small crowd went up to the front and handed me a gunblade, an edged carbine to be exact. My dad had made me train with weapons like these for years so I was thankful for it.

I probably had a crazy grin on my face because the man looked at me like I had lobsters for teeth and went back to the middle, maybe a little farther back. Since when was something as odd as lobsters for teeth a bad thing?

"You sure about this?" the man asked me.

"I took down a trained soldier no problem without a weapon." I said placing my new toy on my shoulder. "I think I'll be fine."

"You could have just caught him of guard. You don't look all that strong so you must have taken him by surprise." The man said.

"Thanks for the words of confidence." I said bitterly.

The woman looked out the door and I looked beside her and my jaw hit the floor. I saw an entire military civilization passing by right in front of me. I looked around and saw dark buildings with green lights emitting from them. I looked up and saw rays of green light from the ceiling. Dad never told me about this place.

"This place just screams sinister…" I mumbled under my breath.

The woman actually acknowledged me this time by nodding. 'I feel so honored.' I thought while rolling my eyes.

About a nanosecond later I saw several air crafts fly by. I was hoping they were friendly but judging from the way the woman took a rocket launcher and blew it up with no hesitation the possibility went up on smoke, along with that air craft.

As we continued I saw a ton of people, purge victims and soldiers, shooting at each other. "Why can't we all just get along?" I sighed dramatically. I acted all dramatic whenever I'm scared out of my god damn mind. A habit I picked up from my mom. At one point we hit some financial issues and she acted so dramatic I could see her as a play director. A very bad play director anyway.

"So now what do we-"'BAM' there was a loud bang on the top of the train before I could finish my sentence. The train jerked to a halt and a giant tail smacked down on the train, leaving a hole roughly the size of my anxiety.

"Run!" afro man shouted. The woman didn't listen and jumped up to what was left of the roof. "I meant away!"

Despite my common sense yelling 'Run for your life!' my battle reflexes were yelling 'CHARGE!' I had mixed feelings about the reflexes my dad beat into me over the years.

I decided to embrace my battle reflexes and followed the battle ready girl up to the roof. I wish I hadn't when I saw what was awaiting me. A Manasvin Warmech greeted me at the top of the train. As if its name having war in it wasn't enough to intimidate me the thing looked like a meat slicer mixed with a scorpion on steroids. Its huge body had a tail long enough to be the length of eight of me. Instead of claws it had saws at the end of its arms, making it ready to slap me down or slice and dice me in a minute.

As the woman got ready to fight I looked over to see afro man crawl to the roof. The Manasvin Warmech leaped into the air, nearly crushing all three of us when it came down.

"Didn't your creator tell you it was rude to crush people?" I asked putting my gun blade into its shooting mode. Since I only trained when dad came home from missions and military training I only practices with the sword part when he came home, but I was rather skilled with the shooting part. I found shooting things to be a good stress reliever so I got more practice with the gun than the blade.

While afro man was panicking the woman and I got ready to throw down. "There sending the big guns now. What do we do?" afro man said standing up.

"Watch and learn." The woman said to him.

Dad made me learn everything I could about PSICOM because he wanted me to join. I honestly think some stuff he taught me was illegal but whatever. I knew way more than most people about PSICOM weapons and machines so that was a good thing. I actually started to feel a little grateful to my dad for teaching me all that boring crap, a little.

The woman charged at it while afro man started randomly shooting at it.

I narrowly dodged a saw swipe from the metal head and got close to the man. "As much fun as it is to see you go into a shooting panic, aim for the joints and see if you can make its arms or tail stop working." I said while taking a shot the arm joint.

"O-okay." The man said now aiming at the joints.

I took a shot at the tail joints while running toward the woman, who was slashing at the head while avoiding the arms and tail.

"Me and afro man are going for the joints!" I screamed over the chaos. "Try to keep busy as long as possible!"

If the woman had heard me she didn't show it, but I think she was already doing what I said. Now the next part of the plan was the most crazy and best part. I waited for it to start swinging its tail again and have it land near me.

"Come on baby." I mumbled. "Come to mama."

Bingo. The Manasvin Warmech slammed its tail on to the ground and stabbed it with the blade part of the gun blade. The machine from hell tried to pry its tail out but I had it stuck good. I climbed up the new bridge to its back and yelled "pass me a gun!" to afro man. He threw a gun at me and I started to shoot at its arm joint to the left side. After a bit I heard the wonderful sound of wires sparking. A few bullets later the arm just started dangling there, no longer useful.

The man and woman saw what I was doing and the man and I started shooting at the other arm while the girl continued to hack at the face and tail. The Manasvin Warmech was helpless and afro man and I got rid of the last arm.

"Oh yeah!" afro man said. "That's what I'm talking about!"

Just as I got ready to start shooting the face I saw the tail break free from my gunblade. Thankfully the force it used was enough to send it of balance and make it fall of the rails.

"Bye bye." I said with a big smile and wave as it fell to its doom.

I looked over at my battle buddies and saw afro man fall on his rear. "Oh goodness. Whew! We did it."

"Yep." I said looking around. My good mood died when I saw that fighting was still going on.

The woman put away her gunblade and started to walk off.

"Where are you going?" I asked picking up my gunblade off the ground.

"Aren't you supposed to protect civilians, soldier?" afro man asked. "I mean you are Sanctum, aren't you?" The man got up, though he still looked winded. "What're you doing trying to stop the Purge? Why don't you tell me that?"

"I was a soldier." The woman responded quickly and jumped off the ledge.

"Hey, where do you think you're going?" afro man asked, then looked at me. "Well what about you?"

I shrugged my shoulders and followed the woman saying "Follow the leader." I looked back for a minute and I could have sworn I saw a chocobo fly out of his afro. Dismissing that odd sight I jogged up to the woman. "So what's your name?"

"You're tagging along?" she asked, not even looking at me.

"No. I'm just happen to be going in the same direction as you." I said rolling my eyes again (I do that a lot).

"Careful that smart mouth doesn't get you killed." She said.

I looked at all the PSICOM soldiers and Purge victims around the place, shooting at each other. "I don't think my 'smart mouth' is my biggest problem."

"True." The woman said. "You can call me Lightning if you intend to follow me. I can't promise you safety though."

"Lightning…" I said. "Alright then." I looked behind me to see the afro man had caught up with us. "What's your name then?"

"Sazh Katzroy." He said. The chocobo popped out of his afro again and nodded. I played it of as normal considering everything else that happened to me today.

"What about you?" Sazh asked me.

"Vira." I said. "Vira Tatem."

To be continued…

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